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Monday 15 April 2019

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COVER PHOTO: Junior School Grandparents and Friends Day (photo: 5 Willows)

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A snapshot of SMGS events over the last two weeks.

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An Introduction from the Head of Teaching and Learning, Ashleigh Pratt

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Thoughts on the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and our DoS update

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ASPECTS EDITION: 2019 Term 1 Week 11 Monday 15th April 2019

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SMGS ready for MTB Interschools and Senior School Camps

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A quick view of what’s happening over the coming weeks.

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News, events and notices from around the community.

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Snowy Mountains Grammar School


PRINCIPAL Grandparents & Friends Day What a special day this is for our school community, and particularly for our younger Kindergarten to Year 6 students. This is because grandparents play a special role in the lives of children for a variety of reasons which are not by any means always homogenous. Every family has circumstances both in common and unique which influence the type of relationships grandparents have with their grandchildren. For instance, some grandparents live locally while others reside overseas or interstate and have the burden of extreme distance to overcome to spend time together. Some grandparents actually fulfil the dual role of grandparent and parent in some situations where family circumstances lead to such a need and this is certainly beyond commendable. Not all of our children have grandparents who can visit each year and sadly, not all of our children have grandparents in their lives, and this is why we extend the invitation to special friends as well. Jindabyne itself is not exactly the intersection of common central destinations; rather it requires a purposeful visit and is out of the way for many. Despite the hurdles, I am thrilled that our Grandparents and Friends Day continues to be one of the most important in our calendar and yet again we have had many visitors today, making it a great experience for our children.

It is for the reasons stipulated above, and more, that I am so grateful to all grandparents and friends who were able to attend today to spend time together with the students in our classrooms. This gives the younger children a real thrill. I also empathise with those who were unable to be here today but would have very much liked to have been here. For those present, I hope that the experience has been worthwhile and, as always, we place this day in proximity to school holidays and Easter to enhance the opportunities for families to spend time together. If we can make it better for you, please contact us to suggest how.

Apart from a special bond and love, grandparents provide our young children with important storytelling as another dimension of learning. There are so many life lessons available through this relationship, as children respond with awe and wonder to the ‘foreign’ stories that can abound from another era.

seems. We risk diluting the ability of our younger generation to solve problems both simple and complex as consumers of today’s luxuries, rather than the producers of solutions to problems, and to develop grit in the process. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and need has been replaced with want in many modernday situations. We are most fortunate and so are the children who attend Snowy Mountains Grammar School, who have been given a wonderful gift to attend a school that cares and nurtures students to achieve their personal best. To do so, schools such as ours need to continue to develop programs that provide diverse, rigorous, challenging and inspiring learning environments where important skills can be learned in a myriad of ways, both in and outside classrooms. I commend our staff who are working diligently to create such a learning environment, and always with a view to improvement over time.

I cannot think of a better way to end the busy term than to celebrate the gift of family. I thank all of our special visitors today and our staff who Earlier today I wrote separately about worked hard to bring the event the ingenuity of people spanning together, as well as all the children several generations and how that involved. differs from our youngest generation today who have so much ready- Dr Andrew Bell made at their fingertips, as do many of us. It is not just younger people, of course, but it is native to them, it Snowy Mountains Grammar School


The Responsibility of Schools to Develop the Efficacy of Ingenuity and Problem-Solving in Young Learners Today Our modern world has morphed from a mindset of producer to consumer. As we shift from industrialised economies in countries like Australia to evolve as knowledge economies, it appears some critical skills are at risk of being diluted in our youngest generations. If we consider the mantra of ubiquitous convenience, espoused and driven by commercial enterprise globally, it is shifting the need for an individual to do much at all in some aspects of life. Examples include the fast food industry, where businesses like UberEats now bring almost any food to your doorstep, on demand, day or night; another example is television on demand with Netflix, Stan, Kayo, and now Apple entering that market too and thriving; or,, where you can send out for almost any job around the home to be completed and people bid on completing that for you to save you lifting a finger apart from ordering it on a smartphone; or the raft of apps available for smart devices that

populate the online stores exponentially for our daily ‘needs’. These are just a few examples of hundreds or even thousands, where our daily routines have changed unrecognisably compared to some not-as-young generations. The Great Depression of the 1930s set in motion by the collapse of the US economy and felt in many countries including our own, was a significant period of time in history where ingenuity and problem-solving was essential for survival in many cases, and imperative to improve the economic challenges of the day that burdened many families. The luxuries we have today were not options and people, including young people, were forced to think creatively for solutions to simple and complex problems. Ingenuity was core to everyday life and the concept of being a producer of ideas, effort and seeking out what you need was inherent. There have been other times of great need for calling upon such resourcefulness, not to mention

resilience, such as times of war and episodic natural disasters. After all, necessity is the mother of invention, and in times of significant demand come creative solutions to problems. I grew up in between these times, with parents and grandparents who lived with the above challenges of life, and where the shift in society was really commencing and being perpetuated. In my earlier years as a child, we still didn’t have a toilet in the house - it was a pan at the back fence; nor did we have colour television, nor remote controls for anything, nor digital technologies, although we did have the newspaper delivered by the paper-boy and milk delivered by the milkman, of which my father was one, and I recall helping him from the age of around four, for many years. I recall pulling the levers inside the truck which signalled your turn, in lieu of indicators. .. To continue reading, click HERE

Snowy Mountains Grammar School



SMGS Duke of Ed adventurer’s resilience put to the test in Jagungal Wilderness

House spirit shines at 10th Annual Cross Country Carnival

Grandparents & Friends Day Photo Gallery

Cross Country Carnival Photo Gallery

SMGS Netball Team Grand Final Winners

New pedal desks in Year 2/3 classroom

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WHAT’S ON School Holidays

Week 2

Tues 25th April

Mon 6th May


Sat 27th—Sun 28th April SMIEC Where: The Station Contact:

Athletics Carnival—Long Distance Events Contact:

Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews When: 4:00—8:00 pm Contact:

Term 2 Week 1

Wed 8 May

Tues 25th April

World Red Cross Day

Boarders Return

Year 5/6 Da Vinci Decathlon


Mon 29th—Tues 30th April SMIEC Continues Where: The Station Contact:

Tues 30th April TERM 2 COMMENCES

Where: Canberra Contact:

Athletics Carnival—Long Distance Events Where: Sport and Rec Contact:

Thurs 9 May Year 7/8 Da Vinci Decathlon Where: Canberra Contact:

Wed 1st May

Fri 10 May

National Youth Week

P&F Mother’s Day Stall

Wed 1st —Thurs 2nd May CIS Swimming Where: Sydney Contact:

Where: Canberra Contact:

Athletics Carnival Where: Sport and Rec Contact:

Wed 1st May Principals Merit Assembly Contact:

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Aspects - 2019 Term 1 - Week 11  

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Aspects - 2019 Term 1 - Week 11  

News and views from SMGS.