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Snuko™ Anti-Theft for BlackBerry®

Do you own a Blackberry or are you planning on getting one? Thousands of Blackberry's® are reported either lost or stolen on a weekly basis. Most people using a BlackBerry have important data and contacts stored on their device, for many people its their lifeline. How would you feel if your Blackberry® was lost or stolen? Don't become another victim. Download Snuko™ Anti-Theft for BlackBerry's today and protect your BlackBerry® with the most comprehensive anti-theft solution available on the market. In the event of loss or theft, Snuko™ Anti-Theft for BlackBerry's® enables you with the following functionalities: Remotely encrypt files on the Phone & media card Remotely encrypt personal data stored on your device, disabling anyone from accessing your valuable data

Data recovery* Download your valuable data to a different device at your own pace

Backup contacts Back up all of your contacts and download them to a different device

Wipe & Save Call log's Wipe any calls made or received on the Phone & view them in your Snuko Dashboard

Notification on SIM change If finder or thief tries to change the SIM card, you will be notified of the new phone number and SIM card number being used with the phone.

Lock Phone & Display message Remotely lock the Phone and display a message to the finder or thief for effortless and easy retrieval

GPS & Cell based Phone tracking* Send a remote command to have current device location sent to you

Tamper proof Password protected configuration

Snuko™ Mobile Security provides multiple layers of security to your smartphone in the event that it is lost or stolen. If your BlackBerry is lost or stolen, all you have to do is to log in to your Snuko™ dashboard and report it missing. Our secure server will then send specific commands to your BlackBerry so that our software can do its job! Once our system has completed its process the phone will be locked, displaying a message to the finder or thief where the phone may be returned and that there might be a reward. While your phone is lost, you may view its location* and you may download your data to a different device at your own pace.


Snuko™ Anti-Theft for BlackBerry®

Additional security measures are triggered when the the finder or thief replaces your Phone's SIM card with one of their own. Snuko™ Mobile Security will silently send notification to your Snuko™ dashboard with the new number assigned to the Phone, giving you important information about the unauthorized user. If the device has GPS it will give you the specific location of the device. With these important informations, you may contact the person directly or the local police who will take the necessary procedures to retrieve your Phone.

* Location accuracy will vary depending on whether the device has GPS.

Snuko Mobile Security for BlackBerry  

Protect your BlackBerry against theft or loss with the most sofisticated Anti-Theft Software available on the market.

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