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Snuko Overview and Technical guide

What Snuko Does When installed on a computer Snuko anti-theft software operates silently in the background periodically checking-in with the Snuko Servers to determine whether it has been reported LOST. If a computer is reported LOST the software detects this during check-in and begins the process of securing the computer and its data. Files and information are encrypted and then silently removed from the computer and stored on Snuko Servers. GeoLocation data is also sent silently to the Snuko Servers, along with automatically triggered webcam and desktop images. Once all the files and information are successfully sent to the Snuko Servers they are removed from the computer itself and Snuko anti-theft software forces the computer to shutdown. On restarting the computer the user is informed that it has been reported LOST and is given the opportunity to send a message to the owner so that the owner can take steps to get it back. The computer is otherwise not able to be used. However, if it is the owner who has retrieved their computer, they are able to unlock it using the password they provided during the installation of Snuko, restore their files, and continue with normal use. Images and information encrypted and stored on Snuko Servers when a computer is reported Lost can only be restored by the owner. The owner can either restore to the original computer when it is found, or to another computer (using their password provided during installation of Snuko anti-theft software to de-encrypt the data).


Functionalities GeoLocation and IP Logs

Computer Lock-down

See the location of your

Lock down your computer

computer down to within 10-20

after essential data has been


retrieved, so that no-one can use your computer but you.


Data Encryption

If a web camera is available,

Secure your documents so that

capture pictures of an

no one else but you can read

unauthorized person using your




Data Recovery and Retrieval

View recordings of what the

Back up your most important

unauthorized person has tried

documents even after your

accessing on your device.

computer has been reported missing.

System Requirements 1. Direct X 8.0 or greater (standard as of Windows 98) required for webcam 2. Latest version of Java (Detected during installation) 3. Operating System: • Windows XP, 256 MB RAM, 500 MHz, 10 MB disk space • Windows Vista (Home Basic), 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz, 10 MB disk space • Windows Vista (Premium/Business/Ultimate), 1 GB RAM,1 GHz, 10 MB disk space • Windows 7, 1 GB RAM,1 GHz, 10 MB disk space


Snuko Information Flows

Architecture of Communication between devices Transfer of messages for the check-in process and storage of encrypted data is over HTTP. All user data is encrypted before transfer. If a person finds the computer and fills in the Finder form presented when the computer starts up the message is sent through SMTP via the Snuko API. The Snuko software checks in with the Snuko Servers on a regular basis. During this contact less than a kilobyte of data is transferred. The amount of traffic generated when encrypting and storing data on the Snuko Servers is dependent on the amount of the data on the device.


Snuko UK Ltd 33 Clarence Street, Southend on Sea, Essex SS1 1BH, United Kingdom Phone: +44 207 099 5582

Fax: +44 1702 608709


Snuko Technical Overview  

Technical overview and guide

Snuko Technical Overview  

Technical overview and guide