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Both an insurance company and Snuko are in the business of protecting the value of peoples belongings and there for a partnership is a natural fit. By offering your insurance customers Snuko’s Anti-Theft solutions as an add on to your existent policy you can now offer an even more comprehensive policy. If your customers get their laptop or smartphone stolen, and an increasing number do, then Snuko will ensure that the device is tracked, personal data secured and the thief is identified. This mean that we will go a long way to recover the belongings of your customers and hopefully help you to reduce claims.

SOME STASTISTICS ABOUT THE CURRENT PROBLEM • 700,000 mobile phones are stolen in the UK every year. • 3 million cell phones are lost or stolen in the USA every year. • One third of all UK robberies involve mobile phones. • 50 million phone owners worldwide buy separate mobile phone insurance with an average cost between $3-$5 per month. This equates to an average of $200 million spent on insurance per month. $2.3 billion per year.

SNUKO MOBILE SECURITY FOR SMART PHONES The following features are included in the Snuko Mobile version for Smart Phones. The following features are included in the Business version

• Remotely encrypt files on the Phone & media card Remotely encrypt personal data stored on your device, disabling anyone from accessing your valuable data

• Data recovery* Download your valuable data to a different device at your own pace

• Backup contacts Back up all of your contacts and download them to a different device

• Wipe & Save Call log’s Wipe any calls made or received on the Phone & view them in your Snuko Dashboard

• Notification on SIM change If finder or thief tries to change the SIM card, you will be notified of the new phone number and SIM card number being used with the phone.

• Lock Phone & Display message Remotely lock the Phone and display a message to the finder or thief for effortless and easy retrieval

• GPS & Cell based Phone tracking* Send a remote command to have current device location sent to you

• Tamper proof Password protected configuration




SNUKO’S VALUE PROPOSITION There are many benefits for an insurance company and its customers in offering Snuko Mobile Security to their customers. Benefits to the insurance company:

• Protect its customers assets, physical and virtual

• Strengthen the image: we care for our customers and what is important to them • Reduce claims, more crimes solved means more items recovered

• Increase customer loyalty with an additional value adding offering • Attracts new customers via targeted Snuko campaigns



Within a short time frame your company can be setup in our system and our software auto-generated to look like your company provided it! This allows you to maintain your current branding and allows you to create your own custom website to interact with our infrastructure.

You can endorse the product towards your customers and thereby offering the many benefits of the Snuko product. A special offer or a free trial period can be tailored to your customers. When your customers downloads the software to their computer or smart phone, your company reduce the risk of high insurance claim pay outs. At the same point in time you create more customer loyalty as you make your customers aware that you can help them protect their “digital life”.

For more information regarding Snuko Home Office Security and Snuko Business Security for SMB and Enterprise market, please contact your local Snuko representative.

Snuko Mobile Anti-Theft for Insurance Companies  

Both an insurance company and Snuko are in the business of protecting the value of peoples belongings and there for a partnership is a natur...

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