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Can you really increase faith with meditation?

Mediation is spiritual practice that focuses your mind. There are no shortcuts in spiritual growth. Meditation can be a way to deepen a connection for someone wanting a more intimate and stronger faith. Meditation is a reflection and contemplation of truths, some very powerful and spiritual. The focusing of your mind will allow your conscience to speak to you. Any person of any faith can meditate. Many religions meditate, no matter what the higher spirit is referred to as. Meditation is not a practice of just blanking out your mind. It actually is a practice of thinking harder. By focusing your mind and your spirit, your faith will have a much deeper connection. With this deep concentration, you may feel empowered and thus, have a more personal, intimate relationship with your higher spirit. This peace and strength may cause your faith to grow exceedingly. Meditation requires that you have a closer relationship with not only the higher spirit of your faith, but also with your own spirit. This will give you an increased awareness and many levels of your own being will be heightened. When meditating, the outside world is left behind, blocked out, if only for a short time, concentrating only on self awareness and your relationship with your higher power. You concentrate on your own feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Meditation increases your faith by allowing you to focus clearly on only your faith. Meditation is a time that is sometimes used for prayer, although they are not the same. The more intimate the prayer the closer one feels to having made a true connection to the higher spirit. If prayers seem to have been answered after a meditation session, the individual asking in the prayer will have the sense that the prayer was heard and answered, strengthening the faith of that individual. This would lead to even longer and deeper sessions guided by faith. Again, the more meditation and prayer, the more faithful in the prayers, the more the faith will multiply each time. Meditation is and can be a great form of stress relief. With less stress come less physical ailments and less mental stresses. Some of these mental disabilities include anxiety and depression. The reduction of these problems can lead also to an increased faith. The thought process would be that if you had a faith based conversation during your meditation session, if relief was received then the obvious connection would be that the Divine had intervened and provided relief and would be credited with the results. When the mind is deep in concentration the body is allowed to be afflicted with less stress. This lessening of stress will allow the mind to be more at ease. If the mind is more at ease the concentration will be deeper for the meditation. The deeper the meditation, the stronger the connection will be felt between one’s self and this higher spirit that the relationship is held with. If the spiritual relationship is strong, then the stronger and deeper the intimate, personal relationship will be. Meditation is an intuitive power. Intuition is believed by many to be an intervention from a higher spirit. Increased meditation means more enlightenment, more intuition, powerful, spiritual truths, which all culminate into a stronger faith. Meditation teaches you continue, click here

Can You Really Increase Faith With Meditation?  

Mediation is spiritual practice that focuses your mind. There are no shortcuts in spiritual growth. Meditation can be a way to deepen a conn...

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