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Inside Remington Park beyond renovations... WAY Beyond!

Lucky Days! A Glimpse at the many oklahoma casinos

baby got back why women should use weights

get your swing on Some of Oklahoma’s best golf courses

In Memory of Wyatt & dalton ables the tragic end of two very young lives

Dr. Tru luv All for one and all for love

April 2011

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APRIL 2011 CONTENTS The Blue Door - Bring it on at the Blue Door


by: Shawndra Roberts & photography by: Clifton Roberts

Dr. Tru Luv - All for One and All for Love


Earth Day Every Day!


Remington Park - Beyond Renovations... Way Beyond!


Lucky Days - A Glimpse at the Many Oklahoma Casinos by: Beth Ann Ruble


Fun at the Festival


by: Michael Cross

by: Beth Ann Ruble

by: Molly Cariker & photography by: Clifton Roberts

by: Jacqueline Larocco

- The OKC Festival of the Arts is Coming!

In Memory of Wyatt and Dalton Ables


Marc Heitz Chevrolet


by: Bryan Crump

- An Eco-Friendly Company

by: Kelsey Self

So6ix Presents: midday sun - A Fashion Pictorial


Johnathan Kayne - It’s All About Bold!


Beauty Blooms for Spring - A Lesson in Cosmetic Application by: Lilly Stone, owner: Sooo Lilly Cosmetics


Baby Got Back - Why Women Should Lift Weights


The HCG Diet:

The ‘Shot’ heard Round Your Waistline by: Dr. Harvey Jenkins, owner: Body Trends


So6ix Calendar of Events - April, 2011 Edition


Get Your Swing On


photography by: Clifton Roberts, model: Kendall Harris, stylist: Kelsey Self

by: Johnathan Kayne

by: Jason Boag, owner: Crossfit OKC

compiled by: Kylee Glover

- A Look at Some of Oklahoma’s Golf Courses

by: Jacqueline Larocco

So6ix 6 Picks - April, 2011 Edition: 2011 Drivers by: Joey Bivens


So6ix Pix Presents - 2011 Prom, RACEDance, Jazmo’s, & Simpson Brockhaus 54 photography by: Clifton Roberts, Ericka Williams & Elliot Barry

The Crump Effect

by: Bryan Crump

- Preparing for Happiness in the Game of Life

Spotlight: So6ix Professionals photography by: Clifton Roberts


- For the Month of April, 2011

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Letter from the editor Swing into Spring! Grab your golf gear, and head out to one of the many fine golf courses Oklahoma has to offer. Enjoy the cool breeze and soft morning sun of Oklahoma in April. In this edition you’ll find ads and information to help you golf in style and choose a course that’s perfect for you. And if golf isn’t your thing, read on and find out about everything casino. Roll the dice and have some fun with gaming, excellent shows, great cuisine, and chic fashion. You’ll also read about beauty ideas, fitness tips, relationship advice, and more. April is also the month of the Oklahoma Festival of the Arts. I look forward every year to viewing the exquisite art, listening to live music, eating great food, and having fun with friends and family. This year I’m serving as a volunteer in the kids area, so I’ve been fortunate to hear about the incredible artists attend-

table of contents


ing as well as innovative and fun changes that are taking place. It’s a festival you don’t want to miss! And let’s not forget that April is also the month to remember the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling as we celebrate our planet with Earth Day! So6ix Magazine appreciates all our readers. Turn the pages and enjoy. And have a great April!

Whitney Baer


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So6ixAPRIL2011 By: Shawndra ROberts Photography By: Clifton ROberts

The Blue Door

Bring it on at the blue door. “A place like this has to exist for people to develop their music,” says Greg Johnson owner of the Blue Door. We’re sitting in a back room wallpapered with posters from the different musicians to have come through including Woody Guthrie, Lucinda Williams, and Jimmy Webb. The Blue Door is located at 2805 North McKinley in Oklahoma City. You better know what you’re looking for though because at first glance it doesn’t look like much. Once inside, there is an authentic feel for those who appreciate the art of the song; although, one not need to be in the venue to enjoy the music. A large fire is outside next to an open window for all to experience a connection with the artists. “Growing up like anybody my age, I was always a fan of music,” Johnson said. Greg Johnson started the Blue Door in 1993 after living as a music journalist for ten years in Austin. Johnson made many of his connections while working for the publications The Austin American Statesman and The Austin Chronicle. He grew up in Oklahoma and had a record store in Shawnee for a period of time before he “somehow gravitated down to Austin.” He covered a few Woody Guthrie shows and was involved with songwriters. Then, in January of 1993, he moved back to OKC. “I moved back and I didn’t know what I was going to do. My friend Mary Reynolds had a great set up in town. She said, ‘I have this great place on McKinley, grab some of your friends from Austin to come up here.’” Johnson knew how to put on a show, but he wasn’t planning on doing it for as long. He brought all of his Austin friends up through that first year, all of them except Lucinda Williams. Williams made her Blue Door debut March 22. “I’m as close to her personally as anybody on this wall.” Johnson gestures to the posters around us. “So it has come

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The Blue Door

By: Shawndra ROberts Photography By: Clifton ROberts

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full circle since I started.” Johnson wasn’t in it to create some master plan. He “just wanted to bring my friends up who wrote songs and start doing something.” Oklahoma has a great songwriting tradition, and Johnson is well aware of that tradition. He named off Jimmy Webb, Woody Guthrie, Leon Russell, and Vince Gill. The Blue Door has been on a slow and steady journey since its debut year. “That was eighteen years ago. They find me now. I don’t really seek out any artists. Like these guys,” as he gestures to The Civil Wars, “I didn’t know a thing about them because there is so much out there. Unless your little group or the people in your little world know about them.” Johnson’s passion for music and songwriters is shown in the way the Blue Door works. Before David Ramirez took the stage March 9, Johnson asked the crowd to silence their phones and requested that they go outside if they wished to talk to their neighbor. The atmosphere though is extremely laid back with a non-smoking, BYOB policy (beer or wine only), and as long as the music isn’t disturbed, people can fully enjoy


themselves. Johnson also has a Sunday night radio show on KOSU called “For the Sake of the Song.” The radio show is reflective of the Blue Door: anything goes as long as it is great music. “It is all about the listening experience. You can rock in here; get quiet in here…To say we’re just an acoustic venue is not true. I’m basically a song writer venue,” Johnson expressed. “We take all sorts of people, well if I like them. Caleb Hawley, he’ll be here tomorrow (March 10) and maybe ten to fifteen people will show up. I think he’s important and I think people should hear him so I book him. I don’t care if there’s that many people. Obviously, if there was only fifteen people here every time we would have a problem.” They aren’t just a newcomer venue either; legends such as Jack Elliot and Woody Guthrie’s family come into the Blue Door. “The Blue door is a special place for many reasons. There’s not a whole lot of money to be made here for what I do but it’s important. For the community, as well as the artist, we have the best set up in town. Even if you’ve never heard of anyone they’re always really, really good.”



Dr. Tru Luv

So6ixApril2011 By: Michael Cross

All for One and All for Love.

The spring is approaching and everything is starting to bloom, including romance. This is the time of year for new beginnings. But what about your relationship? Is it focused on you, your partner, or the both of you? When the spring starts, it is easy for us to get focused on our own individual interests and goals, such as: fitness, money, vacations, house plans, gardening, or whatever may spark your interest. But what often gets left out and ignored are our relationships. We almost tend to forget they are there because of the rushing and other interests. I’m not talking about making time to think about your partner or what you can do personally for the relationship, but I’m talking about thinking about the “Us” in your relationship. In marriage, it is often taught that the couple is no longer two individuals but rather one flesh. When true love is present in a relationship, individuality is no longer an option, it’s “all for one, and one for all!” I’m not saying that personal inter-


ests are a bad thing; of course they aren’t, but I’m saying that when it comes to your relationship, stop looking at it as an individual effort and start looking at it as a whole. You and your partner are one being. So when it comes to loving each other, love your spouse as you would love your body. We would all do anything to save or benefit ourselves; therefore, we should be willing to do anything to save or benefit our marriages. The two become ONE. Now this can also be useful this spring as everyone is looking for new beginnings. If we have the mindset that our relationship is one single unit, then we can start making future plans and making special interests that the “one flesh” enjoys. This means start thinking, planning, and acting like a single unit this year. You will find that there will be less arguments, disagreements, fights, and even confusion in your relationship, because “HEY,” who disagrees with themselves? The point is: make you relationship “All for One and All for Love!”


So6ixAPRIL2011 By: Beth ann Ruble


Earth Day...

Every day can be earth day!

Prior to 1970, it was perfectly legal in the United States to spew poisonous gas into the air and dump toxic waste into any body of water without recrimination. There was no EPA. There were no Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. After witnessing an enormous, brutal oil spill in California during 1969, then Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson knew that a nationwide grass roots effort was needed to curb the destruction of natural resources we all require for survival. As the late environmental activist Judy Bonds said, “There are no jobs on a dead planet.” Nelson modeled his campaign on anti-Vietnam protests commonly called ‘teach-ins’ where people gathered in groups large and small to exchange information and educate themselves about the issue. Earth Day celebrations have mobilized and inspired environmentalists all over the country. “It organized itself,” Nelson has often said of the movement. It also lead to the creation of the EPA and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. Earth Day went global in 1990, with


over 140 countries participating. In 1995, Gaylord Nelson received the highest civilian honor in the country, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. To combat climate change deniers and the deep pockets of the oil lobby, Earth Day 2010 came with a strong push for clean energy. This year in Oklahoma City on April 21st, thousands of 4th and 5th graders will attend ScienceFest at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Through interactive exhibits and animal feedings, the students will gain a hands-on understanding of how we can all help to conserve our resources. On the same day the town of Ada hosts a K-12 Earth Day Recycled Art Contest. All artwork must be made of eighty percent recycled material and will be held at the portico of the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center. Call 580421-8915 for more information. The Earth Day Birthday Sustainable Living Expo will be held at 1203 Sherwood Lane (formerly First Church of Christ Scientist) on Saturday, April 16th, brought to

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Earth day...

So6ixApril2011 By: Beth ann Ruble

CONtinued from page 13 you by Planet Nichols Hills. Learn to live green at the days many events. A panel discussion on walking and biking trails will be held from 10:00 -11:30 am. Find out how your favorite restaurants find local food vendors at the “Go Local, Go Slow” meeting. Attend the Green Building & Construction Meeting later in the day to ask local homeowners and builders how they did it. Other events include a Green Car Show and Green Home Tour. There will also be a Children’s Fun Run Saturday morning. Visit for more information. The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at SW 15th and Portland is open Tuesday through Friday from 9:30 am -6:00 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am -11:30 am. Call 682-7038 to find out what they will and won’t take. Bring your water bill for proof of residency. Call up the Oklahoma Food Cooperative at 605-8088


and join for just $51.75. Their great network is staffed by volunteers, and delivery is available to the disabled within the city limits of Edmond, Moore, Norman, and Tulsa. Join the local chapter of The Sierra Club (234-5522) and get in on re-skilling classes where you can learn to prune fruit trees or make a solar oven. Every day can be Earth Day. Recycle. Use green cleaning products. Walk. Ride a bike. Buy local food to take a bite out of pollutive transport. Plant a tree. Learn about composting and give it a try. Buy energy saving appliances like those offered by Energy Star. Buy items that are sold in less packaging. Contact your power provider and investigate how much of the energy used in your home is from renewable resources. Enjoy a candlelight meal you’ve made without using electricity. Camp out in your backyard one night with your kids.




Remington Park

By: Molly cariker Photography By: clifton roberts

Beyond Renovations... way beyond.

When a business claims to have undergone renovations, the typical assumption is that you can expect to find a fresh coat of paint and possibly a floor touch-up. This was my attitude as I walked into Remington Park, and I was completely shocked to see what has recently been accomplished. Prior to Global Gaming Solutions’s purchase in January of 2010, the facility was beautiful, but after the purchase and renovations, the facilities are absolutely stunning. The new atmosphere demands recognition as an elegant and superior class entertainment beacon. In addition to the aesthetic transformation, Remington Park has added new options to their already versatile entertainment selection. The first thing you will notice the next time you visit the track and casino is the four-and-a-half story Super Screen centered in the track and viewable from every direction. Forget the binoculars; now the photo finish is available in high definition with instant replays. When live racing is not taking place, popular sporting events, such as basketball, football, golf and UFC, will be playing for your enjoyment. If the gigantic view is not enough to lure all sports fans, the newly added


Henry Hudson’s might be the tempting factor. The infamous restaurant and bar is located on the patio, with comfortable seating indoors and outdoors close to the track. Remington Park has also expanded its entertainment selection beyond the already versatile list with its newest internal evolution. During the month of April, Remington Park will introduce XCESS, a premier nightclub exclusively open on



Thursday nights. The doors open at nine, and early attendance will be advised for this exciting and unique club. As if all the new additions were not enough to strike your curiosity, Remington has also developed some of the preexisting programs and amusement options. The Lucky Circle will be renamed to Club Remington on April 25th, and it will include more perks for the members than ever before. Live bands are now scheduled Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings on the Wild Rush Stage. For those strictly interested in the horse races, you will be pleased to discover all of the new HD televisions throughout the whole building. Remington Park has advanced itself



to be notably upscale, and to truly have something to offer for everyone. Packages are available for private parties in the lush banquet rooms or in the lavish suites. Cost varies on the number of people in attendance, but when limousine service to and from the facilities are added, the price is hardly a factor. Remington Park raised the bar with their mere claim of renovations. The entire facility hastransformed into an amusement focal point with nearly everything someone could desire being in one location. In the heart of Oklahoma City’s Adventure District, you really only need to make one stop for a large casino, beautiful horse track, fine dining, upscale night club, and live music.




Lucky days

By: Beth Ann Ruble

A glimpse at the many oklahoma casinos Oklahoma casinos have come a long way since Remington Park brought horse racing to our state in the 1980’s. There are many gambling houses to choose from. Every establishment furnishes a frequent player card with special offers and point reward systems. The proceeds fund education and benefit Indian tribes, so try your hand at local gaming. RIVERWIND HOTEL & CASINO I-35 and Highway 9, Norman 405-322-6000 The Riverwind is only about thirty minutes from Oklahoma City. Owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation, its poker rooms remain open 24 hours. The High Limits room at Riverwind is spacious. The casino has several roomy bars, the well-stocked and reasonable Willows Buffet, and sports the best valet parking I’ve come across. Home to one of the most popular local concert venues, the casino has recently revamped its already stellar music arena. Off Track Betting is also available here and a hotel is


adjacent with over one hundred rooms. LUCKY STAR 7777 N. Highway 81, Concho 405-262-7612 A smaller, cozier casino, the Lucky Star holds monthly Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments and Black Jack tournaments every Sunday. The Rez restaurant is roomy, serves especially good steak dinners, and has a huge bar lined with video poker machines. The musical entertainment is more intimate here. The best place in Oklahoma to watch a fight is Lucky Star. They have a state-of-the-art boxing facility here without a bad seat in the house. There is a sister Cheyenne Arapaho casino in Clinton of about the same size. Each location houses close to one thousand games. Drawings in the past have included loot like boats and cars. REMINGTON PARK 1 Remington Place, Oklahoma City 405-424-1000 Don’t miss American Quarter Horse &


So6ixApril2011 Mixed Breed Season, March 4th to May 30th. Clubhouse reserved seating is free. Silk’s restaurant is found on the clubhouse level along with Remi’s Buffet. The buffet here is themed, changing daily from Asian cuisine to seafood to steakhouse and the like. This “racino” was the first place Okies could gamble when it opened back in 1988. It has grown to include a casino, arcade, and park area. Located just off Martin Luther King Blvd., Remington Park is ranked as one of the best racetracks in the country. There are four lush new meeting rooms for rent at Remington Park equipped with flat screen TVs, projectors, and sound systems. Don’t know how to bet the ponies? Go to for a concise guide to gaming and horse terms, as well as information on how to bet. A quinella, for instance, means you win if either of the two horses you pick wins and the other comes in second. FIRE LAKE GRAND CASINO 777 Grand Casino Blvd., Shawnee 405-964-7263 Sporting the best architecture by far, Fire Lake looks like a private manse. Acoustic music is performed throughout the week near the elegant and romantic Ember’s Steakhouse, which is worth the trip in its own right. Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighting is featured here as well. This year Fire Lake will bring some of the best nationally renowned comedians to its stage: Lisa Lampanelli, Rob Schneider, and Rodney Carrington will all be performing in Shawnee in the months to come. All of the games at this casino are Class Three, meaning that the Citizen Potawatomi Nation sends six percent of its total revenue back into education funding for our state.

So6ixEntertainment on the weekends. Thunderbird closes at 2am Sunday through Thursday, but is open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. There is no non-smoking area in this establishment. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are always available at the Thunderbird Grill and the casino has a full service bar. WINSTAR Exit 1, I-35, Thackerville 405-276-4229 Oklahoma’s largest casino is at the Texas border, about seventy-five miles north of Dallas. Winstar houses nine restaurants, including a Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar franchise. There is a large, luxurious hotel within comfortable and safe walking distance of the casino as well as an RV park on the grounds. The concert arena is breathtaking. Along with close to six thousand machines and over a hundred table games, Winstar boasts an 18-hole golf course designed by D. A. Weibring.

THUNDERBIRD CASINO 15700 E. State Highway 9, Norman 405-360-9270 Thunderbird is a small, quaint casino that has been around for quite some time. A favorite with seniors, the bingo here is fabulous fun. There are eight game tables, about five hundred machines, and you can enjoy live music



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2011 VW CC 0% fInAnCInG

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WAC VCI to fInAnCe ends month’s end. exCludes dIesel.

So6ixApril2011 By: Jacqueline Larocco


Fun at the Festival

The oklahoma city arts festival is coming!

The Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts is coming to Downtown Oklahoma City once again this April, 2011. If you are an artist, are interested in art, or if you are simply looking for a way to kill time in the afternoon before heading to Harkins or Citywalk for the evening, the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts is the place to be. This festival is huge, stretching from Walker to Robinson, and Reno to Sheridan, and has something for every age, genre, gender, and style. However, it has always been, and will be this year, a great place for kids and teens. Visual art, performing art, and even culinary art are just a few of the attractions, and don’t be surprised if you have to plan a second visit in order to see everything. Visual artists from around the country have been chosen to display and sell their artwork at the festival. Oils, acrylic, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, you name it and it will be available to see. Don’t expect to empty your wallets either. All of the artwork is quite affordable – under $60! Several of the artists even make original jewelry, making the Festival of the Arts a perfect second-date location. Let’s face it; we all get tired of watching Iron Chef and Top Chef and not being able


to actually eat that delicious food! Thankfully, the culinary arts area of the festival is known for its mouthwatering choices. They have everything from yummy appetizers to tide you over until dinner, to desserts. So after stuffing yourself at Zio’s or Abuelo’s, you can walk it all off at the festival and enjoy a dessert. Plus, a lot of the proceeds from the culinary arts area go right back into the arts. There are four stages for the performing arts section of the festival: the Café stage, the Water stage – located near the Myriad Botanical Gardens, the Deck stage, and the Children’s stage. There are a variety of performances that take place during the festival, including concerts. Probably the most exciting and beneficial area of the arts festival is the youth activities section. What better way is there to introduce a young child to the world of art than to take them to an exciting fair where they can actually participate in art activities? The creation station brings children together, allowing them all to work on one huge masterpiece. Each child contributes in their unique way, and you can bring

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Fun at the Festival

By: Jacqueline Larocco

Continued from page 21 your child back later that day to see how the piece has transformed since they added their own touch. The Arts Council of Oklahoma City has really taken their Arts After-School and Teen Advisory Council programs to the next level, and has allowed children and teens from the area to showcase their talents and artwork at the Festival of the Arts in the Community Arts Showcase. This particular tent is located near the Myriad Botanical Gardens. You will surely be surprised by the amazing artistic talent in Oklahoma City’s youth. If your child wants to get involved in some real activities at the festival, then bring them by the Children’s Art Field. Here, children can actually create their own pieces of art – for a small, $2 fee – and take something home with them. The options are things like wearable art, rainbow etchings, and texture art. Not only do children have an opportunity to learn, but they get a souvenir, something they’ve created, to display at home. If you want more of an educational experience for your young one, then stop by the Artful Experience section of the festival. Here, you and your child can watch artists work live, right in front of you, and you can learn processes behind certain types of art. This year, the artists are focusing on wood carving, watercolor, ceramics, and others forms. This is a fun experience for people of all ages, and the artists are happy to answer questions you may have. For those parents who have little Van


Gogh’s for children, the festival is actually allowing children to sell their pieces. This area is for children 12 and under, and granted, the maximum sell price is $5, but what better way to bring a child into the world of art than to allow them to create and sell their own pieces? The Pottery Place and face painting are great spots to hit if you aren’t necessarily the artsy type. The pottery section allows children and adults to paint their own premade pottery, and who doesn’t like facepainting? This year, the Oklahoma City Arts Festival is running Festival Idol, and it is exactly what you think, except it is focused toward younger kids. Just like American Idol, children from Kindergarten to 12th grade can show off their musical talents to the judges and audience. The performances can be singing, instrumental, or dancing, and the judges will narrow down the contestants until they award the Festival Idol Grand Champion. You have to apply for this though, so if your little starlet wants to compete, get in the entry form soon! The Festival of the Arts gets better every year, so we know to expect great things this April. This is the perfect opportunity to get out with the family or someone special and enjoy the new spring weather. It doesn’t cost you anything to walk through the tent areas, and it is a perfect way to start a fun-filled day downtown. The festival is running 11am to 9pm Tuesday through Saturday, and 11am to 6pm on Sunday.

Entertainment 12201 North May Ave 405.755.1000 Member FDIC



By: BRYAN CRUMP In Memory of... Photography By: Laynie Hankins, friends & family

Wyatt and Dalton Ables

Wyatt and Dalton Ables were twin five-year-old boys, full of inspiration and wonder. They looked at each new day as a day of adventure and time with someone they loved and appreciated. Their mother, Brandy Ables, has been a friend of mine since middle school, and she is one of the most loving mothers that I have known. She has helped me and many others in times of need. For those of you that have not been following the news, her two boys were taken from her. Brandy was in the process of getting a divorce from David Ables after years of arguments, differences and some abuse as well. They were both struggling to come to terms with things that divorce brings, and from what I know, Brandy was not asking for much. She wanted to get back on her feet and learn to live the life of an independent  woman and mother who could be strong for her twin boys. Brandy had gotten a place of her own, secured a good job, and was working to provide a future for these two beautiful children.  A few days ago, the unexpected happened… On March 5, 2011, David had custody of the two boys in Foster, Oklahoma and


for whatever reason, he made an awful and terrible decision. David called Brandy and left her a message telling her how he felt about the divorce and to check his facebook, where he left a message that was already received far too late. He decided to take the lives of the two boys, with the assumption that he would be able to travel with them both to heaven. On that day, Wyatt and Dalton Ables lost their lives. Their future and the lives of many were heartbroken. Their mother, Brandy Ables, is left to deal with the pain and memory. In time she may share more of her story to help others, but this is her story now and she needs time to grieve and heal. So does




her family. Everyone has questions and wants answers, but we all need to be patient—friends, family, the media. Remember, these are real people affected by this. How would you feel if it happened to you? What would you do? Brandy is a sincere, wonderful, and loving person. She has done much for her community and has been a nurse here in Oklahoma. This is something that no one really knows how to deal with. She has not been able to work during all of this, and we want to make sure and look out for her in this time of need. Please share your strength, love, and support. Let us all treat each other with kindness and learn to appreciate one another more and work to improve our communication and work to resolve any issues everyday and every moment that we can. The boys, Wyatt and Dalton Ables, are heroes. They should not have had to leave the world in this way, but they did. Both sides of the family are grieving. No one knows how to deal with something like this. What is done is done. Anger only begets anger and hate only begets hate. We need to look at this with compassion towards the families. They are

the ones still with us, just as the spirit of the boys shall live on. It is my hope that people can learn from this and remember daily to be grateful for their loved ones and for what they have in life. The boys need to be remembered for their spirit and light. They brought so much joy to so many people as was reflected in the numerous people who attended their funeral, people coming from all parts of Oklahoma. The teachers from the boys’ school (Kickapoo Headstart), family from Texas, people from all over. More especially, the mother Brandy Ables. In her work, she has taken care of people everyday as a nurse. She has helped me motivate students at local schools about inspiration, goal setting and education. Everyone is affected by this. We can make the memory something good. People can learn from this and pay more attention to warning signs and remember just to give that hug when you feel it. Give the smile. Have an attitude of gratitude for those in your life. We never know when change may knock on our door. But, change is the one thing we can expect to eventually show up. Life would not be so sweet if it were not for the bittersweet. We have seasons and we have ups and downs. But in every path and journey, we can learn, and the more paths we take, the more we can learn. But we have to be willing to see, listen and hear. What can we learn from this? I think we can learn a great deal, and everyone affected by this will learn something different about themselves and about life. For those who still have their children, do not take them for granted. Remember they are children; they are innocent. They all need guidance, consideration, love, and compassion. I did not know the boys as well as others, but they had their impact on us all. They always brought a smile or challenged a new way of thinking. Twins, a force greater than some of us perhaps know. When two people get together with an idea or a thought, big things can happen. At the very least, they get dou-

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By: BRYAN CRUMP In Memory of... Photography By: Laynie Hankins, friends & family

Continued from page 25 ble done. It is time for us to pay it forward and to share the inspiration the boys gave us all in life. Live life to love life. Live it everyday. Find something to appreciate. Don’t drink, eat, or sleep it away. We can explore so much if we remember the eyes and mind of a child. To them everything has potential. We should not forget that. It takes a village to raise a child, not just the parents. The media, school, parents and the world all affect the outcomes, learning, and development of every single child in this world. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR INFLUENCE. We need to take a stand and learn how we can improve and look out for one another if we are to grow and improve as a society and a people. No one is perfect; we need others to correct us from time to time. Not in judgment or accusation, but with compassion and understanding. If we are attacked, we put up walls and barriers and often attack in return. But that same attitude and barrier prevents us from hearing, seeing, and listening. So our methods of communication are very important. Do not insult, attack, deceive, or abuse to get results. Sincerity is important and crucial. We need to improve our communication with each other and the world. It starts with our own personal attitudes, feelings and responsibilities. If we can learn to discipline ourselves and improve on our responsibilities, truth, compassion, and communication with ourselves, we can achieve a great deal more than we can with denial, attacks, abuse and low self-esteem. We need to work on goals for ourselves, each other, and the community. Alone we can achieve many things, but together we can achieve a great deal more. We need to take action. No longer can or should we wait for the future to come, for improvement to come. We all have input and influence on what happens. It is time to take action and stand up for each other. At the very least, share your stories and mistakes so that


others may learn and not have to repeat the same. We have created a memorial page for the boys here: The Wyatt and Dalton Ables Memorial on Kaizen The Wyatt and Dalton Ables Tragedy fund is setup through MIDFIRST Bank and if you wish to make a donation directly please contact Midfirst Banks in Oklahoma at 1-888-643-3477 and let them know . Thank you for your support and never forget this. Don’t let it happen to you, someone you love or anyone else for that matter. Take a stand now!!! Sincerely, Bryan Crump Executive Director of Kaizen Dreams P.S. No one should be forgotten. Every life is important. Some lives are examples and others are warnings. They all help us to become better in some way should we pay attention to the stories and not make the same mistakes or to see wonder, beauty, and light where we may have forgotten to open our eyes.




Hookah Bar & Restaurant HAPPY HOUR






12124 N. PENNSYLVANIA AVE. • OKC, OK 73120



So6ixAPRIL2011 By: Kelsey Self

Marc heitz...

chevrolet: An Eco- Friendly company in a Very Green World In honor of the month of April being Green Awareness Month, we wanted to feature a business that goes above and beyond in their efforts of maintaining an eco-friendly environment. Marc Heitz Chevrolet, located in Norman, OK, is concerned about more than just selling cars. The company puts forth its best effort to reduce the amount of energy, water, and paper used on a daily basis. They have a wind turbine that is used to power the signage. They use their own well and water cistern in order to avoid having to use treated water from Norman for irrigating the landscaping. A combination of 800 trees and shrubs were planted to provide not only beautiful scenery but also rejuvenate the earth. They also intentionally grow monkey grass rather than Bermuda to eliminate the necessity of lawnmowers. The Marc Heitz Chevrolet complex was built using recycled materials such as concrete, steel and glass. In fact, the glass used as windows is insulated and therefore reduces the amount of energy used to heat the complex. The light harvesting system used inside is state-of-the-art and greatly reduces electricity used for interior lighting, and 40% less lighting is used outside, decreasing light pollution.

ronment and makes these “green” decisions with the values of its customers in mind. The quality of life outside of Mark Heitz affects not only its customers, but its employees as well. They strive to be a thoughtful and caring environment that values nature’s gifts and hope that by taking care of them now, they will continue to provide for us all.

The family at Mark Heitz cares about your family, pets, cars and envi-



Photography by Clifton Roberts, Styling by Kelsey Self, Hair by Tiffany Dawson of DK Salon, Make Up by  Leah Francis  of DK Salon, and Model Kendall Harris. Dress by Ark and Co., Lucca. Shoes by Seychelles, Shoe Gypsy. Hat is vintage, Retropolitan. Gloves are vintage, Gypsy Rose. Bracelets, Isabella.


Shirt by Kid Dangerous Grime Couture, Royce Clothing. Pants by Lush, Lucca. Shoes by Dolce Vita, Shoe Gypsy. Teal Necklace, Lucca. Green Necklace and Bracelets, Retropolitan.

April 2011 •

Dress by Judith March, Isabella. Shoes by Michael Kors, Pink Sugar. Earrings, Lucca.


Jumpsuit by Lucca Couture, Retropoltian. Belt, Retropolitan. Shoes by Nicole, Pink Sugar. Earring by Mayhem.Â


SO6IX MAGAZINE • Midday sun Dress by Solemio. Shoes by Minnetonka, both available at Lucca. Necklace, bracelet and ring from Retropolitan.

APril 2011 •


Shirt by Miss Me, Lucca. Shorts by Free People, Isabella. Shoes by Boutique 9, Shoe Gypsy. Necklace, Lucca.

April 2011 •

So6ixAPRIL2011 By: johnathan kayne


Johnathan Kayne

It’s all about bold

Spring is here and we can certainly believe it with the 80-degree weather gracing our fair city. You can bet that we’re going to take advantage of all this sunshine to shop for some new spring items. So for this issue, I’ve put together a casual look that experiments with the season’s newest trends. Happy shopping! Confirmed by the recent ladies runways, this forecast of the must-have colors for Spring 2012 promises a beautiful season to come. Hands down the color of the season is orange. An interesting fact is that orange is the color of hunger. I learned this when I became a spokesperson for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Anyway, orange was featured on the runways of everyone from Tory Burch to Proenza Schouler. Clear, warm brights of poppy, and geranium through to canary are countered by refreshingly cool tiffany blue and hyacinth. Honey and sandstone offer a neutral break from the color festivities of Spring/Summer 2012. Orange is a bold color, so you might be tempted with pair it with neutrals. But this season is


all about bold color. So I suggest going for broke with a vibrant cobalt or purple top. Color blocking is a perfect way to

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J. Kayne

So6ixApril2010 By: Johnathan Kayne

Continued from page 39 express your own personal style and confidence. If all that color feels a little overwhelming after all those winter blahs, temper your look a bit with a denim jacket. It’s a classic topper that also happens to be huge this season, as denim sprouts up everywhere from skirts to vests to tops. This works for men as well as women. Men may also want to pair these bright bold colors with a camel or khaki blazer or pants. The ‘70s are back in a big way this spring, especially in the form of highwaisted, wide leg and belled jeans. Not saying you have to throw out those tight skinny jeans, just add this silhouette to your jeans collection. Retro platforms are a great investment piece perfect for that new jean shape as well as full shaped skirts. Driven by the strong 70’s sentiment, this traditional bohemian expression is realized with eclectic hippie mixes of print and pattern. Paisleys, botanical flowers, and ethnic border prints play against gauze, silk, crochet, and rich embellishment. Keep in mind that none of these trends are gender specific, so men and women alike have more options than ever. Whether you are sipping a Margarita on the patio of Iguana or attending a spring wedding, keep these exciting trends in mind. Try to experiment with new colors and fabrics during this rollercoaster of weather Oklahoma has been having lately. Speaking of crazy weather, please remember our friends in Japan. Everyone can help by donating blood or money through

OKC’s Hottest New Sophisticated Lounge. Thirsty Thursdays & $1.00 Domestics 8 pm to Close. Available for Private Parties. Book Your Holiday Party NOW!

209 Flaming Lips Alley • Bricktown

(405) 602-6800 Check out our Facebook for upcoming events!



Beauty & Health

Model Jennifer Hancock

Hair and Make Up by Lil at Salon 9309

Dress by Lucy Love, Retropolitan

Photography by Clifton roberts

April 2011



Beauty Blooms

By: Lilly Stone Owner: SooO Lilly cosmetics

For Spring

April – a month of nature’s beauty coming into bloom and all the pleasantries of spring. In fashion and beauty this season, glamour blossoms on the runways with looks inspired by and infused with exquisite shades and elements only found in nature. The runway models are featuring translucent, luminous skin and subtle, sophisticated washes of color on their eyes and lips. By enhancing what is naturally beautiful through both subtly and understatement, a soft and glamorous look is created. Muted, monochromatic hues are balanced harmoniously with eclectic pops of color and texture to create a stunning, new, natural beauty. Natural color gives way to our desire for glamour. Harmonious hues found in nature blend together seamlessly. Here are some specific tips using Sooo Lilly makeup to achieve this look: Beginning with your eyes, create a light covering of sandstone over entire eyelid. Next apply topaz on the outer corner of your eye and bring it into the crease. Then line your eyes with chocolate mousse gel eyeliner. Your eyes will dazzle. For face color, contour your cheek-


bones with adobe matte mineral blush, and apply Antigua to highlight the center of your face. Top off the look with great subtle and pretty lips. Try the new lip color, Pink Caramel. Color comes alive in shades of violets, pinks, and plums. Gradations of vibrant hues pop against a shimmering backdrop. Here are some specific tips using Sooo Lilly makeup to achieve this look: Starting with your eyes, apply Rock Crystal to the outer corner of your eye and blend with Rose Champagne. Then line your eye with blackout gel eyeliner. For face color, use the new creme blush and apply it to your cheekbones. Then highlight with Seychelles Mineral Radiance Powder. And for the lips, apply a good coverage of Micro Princess and top with Sugar Coated to add a little shine. Enjoy the beautiful hues of springtime, and radiate with natural beauty! Makeup available at Sooo Lilly, 14201 N. May, Oklahoma City, OK 73134 For an appointment, call 405-306-2060 or 405-755-0356.


So6ixAPRIL2011 By: Jason Boag Owner: Crossfit OKC


Baby Got Back...

Why Women Should Lift Weights Lake season is just around the corner, ladies. Are you ready to put that swimsuit on yet? Ready to rock those short shorts? Time to start thinking about it. This month I’d like to dispel some common myths about women and weight training and also share some tips on adding this potent stimulus into your workout regimen – if you haven’t already. Myth #1 – I don’t lift weights because I’m afraid of getting “bulky”. The hormone most responsible for muscle size and growth is testosterone. Both women and men have some level of this hormone circulating through their body. The kicker is, women have been shown to have 10 - 20 times lower resting testosterone levels than men. What does this mean? It means, ladies, that you may gain a little muscle size after starting a weight training program, but good luck getting any more than that. Weight training helps increase lean body mass, which in turn helps reduce body fat. Myth #2 - Women should train differently than men (hence, little to no weights). A lot of women are afraid of lifting weights because they do not want to hurt themselves. This is a very valid concern, and not just women but men too, should take care to learn how to properly lift weights to avoid injury. Most injuries from weight training stem from two things: improper lifting technique and the lack of gradual progression in weight. Going too heavy too soon is a recipe for disaster; so is using poor technique. No evidence suggests that this is more likely to happen to women than men. All weight training participants should follow a program that allows for gradual increases in intensity and load.

Myth #3 - Women should stay away from high-intensity or high-load training. We hear this one all the time: women should use light weights and go for more reps. Again, you don’t want to get all bulky, so don’t go heavy or super hard.


The trouble with this line of thinking is that these light training loads can be substantially below what is necessary to drive adaptations. Women actually need to train at volumes and intensities that are high enough to drive the favorable adaptations in bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that weight training can provide. So ladies, if you do not include weight training as part of your current program, consider the following benefits:   · Increased bone density provided by weight training reduces the risk of osteoporosis. · Stronger connective tissues increase joint stability and help prevent injury. · Increased functional strength for sports and/or daily activities. · More lean body mass leads to less body fat. · Higher metabolic rate due to increase in muscle. · Improved self esteem and confidence. If you make the decision to add weight training into your workout program, make sure to consult with a certified personal trainer or strength and conditioning specialist. They can design a plan for you that keeps you safe and continues to give you the results you desire.  

For more info on healthy eating and smart exercise, visit Empire Fitness CrossFit OKC at: or


From dog parks to parallel parks.

Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.


• Automatic • Alloy Wheels BFB-21







*2.9% APR, 72 Months, 20% Down Payment, With Approved Credit, Expires 04/30/11, Subject to vehicle insurance and availability.



So6ixAPRIL2011 By: Dr. Harvey Jenkins Owner: Body Trends

The hCG Diet:

The ‘Shot’ heard Round Your Waistline

For those who’ve tried it, the hCG Diet is nothing short of “revolutionary.” The hCG Diet just may be the safest way to lose a large amount of weight in a very short period of time. Forty pounds in 40 days is not only possible, but typical. What is hCG? hCG stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone usually associated with pregnancy. During pregnancy, the secretion of hCG serves to thicken the uterine walls enabling it to support the fetus as it grows. Dr. A.T.W. Simeones identified the possible role of hCG in weight loss, when he observed starving pregnant women in third world countries routinely giving birth to normal birth-weight babies. He reasoned that a factor in pregnancy, namely hCG, was responsible for seeking out nutrients, even when scarce, and directing them to the fetus for its survival. He then surmised that if hCG could direct the transportation of nutrients in a starving pregnant woman, it could also be used to channel fat in a middle age, obese male or female for elimination. Studies of populations of overweight people confirmed this phenomenon. HCG works in weight loss in 3 ways. First, hCG has a “side-effect” property


of appetite suppression. No one knows why this hormone is endowed with this property, but it makes a person tolerant to a low-calorie diet. Second, hCG targets the removal of not just any fat, but the fat common to the storage pattern we see in middle age (adults over 25). For men, this pattern is the “tire” around the midsection. For women, this is the lower abdominal area buttocks and thighs. Third, hCG cause the induction of a slight amount of testosterone, not enough to make one grow a moustache or body hair, but enough to protect your muscles from being broken down while on the Low-Calorie diet that is followed. It’s Not the HCG injections that Lose the Weight. It’s the 500 Calorie-per-day diet that is responsible for the weight loss. hCG just controls how the weight is lost, more fat loss without muscle loss. hCG also convinces the body that it is not starving, such that when the diet is over, there is no aggressive conversion of regular food to storage fat. In regular Fad diets, the weight loss is attributable to large loss of muscle, which is simply easier to breakdown during when the body “thinks” it

Continued on page 46 SO6IX MAGAZINE • 45



The hCG Diet:

By: Dr. Harvey Jenkins Owner: Body Trends

Continued from page 45 is starving. Without muscle loss, regaining weight after the diet is over is harder than with a diet not directed by hCG.

Diet Protocol Most hCG protocols involves daily injections, 4 to 7 injections per week. Don’t worry. The needles are very small. A 500-calorie diet consisting of high-protein source (chicken, beef, seafood), any of a variety of vegetables, but minimal starch or simple sugar contribution. The diet and injections continue for a period of 4 or 6 weeks, depending on how much weight-loss is desired. Upon completion of the diet, a gradual transition to more normal diet and calorie levels takes place, with emphasis on a healthy lifestyle change to maintain the weight loss. HCG Injections vs Drops hCG comes in a variety of forms including injectable form and sublingual forms. People have been successful us-


ing all forms. However, many agree that the shots are the most reliable form to produce weight loss. Many also agree that the forms taken orally may be digested, like most protein substances, before they can enter the body and have a meaningful biological effect. Ordering hCG online is not legal without a prescription, and may present some hidden dangers and should be avoided. No matter which weight-loss method you choose, always consult your physician for advice. Let the “revolution” around your waistline begin! Dr. Harvey Jenkins is a Harvardtrained Orthopedist & Spine specialist, practicing in South Oklahoma City. He is a Wellness Blogger and is also Owner/Medical Director of BodyTrends, the ElectroSpa in OKC. For more info or questions contact Dr. Jenkins at info@


In the New Concho Event Center!

Meatloaf April 1 CONCHO

Hinder April 8 CLINTON

The Moody Blues May 4 CONCHO

David Crosby & Graham Nash April 15 CONCHO

Brian McKnight June 17 CONCHO

Tickets available at Lucky Star Casino Box Offices, online at or by phone at 866-966-1777.

7777 North Hwy. 81 • Concho, OK 73022 • 405-262-7612 101 N. Indian Hospital Rd. • Clinton, OK 73601 • 580-323-6599 301 NW. Lake Rd. • Canton, OK 73724 • 580-886-2490 1407 S. Clarence Nash • Watonga, OK 73772 • 580-623-7333 Subject to change. © 2011 Lucky Star Casino


APril Events APRIL 1 OKC Barons vs. Rockford Ice Hogs COX Convention Center Dodge National Circuit Rodeo Finals Oklahoma State Fair Park Hosty Duo @ VZD’s Meatloaf Lucky Star Casino Doc Blues Revue Band The Biting Sow Sunset Cruises Oklahoma River Cruises Burton Band Waterford Marriott 2 A.M. River Spirit Casino-Tulsa, OK

APRIL 2 Graham Colton CD Release Party @ VZD’s Oklahoma City Barons vs. Texas Stars 7:05 P.M. COX Convention Center 92.5 KOMA All Class Reunion Riverwind Casino Kenny Chesney Bank of Oklahoma Center Dustin Prinz JJ’s Alley Soda Pop Samplings Bricktown Candy Co. 2 A.M. River Spirit Casino-Tulsa, OK Meatloaf First Council Casino-Newkirk, OK

APRIL 4 Lady Gaga Bank of Oklahoma Center Joel Wilson JJ’s Alley

APRIL 5 Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase @ VZD’s

APRIL 6 So6ix Thunder Watch Party Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse Oklahoma City Thunder vs. LA Clippers 7:00 P.M. Oklahoma City Arena

APRIL 7 Kenworth @ VZD’s

APRIL 8 The Electric Okie Test: Grateful Dead Tribute @ VZD’s Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Denver Nuggets 7:00 P.M. Oklahoma City Arena Miranda Lambert Lloyd Noble-Norman, OK

Hinder w/Black Stone Cherry Lucky Star Casino-Clinton, OK

APRIL 9 Gregg Luther & White Trash Rodeo @ VZD’s Joe with K-Ci & JoJo Riverwind Casino Kings of Leon BOK Center-Tulsa

So6ixApril2011 compiled By: Kylee glover Oklahoma City Redhawks vs. RR 7:05 P.M. 2 A.M. Belle Isle Brewery

APRIL 23 Albert Aguilar International EP Release Party XIIIX Lounge Otis Watkins @ VZD’s



Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase @ VZD’s The Scott Keeton Band JJ’s Alley

Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase @ VZD’s The Scott Keeton Band JJ’s Alley



Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Milwaukee Bucks 7:00 P.M. Oklahoma City Arena Jack Rowdy-Roy & Jason Unplugged JJ’s Alley

DJ Jack Acid @ VZD’s Rick Jawnsun JJ’s Alley


APRIL 29 Joe Stansberry @ VZD’s

DJ Eddie Lee @ VZD’s

APRIL 15 Little John at Citywalk The Electric Primadonnas w/Binary Sunrise & New Fumes @ VZD’s Oklahoma City Redhawks vs. ALB 7:05 P.M.

APRIL 30 Magic 104.1 2011 Spring Fling Riverwind Casino

APRIL 16 The Dog Band w/The Sigman Express @ VZD’s Oklahoma City Redhawks vs. ALB 3:05 P.M.

APRIL 18 Oklahoma City Redhawks vs. ALB 7:05 P.M. Joel Wilson JJ’s Alley

APRIL 19 Acoustic Oklahoma Showcase @ VZD’s Oklahoma City Redhawks vs. RR 7:05 P.M.

The Party Doesn’t Have to End.

APRIL 20 Oklahoma City Redhawks vs. RR 7:05 P.M.

APRIL 21 E-Roy From The Toaster Brunch @ VZD’s Oklahoma City Redhawks vs. RR 7:05 P.M. Rick Jawnsun JJ’s Alley

APRIL 22 The Dead Armadillos w/Post Arcadia @ VZD’s




So6ixAPRIL2011 By: Jacqueline Larocco

Get Your Swing On

A Look at some of oklahoma’s golf courses With the warmer weather headed our way, Oklahomans are desperate to get out of the house and into the outdoor activities. The perfect activity for the young and old, male and female, has always been golf. However sometimes it can be daunting when considering a place to either visit once, or become a member of. Fortunately, we’ve taken a handful of the best courses in Oklahoma, based on aesthetic appeal and which ones provide the best play for a variety of skill levels and ages:

provides a fun environment for golfers of all skill levels, while not diminishing the professional appeal. Plus, the WinStar World Casino is just located half a mile away, so you can have a whole day – and evening – of fun. Phone Number: 1-866-466-1842 website:

#1: If you feel taking the short drive out to Blanchard, the Winter Creek Golf Club is work the trip. Sitting on a 545-acre piece of beautiful land, the Winter Creek Golf Club tops the list of professional and recreational golfers around the area. Does the name Rocky Roquemore ring a bell? If you’re a golf fanatic, then you know that he is a very renowned golf course architect, and he just happened to design the course at Winter Creek. The elegant clubhouse features a full restaurant and bar, and provides a great place for socializing.

#3: The Territory Golf Course may not seem like much at first glance. I know what you’re thinking…Duncan, Oklahoma? But one thing that Southern Oklahoma has is land, land, and more land. This championship golf course is huge, and provides all the sand traps and fairways of a professional course. This place is perfect for multi-level play, and is only about an hour and a half from Oklahoma City.

Phone Number: 405-224-7588 website:

Phone Number: 580-475-0075 website:

#2: The WinStar Golf Course has a prestigious, resort-style setting and is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma. It doesn’t sound like much, but the golf course is absolutely beautiful, and is ranked right up there with the more well-known golf courses in Oklahoma. The difference about this particular course is that it

#4: The Jimmy Austin OU Golf Course is absolutely the best place for college students. This 72-par course is nestled right on campus, and appeals to a younger audience without losing its class and professional charm. Even if you aren’t


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So6ixAPRIL2011 By: Jacqueline Larocco


Get Your Swing On

Continued from page 49 you. This prestigious golf course is located outside of the busy, noisy downtown Tulsa, and is definitely one of the nicer, fancier courses in Oklahoma. This is a great place to meet with out-of-state business clients, or an elegant location to have a high-class wedding. Phone Numbers: Marketing and Lot Sales: 918-266-2600 Golf Club Pro Shop: 918-806-6563 Event Planning: 918-266-2600 Website: a Sooner, the golf course has that nice, campus-esque feel to it, and it’s so close to the metro. You just might want to town down your orange a bit if you go… Phone Number: 405-325-6716 website: #5: South Lakes Golf Course is located in Jenks, Oklahoma – near Tulsa. It’s quite a drive from the metro, but great for the college students or group of friends who want to take a trip to our sister-metro. The scenery alone is worth the drive. It has so many huge trees—more than I’ve seen yet—and for Oklahoma, that’s saying a lot! Phone Numbers: 918-746-3760 website: #6: If you’re looking for something with more of a residential feel, Emerald Falls Golf Course would be a good match for





SO6ix 6 picks

By: Joey bivens

April edition: 2011 drivers




A Callaway Diablo Octane - $200 Golfers have two choices: The deep center of gravity (CG) of the wide-bodied Diablo Octane helps launch the ball high. The more forward CG of the smaller Tour model delivers a lower trajectory. Both feature Callaway’s variable-thickness face that’s designed to maximize off-center hits.

B Titleist 910D2 - $400 The adjustable hosel allows the club’s loft and lie angle to be manipulated independently to any of 16 settings. The purpose is to help optimize each player’s launch conditions. The D2 and D3 (smaller head designed to spin less) feature a thinner crown than previous Titleist drivers to help lower the CG. The face design has a thick center section equidistant from the perimeter for maximizing ball speed.

C Nike VR Pro - $400 The four-piece titanium forging has a thin crown to save weight, an intricate hosel that features 32 adjustable settings and a variable-thickness cupface to improve off-center hits. The sole’s re-engineered “compression channel” is supposed to give at impact for more ball speed on center and off-center strikes compared with last year’s VR STR8-Fit Tour.





D Ping G15 - $300 An external weight pad is centrally located in the rear sole to lower the CG and help players hit the ball higher with lower spin. The shaft’s CG has been placed closer to the grip end of the club to help players swing a slightly heavier head just as fast as a lighter one for more power transfer to the ball.

E Cobra S3 - $300 After studying the impact of thousands of golfers, Cobra designed an elliptical sweet spot on its face from low heel to high toe to improve ball speed on offcenter hits in those areas. The club has a three-way adjustable hosel that, starting from the neutral position, rotates the face 1.5 degrees closed to 1.5 degrees open. A non-adjustable offset model (S3 Max) is available.

F Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Round - $300 Nike’s aerodynamics research led to shape changes: A tapered heel section and a diffuser pattern on the sole aim to reduce drag. The club’s total weight is less than 300 grams thanks in part to a 50-gram Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft. The purpose of the lighter weight is to help players increase clubhead speed. The head also has an eight-way adjustable hosel.



So6ix PIX

So6ixApril2011 Photography By: Clifton Roberts

2011 prom fashion show



So6ixAPRIL2011 Photography By: Clifton Roberts & Elliot Barry


So6ix PIX

RACEdance fashion show




So6ix PIX

So6ixApril2011 Photography By: Clifton Roberts & EricKa Williams

Jazmos bourbon street fat Tuesday



So6ixAPRIL2011 Photography By: Clifton Roberts


So6ix PIX

Simpson brockhaus wedding wine mixer





The Crump effect

By: Bryan Crump

Preparing for Happiness in the Game of Life

Life is often a gamble. But you can prepare for the future. You don’t always know what you may encounter. We are faced with decisions, temptations, and choices everyday and every moment. Just like in the Casinos and gambling, there are some things that have better odds than others, and a lot of things can be in favor of the house. So when and how do we look out for ourselves and protect the ones we love as well? Can budgeting have something to do with it? Remember that everything in life has a price, a cost, and it is not always money. You will often hear me say, “Do your research,” and this is for a reason. You can set aside some of your earnings to play and experiment, but you don’t want to forget about your expenses, your bills, food, health and needs. In order to determine and remember what is important, we first need to take stock of what we have. And here are some helpful questions to ask yourself as you go through this process: 1. What are the potential rewards? 2. What are the potential risks? 3. Do the benefits out-way the risks? 4. What price do you have to pay in order to receive a return? Money, time, health, friends, family, or something else? What is the trade? “Long term thinking, improves short term decision making.” ~ Brian Tracy

It is a good idea to think long and hard about the many decisions and actions you


are going to make and take in life and in the future. Far too many people (including myself) can be constantly in a “hurried hurry.” When you are in too much of a hurry, you get clumsy, you make mistakes, and you miss things. If you miss things, you don’t see warning signs or even the potential opportunities and rewards. Don’t be in a rush all the time! Take some time to smell the roses, enjoy the scenery, take it all in. Give yourself time to reflect and enjoy where you are from time to time. Don’t be in such a hurry to get somewhere that you forget where you are. Remember when focus is important and when to rest. Taking stock, reflecting and seeing what you have is good. Appreciate it; respect it. Know what you are worth and what you can improve upon. Don’t rush so much you forget to live. Take the time to say “hello,” “thank you,” “please,” and be kind to yourself as well as others. Learning to ask yourself the right questions can lead to finding the right answers. The key is you have to start somewhere; you can’t just sit, wait, and daydream. You have to take action and make choices because if you wait too long, someone else will make a choice for you, or at the very least you will grow stagnant and begin to decay. “If you rest too long, the weeds take the garden.” ~ Jim Rohn Appreciate your family, and tell them




you love them. Make a habit of putting aside your anger, as a discipline to yourself. Don’t let emotions overwhelm you and destroy all the good things in life you are working towards. Make a list of everything you appreciate in life. Make a list of your friends, your family, your enemies. And don’t write anything negative. Write down at least 3 to 4 things about each of them you appreciate, and then reflect upon it.  You might even see them start to be grateful for things about you. Why is it that you appreciate those things? The very act of appreciating what we have and those around us can have a huge impact on our attitudes and how we get along with others. Try letting a few of them know those things you discover that you appreciate. Take classes in breathing, yoga, and learn to stretch. Learn to take care of yourself. I know there is a great deal I can improve on everyday, so I make lists and I work to accomplish my goals. The only way to get better and to achieve bigger goals is to work on improving ourselves and our decisions. What do you want to achieve today and tomorrow? Are your plans thoughtful and in earnest or are they a result of rushed decisions? Can you afford the risk? We all face risks everyday, and when we are younger we can afford to take more risks than when we are older and we have family and others that depend on us. It is a good idea to work on  improving our ability to respond  to every situation and decision we are faced with everyday. Questions and answers— what do they accomplish? They allow us to learn if they are applied effectively. Clarity is absolutely important. If you ask a foggy question, chances are you will get a foggy or even muddy answer. I don’t know everything, and I am definitely not the best at everything, but you know what? I accomplish a great deal when I put my mind to it, and I am sure you can as well. By taking the time everyday to learn something productive and avoid listening to, watching, or absorbing the trash, my life is far more full of happi-

ness and joy, and I am doing better in almost all aspects of my life every single day. The sky is just the beginning. There is no limit to imagination unless you put it there, and that blocks YOU. Know, realize, catalog and review, everything you have, are capable of, what you have done, what you have learned. We cannot trust our memory alone, so by writing things down, we can start to build keywords and references to reflect back upon that can trigger memories we have suppressed or forgotten. The world is not short of resources for learning. Are you making excuses, and could you be achieving a lot more than you are today? We are all capable of greatness. Alone we can accomplish many things, but together we can achieve greatness. I wish you all continued inspiration, opportunities to learn, improve, and grow. I wish you all happiness, prosperity and compassion. But perhaps most of all, I wish encouragement, dedication, appreciation, and development of the community so that we can all have greater resources in the future.


Sincerely, Bryan “The Captain” Crump




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So6ix Magazine April 2011  

So6ix Magazine April 2011

So6ix Magazine April 2011  

So6ix Magazine April 2011