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Snow College Lucy A. Phillips Library Ephraim, Utah

Presented by Hrs. Stanley in memory of Erma Nielson Van Natta



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Snowonian Staff Francis Smith, Editor-in-Chief Everett Robbins, Assistant Editor Ralph Monroe, Assistant Editor Kenneth Robins, Assistant Editor Lloyd Collard, Business Manager Edda Sumsion, Secretary and Treasurer

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�rrrttngn May this little book bring pleas­ ant recollections of the past to the students and

graduates of 1 91 5.

May it be the means of informing its readers of the numerous good qualities of the institution for which it stands.

Board of Education

r JOSEPH F. President



SMITH Church


President Snow Academy Boarcl of Trustees.

of Trustees.




General Superintendent of

LEWIS ANDERSON Vice-President Snow




Board of Tru stees.

Church Schools.



The Faculty



Instructor in Drawing. and happy.

A modern theologian. Works hard and wants other people to do the same. "I realize the difficulty-"





A true Christian who teaches by example as well as by precept.



High Mogul in the Business de­ partment. The only member of the faculty whom Mrs. Stork would con­ descend to visit this winter. ''I de­ sire to announce the regular dance-''

Instructor in the ''Wood Butcher'' department.

NEWTON E. NOYES The Father of the school. A run­ ning stream from which his students ''I have drink refreshing draughts. an announcement-"



Mathematical and athletic director. Very little hair but considerable brain. "Students will kindly take notice-''

A master of agriculture and allied . subjects. A man in every sense of ''I would like to see all the word. students present at Sunday School next Sunday."

JOHN T. HAND Head of the Music Department. Noted for ''Minnehaha,'' ''Beggar Student'' and as composer of the music to the "Utah State Choral." ·



Next to his wife he loves his piano best. You ought to hear him play ''The Alpine Storm.''

Leader of the best band in central Utah. His orchestra music has made Snow Academy dances popular.

OLIVE ANDERSON Assistant modiste. Her quiet, un­ ruffled manner bespeaks a serene spirit.

AFTON PARRISH Our Academy Terpsichore. Her charming smile and modest ways have won the hearts of all. ·-

PETRA AN DERSON Our Snow Academy modiste. inspiration to all her girls.


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Word From the Seniors

1\ o w th at we are about to leave th e old h alls and classrooms of th e Snow Academy, we desire to l eave for your consi deration a brief account of our ideals i n th e p ast and our hopes for the futu re.

Our work in the past has b een actuated by the h ighest i deals, the p urest moti ves, a n d th e s i n cerest desire to be s u ccessful i n reac h i n g o u r goal. \l\le h ave tri ed t o m ak e characters o u t of th e modi c u m of h u m a nity w h i c h first p re足 s e nted itself for a d m i ssion to the school, a n d by t h e sympatheti c aiel of our instructors w e hope o u r efforts h a v e n ot been i n v a i n . \IV e have not yet c o m p l etel y real ized th e amb ition which h as been b u rn ing with i n our bosoms th ese m any years, b ut w e are still young, and aspire to still greater achievem ents than we h ave now atta i n e d . In t h e future, w h ether it find us i n th e pro足 sai c walks of d a i l y life or still cl i m b ing the. flo wery paths of knowledge, m ay we be gui ded by the s a m e n oble pLirp oses that h a v e regulated ou r work and conduct in th e past. l\1ay o u r l ives a n d w o r k b e an inspiration to our strug足 gling schoolmates, and m ay the Snow Academy a l ways p o i nt with pride to the fact that we are its graduates.

When We Meet Again

Dear Seniors, n o w we say a d i eu , Perhaps w e n e'er shall m e e t agai n ; O u r paths lead i n to fields a n e w, A n d w e m u s t work w ith other m e n . So l e t each clasp t h e other's hand ; L e t s trifes and feuds be th ro wn asi de; A s one u nited b a n d we s tand. Eternal b rotherhood, o u r guide. Let each one live the best h e can; Let each be pure and true, and then vVhat j oy 'twill b e each face to scan ; VVhat rapture w h e n w e m e e t aga i n ! -FRANClS S MIT H .




Secretary Treasurer of the class. She i s most sad vv he n Grover Greaves.

A mo dest lit tle Senior moves qu ietly b u t unwav­ erin giy toward her goal.


Editor-i n-Chief of th<:.' Snowonian. Presi de n t of the S enior Class.



Senior Class Yell M aster. Has been d i sappointed i n love but i s still persever-

A c h e m i cal conun drum. I s al ways ready w h e n n e e d e d . Vic e Presiclen t of the Class.




He is not so fon d of a bla n c h fac e as h e is of Bl anche. Basketball and base bal..

]'he s m i l es that were for h im are now for h i m .



A si mple, L111a ssumin g lass \Nhose v o i c e is seldom heard i n class.

The Lily (an) fam ily clas足 sifies, \N ith this, hard work he pacifies.

NORMAN OLSEN A stu dent with a b ull-frog v o i c e, H is m u s i c m akes us all rej oice.



Ath letic Director of the class . "A rock that s tood four square to all the winds that blew."

Her warm hearted n ess and bli thesom e m a n n e r are only equaled by her generous proportions.




Sitting on Cliffs by moon足 light her greatest del ight.

A sma l l- Samson whose hair Delilah揃 has n ot yet cl ipped.



Lofty in all thi ngs, b u t a follower of h i s o w n con足 Preside n t of v i cti o n s . the student body .

In sp ite of brok e n h ead and bones, J:-Ie sli des m o s t s l ippery trombone tones.


Bu s iness manager of the Snowo n i a n . Ign o re s work. Idolizes work.



A qui et, unassuming, con足 s c i entious girl, w ith a sm ile a n d p ossibiliti es.

Apt emblem of a m odest maid. H a i l s from t h e sou th.



Adop ted from the Rich­ field H igh School. " Least sai d , soonest mended."

"An abl e m i n d ; a gener­ ous hand ; a s i mple, truth-­ ful h eart . "



''I n smal l proportions we first beauties see; And in s mall m easures life may perfect b e ."

"It's a long, long way to California, vVh en Utah goes dry."


"I never w i t h i m portant air, in conversation overbear l\l[y tongue w i t h i n my lips I rein, For who talks much m us t talk i n vai n . "



"\N"ith cor�1et in one h and, and girl i n the other, A happier lad would be hard to d i scover."

A sturdy "Skandahoov­ ian" who plods in t h e s chool room a n d runs o n t h e f ield.



Is seldom heard to speak of t h e school roo m .

.. Das eball, basketball, cy路路 cling, track ; Some in the head, b u t more in t h e back ."



ou t si cl e


Echo yet make Pat fam ous.


Yon ne v er did h ear a d r u m m e r drum as this drn m m er drnms.

Band'' will.



th a t




That's Jesse pI u ck in g."


.. Her heart was social ancl she loved idleness and j oy."


th e k eys



l ear nin g not so m u c h

in cli ne d

A s to the boys she haps to find."



silver-t hroated


"Coquettish l\II usic

t ure prima donnas.



winning smiles,

'ter and one of Utah's fu­







He can always be found in

"Harold J. is with us still, i\1 though




or in the



through t he mill.''






blooms for none, But good enough for any­ one."


VALTON MORTENSEN Usually found in the car­ penter



way home.



"Broad of shoulder, deep of chest; Steadfast worker, st ands the test."



RUTH LUND An effervescent fountain


worker and a jolly maid; Her favorite sport is dan足 cin'; \Vhen doors are slammed and book leaves frayed You k:now her mind's on I-Iansen.n

of joviality.






and winning ways




cloth inherit;

Are only matched by rec足

In s,pite of that she hath

ord "A's."

much merit."

EVAN ERICKSON One of t he leading finan足 ciers for t he Snowonian. He




concerning the good qualities of Chester.



fluent speaker. who





MAYNARD WRIGHT l-Ie's \!Vright whether he's right or wrong.

Senior Class Will We, the class of 1915, being in full possession of a sound m i n d a n d m emory, b u t feari ng that a superabundance o f knowledge w i l l drive us to an early grave, do m ak e a n d declare t h i s to b e our l a s t w i l l and testament, and do declare a l l o ur former wills to b e voi d. To the school w e give our hearty thanks for i ts wonderful inspiration and gen ial fellowship. To t h e other classes o f the s c h o ol , the use o f the classrooms and the halls, together w i th the privilege to feas t their eyes upon any art work t h ey may find upon the seats and benches . We also gran t them t h e privilege o f sl eepin g on said seats w h enever the clays are warm o r th e lectures somniferous . To the "spooners'; of t h e sch o ol we b equeath the use of t h e cam pus and l a w n s for spring and fall w o r k , and the u s e of t h e t w o raclia t o r s cl uring t h e w i n t e r season. All amorous undertaki n gs o c­ curring on these designated spo t s receive the full sanction of the Senior Class, and all successful matches are declared t o b e l egal a n d val i d . To a l l girls w h o h a v e n o t h a d a chance to burden themselves w i th " worser halves," we gra n t ful l permission to waylay and make advances w i t h matrimonial intent to any or all boys of the school during the school year o f 1916. Pro v i de d : That said girls must b e fully capabl e of supporting said boys after the wedding bells have chimed. To the s tude�t body i s b equeath ed the privilege of l ocking up the Faculty on Apri l 1, ·1916. Also t h e privilege o f feeding them on crackers and peanuts, m i nus water; drum m i n g up t h e town , a n d oth erwi se engaging i n playful activity as they see fit. Pro­ vided : That no teacher shall revengefully assign due work such as writing sixteen pages o f Theology, t wenty pages of Civics, or other h ealth-destroying assignm ents as a punishment for such antics. T o t h e music students i s given the privilege of s inging, yel l i n g, howling, a n d otherwise mak i ng l ife i ntolerabl e for town residents l iving adj acent to the Academy. Pro v i ded : That these practices shall b e adjourned b efore four o ' clock a . m . , and that the volume of the soun d shall b e sub dued suffi ciently to i nsure its travel ing no farther than Mt. Pleasant CJr M a n t i . To t h e dancers the privilege o f usin g the gymnas ium f o r t h e purpose of l earning the tango, one-step, B oston H e s i ta,tion, and other corruptions of t h e t erps ichorean a rt, unless they are pro­ hibited from doing so by the o rder of the Faculty. To the teachers the privileg e of usi n g the same j okes and sub­ j ec t m atter for t h e i nstruction of their classes, unless they see f i t to rev i s e the m aterial for t h e g o o d of the classes. In witness whereof, w e , the class o f 1915, have set our hand and seal, this first clay of May, i n the year o f Our Lord n i ne teen hundred fifteen. FRA N C I S SM ITH, President. RrOY'hL D. M ADSE N , Vice President. W i t n esses: Lloyd Collard, Business M anager. Eclcla Sumsion, Secretary and Treasurer.

EVERETT ROBINS Scipio, Utah Pres i dent of the Class. l\!f e n of few words are best menA quiet flirt and a general favorite.

FLORENCE JACKSON Ftn . Green, Utah. Popul ar among the Glenns.

MARY GATES Salina, Utah For l o ! I traveled to Ephraim and found I\ ephi.


c ity


MERRILL BAGLEY Koosharem, Utah If Athletic Director of Class. and molecules were basketballs, he

atoms would

be some chemist.


Ephraim, Utah spoken a nd have

am plain


little to


LYDIA CLAWSON . Salina, Utah I am not denying the women are fools, they


macle to match the men.

EVA NIELSON Ephraim, Utah Love no man, not even your brother; If girls must love, love one another.

WELLS THURSBY Ephraim, Utah Love and 'VVar are Better than fame.

BARNEY HYDE Spring City, Utah A man from the "Diamond." A big man from a little c ity.








and Chester boys.

VILROY OLSEN Ephraim, Utah \N orried over the chemicals



ing powders and became white head ed.

MAYANA THOMSON Ephraim, Utah Vice President of Class. H. E. C. President. Long in bed but wide awake when she's


STANLEY ANDERSON Ephraim, Utah To be successful you must look suc c ess足 ful揃



perfect fit to your clothes.

RHODA ANDERSON Central, Utah \!\Tell, wake up, girls, you move like mo足 lasses


cold bread.

EARL PETERSON Ephraim, Utah You can see the North star from the South pole.

SENA CLAWSON Ephraim, Utah Secretary of Class. l\1odest and quiet.

She· doesn't expect

to change her name.

BURTON RUST Koosharem, Utah Track




like a blotter, but if it shoulcl rain would Burton Rust.

JOSEPHINE THOMSON Ephraim, Utah A good cook and loves to see Allburn Brown.

WILLIAM PRITCHETT Fairview, Utah Farce comedies and shorthand his spe­ c ialties. It's a long, long way to Mayfield.

ESTER JENSEN Ephraim, Utah The court of last resort-Reno.


for going there.

LAMAR DASTRUP Sigurd, Utah I'm a business man from an ariel coun­ try.

No girls for me.

LORAINE HANSEN Ephraim, Utah Say gentle words, for who can tell the blessings they impart.



Ephraim, Utah Cheer Master of Class. A s I said b efore, when I go t o heaven will be yelling, " Li ckety Boom !" ARTHUR ROSS

Ephraim, Utah Debating m an ager of S . B. rfongue足 twi s t i n g n a m es and Sol id Geometry up足 permost in h i s m i n d . Right dress! For足 w ard-m arch! MARGARET STEVENS Ephraim, Utah Dramatics a n d confections pasti m es .

my favorite

YALE THORPE Ephraim, Utah had a m i s u nderstal1d ing as to son of classes. I

the sea足

ADA DALTON Circleville, Utah Likes orangeade, b u t would rathe r George's a i d .


RALPH HAYWARD Chester, Utah Track 1914-15. S. A. Athletic Direc tor. Here's to love a n d u n i ty-dark comes and opportunities. Uses th e term Ch ilds for children. FLOSSIE MORTENSEN Ephraim, Utah Secretary of student body. A j olly Junior and a "booster. " ANTHON LUND Mount Pleasant, Utah He would be a Senior if i t wasn't for uni ts and girls.

COY HAYWARD Chester, Utah 1914-15. Runs a






LILLIAN SPARKS Ephraim, Utah Gentle of and




beneficent of





Chester, Utah

A rare

in Chester.

LORA SORENSON Aurora, Utah Always pays attention to Bills.

DE MOSS BILLS Fairview, Utah Lora, Sun and shoe black shine for



r conquers al l

Ephraim, Utah



GLEN AN DERSON Ephraim, Utah Favorite song, "Dear Old Girl Just a Little Love, a Little K'iss-on the Horn.''

Junior Class Officers

Junior Basketball Team

"Firelight Memories"

W h i l e sitting alone by my firesi de, The coals take on m emory's hue, And in fancy I l ive o'er agai n Bygone days at the S . A. U . I drift i n t h e fanciful day-dream s To dear S . A. U. once again ; And h ear the fam i l iar voices O f teachers and d ays that have been. The Gym w i t h its fond recollections Of hours spent so pleasantly th ere; Hours with friends and with schoolm a tes, Unmarred by the busy worl d ' s care. Each clay was a fresh beginning; Each morn ing a clean page was turn ed ; At eve the clay's deeds were recorded, \Nith a l l we had sought for and learned. Those days were as gl i m pses of sunsh ine; That we see a t odd times i n our l ives, \Nhen we v iew the clouds ' s i lver l i n i ngs, As they float a long in the ski e s . A n d when the g l a d school clays were over, vVe woul d feel j us t a tri fle blue ; Yet we carried bright p leasant m e m ories Of our friends and the S. A. U. ADA DALTON.

Concerning The Junior's vV e do not wish to p resent ou rselves as a super­ perfect, harmonious and entirely homogenous body . O u r i nternal dis sensions, o u r piques, our sorro ws, are too w e l l known for that. But, e ven if they were not, we w o u l d not presume to be so vain , so radical, so revolutionary, as to paint o u rsel ve� in coi lors we could not 'b lend with, and, w h i l e we may describe o urselves in the glowing effulgence and pu issan ce of youth, we do not verge to the egoti stical, we do not enshrine o u rselves in a halo we have not made. \i\1 e do not wish to be basking i n the light of propitious p ossi­ b ilties, but we do wish to proclaim in tih e j ust pri d e and strength o f o u r own heart th e procl i vities whi c h are so evid ent i n the students of our Junior bo dy. W e hold that in o u r m i dst sit legislators, men vvho shall make legislatu res ring w ith truth an d j us­ In our m id st sit men and women who shall tice. becom e master workm en with th e palette an d the pen ; whose nam es shall resou n d in the corrid ors of fam e and s hall be carved in th e h earts of their countrymen. l\1en w h o shal l w ie l d the gavel and w ith equitabl e m in d deal j u stice t o a future progeny. Our b ody as a whole is the e m b ryo of a greater futu re State-the citizens of tom oProw . Eac h i s prepared t o give a legacy of a sound body and m i n d, an unsullied and u n splotched conscience, to th e future's future progeny. Ou r athletes are b uilding u p a future State, u n con­ s c iously, but neverth eless tru e, of a race of hardy peo­ ple, m en and women w l h o will people the country with a rac e of stu rdy, solid boys and girls. Such is the Junio r Class as w e see ou rselves, and under th e guidance of o u r Presi d ent and h is abl e and efficient cabinet the class has breasted the current of difficulties, and we all grateful l y vote th em a vote of thanks and praise . Our track and field teams m e rit the praise we have a' w arded th e m . That ou r socials have b een a s u cc ess will b e readily indorsed b y the officers of the s chool in general . That w e are a prom­ ising body can b e seen by the s uggestive group of photograpl h s h erein shown. W e will m eet as Seniors n ext year, and then the truth or error of this subscrip't will b e partially mani­ fest. Von Omnia possumous Omnes. THE CLASS, Arthu r Rose.

Sophomore Class Once tipon a t i m e we vvere "Green" Ii'reshies," but now t hat we have passed that part, we have become the sober-m inded Sopho颅 We have certai nly p u t asi d e m ores of 1915. our chil dish thoughts and fancies, and have come to think that t h ey belong to that class of people cal l e d " Fresh m e n . " N o longer are w e j eered at and l ooke d down upon as being m ere laughing stock for the rest of the school ; nor do we stil l hear t h e re mark We have that we are "Only Freshies.'路' reached a h ighe r s tage than that in s chool life , b u t a s we look at the homesick Fresh men, our sym pathy goes out to them, and we no l onger won der why the Sophs of last year laughe d at us. T h e school needs m o re students l ike u s . whose m o s t eager amb i ti o n i s t o develop t o t h e fu llest t h e spirit of t h e school. A l l those who com e within reach of our influence m ay n ever forget to Love, Cherish and H onor the Soph s.

WOODRUFF ALLEN Circleville, Utah Athletic J\/[ana g er. \Nit and are b or n with a man.


GLENN BILLS Fairview, Utah

Yel l J\/[as t e r j u s t can't make my eyes be颅 ha v e Oh you brunette baby." .




MATTIE BEAL Ephraim, Utah

Vice President. Education? She expects to go t o Harvard w h en sh e c o m pletes the Sno w .

Se c r etary


more sunny

Her hair is not than her h eart.

RALPH MONROE Scipio, Utah President. star.

0 ur

The c lass


guiding Look

Academy Gossip Cora : "You were a l ong t ime gett i ng me, Coy, clear . " Coy : "And you were a long time wai , t ing, pet." Glenn : "I am going to ask your father for your h and 111 m a rriage tonight." Florence : " How dreadful ly old fashioned you are." Glenn : "In w h a t way, clear ?" Florence : " Don't ask him; tell h i m ."· Duena:- " Didn't Etta h ave a t r oop of l overs figh t ing for her ?'' Fern : "Yes, but they a l l beat a hasty retreat." E m m a's Mother to E m m a : " Do you thi n k, my clear, that James w i l l m a ke any sacrifices for you ?" E m m a : " Yes, i ndeed, Mother. He's trying to cut o u t h is flirt ing w i t h Ida already." N ana : " Luella Oly roycl i s c razy about becoming an ac· t ress for t ' h e m ovies." Olive : " W hy ?" N ana : "Because some of the p ictures t alk." Maiben (to Orva l ) : "Do you t h i nk much o f Sena ?" Orval : "No, o nly abo u t t wenty-four hou rs each clay.'' Zelia : "Omerea has a novel comple�ion." .l\!Jat t ie : " Yes, but the novel ty i s apt to wear off." H a r vey (to Freel) : "Then it is this even ing that you are giving t he ring t o Lerain ? And what i f she breaks the engagement?'' Freel : " Oh , don't worry, I shall demand a receip t." Brother H. E. Jensen (in Zoology ) : "Arvilla, w h a t is an oyster ?" ArviHa : " An oyster i s a fish bui l t l ike a nut. " Maynard: " Gee ! B u t I had a fright l ast night." Stanley : "Yes, I s a w you with Dora l ast nigh' t ." B rother J. Y . Jensen (in Engl ish) : "La Verne, use 'b i t ter en d' i n a sentence." L a Verne : " Our clog chased the cat under t· h e piazza and b i tter encl." A rthur : " I t h i nk H arvey is the worst dancer in t h e ro om." Ann : " H ush, you forget yoursel f . " La Verne ( t o Ruby) : " Haven ' t you a n d Harvard been engaged long enough to be married ?" Ruby : "Too long. He h asn't a cent left." I n the hall Ralph put his h ands o ver E tta's eyes and said : " W h o a m I ?" E t ta, after giggling and blushing, gave up and, turning around w i t h a sweet s m i le, whi c h turned to a clark fro wn, she exclaimed : "Shucks, I t hought i t was a m an." Professor H i ll (to Easton) : " Easter, what is the shape of the earth ?H Easton : "Round." Professor H ill : " , H o w do you kno w it I S round ?" Eas , t on : "All righ t , it's square, then ; I don't want to start any argument."




All e n , \1\l oodru ff All red, Elva Allred, Harvard Allred, Vern a Beal, Mattie Benson, Ezel B il l s , Glenn Bill s, Jam es Childs, Dorc u s Christensen, Duena Christensen, Ham ner Christe n sen, Zella Ch ristensen, LaVar Clawson, Orval Cooper, Fred Dastl-up, Earl Dorius, Etta Dorius, Verda Embley, Aroh a Hans e n , Harvey Han sen, Leland Hawley, Dora Jack son, \Vinnie Jen sen, Easton



Jensen, Leora Longson, Virgi n ia Lun d , Soph i e Madsen , Leah 2\llcArth ur, �ana .Monroe, Ral p h :Morten s e n , R uby .Murphy, Sylvia 0:" ielsen, Phener ?\ e l son, Grace (Special) Oldroyd, Luella Peterso n , LaVerne Peterson, Oli v e P h erson , Rozella Sm ith, Arthur Soren son, Emma Staples, Arvilla Stevenson, Carrol Taylor, Cora Thom son, Fern Thom son, Maiben \Nilliams, Ariel Yorgensen, Leona Young, Floyd

Sophomore Orchestra

To The Sophomore Orchestra Unto the silen t Sophomore Class, The Sop hom ore Orchest ra plays, The s t rains that are ever dear t o them, And lasting imp ressions are m ade. All know t here exist s such an o rches tra, Their pho tos have t raveled far. A n d long will live memories of that rare set, vVhich no other m u s i c can mar.

Freshmen Confession of Faith


This bunch of stu dents entered the solemn p ortals of Sno w Academy on Septe mber 14, 1914. Th ey had hardly become en roll ed o n the register before they proceeded to upset all traditions by s h o wi n g signs of i ntel­ ligence. I ndeed, s u ch an i ntellectual coterie of hop efuls never before graced the pages o f t h e registration blanks. The most pleasant feature of our first few day s was the cord ial manner with w h i c h our instructors welc om e d us to their respective classes. T h e teachers looked us over w ith apprec iative eyes, an d i n voi ces ,t1 h robb i n g w i· t h emotion, told us that th ey had at last l i ved to see ;1 real class. I ndeed, they went s o far as to assign us thi rty pages less than i n p re c e d ing years, deem ing it unnecessary to force wo rk o n such a noble outfit. Thu s we came i nto school w ith a halo of appreciation over. our h eads, and proceeded to do better work than any preceding class . \1\1 e have proved i t . V\1 e n o w ad m it it. Sign ed: THE CLASS.

Freshmen Abelin, Blenda

Christensen, The�ma

Mortensen, Alta

Allred, Vern

Cowley, Edwin

Mortensen, Rulon

Allred, Verna

Cowley, Elmer

Anderson, Agnes

Cowley, Gay

Anderson, Carl

Cowley, Gwen Cowley, Rodney A.

Anderson, Harvey

:vr ortensen, Vergia Nielson, Andrew Nielson, Robert Olsen, Arden Olsen, Emroy

Anderson, Ruth

J)ahl, Alfred .Dastrup, ,Evadna

Anderson, .Stanley C.

Dastrup, Joel

Peterson, Edith

Anderson, Leland

O'sen, Harvey

Anderson, Vione

Das trup, Noel

Peterson, Henry

Anderson, •Wilford Armstrong, Crystal

Dorius, Elda Durfee, Millie

Peterson, Odell

Bagley, Martimer

Greaves, Merrill Hansen, Alonzo

Peterson, Rulon

Hansen, Auretta

Poulsen, Merritt Rasmussen

Beck, Verland

Hansen, Clarence Hansen, Donetta Hansen, LaSalle

Bellander, Glen Bjerregaard, Nellie

Hansen, Myrle

Sorenson, Otto

Brady, Stanley

Hansen, Oliver

Smith, Robert

Merrill Hansen

Stevenson, Irene

Hayward, Thelma Isaacson, Thorpe

Sumsion, ·Clara Thompson, Austin

Bagnall, Rodney Bailey, Audry Baxter, Jean Beal, Jesse

Braithwaite, Verlin /'Brienholt, Lenore Brown, Alburn

Hansen, Linden


Peterson, Ila Peterson, Ralph

Poulson, Edith Eris

Robins, Ke � neth Sorensen, Horace

Thompson, Blaine

Buchanan, Elwood


Cherry, Weslie

Jensen, Audrie

Thompson, Gladys


Jensen, Leona

Thompson, Leda

Christensen, Farreld

Jensen, Lillian

Christensen, Fawn Christensen, Glen

Jenson, Valton Justenson, Silvia

Thorpe, Udale Thulin, Nephi

Christensen, Henry

Larsen, Ella

Christensen, Lamont

Larsen, Grant


Christensen, LaVern

McAfferty, Alta

Christensen, Rodney

Millor, Luera

Todd, Ella Tucker, ·willie Tye, Juna Willardson

Winn, Lor� s


Freshmen Class Officers

KENNETH ROBINS, Scipi o , Utah President-"Graced w i t h the power of voice." (A Robin) VERGIA MORTENSEN,

E phrai m ,


Vice Pres i dent-"Such a serious l i ttle creature." ROD LEY BAGN A L L , Chester, Utah

Treasurer-"A man who sticks up for h is h ome town, Chester.'' H OR·A CE SORENSEN, Ephraim , Utah Secretary-"B u t the fruit that can fall without s haking is too mellow for me." MARTI M ER BAGLEY, Koosharem , Utah A thletic D i rector-"Hath thy toil o'er b ooks consu med t h e m i dn ight o il?" E LDEN CHI•LDS, Centerfiel d, Utah Yell Master-"I am not

in the rol l


Common Men .'''

Home Economics Club.

The fact that th e 1-Lome Econ o m i c s Cl ub is t h e only organ足 ization in the social curri c u l u m that appeals to m embers of both sexes i s evident from t h e past results o f its work . Our abil i ty has been m easu re d in ou r act ive expressions an d dem onstrations. As in every art, t h e first thing to con足 sider is material, which proves to b e of superior qual i ty . -\N e hav e shown our sincerity i n o u r work by the various entertain m ents w e have given, in which we proved to b e t h e original little ticket sellers in t h e institu t ion. the

Every student has been a keen obs erver and fully realizes i mportance of an occasional " Pi e Day."

Th e Club aim s to mak e the girls more united socially and to c reate and encourage the desire to b e c om e more e fficien t h o m e-makers and t o prove more economical h elpmates i n order to be more sought after by t h e sterner sex. CATH1AR11NE THOl\IISON.

Agricultural Club.

Music Department T h e _M u s i c D e p a r t m e n t of t h e S n o w �-\ c a d e m y is o rgan i z e d i n c o m p l e t e f o r m a n d s t r i v e s t o l o o k a f t.e r t h e i n t e r e s t s o f p r e s e n t a n d f u t u re m u s i c i a n s , t o l ay a f i n e m u s i c a l fo u n d a t i o n a n d t o i n s p i r e t h e s tu dents to h igher p l a n e s o f m u si c a l a c t i v i t y .

Th e b a n d , orch e s t ra l a n d v i o l i n w o r k i s u n d e r the d i re c t i o n o f Th e p iano Professor Ken n et h Royl an ce, a leadi n g Utah viol i n i st .

d i v i s i o n i s t ak e n c a r e o f by P r o f e s s o r L e a n d e r T h o m p s o n , a s t u d e n t of t h e i\' e w E n gl a n d Con s e r v a t or y of � 1 u s i c. Th e ch oral , vocal

a n d t h eo r e t i c a l a c t i v i ty i s u n d e r t h e c h a rge o f t h e P r i n c i p a l o f t h e d e p a r t m e n t , J o h n T . I-I a n d . o f E u r o p e a n t ra i n i n g. T h e d e p a rt m e n t p re s e n t e d i n t h e y e a r 1 9 1 3 - 1 9 1 4 " T h e D e a t h o f M i n n e h ah a , " b y C o l e r i dge Tay l o r , t h e h e a v i e s t c h o r a l w o r k t o T h i s y e a r i t m a d e i t s m as-­ b e g i v e n b y t h e C h u rc h s c h oo l sy s t e m . t e r a c h i e v e m e n t i n t h e p r e s e n t a t i on of t h e ' ' Beggar S t u den t , " by "Y f i l l o c k e r , t h e h e a v i e s t o p e ra p r e s e n t e d by t h e Ch u r c h s c h o o l sys­ tem d u ri n g t h i s s e a s o n . In b o t h cases s p e c i a l t r a i n s were sec ure::l and t h e works were p r od u c e d in t h e l a rg e r t o w n s of S a n p e t e a n d Sevier Cou n t i es . T h e c o m p a n y p l ay e d i n R i c h t i e l d, :\ /[ t . P l e a s a n t. :M o r on i , Fa i r v i e w a n d E p h r a i m · Each e n t e r p r i s e w a s a f i n a n c i a l a s w e l l a s a n a r t i s t i c s u c c e s s , t h e c h o r u s n u mb e r i n g o n e h u n d r e d a n d t w e n t y - f i v e v o i c e s a n c l t h e o r c h e s t ra a s h i gh a s t w e n ty - f v i e . :\o m ore l oy a l s u p p o r t e r s o f t h e a r t , n o r m ore i n t e l l i g e n t m a t e r i a l , n o r grea t e r f i e l d e x i s t s a n y w h e r e w i t h i n t h i s fa i r s t a t e t h a n a t t h e S n o w A c a d e m y.

"Beggar Student"

The Academy Choir


"Beggar Student"

Senior Orchestra

Junior Orchestra

Snow Academy Band

Town Band


Dramatic Company

Dramatic Company Ralph Hay ward Stan ley Rob i n s Grace Kelson Lillian Sparks Dora Hawley Fran c i s S m ith Leonard Tho m son Etta Dorius Flossie .M ortensen Arth ur Ross Everett Rob i n s Maynard ;\!V right DeJVIoss B il l s Ca therine Thom son Rh oda Anderson 'VV i l l iam P ritchett James B ill s Merrill Han sen �1argaret S teven s

1 9 1 4- 1 5

Basket-Ball Season


Teams and Place 1. 2. 3.

4. ·' ·

6. 7.

8. 9.

10. 11. 12. 13.

Sno w Aca demy at l\1 t. Pleasant Snow Academy at Manti . . . . . . 1\!It. Pleasant at Ephraim . . . . . . Monroe a�t Eph ra i m . . . . . . . . . . S n o w Academy at Cen terfieil d . R i c h fiel d at Eplh raim . . . . . . . . . Man t i a t Ephrai m . . . . . . . . . . . . Snow Academy at Sal ina . . . . . . Salina a't Eph ra i m . . . . . . . . . . . . Snow Academy a't Manti . . . . . . Snow A cademy at Mt. Pleasan t ' Sno w Academy at Richfiel d . . . Snow Academy at lVIonroe . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. Dec . . . Dec . . . . Dec . . . . Jan. 8 . Jan. 16 . Jan. 22 . Jan. 27 . Jan. 29 . Feb . 5 . Feb . 6 . Feb . 8 . Feb . 12 . Feb . 13 .


S core

S . A. Manti S. A . S . A. S. A . S. A. S. A . S. A. S . A. S . A. lVI t . Pleasant R i c hfield S. A.

�6-2'2 27-25 43-31 76-22 3 5-29 28-26 38-20 32-24 50-13 14-13 3 5-3 1 19-17 27-24

I t w i l l be plainly seen from the above scores t h a t the Snow had almost a clean s weep of the games played.


ever, the deci sion was given to Man t i on a l i ttle tec h nicality . O n e of o u r players had received a l i ttle m oney t h e preceding s u m mer for a game or t wo o f baseball, and according- to the rules of the basket league he w a s i neligible to enter the leagu e on the grounds that he was a professional pl ayer. Now, of cou rse, we always ab ide by the deci s ions of those

auth orized to give it, b u t it was q u i te a disappoi ntmen t to u s to lose t h e dec i s i·o n on s u c h a s m a l l p retext.

We cou l d not

help but feel that many of the players on the other tea m s m ig ht h a ve received a f e w cents for playing a g-ame of ball at some time i n thei r l ives and should therefore be called p ro­ fessionals.

B u t we w i l l let that pass ; take a look at the score

and deci de for yourselves ,...w h o were the best players.

Gymnasium Girls

Gymnasium Boys .. ,

Track Team

Basket Ball Tearn

Inter-Class Champions

Base Ball Tearn

Departtnents and ďż˝


Domestic Science Class

Domestic Art


Commercial Department


Funnigrams B rother N oyes recently 路met one of h i s students a n d friends. " Good morning, you old s i n ner," said B rother N oyes , pleasantly, with the famil颅 iarity of a friend. " I ' m no s i nner,"' was the reply. " I 'm perfection." "Perfection ?" replied B rother N oyes . " \1\T ell, I ' ve al ways desired to see perfection, b u t n o w that I see it I have no desi re to attain u n to i t . '' T wo l ittle b oys, one the son of a m i ni ster and the other the son of a bishop, who were al ways arguing whose father was the greater man, c ame together one day, when the m i n i ster's l i ttle son exc laimed : " Yo u r father ain't no good . M ine has given m e a h e n that l ays an egg every week." "That's nothing," q u i ck ly retor t e d the b i s h o p 's son . " l\/[y fat h er l ays a cornerstone every week ." The following letter was received f rom B rother H il l ' s w i fe while she was i n Cali fornia : " I a m sen d ing by m a i l a parcel containing the gol f coat you wante d ., As the coat b u ttons were so very heavy I h ave to c u t them o ff to save postage. "Your loving w i fe . . . . . . . . . "P. S . Yrou w i l l find the b u tton s i n the r igh t hand pocket of the coat." .

B rother H. E. Jensen was bending o ver the table looking at some botanical speci mens through the m i c roscope. Arthur Ross slipped up q u ietly and poked a note into h i s hand. The s u rprised botanist opened it and read : "Honored Sir : Y er pants is ripped . " ' One d a y Dewey Lun d wen t t o the Cottage I-I otel and asked for someth i11g stro nger than water, and of cou rse he wanted to be trusted for i t. The man in charge yelled to t he propri etress : " Sha l l I trust De wey Lund for a drink ?" " H as he had it ?" " H e has." "Then trust h i m ." "Patrick , d i d you steal W i d o w M aloney's p t g, and i f so w h at di d you do w i th it ?" "Killed it and ate it, your H onor." ''Well, now, Pat rick, when you are b rought face to face w i t h \1\Ti dO \i\; Mal oney and her pig on Judgment Day," said the j u dge, "what account will you be able to give of yoursel f when the widow accuses you of stea l ing ?" " D i d you say the pig would be there, your H onor ?" asked Pat. "To be s u re I did.''' uw ell, then I ' l l say, 'Mrs. Maloney, there's you r pig.' "

Leonard Thomson h a d come hom e later t h a n u sual a n d had r eady a good explanation, b u t h i s w i fe gave 'h i m n o chance, and i m mediately began to t e l l h i'm w h a t she thought of h i m . He endured it patien tly all even ing, q u i etly read h,is paper and went to bed. H i s w ife was still t alki ng. \Vh e n he was almost asleep he cou l d h ear her s t i l l scolding h i m P n m ercifully. He dropped off to sleep and a woke after a couple of h o u rs, only to hear h i s w i fe remark : " I hope a l l the wome n don't have to p u t up w i th such con d u c t 1 as t h i s .'' "Al ice," said Thom son, "are you talking aga i n or y e t ?"

Una (who is n ow m i st ress of h e r o w n h o m e , 19 16) : "Jane, what do you m ean by wearing m y low-necked d ress a t the b u s drivers' ball last n igh t ? You ought to b e ashamed of y o urself." Jane (m eekly) : " I was, m u m . You should h av e h eard the rem a rks they m a d e . " Professor H a n el w a s i n a m o tor car a c c i d e n t o n e clay . A p a p e r a fter recording t h e a c c i de n t said : " Vv e are h appy to s t ate that h e was able to appear t h e fol l o wing eve n i n g i n three pieces." After p reaching a sermon on t h e fate o f the w i cked, a clergyman met an old woman well kno w n for het gossiping propensities, a n d he said : " I hope m y s ermon has borne fru i t . You h eard about the place w h ere I said there shall be wailin g a n d gnashi n g of teeth ?" " Vl ell, as to that,''' ans wered the dame, "if I 'as anythi n g to say, i t b e this : ' Let them gnash teeth a s has ' e m , I a i n ' t . ' "

James ( 1916) : " Sir, I wou l d respe c t fully ask you for an i n crease of salary ; I have got m arri e d lately." Employer : "Very sorry . Tames. I can b e of no assistance to you . The com pany is not responsible fo r any accidents that happen to i t s e m ployees when off duty . " Oh, Mother, clear lVfother, come h o m e to u s now, The cook h as gone o u t o n a s trik e . Poor father w o u l d fee d u s , b u t doesn't kno w h o w . C o m e h o m e , and th en y ote i f you l i k e . The Academy choir had resign ed, a n d B r o t h e r N o y e s was the cans� of the trou b l e . "Well," reo l i ed B roth er H an el , "you h av e yourself to b lame. You know you said, Providence h aving s ee n fit to affl i c t a l l o u r choir w i th bad col ds, let us j o in in s inging ' Praise God F r o m \i\Thom All B lessings Flo w . ' " Evan h a d to cross a certain field every n i gh t on h i s w ay to see h i s girl . One nigh t t he re was a b ul l in the fiel d , a n d i t gave E v a n a ter­ rible chase. He sprinted for about h a l f a mile, and only escap e d by a wonderfu l l eap over a five-foot fence. Next evening h e carried a baseb al l b a t with h i m to se rve as a weapon should h e again e n counter t h e bull. This time, h owever, the bull was absent. Only a p l ayful, harml ess l ittle calf was i n sigh t . Appro a ching i t, the vindictive Evan gave it a sharp blow with t h e b a t, a t the s a m e t i m e exclaiming exc i tedly : "Take that, and tell your father E v a n Eri ck­ son done it !'''

Chronology " O n account o f the war" it will not be possib l e to give .very m any defin i te dates. Stu dents who are in cloub't concerning t h e accuracy of the elates h erein recorde d are respectfully referred to any reliable almanac. SEPT EMBER During t h i s m on t h w a s registered t h e largest number of s tu d ents in the h istory of th e insti tu'tion. A l l s�t u d ents came i n to the schoolroom w i th the fire of a m b it i on burning i n t h eir eyes, and the p rosp ects for a prosperous school year w ere never beNer. During th is month a l l the classes were organized a n d the school machin ery was soon in spl e n d i d ru nni n g order. One of the most i nteres't i n g events i n this m on t h was t h e i n ter­ class track m eet, which happened about t h e latter part of th e m o n th . During t h i s m e e t t h e Sophomores a n d Ju niors comb in e d against t h e Freshmen a n d Seniors. T h e for m er com1)ination , after a fiercely con­ tested battle, establ i s h e d t h e i r claim to superiority. OCTOBE-R T'h e students, at their second student-party m eeti ng, d e c i d e d to part with a dollar for the purpose of amusing them selves at t wo stud e n t . b o dy parties. I t was w i't h m u ch rel u c tance ancl many s ighs of regret tlh a t som e of the students thus parted company w i t h one of t h e i r b e s t friends, h ut a f t e r s om e persuasion �the m aj or i ty of the s t u d e n t s w ere convinced that it w a s the b est t h i n g to do, although a n u m b e r said th e parting would b e too hard t o b ear. Those who contributed to the party h ave n ever been sorry ; t h e parties were thoroughly enj oye d , and e i ther one w a s w orth double the p r i c e . NOVEMBER

12. The work and spirit of tlhe school was enlive n e d by the enroll­ ment of the M. I. A . students, who promised to remain with us for about six weeks. N ever b e fore have the c l assrooms been fil l e d with better or more s i n cere 3tuclents ; never b efore h av e the halls b een b rightene d by so m any s m i l ing b eauties or stu rdy gallants. M ay t h e M . I . A . course b e a permanent part of t h e curri cul u m . T h i s b e i ng the m onth of th e reg-ular d e m i s e of cou n t l ess turkeys i n the United States, the students d e c i d e d to b e among t h e l eaders i n send­ ing as many of tq1 e fow l s to the h appy h u n t in g groun d s as possib l e . As a result of their deci sion a great n u t11 'b e r of t h e m "sluffed" classes i n o r d e r to b e ready f o r the slaughter on the morrow . This d i d not m e e t w i t h the hearty approval of some o f the teach ers, b u t upon b e ing re­ m in d e d of their former you th fulness t h ey were constrained to b e l en i e n t with t h e offen ders. Accordingly, on t h e fol lowing clay t h e students were permitted to l iv e i n order to h e l p fat hers and m o rh ers whose t ables were groaning w ith t h e w e i ght of the n ewly-garnered foodstuffs to dis­ pose of all superfluous eatab l e s . DEC EMBER The baskefball h eroes girded up t h e i r loins, a n d d e c i d e d to take the c h a m pionship of the Sa n Pete-Sevier divis ion . Many valiant w a r­ nors ':" ere foun d among the i r ranks, and i t was evident that they woul d

�ol�now ficademgo�=o



T b e S n o vv A c a d e n1 y i s at y o u r s e r v i c e a t a l l t i n1 e s , a n d t h e l a r ge e n r o l l n1 e n t l a s t y e a r p r o v e s t h at t h e sc h o o l i s s t i l l grovvi n g .

W h a t i s i t y o u w o u l d h av e ?

H er e i t 1 s :

N o r n1 a l , H i gh S c h o o l , C o n1 n1 e r c i a l , Agr i c u l -­ tur e , D o n1 e s t i c S c i e n c e , D o n1 e s t i c A r t , Car-­ p e n t ry , M u s i c . W h at a b o u t o u r l o c a t i o n ?

I deal.

\!Vh a t a b o u t o u r s u rr o u n d i n g s ? W h at a b o u t o u r c o n1 n1 u n i t y ?

B ea u t i fu l . An


ti onal center. \iVh a t a b o u t o u r a c c o n1 n1 o d a t i o n s ? P e r fe c t . W h at a b o u t o u r sch o o l ?

A n y of o u r stu­

dents can tell you t h a t . vvh e r e .

I n quire any­

O u r gra d u a t e s a r e su c c e s sfu l ,

a n rl o u r p a t r o n s l o y a l .

Th e S n o w A c a d e n1 y i s a s c h o o l , t ry i n g t o d o t h e gre a t e s t g o o d t o t h e gr e a t e s t n u n1 b e r . You are invited t o att e n d .


� --=:x:::::>e:>c:: --

put up a strong battle. The fact is that they did put up a hard battle and d i d win t!he championship, although the decision was given to Manti o n a technicality. Readers o f t h i s paragraph are referred to the athletic section for a m ore c·o mplete d i s cuss ion of this event and for more com­ plete proofs o f the statement concerning th e w i nn ing of the championship. DECEMB ER After a desperate struggle with books and exa minations the C hrist­ mas holidays were h a i l e d w i th yells o f delight. B ooks were tossed c on­ temptuously aside and school life was almost forgotten i n the excite­ m e n t of tih e m o m e n t . T h e feeling of j oy was h e ightened to som e extent by i ndulgence in dances and parties, among w h i c h was a fare well party given by the M . I . A. s tudents ; also a p l ay given by the s a m e organ iza­ tio n . T h e only thought w h i c h tended t o dampen o ur sp i rits w a s that of losing the aforesai d M. I. A . students. Especially sorry were those s tudents who had formed amorous acquaintances and alliances. JANUARY Sch ool o p ened w i t h students tired of the i r frivolities and glad to get back to work once more. 1 1 . A gloom was cast o ver the school upon hearing o f the d eath of one of our b eloved and h ighly respected teachers, Mrs. Sarah A . H ansen. F o r many years s h e h a d been an efficient assistant i n the dressmaking department, where she was the loving companion and in­ structress o f the girls of that department. H e r loss i s keenly felt by the w hole s c h ool. 13. rfh e Seniors gave the program for the student body m eeting, during w h i c h plans f or the editing o f this auspicious l n tle. book were l a i d b e fore the studen t body. 27. Program for the student body meeting furn i s h e d by the band. The campaign for the band uniforms was comm enced and a dance and concert for raising the necessary cash was announced. FEBRUARY 2. The bear came out and s a w h i s s hadow . Deciding tha t shad­ ows at thi s time o f t'h e year are not good for the h ealth, h e decided t o go back i nto his hole and remain for anoth er six weeks. 10. Student body program furnished by the H om e Eco n om ics Club. A mong the parts wh ich delighted us and will never be forgotten was : " Ho w Jeannett e B ecame Engaged." I t was excruci ati ngly funny. 28. Student body program furnished by the Juniors. Arthur Rose i n dulged i n a little verbosi ty, in the p rogress of which h e informed us concern ing the future of m emb ers of the Junior Class.


MARCH Spring opened up w i t h bright sunshi n e, thus upsetting all the bear's predictions o n t h e second of February. 8. Robi n s , Allen and Coach B a r ton have the initial try-out for the honors at putting the shot. W r ight, Terry, Monroe and others find a n e w w ay to ai el fallen she-roes b y m eans of a game w h i c h they call " Popping the Whi p . " Both games were carried on a t th e s a m e t i m e and i n the s a m e v i c i ni ty. During the game, Terry ran into the s h ot w hile it was reaching its d esti nation and a s a result received an ugly w ound on the forehead. For a t i m e it was feared that the wound would prove fatal, but fortunately he recovere d . 10. Student boclv program g i v e n by the Sop h om ores. Woo druff

Bank of Ephraim Capital , Surplus and Undivided Profi ts


The safe s t and

most c o n 足

ven i s n t way to keep money en





of a

check acou n t . New accoun t s res pectfully s o l i ci t e d .

OFFICERS A. N. BJERREGAARD, President C. WILLARDSEN, Vice President F. H . RASMUSON, Cashier

N o -vv i s t b e t i 111 e t o b u y p u r e b r e d r e gi s t e r e d s t o c k . h a v e fo r s a l e a t a n y t i n1 e I--:I e r e :ford C a t t l e , H a n1 p s h i r e D o w n Sh e e p , B e r k s h i r e I�I o gs a n d A n g o r a G o a t s

N l y st oc k i s a b s o l u t e l y guaran t eed



be breeders or

y o u r n1 o n e y r e fu n d e d . Wri t e n 1 e , -vv1 r e n1 e , o r c o n1 e a n d s e e n1 e .

l\I y p n c e ::�

a r e R I G H 1"' .

JAMES Kesgo Farm No. 1


OLSEN Ephrairn, Utah

The Lofty College Atmosphere of th e


attracting wide and


admi ration.


feature h as been c rea ted l argely by a

SELF-GOVERNING ST U DE N T BODY THAT DOES T H INGS This year i t h a s won : The Inter-collegiate D ebating Championship of Utah and Nevada The Inter-collegiate Basketball Championship of Utah The I nter-c ollegiate Wrestling Championship of Utah With other victories in sight. The D emand for Graduates of the

Church Teachers' College Can n ot Be Filled HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY !

THE UTAH AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE AT LOGAN offers to the graduates of the H igh School exceptional oppor­ tunities for advanced trai ning in Agriculture, H ome Econom­ ics, Agricultural Engineering, Com merce, l\lf echan i c Arts and General Scien ce. B road an d l iberal i n s tru ::: t ion is given in the natural an d p hy s i cal scien ces and in mathem atics, Engl ish, economics, literatu re and languages. The degree of Bachelor of Science is given upon com pletion of the college courses . Sh ort p racti cal courses are gi ven i n ap departments of the institution, for th ose w h o do not wish, on account of age and other conditions, to take the ergual r c o llege and high school work A n y man or woman in Utah can take any course given at the Agricultural College w h i ch he or she can p ursue w i t h profit. The College especially appreciates affil iation with t he clean and v i rile m inded young men and women w h o are to become the leaders of tomorrow .

At no time in the world's history was educa颅 tion more essential than today.

Growth and

de路,-elopment are the watchwords.

Snow Ac ademy S t ands fo r

Efficiency and Honor Come be Convinced

O P P O RTUNITIE S The Wes t is f u l l of work to be done.




B USINESS? Lay the



foundation broad.


in the College of A r ts and Scien ces. as well a s .a living."

2 0 0 courses to choose from " P reparation to make a life


t r .a ining



·C h emical and General Engineering.




An opportunity to study engin­

eering in the very center of a l l kinds of engineering activity.


ED UCA TION? P r eparation for teaching in all departments of work in common schools , high school s and colleges.

LA W? An state.


on every hand.

h e a d and hands be trained.

The only demand i s tha t your

opportunity to get your l a w degree without leaving A new school of high standar d s and thorough methods.


MEDICINE? 'Y ou may get two years of medicine, that

and receive a certificate

w ill admit you to the Junior year of the b es t m e dical colleges

in the country. Large libmries, well equipped laboratories, shops and mills, s t r uctors that can be obtained are at your servic e . ' Fuller information ma y b e obtained by application t o the








Salt Lake City, Utah

A l len, w i th the aiel o f Etta Dorius, rec i ted " Mary Had a Little Lamb . " H e took h i s part wel l, an d prom i ses t o be a noted elocutionist a t some future time. 7. The Seniors gave one of the biggest parties of the season, in . the form of a chicken feed. The Fac u l ty were present to see if they cou l d detect t1he flavor of any of their chi ckens, b u t being unable to do so, the party went ·off s u c cessfully.

1 5. A spec ial train carried the "Beggar Student Opera Company'·' to R ichfield, w here the "Beggar Stu dent" played that evening to a ca­ pacity hou se.

16. The " Special " carried the Opera Company to M t . Pleasan t, w here i t was enthusiasti cally received, another capacity house t u rn ing out to show the appreciati on whi c h the peop le of l\!J:t . Pleasan t felt for real music.

1 7. All "Beg:gar Students" came to school with heavy eyes and endured the schoo l day to the end . H owever, a great n u mber of them were abl e t·o s tay long enough to make dates for the St. Patrick's dance. 20. The Sophomores foll o wed the lead of the Sen iors and gave class party, w h i c h p roved to be an entire s u c cess.


23 . The Juniors caug·ht the fever and deci ded that t hey were in need of refreshments, and gave a l ively little party. A deligJhtful lunch was served by the charming girls of the Sophomore Class.


S NOWON IAN ,.___ S PRINTERS AN D BIN DERS o.f this book, we ask you

to pause just a moment, as you turn these pages, and give a thought to the process by which it has been pro­ duced. Contemplate the labor performed in the prepara­ tion of copy for the reading matter and illustrations, and don't forget to say a word of appreciation to those of your acquaintances who performed a labor of love


its preparation . Imagine, if you can, the careful techni­ cal handling a work of this standard must receive from the printer­ architect, the engraver, the compositor, the proof reader, the press­ man and the book binder. Picture to yourself an establsihment with knowledge and facilities sufficient to produce a book so pleasing in materials, typography and color harmony.

Then compare your

mental picture with the real thing by calling on us and taking a trip through our departments .

You will be amply repaid if you are not

entirely familiar with modern printing and binding machinery.

New Century Printing Co. 30-32 East First North Street


Our equipment is so thoroughly complete that we promptly and efficiently handle the largest contracts for our product. Employees all anxious to please you.




I 5he Po;trait i I �I I A Chapter in Babg Life 'llllllllllll<llllllllllllltiiiiiDIIIU.JIIIIIIIIIIIItiiiiiiiiiiiUtiiiiiiOIIIDtiiDIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIDI<IUIIDIIIII<DIIIIIIIIIIIIlDIUIIIIIU<

� �

letter or phone will make a sitting appointment andideas give usweanhaveopportunity you the in­of teresting in our studioto show for Portraits A

� �


I S::t e��;:a: :ar:s �:::n;�t;::;t:::ul::: recorded by a I p;;; I ;;�� �t�di� i; ne






)C>()r(ra it ·


Yea r Book Work a Specialty



=-= = =



This Photo is of four yearlings, which

shows the type of sheep I raise.

I have a number of registered Ram足

bouillets, both Ewes and Rams for sale. My stud Rams came from choice herds in Michigan and my Ewes from the best herds in Utah. Call and see them.




Pa weighs



Ma weighs pounds How much does the kid weigh ?

1 , 507


A promising young husband The LARGEST AN D BEST herd of registered Hereford Cattle in the WEST. Also a very excellent stock of registered Percheron Horses, Berk足 shire Hogs and Hampshire Sheep. Correspondence and inspection invited.

Olson Live Stock Co.



F r a t e r n i t y J e we l r y Ca t a J o g \l e F .. e e


235 236 231 23&.-.. ��� Burr Patterson & Co., Fraternity Jewelers, Uetroit, M1ch. .



P res. and Mgr.

Vice Pres.



Sec. and T reas.

The Ephraim Creamery & Storage Co., Inc. E PHRAIM. UTAH Capital Stock $2 5,000. 00, Fully Paid Up Only fully equipped Butter, Cheese and Sweet Cream Plant in the State. Largest plant south of Salt :Lake City. Centrally located in one of the best dairy sections of the West. . Manufacturers of famous " Sego" Butter and Cheese. We solicit the patronage of particular people. Stat i o n


1 at

St a ti o n

EP H R A I M G e o . C. L a r s e n , P res. a n d M g r. 1 326 S o u t h T e n th E ast Salt

Lev i

M o rt e n se n ,

Lake C i ty, U t a h


N o.

2 at

C H E ST E R Sec.

E p h ra i m ,



T re a s .




Albert Johnson Lumber Co. Furnish Your Building Material THA TS THEIR B USINESS

Up-to-date Lumber Company Prompt Service )

Linden : "They say if you smoke cigaret tes your complexion ch anzes." D e wey : "That's right. I al ways used to ge t tanned when I got caught smok i ng." B ro th er N oyes, a m an very fon d o f playing j okes, m e t B rother H i ll a n d inqu ired j ocosely : "VI/ ell, H il l , how are M rs. H ill a n d the l i tt l e mountai n ?" " Fine," said B ro th e r H il l , "all very well, thank you," and then, with a twinkle i n his eye : " H o w are M r s . Noyes and all t h e l ittle rackets ?" A few clays after H arol d ' s fat h e r had sold a pig to a n e ighbor h e chanced t o pass the n e ighbor's place, w h e r e h e s a w t h e i r l i tt l e b oy s it颅 ting on t h e edge of the pig-p en, watching i ts n e w occupant. "How d'ye do, Johnny," said h e ; "how's your pig today ?" " O h , pretty w e l l , thank you , " repl i e d t'h e boy. " I-I o w's your fol ks ?''' In M oron i there is a station b u1 l cl i n g t h a t is commonly known as the smallest railroad station i n San Pete county. I t i s o f this stati路 o n t h a t t he story is told t h a t an old farmer was expecting a ch icken-house to arrive t h e re , and h e sen t one of h i s hands, a ne wcomer, to fetch i t . A rriving there, t h e m a n saw t h e house, loaded i t on to h i s wagon and started fo r home. On t h e way he met a m an i n uniform with the words " Station Agent" on h is cap. "Say, hold on . \iVhat h av e you got o n th a t wagon ?" he asked. " M y c h icken-house, of course," was the reply. " C h i cken-house b e j i ggere d ! " exploded th e official . "Tha t's t h e sta t i o n . " Cliff and D e l i lah had g o n e to s u m m er school . They were t ry i n g to get i n t o a crowded street car. " Do you suppose w e can s q u eeze i n here ?" ask e d Cliff, looking doub tfully into D e lilah ' s blushing face. " Don ' t you think, dear, w e h ad b e t t e r wai t u n t i l w e get hom e ?" was th e l ow, embarrassacl reply. B rother B arton was going clown t o w n o n e clay when h e noticed a bal d-headed druggist standing at the door of the drug store. " H ave you any h a i r resto rer ?''' asked Brother B arton. " Y es, sir," replied t h e druggist. "Step i n s i d e , please . There's an a rticle I can h ighly recomm end . Testi'm onials from great men who h av e used it . It makes hair grow in twenty-four hours.'' " W el l , " s a i d B ro t h e r Barton, "you can give t h e top of your h ead a rub with i t, and I 'll look back i n the morning and see if you're t e l l i ng th e truth . " A n egro, a n e w assistant on a farm, w a s asked to h ol d a c o w w h i l e the farme r, a cross-eyed m a n , w a s to h i t h e r on the head with an axe. Th e n egro, observing t h e man's eyes, in some fear in quired : " I s you gwine to h i t whar you look, boss ?" " Y a-as," repli e d t h e farmer. " Den hold d e c o w yourself, sah ! " Orval Clawson ( t rying to s t r i k e up an acquaintance) : " \!Vh a t ! Only you here ? vVh ere h ave all th e other n i ce girls gon e ?" Pret ty Little Fresh1m an Girl ( b i t i n gly) : "They ' ve gone off some颅 where w i t h all the n i c e boys . "


C OA L CLEAR CREEK-the cleanest coal mined in Utah-burns to light ash without clinkering. CASTLE GATE-the coal famous in seven s tates for its uniform quality. I handle these coals exclusively.



ANDERSON GARAGE W e a re now equipped to do all k inds of repair work

Heavy Overh auling and Painting Our Specialty

Cars For Hire

A N•DR E A S O LS O N M A N U F A C T U R E R O F H E A R,S E S A N D C A S·K E T S L atest a n d B est i n O a k C a s kets A l ways o n H a n d C o r r es p o n d e n ce S o l i c i ted.

O rd e rs fo r C as kets F i l l e d P ro mpt l y

J. N. HANSEN Qualitg 5oggerg $'hop Gents' and Ladies' Furnishings, Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Dry Goods, Jewelry, Fancy Goods and Notions

The Most Up-to-date Store, With the Most Up-to-Date Merchandise in Southern Utah



z:" {!)

HA 17\VTQJ �o� I 17\VT

& CO

Firs t Bus iness Building $outh of Center $treet


Ice Cream and Soda Water. Confectionery and Notions. Cigars and Tobacco. Fancy Dishes and Swiss Aluminum. Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles. Cutlery and Silverware. School Supplies and Sporting Goods.

5. HAN$0N &






Ephraim . Coal Company KING COAL Utah's Best and Cleanest Coal 2,000 Pounds tq the Ton

Prompt Delivery on All Orders EPHRAIM, UTAH

C. M . JACOBSEN Practical Horse _Shoein g General

Blacksmithin g

H a l f Block East of Social H al l

Ephraim , U tah

D R . A. J. N I E LS O N







�n Bank Bldg. UTAH

It Pags to rirade at

)O{c Caffertg 's Where the Dolla r Bugs ;Nore

Theg A /wags Sa Cisfg

Come and See


Tel ephone 5 4 F3

Free Del ivery


Ephraim Furniture Jenkins & Nelson and Hardware Co.


Modern B arb e r S h o p

We Carry a Full Line of


Agents for

Majestic Ranges Standard Sewing


Furniture, Wall Paper, Hardware, Etc.

W hitney B aby Carriages C H A S . R A SMU SSEN Manager

U. B.

{Vhere $tudents Go for Good rvork

Dell Hotel


Eph raim, Utah




Beautiful Ring$, @aCches, Clocks and Jewelry



24. The Freshies' turn to give the s tudent body p rogram . I t was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A fter the party, a number of vandals whose appetites had not had a chance of being satisfied a t the Junior p arty, but who found a way t o satisfy them through he window, were roundly scored by the President of the student body, who was, of course, at the party. 26. The school play, entitled "A aron Boggs, Fres\h m a n , " was p re­ sented to an appreciative audience. 27. The n e w p u blic l i b rary was dedi c ated a n d o pened for p u b l i c use. The dedi ca tory prayer w a s o ffered by President A n t h on H . L u n d . B e fore and after t h e dedi catory exercises t h e to wnspeople w e r e treated to music by the three bands, the Academy band, the Publ i c S c hool band and the Girls' M o u n tain Echo band. All bands d i d w el l , b u t of course the girls' band, b ecause of the novelty and the fascinating girls who h andled th e instrum ents so deftly, was the c enter of a t t raction. Stay with it, Pat ; you will yet be famous because of your u n i q u e u n dertaking. 31. Domestic m eeting. The B ishops of the o rganization were


GILES Photo-Engraving Co. 508 Boyd Park Building Salt Lake City, Utah


Qualitg and Service i!J. Photo Engraving



asked to give th e i r i n di v i dual v i e w s concern i n g the s u c cess of the organ­ i zation, wh ich they did i n eloquent terms. Professor H anel sang h i s favorite song, " \V oman So B eautiful." APRIL 1 . A pril Fool's Day. Faculty m embers were locked up, and the students serenaded t h e town , danced , played l eap-frog, a11d otherwise showed their d el ight a t t h e prospect of a clay w i thout lesso11S. Faculty were pacified w i th peanuts and c rackers.

Theology and C i v i cs students were given extra assign m e n ts to k eep them from m aking " Fools" o f themselves i n the future. 2.

' r

1 9 . Clean-Up Day . The A cademy gro u n d s received t h e b es t clean­ ing u p t h ey have ever had. A for m e r c l ean-up clay was not so successful because of too much d inner. The student body of 1 9 1 5 will al ways be remembered for t h e beautiful arrangement of t h e grounds. 21.

Election of t h e student ·b o dy officers for t h e year 1 9 1 6.

" Fath er, don't m e n call themselves bachelors b efore they get m arried ?"' ··yes, m y boy." ''And what do they call them selves after, dad ?" " H u s h ! It i s n ' t h t for l ittle boys t o k n o w . " D uring revival m e e t ings i n a western c ity placards g1vmg notices t h e various m eetings, subj ects, etc., w ere posted i n conspicuous places. O n e day the following was d isplayed : " Subj ect : ' Hell : I ts Location and I ts Absolute Certainty .' "Thomas Jones, Bari tone, w i l l sing 'Tell l\1other I 'll B e There.'' " of

Leander Thompson was playing " ' Kreutzer" Sonata by B e ethoven. It has several long and impressive rest s i n it. H i s mother-in-law, who \vas a t the p erformance, l eaned for ward, and, patting him on the shoul­ der, said : " Play something you know, my dear." " H el lo, M ik e, where did you get that black eye ?" "'vV hy, O ' Grady 's j us t back from h i s h oneymoon, an' 'twas m e who advi sed him to get m arried."

• •


Snowonian 1915 Yearbook Index Name Abelin, Blenda Academy Choir Agriculture Club Albert Johnson Lumber Co. Alice Allen Allen, Woodruff Allen, Woodruff Allen, Woodruff Allred, Diamond Allred, Elva Allred, Harvard Allred, Vern Allred, Verna Allred, Verna Anderson Garage Anderson, Agnes Anderson, Carl Anderson, Christella Anderson, Erda Anderson, Glen Anderson, Harvey Anderson, Leland Anderson, Lewis

Page 45 54 51 90 76 79 40 42 84 33 42 42 45 42 45 92 45 45 32 18 33 45 45 6

Anderson, Olive Anderson, Petra Anderson, Rhoda Anderson, Rhoda Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Stanley Anderson, Stanley C. Anderson, Vione Anderson, Wilford Andreas Olson, Manufacturer of Hearses and Caskets Ann

8 8 30 59 45 30 45 45 45 92

Description / Position Town Freshman Picture Picture Advertisement Funnigrams Chronology: March Sophomore: Athletic Manager Circleville Sophomore Chronology: March Junior Chester Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Freshman Advertisement Freshman Freshman Junior: Cheer Master Ephraim Senior Junior Ephraim Freshman Freshman Board of Education: Vice President Snow Academy Board of Trustees Faculty: Assistant Modiste Faculty: Modiste Junior Central Dramatic Company Freshman Junior Ephraim Freshman Freshman Freshman Advertisement


Academy Gossip

Armstrong, Crystal Arthur Arvilla Athletics Bagley, Martimer Bagley, Martimer

45 41 41 60 45 47

Freshman Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Illustration Page Freshman Freshman: Athletic Director


Bagley, Merrill


Junior: Athletic Director


Bagnall, Rodney Bagnall, Rodney Bailey, Audry Bank of Ephraim Barton, Brother Barton, Cliff Barton, Coach Barton, William G. Baseball Team Basketball

45 47 45 80 91 18 79 8 64 61

Basketball Team Baxter, Jean Beal, George Beal, Jesse Beal, Mattie Beal, Mattie Beal, Nelson Beck, Verland Beggar Student Beggar Student Opera Bellander, Glen Benson, Ezel Bills, De Moss Bills, DeMoss Bills, Glenn Bills, Glenn Bills, James Bills, James Bjerregaard, Nellie Bosen, Rozella

63 45 20 45 40 42 16 45 53 55 45 42 33 59 40 42 42 59 45 20

Freshman Freshman: Treasurer Freshman Advertisement Funnigrams Senior Chronology: March Faculty: Mathematics, Athletics Picture Basketball: Season Games and Statistics Picture Freshman Senior Freshman Sophomore: Secretary Sophomore Senior: Basketball and Baseball Freshman Picture Picture Collage Freshman Sophomore Junior Dramatic Company Sophomore: Yell Master Sophomore Sophomore Dramatic Company Freshman Senior



Fairview Fairview

Brady, Stanley Braithwaite, Verlin Brienholt, Lenore Brigham Young University Brown, Alburn Buchanan, Elwood Burr Patterson and Co. C. M. Jacobsen, Practical Horse Shoeing and General Blacksmithing

45 45 45 82 45 45 89 94

Freshman Freshman Freshman Advertisement Freshman Freshman Advertisement Advertisement

Carpenters Cherry, Weslie Childs, Dorcus Childs, Elden

69 45 42 47

Picture Freshman Sophomore Freshman: Yell Master

Childs, Eldon Christensen, Duena Christensen, Farreld Christensen, Fawn Christensen, George Christensen, Glen Christensen, Hamner Christensen, Henry Christensen, La Vern Christensen, Lamont Christensen, LaVar Christensen, Rodney Christensen, Thelma Christensen, Zella Christiansen, Harold Chronology Clawson, Lydia Clawson, Orval Clawson, Orval Clawson, Sena Cliff Collard, H. L. Collard, Lloyd Collard, Lloyd Commercial Department

45 42 45 45 6 45 42 45 45 45 42 45 45 42 24 77 29 42 91 31 91 18 1 27 70

Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Board of Education Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Senior Chronology Junior Salina Sophomore Funnigrams Junior: Secretary Ephraim Funnigrams Senior: Snowonian Business Manager Snowonian: Business Manager Senior Class Will Picture


Cooper, Fred Cora Cowley, Edwin Cowley, Elmer Cowley, Gwen Cowley, Rodney A. Cowly, Gay Coy Cummings, Horace H.

42 41 45 45 45 45 45 41 6

Dahl, Alfred Dalton, Ada Dalton, Ada Dastrup, Earl Dastrup, Evadna Dastrup, Ila Dastrup, Joel Dastrup, Lamar Dastrup, Noel Delilah Departments and Graduates Dewey Domestic Art Domestic Science Class Dora Dorius, Elda Dorius, Etta Dorius, Etta Dorius, Etta Dorius, Verda Dr. A. J. Nielson Dr. C. E. Mortensen Dramatics Duena Durfee, Millie Easton Embley, Aroha Emma Ephraim Cash Grocery Co. Ephraim Coal Company

45 32 35 42 45 22 45 31 45 91 66 91 68 67 41 45 42 59 84 42 94 94 58 41 45 41 42 41 95 94

Sophomore Academy Gossip Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Academy Gossip Board of Education: General Superintendent of Church Schools Freshman Junior Poem: Firelight Memories Sophomore Freshman Senior Freshman Junior Freshman Funnigrams Departments and Graduates Funnigrams Picture Picture Academy Gossip Freshman Sophomore Dramatic Company Chronology: March Sophomore Advertisement Advertisement Illustration Page Academy Gossip Freshman Academy Gossip Sophomore Academy Gossip Advertisement Advertisement



Ephraim Furniture and Hardware Co. Erickson, Evan Erickson, Evan Etta Faculty Fautin, Una Fern Florence Fred Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Gates, Mary Giles Photo-Engraving Co. Glenn Gottfredson, Ruby Graduates Greaves, Grover Greaves, Merrill Gymnasium Boys Gymnasium Girls Hand, John T. Hand, John T.

97 26 76 41 7 24 41 41 41 44 45 46 29 98 41 14 70 26 45 62 62 8 53

Hand, Professor Hand, Professor Hansen, Alonzo Hansen, Auretta Hansen, Clarence Hansen, Donetta Hansen, Harvey Hansen, Iretta Hansen, LaSalle Hansen, Leland Hansen, Linden Hansen, Loraine Hansen, Merrill Hansen, Merrill Hansen, Myrle

76 99 45 45 45 45 42 24 45 42 45 31 45 59 45

Advertisement Senior: Snowonian Financier Funnigrams Academy Gossip Faculty Senior Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Illustration Page Freshmen Confession of Faith Freshmen Pictures Junior Advertisement Academy Gossip Senior: Secretary and Treasurer Picture Senior Freshman Picture Picture Faculty: Music, Head of Department Music: Principal of the Department and Director of the Choral, Vocal, and Theoretical Activity Funnigrams Chronology: March Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Senior Freshman Sophomore Freshman Junior Freshman Dramatic Company Freshman



Hansen, Oliver Hansen, Sarah A. Harold Harvard Harvey Hawley, Dora Hawley, Dora Hayward, Coy Hayward, Ralph

45 79 91 41 41 42 59 33 32

Hayward, Ralph Hayward, Thelma High School Hill, Brother Hill, Brother Hill, Joseph J. Home Economics Club Hyde, Barney Ida Inter-Class Champions Isaacson, Thorpe Iverson, Iver J.B. Nielson Sheep Ranch J.N. Hansen, Quality Toggery Shop Jackson, Florence

59 45 72 75 91 8 50 30 41 64 45 22 87 93 29

Freshman Chronology: January Funnigrams Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Sophomore Dramatic Company Junior: Track Junior: Track and S. A. Athletic Director Dramatic Company Freshman Picture Funnigrams Funnigrams Faculty: Modern Theology Picture Junior Academy Gossip Picture Freshman Senior Advertisement Advertisement Junior

Jackson, George Jackson, Oran Jackson, Winnie James James James G. Olsen Kesgo Farm Jane Jenkins and Nelson Jensen, Arvold Jensen, Audrie Jensen, D. Rees Jensen, Easton Jensen, Edgar M. Jensen, Edgar M.

24 45 42 41 76 81 76 97 20 45 16 42 2 8

Senior Freshman Sophomore Academy Gossip Funnigrams Advertisement Funnigrams Advertisement Senior Freshman Senior: Athletic Director Sophomore Illustrator Faculty: Drawing

Chester Chester

Spring City

Fountain Green

Jensen, Ester Jensen, H. E. Jensen, H. E. Jensen, H. E. Jensen, J. Y. Jensen, Joseph Y. Jensen, Joseph Y. Jensen, Leona Jensen, Leora Jensen, Lillian Jenson, Valton Johnny Junior Basketball Team Junior Class Officers Junior Orchestra Juniors Juniors Justenson, Silvia Kelson, Grace Kelson, Grace Kelson, Ruth La Verne Larsen, Duretta Larsen, Ella Larsen, Grant Larson, Lauritz O. Lerain Library and Band Linden Longson, Virginia Lund, Anthon

31 8 41 75 41 6 8 45 42 45 45 91 34 34 56 28 36 45 22 59 22 41 18 45 45 6 41 73 91 42 32

Lund, Anthon H.


Lund, Anthon H. Lund, Christian N. Lund, Dewey Lund, Dewey Lund, Ruth Lund, Sophie

97 6 20 75 26 42

Junior Faculty: Agriculture Academy Gossip Funnigrams Academy Gossip Board of Education: Treasurer Faculty Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Funnigrams Picture Picture Picture Illustration Page Picture Collage Freshman Senior Dramatic Company Senior Academy Gossip Senior Freshman Freshman Board of Education Academy Gossip Picture Funnigrams Sophomore Junior


Mount Pleasant Board of Education: President Snow Academy Board of Trustees Chronology: March Board of Education Senior Funnigrams Senior Sophomore

M.I.A. Madsen, Leah Madsen, Royal D. Madsen, Royal D. Madson, Arta Maiben Maloney, Mrs. Mattie Maynard McAfferty, Alta McArthur, Nana McCafferty's Mike Millocker Millor, Luera Monroe Monroe, Ralph Monroe, Ralph Monroe, Ralph Mortensen, Alta Mortensen, Andrew Mortensen, Flossie Mortensen, Flossie Mortensen, Neldon Mortensen, Ruby Mortensen, Ruby Mortensen, Rulon Mortensen, Valton Mortensen, Vergia Mortensen, Vergia Murphy, Sylvia Music Department Nana Nelson, Grace New Century Printing Co. Nielsen, Phener Nielson, Andrew Nielson, Erma Nielson, Eva

74 42 14 27 33 41 75 41 41 45 42 95 99 53 45 79 1 40 42 45 8 32 59 24 40 42 45 24 45 47 42 52 41 42 85 42 45 29 29

Picture Sophomore Senior: Vice President Senior Class Will Junior Academy Gossip Funnigrams Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Freshman Sophomore Advertisement Funnigrams Beggar Student Freshman Chronology: March Snowonian: Assistant Editor Sophomore: President Sophomore Freshman Faculty: Carpentry Junior: Student Body Secretary Dramatic Company Senior Sophomore: Vice President Sophomore Freshman Senior Freshman Freshman: Vice President Sophomore Illustration Page Academy Gossip Sophomore Advertisement Sophomore Freshman Junior Junior






Ephraim Ephraim

Nielson, Robert Normal Graduates Noyes, Brother Noyes, Brother Noyes, Brother Noyes, Newton E. Noyes, Newton E. O'Grady Oldroyd, Luella Olive Olsen, Arden Olsen, Emroy Olsen, Harvey Olsen, Norman Olsen, Vilroy Olson Live Stock Co. Olyroyd, Luella Omerea Orval Parrish, Afton Patrick Peter Greaves, Jr. Coal Dealer Peterson Studio Peterson, Arthur Peterson, Earl Peterson, Edith Peterson, Henry Peterson, Ida Peterson, Ila Peterson, La Verne Peterson, Odell Peterson, Olive Peterson, Ralph Peterson, Rulon Peterson, Ruth Pherson, Rozella Poulsen, Merritt Poulson, Edith Pritchett, William

45 71 75 76 91 6 8 99 42 41 45 45 45 16 30 88 41 41 41 8 75 92 86 22 30 45 45 24 45 42 45 42 45 45 20 42 45 45 31

Freshman Picture Funnigrams Funnigrams Funnigrams Board of Education: Secretary Faculty: Father of the School Funnigrams Sophomore Academy Gossip Freshman Freshman Freshman Senior Junior Advertisement Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Faculty: Terpsichore Funnigrams Advertisement Advertisement Senior Junior Freshman Freshman Senior Freshman Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Senior Sophomore Freshman Freshman Junior




Pritchett, William Professor Hill Ralph Rasmussen, Eris Rees, Blanche Robbins, Everett Robins Robins, Everett Robins, Evertt Robins, Kenneth Robins, Kenneth Robins, Kenneth Robins, Stanley Robins, Stanley Rose, Arthur Rose, Arthur Ross, Arthur Ross, Arthur Ross, Arthur Roylance, Dorthea Roylance, Kenneth Roylance, Kenneth

59 41 41 45 16 1 79 59 29 1 45 47 14 59 37 79 32 59 75 16 8 53

Ruby Rust, Burton Sena Senior Message Senior Orchestra Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Shoemaker, Ezra Smith, Alonzo Smith, Arthur Smith, Francis

41 31 41 11 56 10 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 6 16 42 1

Dramatic Company Academy Gossip Academy Gossip Freshman Senior Snowonian: Assistant Editor Chronology: March Dramatic Company Junior: President Snowonian: Assistant Editor Freshman Freshman: President Senior: Yell Master Dramatic Company Concerning The Juniors Chronology: February Junior: Debate Manager of S. B. Dramatic Company Funnigrams Senior Faculty: Band Music: Director of Band, Orchestra, and Violin Academy Gossip Junior: Track Academy Gossip A Word from the Seniors Picture Illustration Page Senior Pictures Senior Pictures Senior Pictures Senior Pictures Senior Pictures Senior Pictures Senior Pictures Board of Education Senior Sophomore Snowonian: Editor in Chief





Smith, Francis Smith, Francis

12 14

Smith, Francis Smith, Francis Smith, Joseph F.

27 59 6

Smith, Robert Snow Academy Snow Academy Snow Academy Band Snow Academy Building Snow Academy Students Snowonian Dedication Snowonian Greeting Sophomore Orchestra Sophomores Sophomores Sorensen, Horace Sorensen, Horace Sorenson, Emma Sorenson, Lora Sorenson, Otto Sparks, Lillian Sparks, Lillian Stanley Staples, Arvilla Staples, Laura Stevens, Margaret Stevens, Margaret Stevenson, Carrol Stevenson, Irene Student Activities Student Body Officers Students Students Students Sumsion, Clara Sumsion, Edda Sumsion, Edda

45 78 83 57 9 5 3 4 43 38 39 45 47 42 33 45 33 59 41 42 20 32 59 42 45 48 49 65 93 96 45 1 14

Poem: When We Meet Again Senior: President and Snowonian Editor-in-Chief Senior Class Will Dramatic Company Board of Education: President General Church Board of Trustees Freshman Snow Academy Advertisement Picture Picture Picture of Academy with Students Snowonian Dedication Snowonian Greeting Picture Illustration Page Sophomore Class Freshman Freshman: Secretary Ephraim Sophomore Junior Aurora Freshman Junior Ephraim Dramatic Company Academy Gossip Sophomore Senior Junior Ephraim Dramatic Company Sophomore Freshman Illustration Page Picture Picture Collage Picture Collage Picture Collage Freshman Snowonian: Secretary, Treasurer Senior

Sumsion, Edda Sumsion, Susie T. Hanson and Co. Taylor, Coleridge Taylor, Cora Terry Terry, Loren Terry, W. H. The Ephraim Cremery and Storage Co. Inc. Thompson, Austin Thompson, Blaine Thompson, Gladys Thompson, Leander Thompson, Leander Thompson, Leda Thomson, Catharine Thomson, Catherine Thomson, Catherine Thomson, Fern Thomson, Josephine Thomson, Leander Thomson, Leonard Thomson, Leonard Thomson, Leonard Thomson, Mahonri Thomson, Maiben Thomson, Mayana

27 26 94 53 42 79 20 18 90

Senior Class Will Senior Advertisement The Death of Minnehaha Sophomore Chronology: March Senior Senior Advertisement

45 45 45 53 99 45 50 26 59 42 31 8 18 59 76 8 42 30

Thomson, Valdez Thorpe, Udale Thorpe, Yale Thulin, Nephi Thursby, Wells Todd, Ella Town Band Track Team Tucker, Willie Tye, Delilah Tye, Juna

16 45 32 45 29 45 57 63 45 18 45

Freshman Freshman Freshman Music: Director of Piano Division Funnigrams Freshman Home Economics Club Senior Dramatic Company Sophomore Junior Faculty: Piano Senior: Student Body President Dramatic Company Funnigrams Faculty: Business Sophomore Junior: Vice President and H.E.C. President Senior Freshman Junior Freshman Junior Freshman Picture Picture Freshman Senior Freshman



Ephraim Ephraim

U.B. Vogle Una University of Utah Utah Agricultural College at Logan Willardsen, Adella Willardson, Lyman Willardson, Omera Williams, Ariel Winn, Lorus Wright Wright, Maynard Wright, Maynard Yorgensen, Leona Young, Floyd Young, Jesse Young, Parley A. Young, R. D. Zella

97 76 84 82 26 45 30 42 45 79 26 59 42 42 22 22 6 41

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