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Meet Mr. Reinhart and Mrs. Cromartie A Look Inside: Preparation for The Wiz

Vol. 2 No. 1 Winter 2009

art:MAGAZINE form Vol. 2 No. 1 Winter 2009




Letter from the Editor

Dear Alumnus and Readers, Thank you for taking the time to read the first issue of the second edition of art:form! This magazine has been a project in the making for long enough, and Iʼm excited to present to you our staffʼs pride and joy. This issue consists of some new forms happening currently here at School of the Arts. Weʼre introducing you to two of SOAʼs newest and most awaited faculty members, and giving you an upclose look at the work staff and students put into our musical production, The Wiz. This is just a taste of whatʼs happening here-- we donʼt want you to miss out on anything, so look for our newest editions in the near future! Check back regularly on the SOA Alumni website ( for other articles, radio covers, and video. Also, a special ʻthank youʼ goes out to the Applause Newspaper for their contributing articles. Much thanks for your support and continuous school spirit-- we hope to hear from you soon! Aubrey Isaacson Editor-In-Chief

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Mrs. Cromartie: a New Vice Principal

Introducing one of SOA’s newest faces

Meet Mr. Reinhart

An exclusive interview with our new Principal Preparing for The Wiz

Take a trip behind the scenes and see the progress happening in set design, rehersals, and costume design



new:form # Mrs. Cromartie: a New Vice West Ashley High School. I was there three years, and when Downtown decided to reposition assistant principals I was chosen to come here. They said I got the “crème de la crème job,” and I think I did! Q: What was your first impression of School of the Arts? A: I was awestruck at how well behaved, polite, and courteous the student were and at how engaged the teachers were from day one.

“When you know w talents are, you can

Q: Where are you from? A: I’m from Stuttgart, Germany. My family moved to the United States when I was about two and a half, and we came through Ellis Island. After that, we moved to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Q; What brought you to Charleston? A: I was lucky enough to land a job in Charleston County four years ago at

The very first day of school, we were off and running, no one wasted any time. Students here always say to me “yes ma’am and no ma’am,” it is how it should be. Also, students here are very interested in their education. While at a lot of other places not every student has a parent that can take time to make sure he gets what he needs, that is not the case here at SOA. There are a lot of pluses here, including a wonderful new principal that has great ideas for the school and who I think is going to take us great places.

e Principal By Dorothy Behre Q: What was your high school experience like? A: Very different from this. I was at a very large school where I was just one of many. I don’t know if the teachers really knew my name, and all I wanted was out. I wanted to go to college, and get on my way to earn my own money. It was very different from here. Q: Do you have any experience in the arts?

what t h e s t u d e n ts’ n t ap t h o s e t a l e n ts.” A: I am a stained glass artist. It takes a lot of practice to get really good at it. Also, I can sew about anything you can imagine. And I love to bake. I love sweets and so baking is probably my favorite thing to do. Q: What are you looking forward to about the year? A: I am really looking forward to getting acquainted. When you know the people and care about them, then you can know how to direct them in the right path. When you know what the students’ talents are, you can tap those talents. It’s important to know

the students’ and teachers’ likes and talents so that we can make sure everyone is getting the most out of school. Q: Do you have any changes in mind for the school? A: I think our biggest challenge here is communication. I think that a new facility, where we will all be housed under one roof will help us tremendously. Improving communication is my goal. Q: Are you excited about moving to a new campus? A: Yes, very! I think that it will help us with our communication problem. Right now we are so spread out that a lot of the time, unless you make an effort, you don’t see the people in the back and they don’t see the people in the front. I think that will be very different once we are all in one building. Q: Ant advice for SOA students? A: Take one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

new:form # Meet Mr. Reinhart By Chaney Long The beginning of the school year has marked many changes for School of the Arts. There have been many additions to the SOA faculty this year, and perhaps the most drastic of changes has been Mr. James Reinhart, the new principal of School of the Arts. As a teen, Mr. Reinhart attended an all boys Catholic prep school where he was very involved in sports. “I was on the basketball team, the football team, and the track team”, he says. Mr. Reinhart compared his high school to School of the Arts saying, “Here it’s not so much of a competitive nature. It’s more of a cooperative nature, but I thought it was a great school and I made many friends that I still have today.” Mr. Reinhart has lived in

Grand Haven Michigan for the last 6 years, and first learned about a job opportunity at School of the Arts last year. After asking his wife about the possibility of moving from Michigan, Mr. Reinhart came down and took a tour of the school. “I saw a lot of activity and performance and a lot of learning”, he describes. “I was sold on it by the time I walked out the door.” Before moving to Michigan, Mr. Reinhart and his wife lived in Hilton Head for ten years. In that time Mr. Reinhart got to know the Charleston area through visits. Mr. Reinhart described his home in New Haven, Michigan, as, “a tourist town on one of our great lakes.” I asked him if living in Michigan living [and] living here seems like two

different worlds. “Well, yes and no”, he explains. “It’s still kind of a water community and there’s still a lot of tourism here.” He described

their opportunities and they take advantage of that. We’re looking for personal best performance[s] from everyone and it takes a lot

“It’s about us al l working together for a common goal.”

Charleston as being a little more, of work from behind the scenes to “metropolitan”, and went on to say, make sure that we can do that.” “as far as culture and quality of Mr. Reinhart went on to say, “it’s life it’s a little bit different. Having about us all working together for a two little boys I only have a small common goal, and that’s to give you window to time when we can go to the best opportunities you need to the lake and go play because the succeed.” water gets cold there. We have a lot longer here.” I asked Mr. Reinhart what he wanted to see change at SOA. “This is my 20th year in education so the piece that I appreciate is that kids are kids. I know what to expect and that’s why I’m here. I’m here for the kids. You’re important to me because Thanks to the Applause I’m dedicated and committed to Newspaper staff for your what I’m going to do for you, your contributing articles families, and the community.” Mr. Reinhart continued saying, “What I’d like to do here ultimately is just to provide the best learning opportunities you guys can have, and continue to support the student body so they’re aware of

Preparing reparing for


Set Construction

Teachers and faculty spent Saturday workdays building the set

Cast members stayed after school for rehearsals to perfect the musical by January


The costume design class working on the Flying Monkeys costumes

COstume Design

Costumes for Dorothy, Evillene, The Wiz, and the Poppies

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March edition of SOA Alumni Magazine.