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Interview Issue

Poser Terry Parker

Rider Jordan Armstrong

Inventor Steve Frink

revolution Snowskate Shop Wenatchee, Washington


“That was the best snowskate movie I have ever seen” Peter Line on Only A Matter Of Time “That’s the first Movie he’s made that’s worth a damn” Danny Sheehan on Only A Matter Of Time “We’re gonna be in Starfish? I feel Famous.” Mindy Davis on being in Starfish “I live in America, which means I can have a closet full of guns and I can write whatever I want about whoever I want” Leavitt on Canadians questioning his ethics. “I am stoked to be involved” Chris Wellhausen on replacing PLWP “In addition to the boarders, a small contingent of enlightened snowskaters make the Holy Oly a regular event. Among them is Clarke Hurlbut. This guy charges the hill on his snowskate like a man processed. While Pat Moore was fast planting the quarter, impressive in its own right, Hurlbut was doing kickflips to fakie on his snowskate!!! No joke. The dude has obviously made a deal with the devil.” Pat “The Eye” Bridges on Jake’s domination of the Holy Oly event. “Dude, you gotta quote me on that” Spicoli on something he says everytime I see him “Snowskates have no bindings, which helps


in executing halfpipe type maneuvers and other moves familiar to skateboard enthusiasts” Craig Hill, Tacoma News Tribune. “Editing is done with a computer mouse in one hand and a beer in the other,” Craig Hill, Tacoma News Tribune on Starfish. “Jail isn’t bad. It’s like camp,” Tyson on jail “Rules were meant to be broken” Sean Davis on Starfish’s continuing typo problem

Photo by Chris Wellhausen



“In Nelson nothing is against the law.”


Maple syrup and back bacon Jordan Armstrong has been snowskating for many years, and loves it more then he could ever love a human child. About three years ago Jordan started his own board company, Circuit Snowskates. Although it is starting up slow, Jordan has recently moved from his mothers garage in Calgary, to his own home in Nelson B.C. where he now has his own shop to make his boards in. Needless to say, success is ensured and Jordan is pumped on his future, and the upcoming season.

During the winter, Jordan travels to Washington to take part in many various snowskate events, usually placing in them. He’s one of the best Canadian snowskaters us locals have ever heard of, and we hope it stays that way.

to snowboard, I used to put packing tape on my skateboard and ride down a hill by my house. A few years later I found out about Premier Snowskates, and it went from there.

How long have you been snowskating for? Aboot 10 years ago, before I learned how

When did you realize you liked snowskating better than snowboarding, and why?

Media kingpin. Jordan has been appearing in Starfish for years. Here he is on the cover of last years April Fools Issue and in an ad for Pluto Sports.

I started snowskating more, and it slowly took over my snowboarding over the past few years. Last year was the first year I didn’t snowboard once. For me, snowskating is a control sport. I just love being able to ride mountains not strapped in because I enjoy it more when I have to look carefully at what I’m about to ride. What’s your favorite place to ride? Either Fernie, or Hurricane Ridge. Why? Fernie, because it has all the terrain I need, great snow, and the saddles are amazing, Hurricane, because I just like the feeling of it with the rope toe and the natural terrain. All snowskaters smoke the reefer, or at least drink. What’s your deal eh? I honestly don’t know, I did before, then I stopped and I enjoyed stopping. It’s just not my scene eh? So would you say you’re straight edge?

Boardslide to fakie in the rain.





KNOXVILLE 865-523-0045 AND GATLINGBURG 865-436-9990




Pat Bonzer by Chris Wellhausen



Matt Qualm

Wolle Nyvet by Jess Mooney

JORDAN ARMSTRONG continued helped me out at a few competitions. I really like Greg Todds’ outlook on I really like Steve Frink binding free riding. I also because he had some really good ideas with his like Jake Tomlinson and Spicoli because I think snowskates, and he rips on them. Andy Wolf really they’re leading the sport What snowskating helped me out when I was right now, and I like what competitions have you they’re doing with it. sponsored by Premier. been to and what did John Pernal, from you place? Whatever happened to Universal Ramps also your accomplice, Colin -U.S. Open 2003 at Hood, th I got 6 . -X games 2004, I got 3rd. - Clash of the Snowskates, I got 1st. - Clash of the Snowskates best trick, 2nd. -Rude Boys Ender Bender Snowskate Cross, I got 1st. -The past few Shut Up and Snowskates, best I got was 2nd and 3rd. -Hurricane Ridge Bank Slalom, I got 4th Oh yeah and -Yeti Jam, I got 2nd in first year and 1st in Bideck, both years. -Northwest Series, I got 1st at Stevens and 7th Overall. I just learned what that is. Tim told me it’s when you don’t drink or smoke so I guess? I didn’t know there was a name for it.

Who do you look up to?

Sproule eh? I don’t know what to say to that. We still ride; Colin just gets hurt all the time. He constantly ends his own seasons early. Are you planning anything new and exciting for Circuit this year?

What’s your take on Canadian back bacon? It’s pretty good. I don’t know, I like to have it with other bacon. Isn’t it against Canadian Law to mix bacons? In Nelson nothing is against the law.

No, I don’t think he stuck this one either. I have seen him stick them before. The problem with Jordan is that he usually rides alone so we don’t have that many photos right now.

Things are going slow because I just moved, but I have some pretty good ideas in my head. Do you ever stop riding to tap into a maple syrup tree? No not yet, I’m scared of the maple farmers. Would you ever combine the delicious flavors of maple syrup and back bacon? THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME! Bacon cooked in syrup is delicious. I wish I were having some right now! (Leaves to go make maple syrup bacon)


TO P I L KF KIC AKIE ld F rvo pho


e Dan y b o




“It is not really a feeling it’s just a being.”

Joey: How many readers actually wrote you letters? Leavitt: Actually the readers were pretty stoked but I just got sick of calling you like 20 times for one ad. Alright do you want to start with the Peter Line story, the Craig Kelly story, the 89 Mogul Champ story, the Bear Mace story or the story of how you got beat up last night? Joey: Last night would carry more reality the mogul story would be like freakin... Leavitt: Yeah who remembers 89?

Interview by Leavitt, Joey McGuire, Clarke Hurlbut and Dane Orvold

Terry: Cuz the Editor didn’t like them any more, he said

Leavitt: What year was that? Terry: It was America.

Photo by Dane

Clarke: I got a question Terry, I used to really like the cartoon Revolution ads that you drew. How come you don’t draw the cartoon ads anymore?

Terry: I beat Don Schwarts but I wasn’t there it was in Calgary.

they weren’t creative And that they sucked. Leavitt: No, the readers said that. Terry: No, it was the editor because I never saw any of the letters that the readers sent.

Joey: Nobody reads it anyway. Terry: Yeah the readers? What they read like the other eight paragraphs and then they were like oh yeah and that Revolution ad? I’m pissed off at that.

Clarke: And what year is this coming out? Terry: Next year? 2008 starfish. So what how do we start this out? Leavitt:I just started it, I thought. Terry: You asked me 18 different ques-

tions. Leavitt: Well let’s start with the fight last night, you bit the dude’s finger off? Terry: Well he stuck it in my mouth, I bit that shit down to

the bone. Next ques- shredder. “ tion. Terry: I dated his sister. I made out Leavitt: Go to the Peter Line story. with her too. Terry: I made that Clarke: Come on man bitch. Next question. were you MBHC? Leavitt: What about Craig Kelly “the

Terry: No, Dave Wallace said I did


Frink? Fuck that guy I invented snowskating.”

not have the material and that I would never have the material and that no matter what I did I would never be MBHC. Joey: He said that to you? Terry: Yes, no matter how hard I tried no matter what I did I would never be MBHC. Leavitt: Who said that? Terry: Dude, fuckin’ Dave Wallace, the fuckin MBHC sheriff. Leavitt: I thought it was Colter or Carter? Joey: All those guys were MBHC but Wallace definitely took the reins as police chief, If there were any rules him and Fulton would have sat and wrote them down. Terry: I think a kid off the street would have a better chance of be

Boardslide. Photo by Jimmy Clarke

ing MBHC than me. Galbraith called us Mission Ridge light weights.


Joey: Galbrath said that I thought you guy’s made that up? Terry: Galbrath started it. The MBHC and the Mission light-weights.

“...When I go down, I go down hard and fast. I wanna make sure that shit is clear.”

Leavitt: How does it feel to be snowskatings #1 ranked poser? Terry: It is not really a feeling it’s just a being. I remember when I really felt like that(#1 Poser), I was talking to Ryan Davis, the second snowskate poser and Krush. Krush, he kills it he passed me with a fuckin microphone telling me how he was passing I remember leaning me two inches from on it... and it wasn’t my face. Krush has even my snow skills. skate....somebody gave him a Toronto Leavitt: Tell us about the first Shut- when we got there. So I had his old Up and snowskate? Michigan, like the first snowskate ever Terry: Well, OK. I made. I had the was watching that Michigan and I was shit pretty good. I tried to hit the jump like I will probably ride that. Probably twice and just like not! And then that didn’t do it. And is when I realized I Joey was hitting it pretty good so I was was snowskatings first poser. I went just like well he there, I actually is probably hitting hiked up the hill. it pretty good for both of us. So, I just Joey: I think that let him take care was the first day of that. And then

with actual evidence I go down hard and of a snowskate fast. I wanna make poser. sure that shit is clear. Leavitt: Then you placed in the North- Leavitt: Well what west Series but is your plan for this never actually took year and how are a run? you gonna get another snowskate, Terry: Oh, yeah! I since you don’t seem got trophies too. to have one. You have been getting a Leavitt: Do you have lot of coverage. a new proser model leash coming out? Terry: My plan for this year is to take Terry: We are nesome sick runs pretgotiating, because ty much and get my I want it a little bit new snowskate. longer than normal cuz when I go down, According to Kyle

Phillips(Lib Tech rep) I should just buy one or try and pro form one. Which they are not on the pro forms but according to the Lib rep they are.

to make up the questions and I was just gonna read them back to you?

Joey: That sucks the snowskater who is getting the most actual snowskate coverage can’t even get a snow skate?

Leavitt: What’s up is Mission Ridge open to snowskating.

Terry: I know it is amazing. I mean sports need pioneers and I had to pioneer posing. Who else is gonna be able to have a snowskate and stand around and walk around with it?

Terry: Well yeah, but in all reality, in a real world but it didn’t happen.

Terry: No, not any more, I took care of that one day.

Joey: Basically get on the lift don’t make eye contact and ride. If you make eye contact, like is this OK? You are asking a question that can be answered, if you just get on the lift there is no question. Terry: This is boring. Leavitt: Hopefully Steve Frink

Leavitt: Did you get it opened up? Terry: Me? No... I actually got it shut-down for a little bit but Joey talked them back into it. Leavitt: So is it open or closed? Terry: They change that shit every other day up there.

Joey: It actually came to me as this epiphany as the first ever snowskate thing like you are the first snowskate poser. I was blown away. Terry: Yeah while Joey was hitting the kicker going like 25, I was sitting there watching him, with a snowskate underneath my arm. Leavitt: And you get a lot of coverage. Terry: You know what’s funny your questions are more boring than my answers. Leavitt: I thought you were supposed

Terry’s patented “look back” frontside air. Photo by Lorn Davies

n o s n i l m o T e Jak Background photo by PLWP

Sea n Da vis

Photos by Dane

will do a better job. Terry: Steve Frink? Fuck that guy I invented snowskating. Dane: How do you feel about next year’s Shut-Up and Snoskate contest offering “I passed toecutter” shirts? Joey: Who made that up? Leavitt: Krush Terry: I’m gonna train, I’m gonna fuckin win and he is gonna sit on all of those shirts. That’s my goal this year I decided right now. I’m gonna train and I am gonna win it and nobody is gonna pass me. I’m gonna win the mother fucker! With Clarke’s help. Clarke’s gonna be in the front and he is gonna crash and take people out. Clarke: What about John? Terry: Oh, Big John. I gotta team with that guy definitely.

Terry didn’t compete at this years Shut-Up and Snowskate event because of the rain. He did show up 3 days later when the sun came out and allowed Dane to photo his air from the OP to bowl.

Leavitt: Tell us something interesting Terry?

Terry: Shredder? Shredder hated me. I loved shredder though.

Terry: What! Oh like this Interview is just me?

Clarke: What did he have against you?

Leavitt: You were supposed to organize it like your ads.

Terry: I was just a little snowboarding cock dude, and I sucked. I was making out with his sister.

Clarke: I wouldn’t like that either. Terry: Oh like this is not an interview it is some kind of one liner event? It’s not even Silence an interview, it’s like a quotes page for the next three years all recorded. Terry: What are you guys giving up on me? I’m just getting warmed up. Leavitt: Wait, how did you invent the snowskate before Steve Frink? Terry: I couldn’t afford a snowboard. No, It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford one it was that I did not want one. I had a Sure Grip Skateboard, mine had 2 skis and my friend had one ski. Leavitt: Enlighten us more about your relationship with Craig Kelly “The Shredder”

“What are you guys giving up on me? I’m just getting warmed up.” Photo by Big John


“I called it a snowskate, what else could you call it?� By Jack Hitchcock

hen, where and why did you W first develop your Bi-deck snowskate design?

When is the Fall of '92. I was living at Stevens Pass with some other instructors teaching skiing and snowboarding. The previous season

Steve (here) shows us his original design. (Above left) An artist rendition of Steve talking to Jake Burton.

What was your invention called? I called it a snowskate, what else could you call it? The first samples I had made said SnoSk8 on them because I couldn't get www. as a web site. Was there flat deckers at this point in time?

By the time I made those first samples Andy Wolfe had that fall we were we had been riding begun Premier skate decks with no burning some skis snowskates and had to make the winter trucks or wheels, done a local TV show come and it all came basically stand up out of Portland (PM together. I chopped sledding. The novmagazine maybe). elty wore off pretty the tip off Chad's He was making them Rossignol m3 and quick though, we himself in a garage. didn't think of mak- nailed it to a skate Those things sucked. deck with a 2x4 in ing a big tail. I did At this point in time, between and what think about riding in 92 had do you know, the the slopes without damn thing worked. you ever heard of bindings. I've got the skate I'll Terry Parker, the I thought about it Austrian, Alpin over the summer and send a photo.

plication. I had already been rejected for previous devices that used handlebars and bindings and each time I had to straighten them out it cost me more money than I had. I think I had a new idea and have seen a lot of patents awarded to corporations that are nothing new at all. And if you do get a Patent how do you enforce it against multi-million dollar companies? fuck it, I just want to skate Patents's suck. I think around that time Lib was making stickers that said "Boycott Patent's you can't patShort haired Steve at Mt ent fun" I'm gonna Hood. Circa way back. (Left) An artist rendition of Steve bring those back. talking to Jake Burton. Anyway when did you realize that your design worked? Surf "swing-bo" or their time with that did talk about riding When and where did the "snowskate" it without bindings. you start riding the sidecut though. chair? patented in the There are many patA French patent shut Well I knew it ents for snowskate 70's? you down? Do you worked right away. devices that use I would have to see skateboard trucks have any patents? That first skate the Swing-Bo to tell like the Railz No. I went through did fine and the you if I have seen snowskates. They "radical" sport the Patent process one. track the way a of “ski-boarding� for several years And since we are skateboard does but and many thousands was about to bee-mailing this indo not get edging of dollars. It is very gin which gave terview I googled the way a snowme access to difdifficult to get a swingbo. I have board does. ferent shapes and patent if you are never seen one in The Patent that sizes of skis to use. outside the corpoaction but they have shut me down was a The first ones were rate world. I could the right idea gofrench guy Laval. called Bigfeet and have kept trying, ing. The 2 skis are His deal was a raised they were made for each time you are too wide so they platform above a mountaineers to ski rejected you can need straps to get snow ski, he rode down cascade volmake changes and their edging. They it facing forward canoes that were re submit your apwere way ahead of mono-ski style but not steep enough to

STEVE FRINK continued glissade. Roller blading hadn't caught on yet either. The people at Stevens Pass are very cool. Then if you wanted a snowskate you had to build your own so they weren't ready to let people on the lifts during the season but every spring on employee day they let us rage. No one even considered a leash at that point.

Burton skates. And since the skates are selling there is no motivation to for Burton improve them and develop the sport. It is a vicious cycle that limits innovation way beyond snowskating. When Snowboarding

Burton did about as much to help out as Premier. They both saturated the market with snowskates that don't work, products that make snowskaters look stupid. When did Mike Olsen get involved?

“Big companies are not the innovators�

What happened to Bi-Deck?

Bi-Deck Snowskates turned into a pile of skates in my basement. After Burton started making skates all the big companies jumped in any you could get skates in Wal-Mart a year later. So many skates got built in those years that they are still selling on ebay for $50. There is no way to compete with people selling their stuff at a loss. It was difficult to get Bi-Deck into shops because Jake has strict minimum buys for shops that sell Burton products so there is little money left in a shop owners hand to spend on new companies and products. The shops have to sell what they have so they push the

and started selling Gnu Snowskates. He gave me credit right away and was relatively cool about it. Mike is into snowskating fast down ski runs and used his manufacturing skills to make skates that are great at that. If someone in a similar position was into doing flip tricks and skateboard stuff... there could be innovation in that direction as well. The stuff Jake (Burton) sold just stayed the same as the first skates they saw. I just looked and couldn't find snowdecks on their website. Did they quit building them? Yeah, fortunately Burton finally quit. I still send them mags for some reason. What do you think of the new Lib designs?

Wolfgang Nyvet by Jess Mooney

hit it took 10 years for the ski companies to catch on and so there were a bunch of cool companies that were run by actual snowboarders that made money for a while. Snowskating never got that break.

Mike of course lives in the Northwest and got wind of snowskates early on. He was very stoked right away and started building them for buddies immediately. Once he saw Burton was selling them he knew I was fucked

I have yet to ride any Magna-Traction and I really look forward to trying out this new Banana technology. It really does not make sense to me, I think camber keeps the tip and tail on the snow preventing chatter but like I said, I haven't ridden them yet. I hope I get a chance. I am glad Lib

out. I am very stoked a mag like this exists. Big companies are not the innovators, It will be snowskaters building their own stuff that expands the sport. Just like snowboarding in the early days when the first thing you said to another snowboarder was "what have you done to make boots and bindings that work?" A cool zine will go a long way towards making that innovation happen.

Danny Sheehan makes his own boards and hopefully boards for the rest of us some day! Did you all notice the artist rendition of Steve talking to Jake Burton?

What's in the future for snowskating?

“I encourage skaters to build their own stuff� is trying new things. Jake was the one who was really in a position to make the sport go, it's too bad, now it looks like he was just milking it and got

out when he didn't cash in enough. When did you first see Starfish Magazine? Monty Hayes told me there was a

snowskate magazine and they were looking for me a couple of years ago. I saw one issue from last year I guess and then the buyer's guide you just sent

I think things are looking good for new companies to find a niche. In skateboarding the bust part of the boom/bust cycle always weeds out the poseurs and that is what has happened with snowskating. The big artificial boom is now over. Snowskating is hard core, you can't get one at Wal-Mart, it's not on TV commercials and the people out there skating now are in it for life. In the future someone will figure out how to really make them ollie well and stop them without a leash and solve whatever other

Tyson Butler, Photo by Jimmy Clarke

Covington, Washington 253-630-4440 NOLLIES.COM

STEVE FRINK continued

problems are out there. I encourage skaters to build their own stuff, don't wait around for it to come into the stores. Just remounting your deck can produce all kinds of changes in your ride. Work on your set up often and try new things. Awesome. I am out of questions. Anything we missed or people to thank?

I think that covered a lot. We can talk again if you want. I do want to thank some people. Guys like Ryan Davis and Armond Debuque who were into it enough to build their own skates in the early days and Chad Frost and Mitch Ross and everybody at Stevens who kept me pumped on the idea of starting a new sport. I want to thank the guy who


cool. We ride every put up the money and had the connec- day at Stevens Pass tions to get Bi-deck these days. off the ground but he is a private guy so you will just have to know there is a guy with vision out there who put up the duckets to make it all happen. And a big thanks to EVERYTHING YOU resorts who allow KNOW IS WRONG! snowskating, it is not bringing in a lot of cash so you know the resorts that let you skate are doing it because skating is

Pray for snow.

Pat Quinn(Left on a Ralston), Andy Buergin(Here on a Fuse) and Wolle Nyvet (Bottom right on a Noboard all agree:

“Big companies are not the innovators”














m u i od

The good people at the X-Games and Guiness Book have decided that snowskaters need to hold World records. Therefore they awarded one to this flat decker for jumping over this stick. The only thing really notable about this is that the stunt was made possible by FS grip.


Good news for Western Washington Snowskaters! Mindy Davis and her trophy husband Zach have recently purchased the Nollies Board Shop in Covington Washington. Apparently Rob Herten is the only snowskater in New Jersey. Anybody who contests that fact should get a hold of him and have a session, he is lonely. Some dude named Wade White recently became Starfish’s first paid subscriber in Colorado.

Snowskating’s #2 Dead Beat Dad Tony Burt was so pissed that Jake’s Kickflip at the Holy Oly did not win the contest that he took justice into his own hands and stole the entire pallet of prize beer by himself. Ironically local snowskaters received a prize they would all enjoy even more, Tony was banned from their ski area for life! At this time Jake our Attorney J.T. and confused local skaters are still waiting for a public apology from Event Judges who were obviously bribed by Quicksilver. Starfish is still surprised Jamie Lynne did not win.

Lib Tech actually shipped Anybody ordering a Florida their boards this year. They may be shipping 150 more this Powder Skate should know that season but our advice is to buy Adam makes those things in his one if you see one, you may not garage by himself. He does a real, real good job at it but he get another chance. doesn’t make it till it is ordered. If anybody knows Jess Therefore our advice is to plan Mooney you should tell her we ahead and bug him. are going to keep bootlegging The powerhouse heavy her photos until she responds to metal trio known as the Ruby our e-mails. Doe will be playing this years Joey Schwinghammer of Shut-Up and Snowskate Jam. St. Cloud Minnesota recently Former Bones Brigade became the first person brave member and all around bad ass enough to subscribe via the Chris Borst is now helping to internet. I hope we don’t let design decks for Fuse. you down Joey.

Snowskating’s #1 dog Peanut passed away on November 17th at his home in Ballard Washington. A memorial video segment is being added to Only a Matter of Time and should be online soon. Peanut will be missed by Peanut 7/1/99-11/17/07 snowskaters everywhere.


If anybody wants a job hassling advertisers to pay their bills they should contact It is a terrible job and we won’t pay you.

The First Annual Ralston Cup will be held Saturday March 8th at Sierra Tahoe. A race and Mini Pipe event are scheduled.

Miscommunications: In the last issue when we said if you buy only one movie this year you should by the Trilogy Arts Movie we were wrong. I wrote that before actually seeing the movies. If you are really only gonna buy one movie this year buy Sean’s movie “Only a Matter of Time”. If you want to see the Starfish Commercial go to our web page.

Some how the North Coast Stencil Company was completely left out of the Buyer’s Guide. Fans don’t need to worry. Victurd has promised new stencils will be available this season. We still don’t know who took that photo of Jake doing his kickflip at the Holy Oly. We have established that Trevor did not take it. Terry offered to take credit for it so I guess we will give it to him. The owner of Ralston Snowskates is Danny Sheehan not Danny Sheenan.

We know. This sequence of Donny is almost rad. If you want to see him ride it out you have to go to our web page: Sequence courtesy of Strapless Entertainment

If anybody goes into a shop and sees Starfish T-shirts and stickers you might as well just steal them. The shops never pay for them anyways. I know we say this everytime but our web page is really working now. It has some sick follow cam footage of Wolle Nyvet on his pow skate in Alaska, photos and may be one of the only places selling Only A Matter of Time right now. starfishsnowskatemagazine. com Mayor Barry Tutle won our monthly joke about John Knox contest with this entry: What’s the difference between God and John Knox? God doesn’t walk around all day thinking he’s John Knox. The mayor was awarded an embroidered Starfish baseball hat and a bloody mary for his efforts.

Pat Bonser photo by Cris Wellhausen



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Vol 4 Issue 2  

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