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March 2011

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Drive - On the Scene with a Local Band


by: Michael Cross & photography by: Clifton Roberts

Dr. Tru Luv - Economic Inequality in Marriage: The Power Balance


Exhibits on Display at the OKC Art Museum


Rascal Flatts to the Oklahoma City Arena…


A Lesson from Lohan for Under $10!


Money-Saving Beauty Tips


by: Michael Cross

by: Jacqueline Larocco by: Jacqueline Larocco

by: Dr. Harvey Jenkins by: Lilly Stone

- Becoming a “Recessionista”

Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse

- Dining Excellence by: Whitney Baer & Photography by: Clifton Roberts


Making Part of the American Dream a Reality


Jonathan Kayne


by: Brent Willey

- A Few Fashion “Must Haves”

by: Jonathan Kayne

So6ix Presents: Royal Confusion - A Fashion Pictorial


Calendar of Events - March Edition


Gaylord-Pickens Museum - Honoring OKC’s History by: Beth Ann Ruble & Photography by: Clifton Roberts


So6ix 6 Picks - Money and Energy Saving Products


Frugal Family Fun in OKC


Getting Bored With Your Workout? - Have a Spring Fling


The Crump Effect


Photography by: Clifton Roberts Compiled by: Kylee Glover

by: Joey Bivens

by: Beth Ann Ruble by: Jason Boag

- Money, Money, Money...

by: Bryan Crump

So6ix Pix Presents - America’s Pub and The Office Bar After Dark


So6ix Pix Presents - Single @ CityWalk


So6ix Pix Presents - Court of Dreams


photography by: Clifton Roberts photography by: Elliot Barry

Photography by: Clifton Roberts

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March 2011


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Letter from the editor

The mounds of snow and ice from February have dissipated, and sunbeams and cool morning breezes have arrived! The month of March is filled with pleasant weather, basketball mania (or “madness” rather), Fat Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, and Spring Break. Plenty of opportunities for fun! In this issue of So6ix, we give a particular focus to finance and economics. As you peruse through the articles, you will find tips on financing a home, ideas for money-saving and environmentally friendly purchases (in our six picks), Beauty secrets on a budget, fashion “must-haves” for men and women, art reviews, music reviews, food reviews and more. Our desire at So6ix is to provide our readers with pages of fun, practical, and applicable ideas that are beneficial and help you to live happy and healthy

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lifestyles. In our article selection, we also seek to cover a multiplicity of categories and topics, so there is something enjoyable for everyone. Turn the pages and you can learn about fitness, finance, beauty, fashion, life-skills, art, music, and food. Read on and enjoy!

Whitney Baer






By: Michael Cross Photography By: Clifton Roberts

On the Scene with Local Band…

If you love live music and variety, then look no further. The local band “Drive” is just the one you’ve been waiting to see. It all began with two brothers combined their musical talent with personal drive. Tyler Smith (guitar and lead vocals) and his brother, Trevor Smith (guitar and vocals), formed a duo band and began playing at several venues. After numerous times of being asked if they had a “full” band to play at certain venues, they decided to expand, which resulted in Isaac Rey (drummer) and Gabriel Dirmeyer (bass and vocals) joining the group. The guys began having so much fun playing music with each other that they decided to form a steady band. Thus, the band known as “Drive” was born. Drive is mostly a cover band, playing a variety of music consisting of genres such as: rock, country, hip hop, dance, classics, original songs, and some rare fun music like “The Cuban Shuffle,” Milkshake,” and “Mr. Sandman” that most live bands don’t play. When asked why they do it, they simply stated, “It’s just an opportunity to play good music and enjoy the crowd.” They claimed that they usually have a set list for the night but almost always end up veering off from it. “We play for the crowd” one member stated. They said that whatever the crowd responds to is usually what they roll with.


When asked if they plan on doing something bigger than local gigs, they responded with “If a big opportunity presented itself, then heck yeah we would take it.” The band said it was something they would look forward to, but they still have day jobs, and playing music is just a time to get away and have fun. One member said, “We’re doing what we love but staying local.” Drive has written some original music of their own that they sprinkle in with their performances. They claim that most of their lyrics are related to everyday situations and reveal a general message of “just have fun.” Drive plays at many local venues such as: Dan O’ Briens, Baker Street, Dan McGuiness, Tap Works, and play at special events, weddings, and private parties. You can find more information about performance times and places by checking them out on Facebook (\ Drivebandok) or on Myspace (Myspace. com\Drivebandok). The band really wishes to encourage all of you to support the live music scene by checking them out. In the words of Drive, “Come check us out and you’ll get it all: live music, dancing, hit songs, and whole lot more!”




Dr. Tru Luv

So6ixMarch2011 By: Michael Cross

Economic Inequality in Marriage: The Power Balance “Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.” This quote explains why so many marriages are destroyed—because of money and a workaholic attitude. Finances can be a huge factor in a relationship, specifically marriages. It is something that must be provided, managed, and controlled to keep a family stable. However, there is a balance to it. Focusing on finances too much can tear intimacy apart, but not focusing on it enough can leave a family in ruins. Since we’re discussing relationships in this column, we are going to talk about the former of the two problems mentioned above and how a “workaholic” attitude can destroy intimacy in a marriage. Most people want to provide for their household; it is a necessity. Thus, one or both spouses go to work and bring in an income for the family. However, the biggest conflict arises when children enter the picture. This usually provides two power roles for the parents. Most commonly in this region of the country the husband has power as a result of providing an income, and the wife has power as a result of being the primary caretaker of the children. During this time, economic inequality isn’t an issue because both are providing for the household and have power. However, when the children move out, the power becomes lopsided. In many situations, the husband continues to work and the wife stays at home. Suddenly, there is an economic inequality, in which the husband has power because he makes money, and the wife has lost power since there are no more children to raise. Not only that, but intimacy can easily be torn apart in this situation. While there are children in the home, intimacy between the couple is not a key issue since there are two other roles to play (supporting and raising a family). But after the children are grown, the husband keeps his role and maintains


a hard work ethic, as if he is still supporting a full family; however, if the kids have moved on, the wife needs her husband more than ever. Since power is out of balance, the wife may begin to feel distant from her husband because he is always gone and appears more focused on his work than their relationship. Something needs to change to maintain a healthy marriage. This is what we call in counseling, a “marital re-negotiation.” The couple needs to realize that a power balance has to be a reestablished and intimacy needs to be restored for a marriage to thrive. This may mean the wife gets a job or the husband begins to take it easy at work and spend more time with his wife. When the power is unbalanced, distance forms between the couple and gets worse the longer it stays. Soon they don’t even know each other anymore, and the marriage fails. Economic inequality and power balance is a serious issue in a relationship. Be sure to discuss this topic with your spouse, and communicate your feelings to each other and re-negotiate your marriage if it begins to occur.

The Big Picture


Exhibits on Display...

So6ixMarch2011 By: Jacqueline Larocco

at the Oklahoma City Art Museum George Nelson: Architect, Writer, Designer, Teacher Have you ever heard of the Bubble Lamp? How about the Cocunut Chair or the Marshmallow Sofa? If you haven’t, then perhaps the new art exhibit showcasing the talented and impressive architect and designer George Nelson is worth a visit. George Nelson was not only the mastermind behind many modern and unique techniques with furniture design, but also dabbled in photography, and explored his possibilities as curator, lecturer, and publicist. He also had a fancy Yale degree to back up all of his accomplishments.

Many of George Nelson’s designs and creations were very popular during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and are still influential today. I was surprised to find that I actually owned a clock that was a spot on representation of his Ball Clock – invented in 1947. I also have seen many renditions of his famous Bubble Lamp – which resemble Chinese lanterns, but with a very modern twist – in many contemporary restaurants and hotels. George Nelson would be 102 years old this year if he was still around, but it is quite obvious that his vision and creations are still influencing how we see interior design. George Nelson’s exhibit can be seen until May, so there’s plenty of time to go take a look. The Oklahoma City Art Museum is providing guided tours,


workshops and lectures for the exhibit. Otherwise, you can view George Nelson’s work Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm, or on Sunday, noon to 5pm.

Jill Downen: Counterparts Now, if you are looking for something a bit more modern and maybe even a little abstract, then Jill Downen’s Counterparts exhibit is definitely worth going to see. Jill Downen has one major goal in mind when creating her sculptures. She aims to bridge the gap between the human body and structured architecture. The exhibit displays ten different sculptures, which each ask the viewer to relate their own body to what they are seeing in front of them. Jill Downen sees the construction of her sculptures as relative to the way the human body is developed, and then over time, deteriorates.

Her series, Hard Hat Optional, 2009 is quite a site to see at the Oklahoma City Art Museum. When you enter you are

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arts & interests



Continued From page 12 Exhibits on Display By: Jacqueline Larocca

overtaken by large, white sculptures. At first, they are hard to understand. Their forms are not obvious or transparent in any way. But upon further inspection, one can see the relationship that Jill Downen speaks of. Her well-known Breast Blocks appear to be just that. And her Tendon on Pallet appeared to be an eight-foot tall model of the tendon that surrounds the human ankle. However, don’t allow my interpretation to sway your own. Jill Downen’s choice of the color white and her simplistic display allow the viewer room to analyze the sculptures in their own mind’s space. Really, the only color you see in the display room is from the two-by-fours that come blasting out of several of her sculptures.


The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has much more to offer as well, including a new and upcoming exhibition, Amy Blakemore: Photographs 1988-2008, which will open in mid-March. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art website provides photo galleries for the interested observer, but nothing compares to actually going to see the exhibitions yourself. Tickets are no more expensive than most movie tickets, and college students get in for a discount. But the best part is you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy these current exhibitions.

arts & interests 12201 North May Ave 405.755.1000 Member FDIC



Rascal Flatts...

By: Jacqueline Larocco

to the Oklahoma City Arena… Calling all Rascal Flatts fans! One of the most popular country singing groups is coming to the Oklahoma City Arena on March 12th to perform in concert. But then again, if you are a true Rascal Flatts fan reading this, you probably already knew that. If you haven’t jumped on the Flatt bandwagon yet though, then perhaps you should, because this talented group just keeps getting bigger and better. The trio, including the vocals of Gary LeVox harmonized by Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney, have been around since 1999, but it has been in the past few years that they have really begun to infiltrate the new generation of country music. With each album they’ve released since their beginning, they have taken one huge step toward stardom after another, and yet they have already seen ten #1 singles and each album they’ve produced has rushed to multiplatinum status. Their songs and lyrics are eclectic, and range from the pain of heartbreak and relationships to the laid back fun of “Summer Nights”. There’s something for everyone on this album. The Rascal Flatts are confident that Nothing Like This will be their most successful album thus far. Joe Don is quoted as saying, “This is the best group of songs we’ve ever had.” And that is saying a lot considering that the Nashville band has already sold over twenty million albums, and they are still on their way up the achievement ladder. They have managed to crank out seven albums just in the last decade, and they show no sign of stopping any time soon. And why would they? Their fans love them. When discussing their Minnesota concert, the members were amazed at how their fans would wait in the freezing temperatures for hours just for an autograph. The respect that the band members have for one another is evident, and the different backgrounds and stories that each musician brings to the table make for a well-rounded and relatable set of


songs. Any interview you find of the band includes the members joking and poking fun at each other. You can really tell that their friendships go beyond just the music. They’ve had to move their tour around a bit recently due to all the crazy weather in our country, but as far as we all know, they still plan to be in Oklahoma City on March 12th. If that isn’t enough for your Rascal Flatts fill, they will also be appearing on ABC that same day, most likely discussing their new album and Nothing Like This tour. I’ve never been a huge fan of country music myself, but I have to admit, their songs are quite catchy. And I don’t mean that in the “pop” way that most young musicians gain their stardom. LeVox, DeMarcus, and Rooney are accomplished song writers, and their lyrics mean something. It is that depth and meaning of their songs that has made them so popular in the world of country music. If you’re a little late joining the Rascal Flatts fan club, don’t worry. There are still great seats available online and at ticket venues. It’s not every day that such a monumental band comes to our state, so don’t let this one slip by. The Rascal Flatts put on a good show that’s worth seeing.


So6ixMarch2011 By: Dr. Harvey Jenkins Owner: Body Trends


A Lesson from Lohan...

for Under $10! You could learn alot from actress and felon Lindsay Lohan. Yes, you heard right. Despite her shenanigans between court appearances, borrowing jewelry that doesn’t belong to her, and frequent escapes from justice and rehab facilities, she is doing something very wise right now that will pay off to an even greater degree down the line… or should I say down the “lines”. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly a Botox user. Botox treatment in your 20’s used to be marginalized as a twisted, Beverly Hills-type show of status phenomenon. Now, there is a growing recognition in the aesthetic medical community that Botox use, beginning in your 20’s, is probably the smartest and simplest anti-aging strategy you can use. What is Botox? Botox is a neurotoxin (nerve blocker) originating from the bacterial organism Clostridium botulinum. When injected into certain muscles, Botox impairs the ability of that muscle to “wrinkle” the skin. Prior to its use for cosmetic purposes, Botox was used to treat strabismus (crossed eyes) and blepharospasm (uncontrollable blinking). In each condition, Botox is able to ‘shut off’ the nerve branches causing the imbalance in muscle activity leading to the eye disorder. Similarly, the muscle forces in the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes can be come ‘mismatched’ with the skin as we age. This mismatch leads to very common patterns: forehead lines (musical staff), glabellar lines (anger lines, ‘11’lines), and peri-ocular lines (crow’s feet). Over time, these lines will crease the skin permanently. Small amounts of Botox can be injected into these areas and block the action of the muscle segments such that the lines may disappear.

it begins; Such that by age 45, when many people first begin to consider Botox, she may not look much older than she is now. What evidence do we have for this assertion? There have been no formal, controlled studies of the ‘anti-aging’ properties and long-term benefits of Botox. There is astounding anecdotal evidence. A study published in a peer-reviewed journal “Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery” demonstrates the points well. Using an identical twin set, one sibling of which had routine Botox injections over a 13 year period, Dr. William J Binder evaluated the aging changes between the Botox-using sister and the non-using sister. The sister who had regular Botox treatment looked at least 5 years younger than her twin. This determination was made with pictures of both twin sisters after the Botox injection would have worn off. The conclusion to be made is regular Botox use arrests aging changes in the face. The Cost of Botox In most areas around the country Botox goes for around $9 to $12 per unit. Typically, 5-10 Units of Botox will take care of one set of crow’s feet. 30 to 60 Units can be required for the entire face, depending on the degree of wrinkling. 50$ a couple times a year could stave off thousands in plastic surgery. Thanks Lindsay! We can learn a lot from you! Dr. Harvey Jenkins is a Harvard-trained Orthopedist & Spine specialist, practicing in South Oklahoma City. He is a Wellness Blogger and is also Owner and Medical Director of BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa in OKC. For more info or questions contact Dr. Jenkins at

What makes Lindsay smart? The simplest answer is by not waiting until the wrinkles have been established and the permanent creases have formed. Young Botox users like Lindsay may be avoiding the consequences of aging in the face by preventing the aging change before

Health & beauty




MODEL: Megan Carter Make-up & Hair by: Larry Chowning, Body Trends        Top by: Esley, S Boutique photography by: Clifton roberts



So6ixMarch2011 By: Lilly Stone


Money-Saving Beauty Tips

Here is to becoming a “recessionista”! For many of us in the recent past, times have been tough on our pocketbooks. We try to save money or reduce our expenses so we can pay bills and pay for our everyday necessities. However, our beauty routine doesn’t have to go by the wayside. Here are a few tips to make it through these tough times. Here is to becoming a “recessionista”! • For normal & normal to dry skin, consider wearing a moisturizer/foundation in one. Choose one with an SPF that will protect your skin from sun damage. One example is from my line: Mineral Sheer Tint spf 20. • For oily skin, eliminate your liquid foundation and use a mineral powder instead. Apply with a soft puff to give you a matte finish. You can easily clean your puff to keep it free of bacteria.

amount, and it works great! • Use quality makeup setting spray that doesn’t require large amounts for application and lasts long. This will keep your makeup looking pretty and fresh all day and avoid touch-ups. • Use your dark-pigmented eye shadow as eyeliner. Wet or dry. • Use self-tanner instead of going to the tanning salon. It’ll save money, last longer, and it’s better for your skin. • Combine lip colors to create a new shade and extend the wear of your lipstick by using a lip brush. Are you a recessionnista? If you have any additional money-saving beauty tips, I’d like to hear from you!

• Try using your blush/bronzer as a shadow color. Apply it to the brow-bone to help contour the eye. • Wear a long-wearing lipstick or use a lipstick sealer to prolong the wear and avoid touch-ups during the day. • Out of blush? Don’t fret. Apply your lipstick to the apple of your cheeks and blend with your fingertips. • Use your hair conditioner as a shaving cream. You only need to use a very small

Health & beauty


So6ixMarch2011 By: Whitney Baer Photography By: Clifton Roberts


Mickey Mantle’s

The Steakhouse for Dining Excellence

Combining contemporary with nostalgic and classic with modern chic, Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse provides and exquisite dining experience. The restaurant is located in Oklahoma City’s historic Bricktown, which makes it a perfect spot for an entire evening of enjoyment. Take a ride on the canal; stroll down the walkways and verandas; enjoy a horse-and-carriage jaunt through the brick-paved streets. And when you’re ready for an excellent meal alongside impeccable service and a classy atmosphere, head on into Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse. I recently experienced the fine cuisine of Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse. My meal began with n appetizer of bread, whipped, and Lobster Cargot. This dish sounds unusual; it is unusual – enough so that I don’t think I would typically have chosen it off the menu. However, this chefrecommended treat is an absolute musttry! Lobster oven-baked to perfection in both texture and taste with butter, garlic, and lobster cream sauce and paired with Rombauer Chardonnay was enough for me to go home impressed without trying anything further. But of course, that was just the beginning, and there was more


deliciousness to come. The second course included a nice salad with chopped crisp iceberg lettuce, Granny Smith apples, walnuts, applewood smoked bacon,  and red onions tossed with their signature bleu cheese dressing. And then came two excellent dishes for the main course. The first was a 10oz mesquite smoked filet served with sweet potato mash and paired with Wallace Shiraz. The filet was prepared to perfection, and the flavor was wonderful. The second dish included the prime bone-in filet served with a 12oz Australian cold water lobster tail and paired with Paul Hobbs Crossbarn Cabernet. Absolutely mouth-watering. Two side items were served that were also quite delicious: the Nova Scotia lobster mac-ncheese and grilled asparagus with a wild mushroom medley. The meal concluded with a delectable apple crisp that left me more than satisfied. Whether you are headed out for a nice evening of dining with friends and family, celebrating a special occasion, or entertaining business clients, Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse is an excellent choice!



The American Dream...

So6ixMarch2011 By: Brent Willey

and Making it a Reality

The process of buying a home can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first one. Don’t let the fear of the unknown scare you away from taking part in one of the primary tenants of the American Dream. The pride and long term investment potential of owning a home is well worth the process of purchasing it. There are a few misconceptions that often deter potential home buyers. The first misunderstanding is that you can’t afford to own a home. Most first time home buyers are often scared of coming up with the money for a down payment. What many don’t realize is that if you buy a home through an FHA loan (a type of government insured loan which makes up approximately 75% of all home loans today), you will only have to come up with 3.5% of the cost of the house for a down payment. Such a down payment is a very powerful tool for young home buyers to take advantage of. In the past conventional loans were the only option, and they often require at least a 5% down payment, though it’s not uncommon for them to expect at least 10% down. You will have other closing costs such as prepaid insurance, interest, taxes, fees, etc.


These costs can vary depending on the lender and closing company you use. It can easily come out to $3,000 for a $100,000 home and will increase with the cost of the home. Other people will say that they can’t afford a monthly mortgage. The monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the downtown OKC area is easily $1,000 per month. Meanwhile, the monthly mortgage payment for a 30-year mortgage at 5% interest on a $140,000 home is estimated at $1,044 per month. Also, the monthly interest paid is tax deductible. In addition, when you get that big promotion in five years and decide to upgrade your home, you’ll have something to show for the last five years of monthly payments. The steps you take to get from thinking about buying a home to living in your first home are not as daunting as you might think. My first advice would be for you to work with a licensed Realtor who can guide you through every step. Finding a Realtor is as easy as visiting virtually any open house on Sunday afternoon, opening the phone book, or even asking a trusted friend or family member. A benefit to the first time home buyer is that often the Re-

The Big Picture

So6ixMarch2011 altor fees are all paid by the seller of the home. So working with a Realtor to purchase a home may not cost you anything, though that is by no means guaranteed. The first thing you need to do is figure out a reasonable price range for and get prequalified for a home loan. This amount is based on your income, expenses, and debt. Your realtor can easily direct you to a reputable lender who can easily prequalify you over the phone in five minutes or less for an amount. Then it’s time to begin looking for your home. To do this you can drive around, search the internet, or talk to a Realtor. Once you find a house that you’re interested in, you make an offer. It should be noted that at the time of the offer an earnest money check will be required by the seller. Typically for a home around $200,000 or less, the earnest money is expected to be $1,000. (This amount will be taken off your down payment/closing costs that were discussed earlier.) After an offer is accepted, you will order a termite inspection and a general inspection, which checks to see that everything in the house works as it should (i.e., the hot water tank makes hot water). At the same time the lender will order an appraisal of the house. After that you’re ready to close. Closing is an exciting time as it is the day that the home finally becomes “yours.” Owning a home is one of the foundations that built America. It gives you and individual sense of pride, improves your quality of life, and serves as a great long term investment. Hopefully, now that you know what goes into the purchase of a home, you won’t be afraid to jump in! Brent Willey, REALTOR® Office: 405-748-8500 Cell: 405-229-7921


Specializing in seafood, steak and pasta dishes with a distinctive, contemporary New Orleans’ flair coupled with classic Creole and Cajun flavors. Banquet rooms available for parties 10-100. Open 7 days a week for lunch & dinner, brunch Sunday Live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Happy Hour from 3-6 pm daily with half price appetizers and $2.00 domestic bottles. Call for reservations (405)232-6666

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100 E. CaLiFOrNia OkLaHOma CiTy,•OkLaHOma 73104 27 SO6IX MAGAZINE www.JazmOz.COm


Johnathan Kayne

So6ixMarch2011 By: Johnathan Kayne

A Few Fashion “Must Haves” Since this issue focuses on Economics and Finance, I would like to focus on the few fashion “Must Haves” that everyone needs in his/her closet. These are the versatile pieces you might want to spend a little bit of money on because they are so versatile and should last for years. When I’m asked, “What’s the one wardrobe must-have for women?” my response is, “It has to be the Little Black Dress.” Wear it during the day with a jewel-toned cardigan and flats, and accessorize at night with a statement necklace and strappy heels. There are so many talented designers out there that offer countless variations of this iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s ensemble, so choose one that fits your own personal style. Keep the dress simple though for the most versatility from work to casual or day to evening. The Trench Coat is the next best Fashion must have. This is the one item of outerwear that looks as appropriate at the grocery store as it does at the opera. While you always have the option of classic khaki, if you can take a shrunken version in red patent and make it work, you have my blessing. The right trench can be worn with anything. Pull it over your LBD for a night out, or layer over your T-shirt and jeans on the weekend. A great pair of Tailored Jeans have to be on this list. In addition to a dark wash (the most forgiving), I advise trying on as many pairs as you have to in order to find the perfect fit: a slightly lower rise that flatters your booty and falls straight from the widest part of the hip. A slightly flared jean by Miss Me or straight leg Billy by True Religion are two of my personal favorites. There are quite a few great stores with great selections on jeans, but one of my favorites is Blue Seven at May&Grand in OKC. A versatile Knee Length Skirt is always important in a woman’s wardrobe. The length here is key: no shorter than just above the knee, and no longer than the bottom of your kneecap. The style you choose—pencil, tulip, A-line—depends


on what best flatters your body. This is a skirt that you can dress up with a blazer, tailored shirt, or turtleneck, or dress down with a denim jacket, keeping it casual with a T-shirt. A crisp, tailored white shirt can also easily be dressed up or down. For a clean, polished look, wear with the other classic pieces in your wardrobe. Whether paired with dress pants, a skirt, or jeans, this item is always polished and sophisticated. The only caveat: keeping it crisp and bright requires regular maintenance. If white is too hard to care for, then choose black or jewel tones. If I had to choose one more fashion “Must Have” it would be a Fitted Blazer. Whether it’s with a textured skirt for work or a girlie blouse and jeans for the weekend, few items can dress up a look so effortlessly. And now for the men. When it comes to building a functional wardrobe, the first thing a guy must do is assess his lifestyle. Does he need to wear a suit every day? If so, then he will need several suits. Is he in a more casual setting at work? If so, then perhaps he needs more khakis or jeans than trousers or suits. No matter what his particular situation though, there are things every man should have in his wardrobe. Every man needs a suit in Navy or Grey. Even if you only need a suit a couple of times a year, you’re glad to have it on hand when those occasions arise. Navy or gray suits are classic and neutral and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear the blazer with


So6ixMarch2011 khakis or jeans. This is an item worth spending some money on. Black Shoes and Belt are definite staples as well. These can be worn with khakis, jeans and your suit. This is an essential combo. Before buying brown, get black. I think you will find you get more mileage out of them, especially when attending more formal or evening functions. Khakis and Jeans are probably the most important pieces in a man’s wardrobe. No explanation necessary here. Jeans are a staple of the American wardrobe. Khakis are the same. Check out 1921 Denim and other cool brands at Lush in North OKC. I think every woman thinks a man looks sexy in a classic white buttonup (good for day and night occasions). White dress shirts look good on just about everybody. They look sharp and are versatile. Wear with jeans, a blazer, and loafers and go just about anywhere. A great necktie is my final necessity men must have in their closet. Solid ties are easy and versatile. If solid isn’t your thing, try a classic diagonal stripe. Having several tie patterns on hand will ensure you are prepared for interviews, weddings, and evening events. Keep in mind these are just a few of the items that you must have in your wardrobe, but there are lots more shoes, accessories, and other key pieces that are also quite important and may be better suited for your lifestyle. I do promise that my selections will definitely have you well prepared for almost any event.

OKC’s Hottest New Sophisticated Lounge. Thirsty Thursdays & $1.00 Domestics 8 pm to Close. Available for Private Parties. Book Your Holiday Party NOW!

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2011 Volkswagen

Jetta s

staRtIng at $16,995 Das auto.

2011 Vw toUaReg HYBRID

Is HeRe!

Photography by Clifton Roberts, Styling by Kelsey Self, Hair by Constance Maltos of DK Salon, Make Up by Shanell Hulley of DK Salon, and Model Lauren Lundeen. Special Thanks to Sterlings for props.

Dress by Karlie, Ten14. Shoes by BCBG Generation, Dillards.


Top by Aryn K. Leggings by See You Monday. Shoes by Seychelles, all available at Tiger Lilly. Jacket by Hazel, Royce Clothing.


Dress by Lush. Necklaces, both available at Exit fashion boutique. Shoes by Naughty Monkey, Tiger Lilly.

Dress by Tina Turk. Necklace and bracelet by Givenchy. Shoes by Michael Kors. All available at Dillards.


Cape by BB Dakota. Shoes by Seychelles. Blue Rock Ring. All available at Tiger Lilly. Bracelet by Natasha, Dillards. Necklace, Ten14.


Romper by Aryn K, S Boutique. Black top, Vintage Havanna, Boots, Unwanted. Both available at Tiger Lilly.

Dress by Lush. Necklaces. Both available at Exit fashion boutique. Shoes by Naughty Monkey, Tiger Lilly.

DOORS OPEN 4:30 FIRST FIGHT 5PM Tickets available at Lucky Star Casino Box Offices, online at or by phone at 866-966-1777.

In the NEW


7777 North Hwy. 81 • Concho, OK 73022 • 405-262-7612 101 N. Indian Hospital Rd. • Clinton, OK 73601 • 580-323-6599 301 NW. Lake Rd. • Canton, OK 73724 • 580-886-2490 1407 S. Clarence Nash • Watonga, OK 73772 • 580-623-7333 © 2011 Lucky Star Casino


CALENDAR of EVENTSMarch MARCH 2 OKC Thunder vs. Indiana Oklahoma City Arena 7:00 p.m. Streetlight Manifesto Diamond Ballroom 6:30 p.m. Oklahoma City Auto Show State Fair Park

MARCH 3 Oklahoma City Auto Show State Fair Park

MARCH 4 OKC Thunder@ Atlanta 6:30 p.m. OKC Barons vs. Abbotsford Heat COX Convention Center 7:05 p.m. The Planets Align VZD’s Oklahoma City Auto Show State Fair Park


OKC Thunder @ Philadelphia 6:00 p.m.

MARCH 10 OKC Barons @ San Antonio Rampage AT&T Center 7:00 p.m. Count Rockula VZD’s

MARCH 11 OKC Thunder vs. Detroit Oklahoma City Arena 7:00 p.m. OKC Barons vs. Grand Rapids Griffins COX Convention Center 6:05 p.m. Merle Haggard & Kris Kristofferson Lucky Star Casino 7:00 p.m. Green Corn Revival VZD’s


OKC Thunder @ Cleveland 12:00 p.m. Kmart Presents WWE Raw: Road to WrestleMania Oklahoma City Arena 3:00 p.m. OKC Gun Show State Fair Park

MARCH 7 OKC Thunder @ Memphis 7:00 p.m.

MARCH 8 OKC Barons vs. Manitoba Moose COX Convention Center 7:05 p.m. Easton Corbin Riverwind Casino 8:00 p.m. So6ix Magazine’s FAT TUESDAY PARTY Presented by BUD LIGHT Jazmo’s Bourbon St. Café 2:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.

OKC Thunder @ Miami 7:00 p.m. OKC Barons @ Grand Rapids Griffins Van Andel Arena 6:00 p.m.



OKC Thunder vs. Phoenix Oklahoma City Arena 6:00 p.m. Oklahoma City Auto Show State Fair Park


Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase VZD’s

OKC BARONS vs. Abbotsford Heat COX Convention Center 7:05 p.m. Lipizzaner Stallions Oklahoma City Arena 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m. Deadman Flats VZD’s OKC Philharmoic: Midori Plays Mendelssohn Civic Center Music Hall 8:00 p.m. Oklahoma City Auto Show State Fair Park

OKC Barons vs. Grand Rapids Griffins COX Convention Center 7:05 p.m. Rascal Flatts Oklahoma City Arena 7:30 p.m. Binary Sunrise VZD’s OKC Gun Show State Fair Park



MARCH 17 St. Patrick’s Day E-Roy from The Toaster Brunch VZD’s

MARCH 18 OKC Thunder vs. Charlotte Oklahoma City Arena 7:00 p.m. OKC Barons @ Rockford Ice Hogs Rockford Metrocentre 7:05 p.m. Boxcar Bandits VZDs

MARCH 19 OKC Barons @ Chicago Wolves Allstate Arena 7:00p.m. Featherweight World Title Tournament Lucky Star Casino 4:30 p.m. The Guilt Racket VZD’s Bill Maher Civic Center Music Hall 8:00 p.m.

MARCH 20 OKC Thunder vs. Toronto Oklahoma City Arena 6:00 p.m. OKC Barons @ Chicago Wolves Allstate Arena 3:00 p.m.

MARCH 21 White Chapel Diamond Ballroom 6:00 p.m.


OKC Thunder @ Washington 6:00 p.m.

OKC Barons @ Milwaukee Admirals Bradley Center 7:00 p.m. Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase VZD’s



OKC Barons @ Peoria Rivermen Peoria Civic Center 7:05 p.m. Flogging Molly Diamond Ballroom 6:30 p.m. Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase VZD’s

OKC Thunder vs. Utah Oklahoma City Arena 7:00p.m.



MARCH 24 OKC Theatre Company: NATIVE AMERICAN NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Civic Center Music Hall 8:00 p.m.

Calendar of events • March




March Shrine Circus State Fair Arena

MARCH 25 OKC Thunder vs. Minnesota Oklahoma City Arena 7:00 p.m. OKC Barons @ Houston Aeros The Toyota Center 7:35 p.m. Aliens vs. Robots VZD’s OKC City Theatre Company: NATIVE AMERICAN NEW PLAY FESTIVAL Civic Center Music Hall 8:00 p.m. Shrine Circus State Fair Arena

MARCH 26 OKC Barons @ Houston Aeros The Toyota Center 7:35 p.m. Rick Springfield Firelake Grand Casino 7:00 p.m. Strange Noize Tour 2011 Diamond Ballroom 6:00 p.m.

Ryan Dorman & The Clever Guns VZD’s OKC Theatre Company: NATIVE AMERICAN NEW PLAY FESTIVAL 8:00 p.m. OKC Ballet: Mozart’s Requiem Civic Center Music Hall 8:00 p.m. Shrine Circus State Fair Arena

MARCH 30 OKC Thunder @ Phoenix 9:00 p.m.

MARCH 31 2011 Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo State Fair Arena

MARCH 27 OKC Thunder vs. Portland Oklahoma City Arena 7:00 p.m. OKC Barons @ Houston Aeros The Toyota Center 4:05 p.m. OKC Ballet: Mozart’s Requiem Civic Center Music Hall 2:00 p.m. Shrine Circus State Fair Arena

MARCH 29 OKC Thunder vs. Golden State Oklahoma City Arena 7:00 p.m.

Calendar of events • March

The Party Doesn’t Have to End.




So6ixMarch2011 By: Beth ANN Ruble Photography By: Clfton Roberts

The Museum Showcasing Oklahoma City The phone booth was invented in Oklahoma. This is one of the many things you’ll learn at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum. The museum has a high-tech homage to the phone booth in its ONEOK Tell Your Story exhibit. Get cozy in the glass booth, and you’ll be prompted with six queries about your story and what this state means to you. Answer them with the aid of a touch screen, and you can e-mail yourself a copy of your own love letter to Oklahoma. Children have sent these messages to their favorite teachers and to fathers and mothers serving in Afghanistan. The Gaylord-Pickens museum presents the history of our state through the varied stories of our people, both famous and unknown. Interactive exhibits showcase Wiley Post, Reba McEntire, and Mat Hoffman as well as countless unsung heroes who helped Oklahoma grow into the great state it is today. The museum opened its doors in 2007 and was voted best new attraction in Oklahoma City by the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association in 2008. Located at 1400 Classen Drive, the museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5 and Saturday from 10-5. Membership begins at a $35 dollar level and can be purchased online. Free parking is ample. Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for seniors, and children less than five years of age are admitted free of charge. Get on the web and you can download a coupon for two dollars off admission. In the Bust Gallery you can test your Oklahoma trivia. Guess whose visage you’re viewing with hints from the screen beside it. You can even take home a picture of your own face atop a pedestal. Search the Hall of Fame Gallery for inductees as far back as 1928. The Chesapeake Oklahoma Theater provides a virtual connection with everyday Oklahomans throughout the state and the Edward L. Gaylord and T. Boone Pickens exhibits tell the story of the two fascinating men who made this space possible. All special and temporary exhibits are housed in the Tulsa World Gallery. Don’t miss “Pure Color” brought to you by the Oklahoma Society of Impressionists. An


opening reception will be held on June 23rd. A national touring exhibit from Virginia will be coming in October: “Visions of Vietnam” will feature art made by veterans. The Devon Classroom seats fifty. It is available for training sessions and business conferences. State-of-the-art audio visual equipment is built into this facility. With its forty foot waterfall and spectacular view of the Oklahoma City skyline, the Bennett-McClendon Great Hall is perfect for weddings. The event center has a seating capacity of three hundred, and its many windows overlook the garden. Catering is provided by the local Good Egg Dining Group. Use of this hall is a privilege of museum membership. The Museum Store offers exquisite Christmas ornaments, books by and about our best-known fellow Oklahomans, and stylish apparel. Among the educational toys, many of which sell for about $20, you will find an outstanding SmartLab Weather Station and remote control rockets. Student memberships are available in the amount of $15. Although booked solid through the 2011 school year, free field trips are provided through the Museum’s Teen Board. The trips include free admission and lunch or help with transportation in the form of a gas card. For only $3 per student, field trips can be scheduled with the museum staff by calling Meredith Knowles at 523.3211. The Gaylord-Pickens Museum is a great addition to our great state. Go check it out!

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So6ix 6 picks

So6ixMarch2011 By: Joey bivens

Money and Energy Saving Products

CFL Bulbs The CFL bulb is the starting point for anybody looking to lesson their impact on the environment. The cost is not significantly more than a power-hungry incandescent, and the CFL lasts up to 10 times longer and consumes up to 75% less energy. You can get an 8-pack of GE Energy Smart 60 CFL bulbs from Amazon for $12.69.

Smart Strip LCG5 Energy Saving Power Strip Known as energy vampires, computers and other electronics can use significant amounts of electricity in standby mode. To reduce this energy consumption and save some money, invest in a power strip that automatically shuts off the power when the gadget is not in use. The Smart Strip (about $40) comes with Autoswitching Technology designed to switch off your devices automatically when they are not in use.

Rechargeable Batteries Four AA rechargeable batteries can re-


place the need to buy 100 replacement batteries, a savings of about $40. Rechargeable batteries not only save you money by eliminating the cost of buying replacement batteries, but they also better for the environment. Replacement batteries emphasize their consideration of the environment in both the manufacturing process and the disposal process. Four AA replacement batteries eliminate 8 pounds of hazardous waste!

P3 Watt Monitor It can be a real shock when you learn just how much electricity the gadgets and appliances in your home consume. And armed with this knowledge, you can begin conserving electricity and money by making even modest changes to the way you use electricity. There are several power monitors available on the market today. Some will even send power usage data to you via the Internet. Once option is the P3 International P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor. The P4460 is really easy to use and costs as little as $40.

Delta Water-Saver

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So6ixMarch2011 Shower Head The Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome is a dual setting shower head offering both a watersaving and a high-volume spray. The water-saving “comfort spray” operates at 1.85 gallons per minute, while the highvolume spray operates at a standard 2.5 gallons per minute. For every 10 minute shower, you’ll save about six gallons of water in the water-saving mode. Over the course of a year, you can easily conserve 2,000 gallons of water. This dual sprayer is backed with a lifetime warranty.


Top Bottom

Article X

PUR DS-1800Z 2 Stage Water Dispenser Bottled water is expensive and terrible for our environment. Both the manufacture and disposal of plastic bottles is costly and eco-unfriendly. The PUR DS1800Z 2 Stage Water Dispenser offers a convenient and inexpensive way to enjoy clean water. The 18-cup dispenser reduces lead and removes 99.9% of microbiological cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia), while leaving beneficial fluoride in the water.

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Frugal Family Fun in OKC

By: Beth Ann Ruble

Oklahoma City has a lot of fun to offer Cheer up; Spring is here! Sadly, so is tax time. And some of us are still smarting from all the Christmas cheer we charged up. Fortunately, Oklahoma City has a lot of fun to offer for just a little bit of dough. The Oklahoma City Zoo is hosting a Spring Break Day Camp for children ages 4-11 March 15–18. Admission is $25 per day. A snack is provided, but you need to send a sack lunch with your child. Along with crafts and games, there is a tour of the zoo that includes up-close and personal visits with various animals. Registration and advance payment are required. Visit for more information, or call (405) 425-0218 to register. A free Earth Day celebration will be held at the zoo on April 21st for fourth and fifth graders as well. Formerly the Omniplex, Science Museum Oklahoma is packed with interactive exhibits and games. The planetarium shows in the large format domescreen theater always amaze viewers. Admission is a bargain at $15 for adults and $12 for children. Though the youngsters may momentarily grouse about a museum trip, they will have a blast at the Oklahoma History Center on Nazih Zuhdi Drive. Everybody raves about the Rock-‘n-Roll and oil field exhibits. Kids love the Old West areas filled with lore of Wild West Shows and the Land Run. Tickets are only $7, and admission is free to children under 5.

controlled play facility filled with massive inflated slides and mazes. It is family and locally owned. Tickets are just $7.50. Call (405) 607-2020 for more information about birthday party specials and group rates. Arctic Edge Ice Arena at 14613 N. Kelley is home to the Youth Hockey League. It costs $7 to skate, plus a $3 skate rental fee. Call (405) 748-5454 and find out about taking skating lessons. Downtown OKC continues to burgeon, and you can see it all on the Oklahoma Spirit Trolley for $1.50. Stops include the OKC National Memorial, Bricktown, and the OKC Museum of Art. Oklahoma River Cruises depart daily April through December. A 45-minute tour will run you about $10. Water taxis depart every 15 minutes from the landing on the Bricktown Riverwalk right below Mickey Mantle Boulevard. An all-day pass is $8.50, and the 40-minute narrated tour is not to be missed. Private charters are also available. The Myriad Botanical Gardens on Reno and Robinson will reopen in April with a refurbished Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, a children’s garden, and many new water features. This has always been a perfect spot for a romantic picnic.

It won’t cost you anything to enjoy Martin Nature Park on W. Memorial. The park has a hands-on museum and gorgeous trails that aren’t too long or strenuous for young children or seniors.

Interested in golf? You can head over to the Earlywine Golf Course on S. Portland to play eighteen rounds for just $20. The First Friday Paseo Artwalk makes for a guaranteed great girl’s night out or a casual date. From 6-10 pm on the first Friday of every month, seventeen galleries within walking distance in the Art’s District on Paseo and Dewey showcase works of local artists replete with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Kids 3-13 can cut loose at Bouncin’ Craze. Located at 14901 N. Lincoln, Bouncin’ Craze is a safe, clean, climate-

Plenty of options available for fun at a reasonable price in our great city, so get out and about, and enjoy OKC.




Put winter in your rearview mirror.

Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.




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11/17/10 11:05 AM


Getting Bored...

So6ixMarch2011 By: Jason Boag

with Your Workout? Have a Spring Fling

By this time some of you may be getting bored with your fitness regimen.  January went pretty good, February was a bit more of a grind, and the thought of March may have some of you dragging your feet a little bit.   Not to worry; this is normal.   Consider trying something new: take a break from your current routine and have a spring fling.   Learning a new sport or activity is one of the best ways to break through plateaus.   It gives your body a new set of demands, forcing it to adapt, driving more change. The human body is very good at adapting to the physical demands that are placed on it.  If those demands cease to change or become greater, stagnation can occur, resulting in a plateau of results and turning eventually into boredom.   It becomes very challenging to keep up with one’s fitness routine when it gets boring. If you’ve stalled out


on seeing progress, consider trying one of the cool activities offered around the city. Give them a try for a month on their own, or sprinkle them into your current schedule to mix it up a bit.   When you go back to your normal training, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference. Spring break is just around the corner, so don’t lose sight of your goals now. Just make some adjustments and keep working.  You’re gonna be so happy you did when you get into that swimsuit in a few weeks. Go enjoy the outdoors this spring.  The city has a lot to offer in the way of recreational activities that keep you in good shape.  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing... Spring Fling Ideas: The Endurance communtiy in OKC is huge. There are 5k races, duathlons, and triathlons sprinkled all over the

Health & beauty



area this spring. Check out www.triokc. org or search for The Triathlon Club of Oklahoma City on Facebook to get a list of local running, swimming, and biking events around the city. Also, visit www. to learn about all the Oklahoma River has to offer, like rowing, kayaking, and dragon boat racing. For the more adventerous types, Mawi Wakeboard Park , or Matt Hoffman’s Action Sports Park http:// html are great places to try. Make sure to wear the proper safety gear though; these sports ventures have no mercy on those who are prone to injury! • Rock Climbing • In-line Skating or Skateboarding • Water Skiing • Wake Surfing or Wake Boarding • Beach Volleyball • Softball • Dodge Ball With the numerous options for recreation and fitness available to us alongside the cheery weather of spring, we have no excuse for remaining stagnant. So, jump into spring and enjoy being in good shape!

For more info on healthy eating and smart exercise, visit Empire Fitness CrossFit OKC at: or

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So6ixMarch2011 By: Bryan Crump


The Crump Effect

Money, Money, Money… To whom it may concern, How can we save more and make more? What is investment? In my youth and even my young adult years, I have made many mistakes when it comes to finances, money, savings, school, loans, and general life decisions. I am not perfect; no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes! The beauty of making mistakes is that we can all improve and learn from them. When someone else makes mistakes, you can learn from them without having to make the same mistakes yourself. In this letter I share some of what I have learned through personal experience, mistakes, research and application. I look for mentors and lessons every day that I can learn from in order to improve myself. For the purposes of this lesson, I do not want you to think of money in the same way you may have in the past. More especially, if you are a person who has a hard time with money, ASK what you can learn or what you can do to achieve better results. How much money do you make? Are you working smartly? It is not always about working hard, long hours because if you don’t know how to work efficiently and how to save money, then a lot of your efforts are wasted. Learning how to use money, save it, and invest it will benefit you more than you know and can help the community and economy grow. If you learn a valuable lesson, teach it to others, so they may do the same and achieve as well. A wise person once said, “If you cannot save money, then the seeds of greatness are not in you!!!” Organization, Record Keeping, Checks, Balances, Investment, Budgeting, Insurance, and Saving are some things you should really consider if you are not doing them right now. I urge you to take classes and consult with professionals. Your bank is a good starting point and has more resources than you might expect. Your local colleges and Vocational

The Big Picture

schools can be a huge resource as well. Some places even provide free, small business courses. Think of money like experience points in a game. You earn money like you would earn points. How you spend those points and invest them will result in several outcomes, not just one. If you are wise, you can improve and earn even more points in the future. If you are foolish, you make mistakes and invest those points poorly, and you can effect potential harm and unnecessary future hardship for yourself and your family. Four important categories in the realm of finance: 1. Savings – money set aside for future security, created partly by the amount you put back every paycheck for future goals. Anywhere from 1% to 30% + 2. Security – the sum you need to pay all

Continued on page 56




Continued From page 55 Money, Money, Money... By: Bryan Crump bills and debts every month. 3. Profit – any unexpected or extra income, above projected costs and planning. 4. Investment – something that gains in value that eventually brings in more income. If you quit working tomorrow, would you have any money in the bank? Would you have any money coming in? How can you save and invest your money today to help prepare for the future? I know far too many people who spend every penny they get (and then some) and are constantly complaining. We all have various incomes, and I have lived on less that $800 a month in the past. Yet, now I save money every month, even if it is just $10 to $100. Put your spare change in a jar and forget about it. Someone once told me to try and save at least 10 cents from every dollar earned. Try not to act like a child in a candy store, and don’t spend all your money on things you are just going to eat up that have no nutritional value. Many millionaires are frugal with their money and think for a good long time before spending their money on things that decrease in value. Many material goods lose value as soon as they are purchased. Money is a symbol of accumulated value, and you choose how you use it. I often hear people talk of conspiracy, and then I look at the choices they make and that I have made as well. Far too many people are financially ignorant. If people really understood how money worked, they would have completely different habits and disciplines. Since I have been learning and putting acquired information into practice, I have been having better results in my own life and income. “Slowly but surely,” they say. You must have patience because if you rush things, you are more likely to make ignorant decisions. It is better to be smart, make wise decisions, and make intelli-


gent investments, and this is only possible through education. Remember this... “Even when building a sturdy structure or a piece of art, the first thing you must focus on is a good investment and proper materials. If your foundation and technique has a poor investment for your building or project, then it can easily crumble, and the whole construction is destroyed.” I conclude this letter with these words: DO YOUR RESEARCH • EDUCATE YOURSELF • SET GOALS • ORGANIZE • BUDGET • SAVE INVEST • IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION • KEEP RECORDS • REVIEW • GET INSURANCE • CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO IMPROVE EVERYDAY!!! • DON’T LET EXCITEMENT GET THE BEST OF YOU!!! To my readers you may soon realize that in nearly all my writing and in nearly all subjects covered, I will frequently repeat certain ideas that can lead to acquiring some of the most important skills that you and others can obtain for yourself in success in nearly all endeavors. I am not an expert in everything, nor do I claim to be, but I try to do my best to inform myself, my readers and those who seek my council. How do I know this stuff? I do my research; I put what I learn into practice; and I find examples and test results. You should do the same, and if you simply put your mind to it, you can achieve some great results. Take action my friends, and start improving your life every day. Sincerely, Bryan Crump P.S. I wish you much success in your goals, dreams, relationships and future endeavors. Tax time is just around the corner. Don’t forget to pay your taxes!!!

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So6ix pix

So6ixMarch2011 Photography By: Clifton roberts

So6ix Magazine Presents: America’s Pub After Dark



So6ixMarch2011 Photography By: Clifton roberts


So6ix Pix

So6ix Magazine Presents: The Office Bar After Dark




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So6ixMarch2011 Photography By: Elliot Barry

So6ix Magazine Presents: Single @ CityWalk



So6ixMarch2011 Photography By: Clifton roberts


So6ix Pix

So6ix Magazine Presents: Court of Dreams



So6ix Magazine March 2011  

So6ix Magazine March 2011