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Greetings, In preparation for this Holiday issue, our SNYTCH Magazine family went above and beyond to give you a glimpse into their individual worlds/sections by combining not just trendy topics on current pop culture, but newsworthy information kissed with a little Holiday spirit. This issue is strictly for our loyal fans and readers which is the reason we have decided to make this available to all as a special Holiday offering. We want to say to all of our readers/subscribers/those who may not have yet had the opportunity to wet their ears with the sounds of SNYTCH to enjoy this issue as a free gift to say THANK YOU for your support. This issue is packed with Holiday goodness accentuated by some extremely great surprises. Inside you will find our not “So Random” cover Brandon Mychal Smith. He lets you into his world for just a bit, discussing his longevity in the entertainment business, his love for his craft, as well as his plans for the future. Also featured is Que’ formerly of the super-group Day 26. He speaks on life after the group, his focus on his solo career, and much more. Also check out our other featured artists, as well as our ever-sopopular Book Reviews, Politics, Love & Relationships, Fashion, Fitness, Music, and so much more. In this issue we also take great pride in introducing the newest member of our team Chef Will Harris, he is sure to charm your taste buds with some homemade Holiday goodness. Be sure to stop by his “Corner Market” for some great meal suggestions for your loved ones this Holiday season. As the New Year quickly approaches, we are so thankful for all of the love and support that has been shown to our publication and invite you all to sit back, buckle up your seat belts, and enjoy the ride, because you haven’t seen anything yet! SNYTCH MAGAZINE | Lifestyle & Entertainment

The Edit or-in-Chiefs Happy Holidays,



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The Occupy Movement By: Morris Singletary


hen you hear the words Corporate Greed and Economic fairness, our new thoughts are automatically sent to the movement called Occupy Wall Street. This movement started in Wall Street in Zuccotti Park. From this movement that started in NY, it has now become a worldwide phenomenon! Celebs to Labor Unions have all thrown their support to this group. The big question is what do they want? How do they plan on getting what they want? What is the plan? Well that has been the question. With so many people wanting so many wants, is there a focus? Can this movement be taken seriously? What we do know is that the group wants a better economic situation around the country. Many of the signs that you will see from the movement speak to the 99% of the United States that don’t share in the spread of wealth. In Atlanta, the group denied civil right’s leader John Lewis an opportunity to address the group. This action drew a lot of criticism across the nation. Whether we look at the movement as a joke or something serious, one thing must be given to them, they have numbers (70 major cities and over 600 communities and 900 cities worldwide). Civil disobedience to achieve their goals and 31% would support violence to advance their agenda. Most are employed; 15% are unemployed. In major cities across the world they have organized not only young but older citizens. Unlike other movements, this movement sets up shop in parks with tents and headquarters’ their movement from that spot. Criticism has been given to the group from the Republican and Tea Parties. However, the majority of citizens in the United States support the movement. For the moment they have all of the attention and support of the well off, what they do with it remains to be seen.



Written by: Vanessa Diffenbaugh Reviewed by: Kristi Burchfield


ill Victoria Jones ever find happiness and peace in her life? She has been kicked around like a ball in the foster care system. She is unable to find someone who truly loves her and a place to call home. As a product of her upbringing, she is closed off and the only connection she has is with flowers. As the story begins, she is being emancipated out of foster care. She has longed for this day to be on her own but doesn’t realize she has no place to turn or anyone to help her. She soon meets a local florist named Renata, who although reluctant, sees she has a special gift with flowers and gives her a job. The job begins as something temporary but it leads to survival. While at the flower market, Victoria meets a mysterious flower vendor who inspires her to realize something is missing from her life. Their friendship develops and even though she is mesmerized, she can’t allow him to get too close. She is forced to confront a painful secret from her past. A decision must be made. Is it worth taking the risk for another chance at happiness? The storyline is skillfully woven between the burdens of Victoria’s childhood and her present relationship that is linked to a dark secret from her past. Vanessa Diffenbaugh tells a heartwarming story that won’t allow the reader to put the book down. This is her debut novel and all the information given about flowers and their meanings is fascinating. It adds a magical element to the story, indescribable by words. Through the author’s vivid details the reader wants to shake some sense into Victoria. The reader will see through Victoria’s eyes her struggles, pain and just how badly she desires to be loved.


The Language of Flowers

You and I

Written by: Jacquelin Thomas Reviewed by: Kristi Burchfield


er family plans a vacation every year but this one was no ordinary trip. Cherise Ransom was talked into joining her family on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Although she was reluctant at first, she knew she would have a great time with her cousins. While under the moonlight and stars, she met Steven Chambers. Was this a fairytale? Kisses and romance on the open seas was every girl’s dream. Cherise was not used to someone who was so attentive and passionate. She felt the chemistry with Steven and knew this could be forever, but there was something about her past he must never find out. She had to keep this secret at all cost because it would change everything. Steven Chambers had his fair share of relationships that ended badly. He believed there was a woman out there who felt honesty was important. Steven finally found that perfect woman. The more time he spent with her, the stronger his feelings grew. After spending more time with each other, he realizes Cherise is holding something back and she disguises it by saying her past doesn’t matter because it was her past. Steven respects her but quietly begins to question if they can ignore the secret she is hiding. His closest confidant is his Aunt and he knows that she will absolutely love Cherise. Suddenly Cherise figures out her worst nightmare of her past has come back to haunt her. Will coming to terms with her past be at a precious cost? Jacquelin Thomas has been the recipient of many awards in several categories. While You and I embodies love, warmth and emotion, the pace of the story is slow. The reader will find themselves wanting more depth to the characters. The intensity of the story picks up towards the end, but then the story comes to a halt. More development of the characters and the plot would make it more desirable, and show the potential that lies underneath the surface. • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



Ideas for


o recently I was able to check out a couple of Gift Guide suites and showrooms to see their hot items. I stumbled upon some amazing stuff, so I want to give you ideas to help you get started on your holiday shopping, birthdays or if you just want to give that special someone a gift. From gadgets, to perfumes and shoes, I got you covered.

Gift Giving By: Cheryl Simmons

Getting a gift for someone who loves fragrances? Then check out these new fragrances by ARBONNE. The new line comes in a fragrance trio that features unique scents in three different artful packages. The Dreamer has a crisp and fresh scent, The Dazzler has a floral scent and The Dynamo has a rich and exotic smell to it. The good thing about these scents is that they are light and not over powering. Each fragrance is a 1.7 fl.oz and retails for $78 or $198 for the trio. Go to for more details.

The Black & Decker 12 Speed Brushed Chrome Blender offers a 6 cup, 48-oz glass blending jar. It is good for mixing, stirring, chopping, making smoothies and more. Perfect for someone who loves mixing drinks and other things. It comes with a 2 year warranty and retails for $29.99. You can purchase this at Target or go to for more info and to purchase this and other products.



Lia Sophia creates stylish jewelry for all fashionista’s. This Horn Pendant Necklace with Black Diamond Crystals and Blue Lapis and Carnelian Resin in Matte Gold is the perfect piece for a jewelry lover. Statement necklaces are a key item to have for fall and this definitely makes one. It retails for $250 and can be purchased at

Looking to do something adventurous with the family? Then check out the Geomate Jr. It is pre-loaded with about 250,000 geocaches, which makes for a fun and exciting outdoor activity for you and your family. It is a fun treasure hunting gadget that can be used anywhere at anytime. The Goemate Jr retails for $69.95 and can be purchased at Target, LL Bean, and other retailers. To find out more about this product go to and to find out about Geocaching, go to

The Mini Buddha Board is something fun and unique for someone who wants’ to live in the moment. The board comes with a special screen surface and brush so all you need is water to paint. It flips backwards to become a stand on your desk or any hard surface. The image darkens when you start painting and slowly fades away and then you can start painting another image. You can explore your creative side while relaxing your mind and body. Go to for more information and to purchase one.

This chic Loeffler Randall lace-up rain bootie in grey rubber with check lining is the perfect transitional piece to have for fall. They also come in black and green. It can be worn around the office on a rainy day and out for that after work dinner or drink. They retail for $165 and can be purchased at

The Multi-Plate George Foreman Grill is perfect for someone who likes precise cooking with their favorite foods. It comes with adjustable cooking temperatures, non-stick plates for easy cleanup, a flat removing design to drain away fat for a healthier meal and more. This grill retails for $99.99 along with a 3yr. warranty and can be purchased at Wal-Mart. For details on this product and more go to • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •




By: Whitney Hebbert


hey’re cute, they’re funny and they’re brothers. I could be talking about plenty of people, but I’m not. I’m talking about the Massey Brothers. We fell in love with them as youngsters on their respective tween shows, but I can assure you that they’ve grown up and are moving on to bigger and better things. • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •




SNYTCH: With both of you starring in shows on rival networks, Kyle (Corey in the House) on Disney and Christopher (Zoey 101) on Nickelodeon, was there any sort of rivalry? Christopher: It was cool because we kinda saw it as having the best of both worlds. It was fun for us. SNYTCH: Have you guys always wanted to act? Is that something that’s close to your hearts? Christopher: I’ve been in the business since I was young and Kyle has too. We’ve always loved it. SNYTCH: Is there anyone that either of you would love to work with? Kyle: Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams or Jim Carey. Christopher: Al Pacino, Robert Dinero, Denzel Washington, or Chris Tucker SNYTCH: You guys together have got your own record label, Massey Boy Records. How did that get started? Christopher: Well my brother and I started making music and one day someone said, “yo can I get that song… I’ll buy it from you” and I was like what? You want this song? We were just messing around. But after that a couple of friends were like man you guys should do an album… and we decided to do one. We started the record label we have a strong ear for music, so we just wanted to be a part of the whole process of signing artists and developing artists. So it was kinda cool… and FUN. SNYTCH: As owners of a record label, what do you look for in prospective talents looking to get signed? Christopher: It’s just what makes you stick out from everyone else. For us, when they hear that the Massey Brothers are rapping… the first thing they do is laugh, like giggle. And it’s so funny because we’ve been doing music for so long, and when we hear that it adds fuel to the fire because it’s like that element of surprise. For

Christopher: you can expect pretty much every song to be a single. Often times people make albums with songs that are personal to them or songs that only they like. With this album every song is like a single. SNYTCH: On the album you both rap, how can listeners differentiate between the two of you? Kyle: Each of us has our own unique style, so it’s really just about finding that and making it your own. A lot of music nowadays kinda sounds the same, so we really just want to separate ourselves from all the music that sounds similar. We’re just trying to differentiate, but once you hear it, you can hear our different styles. Christopher: Kyle’s raps are really good, and then what I do is sometimes come in and do a rap/singing type of thing. It’s always different. SNYTCH: Either of you do any singing? Christopher: Yeah I sing… SNYTCH: Do you sing well or do you sing in the shower? (Laughs) Christopher: Here’s the thing… I never like to say that I can sing because I compare every singer to Whitney Houston. If they don’t sound like Whitney Houston, I don’t think they can sing. Technically I don’t think I can sing but I can hold a note. (Laughs) SNYTCH: Who are a few artists that you would like to work with? Kyle: Jay-Z and Kanye West Christopher: and Eminem. SNYTCH: Shying away from your musical projects, I have to touch on this. Rumor has it that you two are going to be doing a show with Bristol Palin… it that true or false? Kyle: Yes ma’am we are. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it airs soon. It’s basically just a show about my brother, Bristol Palin, and myself. SNYTCH: The Holidays are here, what are your plans for the Holidays?

The fans are actually really supportive of us doing music. They ask everyday on Twitter for us to just put out something… our label that’s what we want. We want everyone to have the element of surprise. We want everyone to underestimate, because if you’re underestimated, people will appreciate what they hear.

Kyle: I just want to have fun. We work so much. We work all the time and we travel so I just want to go somewhere and have fun. For New Years, I want to go to the Bahamas, that’s my plan. For thanksgiving, we were back home in Atlanta.

SNYTCH: Kyle, you act, you rap, you have your own record label with your brother and you’re only 20… how do you handle it all? Kyle: Really it’s just about doing it. The more you think about it and think that you have a lot of stuff to do, that’s when it becomes a heavy load to carry, but the moment you just say hey, I just gotta do this… then its not a big deal. We just do it. We dedicate ourselves.

SNYTCH: Favorite holiday? Kyle: My favorite holiday is probably New Years. It’s always fun to bring in a brand new year. Christopher: Mine is definitely Christmas. It’s such a happy time… like the whole month.

SNYTCH: Talk to me a little bit about the mixtape that you guys released. Christopher: That was just some stuff. When we released one of the mixtapes, we had a lot of songs that we had just done, just messing around in the studio. People were just waiting for something to hear while the album was being done so we just dropped it. SNYTCH: How was the feedback? How did your fans respond to you both doing a music project? Christopher: Oh they love it. Kyle: The fans are actually really supportive of us doing music. They ask everyday on Twitter for us to just put out something… they want to hear more. So now it’s just about pumping that music out and getting it mainstream. SNYTCH: Now let’s talk about the album for a minute. How far along are you with this project? Is it complete or almost done? Christopher: It’s like 92% finished.

SNYTCH: Anything special on your wish lists? Christopher: My wish list would be to have one of our singles to make the top ten. Kyle: I don’t know, other than world peace… I want for our single to be out and for us to focus on our music and let it happen, and I’m looking forward to the show. SNYTCH: Seems like you guys are about to take over of the world, you’re doing it all. Do either of you think you’ll reach a point where its not fun anymore? If so, what will you do? Christopher: It wouldn’t happen because we don’t do anything that we don’t have fun doing. Anytime we do anything, the very first thing we worry about is whether or not it’ll be fun.

For the latest and most up to date information… Twitter: @ ChrisMasseyTMB @KyleMassey1991 YouTube: search Massey Boy Records

SNYTCH: What can we expect from the both of you on this album? • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



Members: Jon- Guitar, JC- Vocals, Blake- Drums, Dustin- Bass

By: Athina “DJ” Casas


t. Lauderdale hardcore band Kill Billy Jack was formed in May of 2010 by four friends who put even the biggest metal-heads to shame. We met up in studio where they gave me the lowdown on what KBJ was all about.

SNYTCH: How’d you come up with Kill Billy Jack as the name for your band? Jon: We were watching a movie where the bad guy was named Billy Jack, so we thought we’d name the band Kill Billy Jack- only it turned out that Billy Jack was the good guy so we ended up being the anti-hero, which actually works out for our band. SNYTCH: Tell me something about yourselves that no one would expect. JC: Blake loves Taylor Swift! SNYTCH: Way to call him out, JC…



Blake: It’s true, though. (laughs) SNYTCH: (laughs) Fair enough. Let’s talk about fans. You guys have a pretty sweet fan base for being such a new band! Jon: We’re so grateful for our fans, they’re awesome. SNYTCH: Any crazy fan stories yet? Jon: (laughs) Not yet. They’ll be plenty of time for crazy fan stories later as the boys are currently hard at work on their demo album and playing local shows around the South Florida area.

Check out their music on their facebook page


Enjoy the Holidays on a By: Mackleen


he holidays are the time of year when families get together and share gifts. It is also a time, especially in this economy, when people have trouble with money. As much as you want to get your children, spouse, significant other, friends and family members the best gifts, you have to be realistic about what you can spend. Here are a few ways to get some of the best gifts and stick to your budget.

Make a Budget

When you know how much you can spend, you have better ideas on who is going to get a gift. If you have a $200 spending limit, make sure you stick to it. When you shop with your credit card, because you do not see the cash leaving your hands, you are likely to go over budget. Call your debit card company’s and turn off the ok for the overdraft. Do not let your account overdraft because you will end up on the negative side. The only red you want to see is Santa’s suit, not on your online statement. MONEY TIP: My suggestion is for you to get an open a secure debit card account and put your Christmas money in there. This way you will not accidentally spend your power bill money on a new game system for your baby boy. Have separate bank accounts or cards when shopping; one for bills and the other one for shopping. Stick to what you have and do not overdo it.

Know who to buy gifts for

Be knowledgeable on who can and can’t get gifts. This is the season of giving; however, you cannot go broke trying to please everyone. Leave that to Santa! Have a good attitude when you are Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah gift shopping. Do not buy gifts for someone just because they might get you one; get someone a gift who will appreciate it.



MONEY TIP: If your budget can not stretch to buy your child the newest and hottest gift, get them something you can afford. The great thing with kids is as long as they get something, they are happy.


Shelters and hospitals are always looking for people to donate new gifts. If you do not have a child to give a gift to, still go out and buy a brand new one and donate it. Most charities look for newer things to donate, so that old broken dusty toy your child didn’t play with 3 days after Christmas, five years ago, should not be donated to the trash. Be generous but only in your budget. You do not have to just give money, although money helps, you can donate clothes, shoes, canned goods, toys, and furniture. MONEY TIP: All of those donations are taxable donations, so you will see your money back. Many of the donations have pickups, like the Salvation Army. Just call ahead and ask.

Part-Time Jobs

Retail stores are always looking for extra help during the holidays. Getting a part time job is much easier during the holidays than it is any other time of year. Major department stores are always looking for extra help and they offer overtime for full time workers. Postal services such as UPS and Fed Ex are also looking for part-timers. They need drivers, people to help with packages at the factory, and even people to just sit in the car when they make deliveries. Part-time work is open for hustlers who want it!

to Make Money During the Holidays By: Mackleen

Baby-sitting and Pet-sitting

Job Hunting Tips:

With all the different holiday events going on, there are many babysitting jobs available. People want to go to plays, movies, parties and they are looking for reliable babysitters. Other times people have to travel and they need someone to look after their fuzzy family member while they are out of town. While kennels can cost up to $100-300 a week, dog walkers, pet sitters and cat lovers can make a lot of money just looking after pets.

Going into the stories and handing in your application is now a thing of the past. Most applications have to be completed online. After you have applied, go into the store, preferably Monday morning and ask to speak to the store manager. Be dressed professionally and speak to the manager about hiring you, even if it is just for the holiday season. They at least can put a face to a name.

Sell Your Stuff

There is nothing like getting rid of the old and making room for the new. Selling things on Craigslist and Ebay are very effective. You can almost get the price you want if your price is right. It is better to post things Saturday and Sunday mornings because people are likely to pick it up that same day. Look to see if others are selling what you are selling, be competitive, and price your stuff down.

Selling Tips:

Until someone actually comes to pick up what they want, you still have it available. Many times people will agree to pick something up and you have said no to other buyers, a week later you are re-posting. Tell your potential customers, “first come first serve.” Even if someone claims they are on the way, keep your ad up and open. Tell the other customers you still have it, but you will call them back. Until it is out of your house, you still own whatever you are selling.

Start Your Own Business

There is no time to start your business than in a recession. Everyone is looking for a bargain and they are running away from corporate businesses. If you can cook, this is the season to promote your catering business. If you can throw an event, now is the time to ask someone if they would like you to throw a Holiday party. Make-up artist, singers, dancers, and writers can make a lot of money this season. People need people to do

Sitting Tip: Try to get certified in CPR and First Aid, it gives parents confidence when they leave you with their children. References are also a must for babysitting.

More Siting Tips: If you are allergic to children and animals, no matter how desperate you may be, do not go after these jobs. It will not last long and yes people do sue if you mistreat their animals faster than if you mistreat their children!

things, such as create flyers, DJ events, and security jobs are open during this time of year. Clean up crews may not seem like a glamorous job, but it is good money and they offer tips. Hotels and any hospitality businesses are always looking for extra people during this time. Many of these jobs pay more than minimum wage, so they are worth looking into.

Business Tips:

Social networks are excellent when connecting with people to promote your skills. If you are some kind of artist, have demos, videos and even pictures to show off your skills, utilize Twitter, Facebook, & any other social network to showcase your skills. Networking is key during this season. Having a portfolio for anything you are doing is great for marketing yourself. is a great site to network your talents. • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



By: Mackleen


he holidays can be two things: it can be a joyous time of year or a lonely time of year. For those of us who have family far away, now is the time to go see them. Do not wait for a funeral or wedding to catch up with anyone, take the time to see your family. There are many of us who do not have family to go see. In fact, we dread the holidays but there are many ways to turn your attitude around.

fences with friends and family. Visit that relative in the nursing home who used to take care of you when you were younger. Clean up after the holiday dinner and give Mom a break; after all she did cook it! Take someone with you to midnight mass; there you can find yourself in complete peace with the year ending. Stretch yourself out to see as many people as possible because this is the season to love and share.

Death before the Holiday

Your Sweetheart

Many people have lost someone this year and the holidays are just a tearful reminder that they are gone. Try to surround yourself with friends and family during this time. Isolating yourself will not help push the feelings away; in fact, you may find yourself becoming more depressed. Get out of the house and be around people, even if you do not necessarily feel like it. When you do step out, you can find that you will be glad that you did.

Alone for the holidays People break up, move away, or are just away for business many times during this time of year. Locate a charity that is looking for people to volunteer passing out things like food, clothes, and toys. Food drives around every city look for extra hands. Churches are always looking for volunteers. You will find there are people just like you looking to occupy their time alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone, there is something wrong when you think you deserve to stay that way. Get out of the house.

Visit Everyone You can go see people who you normally see, but this year go see someone you haven’t see in a while. The holidays are the best time to mend broken

Nothing says I love you like quality time. Sometimes the shiniest gift (for some not all) is not the best gift, just making the most with the one you love matters. Warm cookies and the Charlie Brown Christmas episode, while you guys put up the tree are lasting memories. If you have been saving up for that bling, give your gift to your honey either early in the morning or right before bed. Nothing makes people happier than getting a gift when they wake up or before they go to sleep. It will make for a sexy night or a sexier morning. Fellaz, please do not put a diamond ring in your ladies drink, there have been reports that people have choked on it! A nice Tiffany Blue Box on the table should do!



FOOD By: Chef Will Harris


reetings everyone, I am Chef Will Harris the newest member of the Snytch Magazine Family. The holidays are quickly approaching, so here is my rendition of some of my favorite recipes, they’re simple, yet elegant, and anyone can prepare them. So let’s begin with Thanksgiving, (Though it has already past, here’s an early jumpstart for next year) it’s the time of the year where the fall season sets in. Cool evening breeze, and falling leaves.                                      The turkey is always a sight to behold, with a Spanish spice rub you’re in for an extra – special treat. Served with a brown sauce that’s dear to my heart, it’s my take on an old family recipe, with a twist that I call family affair brown sauce.   They’re creamy, they’re buttery, they’re the heart and soul of the thanksgiving table- they’re mashed potatoes! Stir new life into this classic favorite.    Stuffing or Dressing whichever you prefer to call it. Stuffing is perhaps the most understated celebrity of the holiday table. Whether you’ve baked it or packed it in a bird or on the side, these five concoctions just might steal the show.    Green beans… the dish that people go over the river and through the woods for, with a twist of lemon zest. Mom’s here is a vegetable that you won’t have to plead with the kids to eat; they’ll be asking you for more.   Hide the breadbasket from your guests! They will have a hard time keeping their hands off of these scrumptiously warm rolls, add basil and lemon butter to the equation and voila, “Mother May I?”



What would thanksgiving be without Apple pie? It’s an American classic. With a dazzle of Carmel and a scoop of homemade ice cream, this will surely take you right into dessert heaven. Here is a drink that will get the good times rolling, Chef Will’s red carpet cocktail. After a walk on the red carpet sit back and enjoy a taste specifically made for that moment.   Now we’re approaching the time of year that I call festive season, (Christmas) which means happy, joyful, good times. Have you ever noticed during this time of year wherever you go, you’re greeted with Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? I’m thinking outside of the box this year. I’m getting away from the traditional entrée for the Christmas meal you know the usual, turkey and ham? Going with something a little unusual or at least for my family, giving them an option to explore different avenues when it comes to an entrée or the main courses for the Christmas meal can be a risk, but allowing your palate to savor new flavors can be very rewarding.   Let’s begin with the main course, Roasted duck with an apricot glaze. There’s nothing like roasted duck cooked to perfection. What I enjoy most about preparing duck is, it takes on whatever flavor you give it, so be creative, experiment, and ride the wave of imagination.   Here is a dish that has been passed down through the years.  My mother taught me how to make it. Here is my take with a modern twist. You have to understand my Mother, Mother was a cook from back in the days when cooking was a way of life and a job, she called it Wild Rice berries. Today, I call it Raspberry Wild Pine Nut Rice. (I had to change it a little [laughs])   They’re rich and indulgent, but they’re still good for you, glazed baby carrots.   After a big meal, sprawling on the couch invites leisure conversation. Let your guests help themselves to a slice of lemon drop pound cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, which will close out the evening on a sweet note, or if you’d like, take it to the next level. Having a nightcap? I recommend my Candy Cane Cocktail! Trust me guys, she will really appreciate it when y’all arrive home.   Here is my wine selection for Holiday meals.   Let’s start with the Thanksgiving meal, a must have is Kendall Jackson Avant, it’s fresh, crisp, and clean Chardonnay California 2009. Avant is an excellent choice with the spice Roasted Turkey.   Vintner’s Reserve Zinfandel Mendocino County 2008 , by Kendall Jackson will take you home, with a smooth taste and crisp flavor, this will blend well with any entree, especially with oven Roasted Duck, with an apricot glaze.   Selecting either Avant or Vintner’s Reserve you can’t go wrong, both  are an excellent choice for the Holiday’s For complete recipes of the above dishes and more, visit Chef Will Harris at:

What would thanksgiving be without Apple pie? It’s an American classic. With a dazzle of Carmel and a scoop of homemade ice cream, this will surely take you right into dessert heaven. • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •




Location: Envy Boutique Cover Retouch: Katerina Guardino Makeup/Grooming: Patrice Story & Kendreakus Wilkins Wardrobe: Fred Scott Potography: Calvin Evans

… Not “So Random” Written By: Dwight Brooks Interviewed By: Ebony Griffin

By: Athina “DJ Ink” Casas


f you have access to a TV you’ve seen his face. Brandon Mychal Smith is an American actor whose versatility has made him stick out like a sore thumb in the best way possible. He’s shown that he’s not only a stand out comedian landing phenomenal roles like Nico Harris, the charismatic, hilarious ladies’ man on Disney’s #1 hit show So Random, and reoccurring role as Lil Danny Dawkins, on Disney’s Phil of the Future, but he also has a very serious side which he showcases playing dramatic roles like troubled teen Tayshawn alongside Friends’ star Matthew Perry in TNT’s: The Ron Clark Story. Since the very young age of 7, Brandon knew that he was destined to perform. However odds were against him. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles and witnessing violence all around him, Brandon used his charisma and unique personality as a tool that would ultimately allow him to make what seemed farfetched, a reality. He snagged his first national commercial with Nike at 8 years old alongside Golf legend, Tiger Woods. After debuting his unique style and talents, Brandon’s career took off in no time. Brandon took time off from his hectically busy schedule to talk about everything from his craziest fan encounter, to his relationship with his fellow cast members. With a professional resume consisting of works on shows like Without a Trace and All of Us, to movies like Gridiron Gang and Weapons, and not to mention a very promising rap career, Brandon Mychal Smith will definitely be a household name in the near future. • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •


SNYTCH: Congratulations on the success of the show. For everyone that’s been sleeping under a rock, tell us in a nutshell what So Random is about? Brandon: So Random is a sketch comedy show that you can basically mirror to your modern day SNL. We like to consider ourselves the little brother show to SNL. We like to do our own thing and at the same time always pay respect to our big brother, SNL. We try and do that, but throw a little spin to it every now and again. One major spin that we like to throw in it is our actual stage spin. Yes, the entire stage does spin, and it is pretty fly. Cool sight to see when it goes down, especially when you’re on it. The way that we incorporate the stage spinning is the way that we incorporate the new aspect of our show, which we really enjoy, which are the celebrity appearances and musical performances. The special guests that we have are people like Selena Gomez, Far East Movement, Miguel, Grammy award winners like Colbie Caillat, to my boy Mitchell Musso, to people like Mindless Behavior, who are going to be the next teen sensation. So it’s cool to be able to have Hollywood come down and really support us and really recognize our talent as thespians, as actors, as comedians, as whatever we choose to be in the space of So Random, and what’s creative about So Random is we can become whatever we like. We may get a little serious on there and do a little dramatic piece. We may take you back to the 1920’s to some old school stuff like the sketch you all have seen with our renaissance-esque characters, or I can get a little wild with Renaldo Rivera and teach you some Spanish. I might even insult you a little bit. We’re taking it and pushing it and what I’m really excited about is, we’re getting a little bit more edgy. We’re having a great time and at the same time we’re drawing in a great audience and it’s cool now to see our audience grow so much from a couple years ago when we only had maybe like 9 year olds coming up to us, to parents going, “I



Location: Envy Boutique Cover Retouch: Katerina Guardino Makeup/Grooming: Patrice Story & Kendreakus Wilkins

SNYTCH: And in these days and times, it’s not that hard. Brandon: Exactly right? Invest in the people.

Wardrobe: Fred Scott

SNYTCH: What would you say is your favorite type of role to play? Do you like more serious roles, or do you prefer to keep it laid back? Brandon: I honestly do really prefer more dramatic roles, more serious roles, and I mean serious in the content and what you’re portraying. It really excites me. I really feel that I have gone through a metamorphosis as an actor when I do more dramatic roles like The Ron Clark Story where I played a teenager that was being abused physically and getting into fights and altercations, who fosters that and overcomes that via education; via school, via this format that is having this great support system and in this case, my support system was Mr. Ron Clark, the teacher, this great man, and it was a true story. Those types of projects give me a feeling of success when I can really understand where these people came from because that’s where I came from. I feel like it’s acceptable to learn more about the people who you grew up with and it’s a success any time you put your feet in somebody else’s shoes. So many people associate success with money. I associate it with gaining just a slight ounce more knowledge of the people and the world around me. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s going to be. When money fails, the dollar goes down to a penny.

Potography: Calvin Evans


SNYTCH: How did you get started in acting? Brandon: Well, I started when I was 7 years old, and it’s crazy to think that I already have 15 years of experience in this acting game. I started doing poetry contests in elementary school. Kindergarten thru 5th grade, I won every year; ‘Most Comedic’ and ‘Most Dramatic’. I would go back and forth between genres as I kind of did it via the works that I was reading. Even back at a young age, I was reading great artists like Langston Hughes, Shel Silverstein, and pulling from their pieces and really creating something organic at the tender ages of 7, 8, and 9, it was accepted by my peers and I think that really catapulted me honestly. I remember looking back at videos and having no shame in my game. I was a thrill seeker. I was adventurous. It was pretty exciting to look back at those tapes and see old footage of me doing these poetry contests, and to now see me on a show like So Random doing the same random thrill seeking type of comedy and work. It’s amazing.

love that sketch!” or “I love this!” you know? It’s really cool to be accepted by the adults and to have them come up to us before their kids. SNYTCH: How is it on the So Random set? Is it a family type of relationship? Brandon: We’re a family on So Random. On the So Random set every week it’s a party! We have a live audience twice a week and that’s when it really takes on another life form in the most collaborative and the most creative, and the most insightful ways. Now with the format that we have, we have so much more reign. As the new cast becomes more comfortable with the waves, they see us doing things and me doing things that are wild and living in the moment. It’s fun to be able to say that I’m seeing the next Jim Carrey in Matthew Scott Montgomery; that I’m seeing the Next Tom Cruise in Shayne Topp… Basically everyone who has come on the show and now supports us as the cast on So Random is really showing their stuff and really becoming a collaborative force and that’s what I believe it’s all about; the power of we. That’s what So Random truly shows. We’ve been doing great with the ratings. We premiered with like 6 million views. It’s the number one show, which is a great feeling. We were the number one show all of August, all of June, and to be accepted all the while, and for people to be laughing is really what we’re focused on. But you know how much numbers count in this crazy world.

I always said that I wouldn’t let anybody stress me and I’m definitely not going to let stereotypes and rumors or any type of stigma out there try and restrict me or play with my mind this early in the game.

SNYTCH: Is there more flexibility with improv on So Random, or would you say it’s more ‘Stick to the Script’? Brandon: Oh yes! Yes! Definitely! You take a sketch like Renaldo Rivera which was originally scripted as a 2-3 page sketch timed at about 5-6 minutes. I did an additional 15 minutes of ad libs and improvisation with antics and flips and spins and splits and the crowd loved it. I did it in front of a live audience so they just let me keep going. They just let me blow off the energy that I was feeling. That’s what it’s all about. That’s why we’re so excited. You never know what you’re going to get from So Random. We’re going to show you the parts where we burst out laughing and can’t keep our composure, but the sketches become funnier because of that. We’re going to show you the sketches where we went 20 minutes over time. You may only see 10 minutes of that, but you’ll start to see the improvisational aspect and yes, every week we improvise. Every week I contribute something to a sketch. Whether it’s a line, whether it’s a paragraph, whether it’s a song… It really has become a collaborative effort and it hasn’t become just the writers or the director. It’s all of us. SNYTCH: How similar would you say you are to your role as Ladies’ Man Nico? Brandon: That’s funny! Now, you know, I think Nico is definitely a more dramatic version of the ladies’ man, if I could even call myself that. I don’t really consider myself a ladies’ man. I’m a one woman type of guy, but Nico Harris is definitely that ladies’ man. He’s smooth, he’s charismatic, and he knows where all the hotspots are. I guess I was more or less trying to be like that when I was younger, but it never really worked. [laughs] SNYTCH: Of every role you’ve played, which role would you say, you can relate to the most? Brandon: Honestly, it’s got to be Nico Harris from So Random. I mean, if you could take Brandon Mychal Smith at 16 – well now that the show’s progressed and they’ve gotten older, Brandon Mychal Smith at 18, he’s definitely Nico Harris! He’s the fly dresser. He’s the dude that’s taken over the room. He’s this dude that’s having a good time, dancing, doing flips, acrobatic – everywhere. He’s doing pull ups on the So Random Stage, he’s waving at the ladies in the audience. He’s having them screaming… so that’s definitely me when I was younger. I guess me on So Random would be me when I was in school. I went and did one year, my senior year, at University High School. I threw water balloons at teachers, I played varsity basketball. I went to the football games and met who is now probably going to be a hall of fame wide receiver, my man Titus Young. He got drafted as a rookie to the Detroit Lions. I met guys who are now working with me and helping me get my music career started. It’s great to see how life has evolved. If anybody was me, it was definitely Nico Harris at 18. SNYTCH: Do you find it harder to land other roles once you’ve been in the Disney arena? Do you find it harder to land serious roles since people have seen you on So Random or as a Disney kid? Brandon: You know that’s a great question. That’s something that I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t pondered in my head; wondering if I’d inherited this curse that I’d heard about. But then I realized that you’re going to get whatever role you get because of your talent, because of your skill, because of your ability to portray that character truly. If you can’t, they’ll choose somebody else or they’ll choose somebody else because maybe it’s just not your time for that role. There are so many factors that come in to play. The only thing that you can do is go hard in that audition. The only thing that you can do is commit to that audition and make that audition your best and make that meeting with whoever’s casting or whoever’s • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



booking this role your best, and when you walk away from it, just forget about it. That’s how I’ve always done every single audition since the day that I began. I always said that I wouldn’t let anybody stress me and I’m definitely not going to let stereotypes and rumors or any type of stigma out there try and restrict me or play with my mind this early in the game. I started doing that since I was younger. So now, I don’t let it affect me. I say, listen, if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. It hasn’t been problematic for me yet. I’ve gone back and forth between dramatic roles like working with Christian Slater on The Forgotten with Jerry Bruckheimer. I was nominated for best young actor when I did The Ron Clark Story with Matthew Perry on TNT. It was one of the highest viewed movies on TNT and to work with guys like The Rock on Gridiron Gang and even taking it back to Disney and doing So Random and having this show take off to new heights. The stratosphere, in my opinion because of the collaborative effort is one of the most successful sets that I’ve been on. When I take a look at my career and see the diversity of it, I don’t think that stigma’s true. I think whatever you put into it, is what you get out. SNYTCH: From what we’ve seen, your sense of style is impeccable. Do you ever get to throw in any personal style when becoming a character? Brandon: That’s what I really love about my character on So Random right now. It’s all me. I go shopping for all of the stuff. I collaborate with the stylist and we have created a really unique and tailored design for my character. If you ask any of my fellow cast mates from the show, or if you ask my stylist from the show, they’ll tell you “Brandon cares what he wears. He’s not just going to go out there in any tee.” With every single outfit, I make sure it’s in some way tailored to my swagger and has the charisma that represents my lifestyle, which is high energy and spontaneity. I try to do that with all of the clothing that I wear on So Random, which is why you’ll see what I believe, is fly stuff. This season on So Random you’ll see anything from fly scarves, to smooth chains, to great, great boots. It’s fun to manipulate my style throughout the season and see what different styles I can come up with. It’s a collaborative effort in that regard too, but I’m very hands on with the clothing and the design. I eventually do want to come out with a line. I remember Demi [Lovato] and I were talking about doing a real edgy, rock star line. SNYTCH: What would you say is your favorite brand of clothing? Brandon: Man, that’s such a hard question! I feel like that’s like asking who your favorite rap artist or musician is! There are so many great clothing stores and so many great brands and so many distinct lines that entice you. A few that come off the top are John Varvatos, Diesel, Marc Jacobs, I got some great stores in New York that I can’t even tell people about because I don’t want them to know where I get my stuff, but I do a lot of shopping in New York. I just got back from Milan and Paris and came across this great French line when I was out in Paris which is crazy! I was out in Milan and found this great store as well. So I got some great stuff that you’ll never see. I never like to see anybody wear the same things as me. SNYTCH: I know that’s right! What sparked your interest in rap? Brandon: Honestly, I was going out for this film and I was meeting with the producers. It was a very exciting time and it was a gentleman who I respect highly and who’s my inspiration entirely throughout my whole entire rap devotion and my whole entire rap energy, and that is Mr. Tupac Shakur. I was up for the role as Tupac in the new Tupac bio directed by Antoine Fuqua. I was really excited because I respect his work as a director. We were really close with the film and I really wish I could be a part of it… But I got into rap through that, studying him [Tupac]. I studied him for weeks for probably about a month. I had entire weeks where I would just be Pac. I would walk around the city like Pac. At the gym, I put on about 10 pounds. Through exploring the gentleman and seeing his passion, and seeing his ability to be spontaneous. He had a spontaneous energy that reminded me very much so of myself. Not in what he did as a person, but through his energy and his love for life. He loved people and that’s me. I love people and I love speaking to the people. It’s ironic to now think of my past and know that I’ve



‘Brandon cares what he wears. He’s not just going to go out there in any tee.’ With every single outfit, I make sure it’s in some way tailored to my swagger and has the charisma that represents my lifestyle, which is high energy and spontaneity.

Location: Envy Boutique Cover Retouch: Katerina Guardino Makeup/Grooming: Patrice Story & Kendreakus Wilkins Wardrobe: Fred Scott Potography: Calvin Evans

been a poet since I was 7. There were times when I’ve written my poetry – but the way that I found my confidence in myself was through poetry. Rap is definitely an extension of poetry. They’re poets. They’re lyricists. I consider myself a lyricist and a poet as well, which is why I also don’t consider myself an actor. I consider myself an entrepreneur of the arts. I do what it takes to get it done. So in this particular role, I had to be convincing and believable in the rap, and I actually found that I loved it. I don’t need to be convincing. I was exploring something that was already inside of me. So along that line, I got to record the So Random theme song. That’s me at the top of every show rapping. From that moment, people were like “Yo, you need to drop an album!” The summer before that I did Starstruck, which was the number one highest viewed movie on Disney channel on a Sunday ever. That movie also had me rapping, but on that movie I didn’t get to record the songs. When I performed them, people were like “You need to come out with an album.” I’m like hmmm people probably just say that. Then I get casted on my latest film to play the King of Atlanta, a top rapper. And in this film I actually do get to record the tracks and I get to work at the great Rock Mafia Studio. Me, David Banner and Selena Gomez wrote a few tracks for that film as well. We’re really excited. It’s a new film called Let It Shine with Tyler James Williams from Everybody Hates Chris. Also starring are, Dawn Lewis from A Different World, and Nicole Sullivan from MAD TV. Paul Hoen is directing. He directed Camp Rock 2 and a bunch of other great films. We were really excited to now put out what I believe is going to be one of the fliest Disney films y’all have ever seen. I’m getting up in the leather jacket you know, and black leather pants. I’m the smooth dude! And I’m moving everywhere like it’s Thriller. And you really get to see Brandon Mychal Smith rap for the first time. It’s exciting because people were really digging it. At the end of the film a gentleman came up to me and said “Man, you remind me of Mekhi Phifer” and I’m like “Whoa man, I appreciate that. What’s your name?” He said “My name’s Don-Air” I said “What, excuse me?” He said “You ever seen the movie Con-Air? Well I’m Don-Air.” I said “Wow, I’m never going to forget that.” It was a great feeling to have people accept the rap, accept me as an actor and accept my whole entire art form. So look out for that Let It Shine will be out summer of 2012. SNYTCH: How often are you expected to freestyle? Can you? Brandon: Oh yea, I love freestyling. That’s what it’s all about. Freestyling is my favorite art form because it’s spontaneous, it’s random, and it’s in the moment. Whatever energy you’re feeling is a freestyle and that’s what makes it that more organic and that much more spontaneous and that much more fun, for me at least.

It’s just like having a conversation. You never know where that conversation is going to end. That’s why you have it. That’s why you meet people. That’s why you talk. That’s why I love freestyling. SNYTCH: What would you say was your worst performance encounter? (i.e., bad freestyles or performances) Brandon: I think I’m too new to the game to have a bad experience. I haven’t really had any bad experiences. They’ve all really been behind the beautiful camera film. I really hope to go and do something live and get out in front of people and make some music history. SNYTCH: Can we expect any solo projects in the future possibly an upcoming mixtape? Brandon: There are no plans, no schedule, no nothing. I’m just doing it as it comes with the work. As it comes with the films and as it comes organically. I’m not putting a date on anything in my life because you’re not promised tomorrow and I’m living for right now. SNYTCH: You’re so young and so wise. Brandon: I appreciate it. SNYTCH: What is something that fans would never guess about you? Brandon: Something that fans would never guess about me… Hmm… That’s a great question. I think fans would never guess that I really, really do not like swimming. I’m not going to lie. I don’t like it. You come out of the water, and you’re ashy, you’re all dry, and then you have to get back in the water. It’s almost like the pool sucks you back in because of the dryness you’ve acquired from being in the pool and I just don’t respect that! And then you’re in the pool, which is not a place for humans. We’re supposed to be on the floor. It’s just like… Why? I’m just not too big a fan of the pool… SNYTCH: Do you TiVo your own shows or ever go back to watch movies that you were in? Brandon: Yes I do. That’s a great question. I actually really do love going back and looking at my work and seeing how it came about. You honestly never know what they’re going to cut together. They could use a take that you never expected or they could use the take that you totally expected. So it’s cool to go back and see your work as a whole and yeah I do TiVo my show. I can never catch it when it comes on. So I always TiVo it and go back and hopefully some of my fans are watching when • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •


Potography: Calvin Evans

Wardrobe: Fred Scott

Makeup/Grooming: Patrice Story & Kendreakus Wilkins

Cover Retouch: Katerina Guardino

Location: Envy Boutique




I’m watching. I like to talk to them and put out polls and see what they thought was the funniest sketch. Interacting with the fans makes the experience much more live. It’s like they’re right there watching with me. SNYTCH: Are you single? Brandon: Why y’all gotta get so personal [laughs] SNYTCH: Well you know they want to know… Brandon: Y’all just get so personal! [laughs] SNYTCH: I guess we can take that as a no? [Laughs] What’s the craziest thing that a fan has done? Brandon: The craziest fan of the year would have to be a mom that I met when I was out visiting this island in Puerto Rico. This mom comes up to me – she doesn’t even come up to me. I’m walking through the lobby and she just starts screaming! We were in a beautiful hotel! I can’t remember what hotel it was, but it was so nice and there were tons of people there and everybody stops because they think this lady is hurt or something. Before her kids could come, she runs up to me and screams to her kids like “Come here, Come here!” I offered to take a picture and it was great to meet the kids, but the mom was just too vocal. SNYTCH: So word to the wise to all the fans out there: Chill. Brandon: It’s all good. I love talking to the fans. Please wave at me. Just give me some eye contact so that I can holler at you guys. SNYTCH: Do you enjoy interacting with your fans on Twitter? Brandon: I love it. I love it. I love interacting with my fans on Twitter. Hit me up @BrandonSmithCEO. Make sure you go to my Facebook: Brandon Mychal Smith. It’s the best part for me because you truly get to get a world of replies, a world of answers and it’s cool to see who’s interested. I love talking to the fans and it really makes my day, honestly. SNYTCH: What can’t you leave the house without? Brandon: House Keys. I got to get back in! [laughs] SNYTCH: Most important advice you’ve ever gotten in your life? Brandon: The best advice I’ve ever gotten in my life comes from a book that I keep in my house, and the title of the book speaks for itself, in regards to it being the greatest advice that I’ve ever received: Keep Calm and Carry On

Brandon: Wow that’s a great question. What I would truly say to the fans out there aspiring to be whatever is that you can do it too. The kid that grew up in South Central LA to now being on one of the best shows and is now able to showcase his talents and made it out of the hood and is now able to show that you can do it with drive and persistence, with commitment, with keep calm and carry on, with being a plus to the environment, with being able to listen and not talking all the time, but at the same time, being respectful to others and thinking before you speak. With those respective traits like respecting your elders, respecting women, respecting people around you, respecting your space and respecting the environment that you’re in. That means so many different things. If you have those theories, and those concepts in your head that I did and do, you too can do exactly what I did, which is growing up from nothing to something. SNYTCH: I think that that’s just amazing for you to give people that advice. Some people believe that wherever you’re from is the only place that you can go. They don’t see past where they are. But I’m glad that you said that so that people out there, especially the younger kids, can know that you can be from anywhere and still make it out and be somebody and something. Brandon: This message is truly directed to the kids because you come into this world with nothing. We learn. We are a product of the world. We must appreciate and invest back into the people. The people are what made us. We didn’t make us. The greater being that brought us out into this world didn’t say you’re going to be a ball. You’re going to be a sponge. Take the world in. when you start pushing the world out and you don’t smile at people when you walk by or not say hello, or embrace people and use people for the great power that they possess you will have no idea until you open your heart to people and help other people, and lend a helping hand and truly understand the power of we in a collaborative effort and you’ll understand why life is really here. SNYTCH: What would you say is your ultimate goal? Brandon: Honestly, the greatest thing about the path of life that I’ve chosen is that every year is unique in its own form and in its own manner and in its own way. That’s why I love being in the entertainment business. I’m never doing the same thing every year. And that’s amazing. And the fact that I can continue doing that, and do that happily is the reason why I still haven’t worked a day in my life. I don’t really have a goal because I’m living that dream.

SNYTCH: What would you say to all of the fans that aspire to do what you do or anything great?

SNYTCH: Favorite TV Show? Brandon: Definitely Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Actually, no, Martin. SNYTCH: Favorite Song right now? Brandon: Awooga – Calvin Harris. I would love to work with him. SNYTCH: Favorite Food? Brandon: Jamba Juice – Protein Berry Workout with added Orange Sherbet, a Protein Boost, and Immunity Boost and sometimes I add Pineapple Sherbet. Always, super duper extra thick. SNYTCH: Your favorite pair of shoes? Brandon: My latest sexy, creamy brown suede Louis Vuitton Acapulco’s that come up on both sides. It was a gift from one of the loves of my life. SNYTCH: Pet Peeves? Brandon: When people talk over you when you’re in the middle seat on a plane. • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



A.L.C. Jewelry by

By: Cheryl Simmons


ndrea Lieberman drew a strong following with her ALC Clothing line with daring silhouettes and chic separates. She recently launched a new collection, A.L.C. jewelry back in October 2011 which is getting rave reviews. This will be the designer’s Holiday 2011 and Resort 2012 collection. The collection will feature a wide variety of statement pieces that will include traditional brass and silver metals in distinct looks with details like screws and fasteners. For the collection, Andrea drew inspiration from her travels and experience as a designer and stylist to create timeless pieces that are essential to one’s style. The line is very reasonable with prices starting at $95$895 and is available for purchase at select Barney’s locations and



Bondage Cuff

Screw Stud Earrings

Brass Cuff with Silver Tips

Screw Top Tennis Bracelet • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



Big Sean - Finally Famous ( /5 Snytches) Finally Famous was probably the most fitting title for this debut album from Big Sean. After putting out several mix-tapes, the twenty-three year old has gained mainstream success just by doing what he does best: working with all-star collaborators and spitting rhymes with a style reminiscent of Kanye West- the very person who signed him to G.O.O.D Music in 2007. As someone who is a believer that the mixtape is usually better than the album, Big Sean’s Finally Famous proved to me just how wrong I could be. Take note would-be rappers- this is how you do it.

Check Out: Live This Life or Dance (A$$)

Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials ( /5 Snytches) The second album from Florence + The Machine was one of the most anticipated albums of 2011 for me after hearing that they were due to start recording earlier this year- and they did not disappoint. The entire album is just as dark and romantic as Florence + The Machine fans come to expect, something I think the first album shied away from a bit. After reaching the #6 album spot the first week out (#1 in the UK), Florence + The Machine will now take on the UK and Ireland in their 2012 tour.

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Childish Gambino - Camp ( /5 Snytches) Best known as Troy Barns on the hit TV show Community, actor/ comedian Donald Glover is quickly making a name for himself with the intelligent rapping styles of his alter ego Childish Gambino. What I love so much about Childish Gambino is exactly what I hate about him- his humor. This guy is smart. I mean like “I’m-cheating-off-of-you-in-mathclass, you-could-be-on-Jeopardy!” type smart. The lyrics of his tracks are overflowing with clever metaphors and crude humor, but sometimes walk the border between genius and corny. But it’s okay, because I feel like a lot of people don’t get him anyway. And although it seems like he recycles the topics of his raps, I always look past it because of the end result. This guy is good- he just needs more exposure.

Check Out: Bonfire or L.E.S

By: Athina “DJ Ink” Casas

3LAU - Dance Floor Filth ( /5 Snytches) As someone who is a complete fan of mash-ups, I struck gold when I stumbled upon this CD by Producer/DJ 3LAU. Who doesn’t love hearing all of their favorite songs together on one track? Student by day, DJ by night, this Las Vegas native knows how to mix the perfect blend of party anthems into one song to make one powerhouse concoction featuring the likes of Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, Kanye West, and LMFAO. Best of all? His album is free on his website for anyone interested.

Check Out: E.T., Feels Starry Eyed or Turbulent Rock Anthem • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



FOOD WARFARE By: Aronicimo Richotti


t’s that time of year again, cookies from the neighbors, awesome cakes and eggnogs with an endless buffet of food with family, and some good times with chocolate with the friends. We are in the Bermuda Triangle of the year – where healthy eating and diets mysteriously go missing, and extra pounds are found. We’re all about having your cake and eating it too, but we also want you to stay healthy and strong, so we’re taking the fight to the food with some holiday food warfare.



Watch out for the finger food – it adds up. I recommend a napkin with each one of the munchies you partake in. When you’re done keep the napkin. It’s an easy way to keep count. Set a reasonable limit, and then stick to it.


If your family is like mine, then your holiday dinner consists of some huge buffet style action. When this happens, I take a medium sized plate and imply the single layer rule. No stacking food. Remember portion control? This is a great way to implement it.


My favorite things about the holidays are all the dishes that hit my sweet tooth. Cookies, tiramisu, cake, candy, and chocolate. I when given a choice, take all of the above! Here’s how I get away with it. I take a small amount and then share the dessert with someone. That’s especially true if that dessert is chocolate. Actually, it is my #1 rule of holiday food warfare: Always, always have a chocolate buddy!


Another trick of the warfare trade that I use a ton is the “BYOS”: Bring your own sweets. My number one weapon, you ask? Dark chocolate chip cookies. I use dark chocolate (instead of milk chocolate) egg whites (instead of whole eggs) and … wait for it… applesauce (instead of the butter, oil, or margarine). What you get is a great tasting treat with a much lower fat content. I’ll list some of my favorite alternatives that you can incorporate into your cooking and baking.



Get to stepping. Make a habit of taking an after dinner stroll a.k.a. brisk walk. It’s a great way to get in a little extra cardio. It doesn’t have to be intense or long, a short walk around the block is a great option.


Speaking of stepping, make sure you’re keeping active. I’m not a huge bundle up in the freezing cold and head out to the gym guy, so I’ve invested in some at home workouts. My favorite is Rushfit with Georges St. Pierre. P90X, Zumba, Taebo and insanity are great options as well. As long as it’s intense, it’ll work. You can get a great workout and never have to leave the house.


Don’t wait for your New Year’s Resolution to start incorporating “healthy” into your life. Studies show that most people never lose the weight they gain during the holidays in the winter, so what’s the solution? Start the healthy eating now. Make sure you incorporate vegetables into every meal, and lots of them.


Meal replacement shakes are a great way to hit a party not hungry. I even pack a few in my car. It puts enough in my gas tank to make it easier to not overeat, best of all, you can choose one that has high protein, and help to meet your daily protein goals. Believe me; this tip alone has kept my napkin count WAYYY down.



Instead of….



Olivio or I can’t believe it’s not butter

Ground Beef

Ground Lean Turkey or Ground Lean Chicken Breast

White Rice

Brown Rice

Whole Milk

Skim Milk


Fat Free Mayo or Mustard

Sour Cream

Plain Yogurt


Don’t forget the water. Drinking water helps to prevent overeating. It helps to make you feel full and bonus; it’s good for you!


Sleeping can help. There was a study done (Univ. of Chicago) on the effects of sleeping on people who are dieting. The results showed that people that sleep 8.5 hours lose approx. 55% more body fat than people who only slept 5.5 hours. I love sleep. I make sure I get 8 hours AND a 30 min powernap, every day. How about you?


Don’t pass up salad or soup. A small healthy soup or salad is a great way to start a meal, and it also helps to ensure that you don’t partake in too much of the high calorie, often fat laden, stuff.


Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. The “war” isn’t won in a single battle. It’s okay if you don’t do so well one day, just be sure to start the next day with a healthy mindset. Indulging is healthy, as long as it doesn’t become a habit over the holidays.

Instead of….


Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate or Cocoa Powder


Egg Whites or Egg Beaters




Applesauce • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •



The Transit ion Written by Tavarus Johnson


wanell “Que” Mosley, has already been exposed to mass amounts of superstardom. His rise to fame with super R&B group, Day 26 was one that had many ups and downs. Although, he still has love for his former band members; he is ready to take on the world one day at a time. Here he talks about his transition into becoming a solo artist, his new move to Atlanta, Georgia, and his upcoming projects including a TV Show entitled “Rhythm Nation.”




Potography: Elvis Piedra

Wardrobe: Fred Scott

Makeup/Grooming: Mel Hunter & Kendreakus Wilkins

Location: ICON Studios


Snytch: It’s said on the Internet that you were kicked out of Day 26. Would you like to clarify what happened? Que: As far as Day 26, that incident happened three years ago. Now, it’s all good. Just to clarify – there isn’t any more drama. I don’t want to clarify anything. That stuff all happened like I said three years ago. We all have families and we have lives and it wasn’t really that serious. We kind of all moved on… Well I know I have. Snytch: How’s your professional relationship with Diddy been? Que: You know Diddy is very, very cool. I learned a lot working with him. I was blessed to have an opportunity to perform with him on Good Morning America when they came out with Dirty Money. He let me rock out the bass with him, so I was just thankful for the opportunity. I’ve learned so much from being around him when I was around him. He’s a genius at everything he does, so it was a blessing I would say – Just being around Diddy. Snytch: How has Dirty Money impacted you? Que: Dirty Money is HOT! So I would say musically, I’ve learned so many new notes. I’ve learned different writing skills. So I would say musically they’ve inclined my talent musically.

I’ve been working on my solo album. I’m trying to get these songs together. Me and my team have been taking our time with everything because we want everything to be right.



Snytch: We know that you have released mixtapes entitled “The Que Files” & “Guitar Her,” what else do you have in the works? Que: I’ve been working on my solo album. I’m trying to get these songs together. Me and my team have been taking our time with everything because we want everything to be right. We’re trying to find the right single. Aside from music, I’ve been working on this TV show I’m supposed to be hosting called Rhythm Nation. I’ve been studying the script and practicing to prepare for that. We’re supposed to be filming in LA. Besides that I’ve been grinding and networking and meeting new people. I’m slowly building my career to where it needs to be. Snytch: Has the solo album been titled? Que: I might just call it Anthony Que. I don’t want to put a title on it that’s too complicated. I might just call it Anthony Que. That sounds cool to me. Snytch: Is it going to have that R&B vibe that you’re known for? Que: Right. R&B and Pop. It’s going to sound like that old school R&B with a new twist to it. I don’t want to go too far left because I don’t want people to be like “What is this?!” But of course it’s going to have that old school element to it so that people can appreciate the music. You know what I mean? A lot of my fans say that I’m a really good R&B singer. So I want the R&B fans that are really R&B fans to appreciate it. Snytch: How has the transition been from being a group act, to strictly worrying about numero uno? Que: It’s been easy. It’s easier now. I feel a lot freer. No disrespect to the group because like I said, if it weren’t for Day26, I wouldn’t be where I am today as far as the success that I’ve had. I feel a lot freer now that I’m a solo artist. I feel like when I hear songs or when I hear different beats, people listen. If I say I like it or not or if I want this note here. It’s just a lot easier. No disrespect to the group. Like I said, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. But I feel like I’m able to make my own decisions and people listen. You know what I mean? Snytch: Has there been any added pressure to bring the talent since the separation of the group? Do you feel like you have something to prove? Que: I actually don’t [feel the pressure]. I really believe in my talent and my gift and my fans do too. I just really wanted to add my piece to the puzzle. So I don’t feel pressured. I just really believe in my talent and my gift. I really believe it’s a gift. Sometimes I’d listen to my voice, and I’ll be like, “Wow this is AMAZING!” with all the different notes and blends that I do in the studio. So I just wanted to add my piece to the puzzle. I don’t feel any pressure. Of course I’m going to be great, I know that there’s other artists that are out there that are doing their thing. I don’t want to compete. I just want to add my piece to the puzzle. I want my fans to appreciate my music. So it’s like no pressure. I don’t feel like I’m competing with anybody. I just feel like I’m doing Que. Snytch: You’ve stated many times that people have put you in a box. How have you been characterized and how are you planning to create a new image for yourself? Que: I don’t feel like people have put me in a box anymore. When I said that, I was young. I was trying to figure out what was going on. When I started in the music industry I was 18 years old. I’m now 23. I don’t feel like I’ve been put in a box anymore. I don’t look at it like that. I look at it like me having a fresh start at my career, doing me. That’s how I look at it. I don’t look at it like I’m being put it a box. If I wake up and I want to wear something extravagant, I wear it. If I want to wear something fresh, I wear it. I don’t feel like my style and music is put in a box. I just feel like I do me. • NOVEMBER I DECEMBER 2011 •


Potography: Elvis Piedra

Wardrobe: Fred Scott

Makeup/Grooming: Mel Hunter & Kendreakus Wilkins

Location: ICON Studios

Snytch: Are there any projects that you want your fans to be aware of? Que: Honestly, I’ve just been in the studio. Besides for the show that I’ll be hosting, I’ve just been in the studio trying to put these songs together and working on this single. I’ve been trying to get this single to take off and get this music together. I’ve been really focusing on my music. Everything else will fall into place. Like I said, each day you meet new people, so you never know who you might run into that can open a door for you. So I’ve been taking my time with everything and working on my music. Snytch: Would you ever collaborate with the new Day26 as a solo artist? Do you see that ever happening? Que: Yea. We don’t have any problems anymore. For the fans, if they wanted a Day26 album in the future, I’m pretty sure we can all be mature men and make music again in the future. I wouldn’t mind making music with them in the future,



Snytch: What do you do in your down time? Que: I like to eat food [laughs]. Besides that I’m a computer fiend. I’m on the computer all the time. I like to play the Sims. I don’t know if you all know what that game is. I like to play Playstation 3. I like to go bowling. I’m a normal man. So what you do in your downtime is probably the same thing I do. Chill, watch TV, workout, call friends, talk to my family. You know what I mean? Snytch: Since your arrival in Atlanta, how has the welcome been from the people? Que: Everybody here seems pretty cool. I got a pretty warm welcome. I don’t get any bad vibes or negativity. I feel that if you bring negative energy, people will react negatively. If you’ve pretty much got a good spirit and you’re thinking positive and are nice, people will be nice to you. I think it’s all about how you come off. So far, my experience in Atlanta has been great. And the people have been very cool and warm. Snytch: Is there anything that you want to clarify or say to the fans before we close out? Que: Follow your dreams. Always believe in yourself and know that any and everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and believe in yourself. Don’t ever let anybody tell you “you can’t.” For more information on Que, check him out on the web at www.guitarher. com and on our website You can also follow him on twitter (@QUE_thafuture).

Wardrobe: Fred Scott

if that’s what the fans want and everyone is level minded and on one accord. We could make that happen for the fans in the future. But right now, like I said, I’m just happy being a solo artist.

Potography: Elvis Piedra

Snytch: We all know that it’s not uncommon for celebrities to become “sexexposed” via the internet, you yourself has been a victim, what are your thoughts on it and has it affected you in any kind of negative way? Que: When I first saw those images of me that were put on the internet, I was really mad because that’s not the image that I want to put out. I have a lot of kid fans. My fan base is from little babies to old women. You know what I mean? So when I was exposed, I was kind of upset. It didn’t really bother me because I didn’t put those pictures out. I was like “Whoever did this is sick. There crazy.” But it made me mad because I didn’t want my younger fans seeing that. I don’t want them seeing me like that. I’m sure the older girls or whoever appreciated it, but as far as my brand and image that I’m trying to put out, I would rather have not been exposed. But it didn’t really bother me because I didn’t release that. The person that did that is sick and has too much time on their hands.

Makeup/Grooming: Mel Hunter & Kendreakus Wilkins

Location: ICON Studios


Follow your dreams. Always believe in yourself and know that any and everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and believe in yourself.

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2011 SNYTCH Magazine | The Winter Issue  

Disney actor, Brandon Mychal Smith, covers the 2011 Winter Issue! Also featured, is former Day26 member, Qwanell "QUE" Mosley. This is pac...