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Ski and Snowboard Terrain Park safety and riding shrediquette by Coach - Marcin Orlowski So you are planning on getting yourself one of those smallish Park snowboards or already got one. Now what? It's time to find out how spending a bit of time in the air can be made easier and less painful. Freestyle riding in snowboarding is a true Jedi art. With hundreds of new school snowboard tricks pouring in from skateboarding, surfing and wakeboarding influences it takes a lifetime to master some of the big moves. But don't despair. Look around your local hill/skatepark and you will find peeps who will help you make the most of it. Smart style means you should be wary and respectful of other snow riders, skiers and snowboarders alike. It's good to start small and work your way up in and out of the Terrain Park. Scope around the jumps on your first runs through the park,make sure the landings are clear and open to the public. Bring a helmet, maybe a tailpad or wrist guards. Go to a Pharmacy or quality Sports Store and pick up a mouthguard for under $20. They are very useful for hitting kickers over 40 feet long or getting inverted in the air.It's okay,you'll thank me for it later when you faceplant or scorpion down the big one. When attempting new tricks, ask more experienced riders for tips, have someone watch and maybe film you. Don't wait all day until you are tired and ready to go home before hitting the biggest jump on hand. 4pm is the time to wind it down, cruise, butter around and spray your crew with snow, not get inverted on a Fronside Cork 540. If a particular jump/rail/ halpipe makes you break out with cold sweat, leave it alone. There's always next day. It's all about having fun anyway. Mates and your crew-can not stress this point enough. There are only few riders out there who seem to be able to progress and improve their riding alone. Get a clique of your homies together, ride together, amp each other up and chances are you will be having heaps of fun whilst learning new tricks together. 1

Secret bonus-it feels amazing to stomp that super-hard move on a jump/rail/staircase whilst your crew is watching. Bring on the celebratory beer later! Below are some Hot Tips for having a great day in the Terrain Park: 1. Expect people to get frustrated with you if the terrain is above your level, so pick either a Beginner or Intermediate Terrain Park first off. 2. If there is a beginner in the park, try to curb your frustration: you were a beginner once too. 3. If it's crowded, always call your drop and stick to a predictable line. 4. If the park isn't crowded, you can alter your line and zig-zag into or out of Park features. 5. If you fall, get up as quickly as possible. While you're down, yell that you are down until you can get someone to block the jump. 6. Don't sit in the middle of passing points or drops, clear yourself from landing zones. 7. Don't snake lines, cut people off, get in the way. Everyone hates a snaker. 8. If you mess up and someone tells you to watch it or something, don't get mad, they're trying to help. 9. Don't expect people uphill of you to sit and wait for you to go just because you are sitting at the top of a jump. Many experienced park riders try to develop a flow through the park, which is interrupted by waiting for a jump to open. 10.It is poor form to thrash talk loudly about other riders appearance/gear/style. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves. Now get out there, shred hard and have heaps of fun!


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Photo: Jono Smith,Mt Hutt,New Zealand


Terrain Park Etiquette  
Terrain Park Etiquette  

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