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My Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon April 1, 2012

On Sunday April 1, I went in the Weetbix Kids TRYathlon at West Lakes. To do a TRYathlon you do three sports in a row. There is a 100m swim, 6 km bike ride and a 1km run.

I had already received my shirt, drink bottle and race number, plus lots of free things, in a big parcel earlier in the week. My race number was 06711. I also had to take my bathers, goggles, and towel.

There were hundreds of people everywhere. 840 kids took part this year! Once we met Lisa from Special Olympics we checked in. I had to get my race number written on my arm and my leg with permanent texta. That way everyone knew I was competing. I met my BUPA trooper. Her name is Sam. She helped me through all the races.

Then we went to the bike area and tried out the bikes. I was riding a stationary bike. It was green. We took a team photo before the race began. Some of my team-mates are Ashley and Storm.

We listened to all the instructions given. Then we did a warm up activity so we were ready to race.

We waited our turn to start the swim. The crowd did a Mexican Wave for us (not very well, but they did try!)

The water was cold, but not very deep. I swam the last bit, once it was deeper.

I am coming third in my race. There were life guards in the water in case we got into trouble. None of my Special Olympics team-mates needed to be rescued, but others did!

We got a big cheer when we had finished the swim. Then it was a quick run back to the bike area and get dry and ride the bike for 5 minutes. I pedalled fast!

I was glad I didn’t have to find my own bike as there were hundreds of them on racks. What a disaster if I forgot where I had put it. There were lots of TRYathlon Helpers in red shirts to help everyone though.

Then the last part of the race – the run! I put on my race shirt and my shoes and socks, and took off, through all the bikes to the race start.

I left my BUPA Trooper Sam behind I was so quick! Even Ashley had to chase me!

When I came through the finish line, there were lots of people to cheer me on.

Then I was given my medal, and had a drink. All that exercise is hot, thirsty work!

I waited my turn and had my official photo taken – with a CROWS player! There weren’t any Power players there. Oh well, it didn’t matter, I was just happy to have finished my first TRYathlon.

Waiting with Sam

Then, back to the BUPA tent again to thank everyone – especially Sam for helping me all day. I had to say sorry for running so fast that I left her behind. She was definitely more puffed out than I was!

I had a great time, and was very pleased I took part and proud of how well I did.

I am a champion!!

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Special Olympics athlete Matthew describes his experience at the Weet-Bix Sanitarium TRYathlon. Special Olympics athletes are being supporte...

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