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Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING PRICE GUIDE As you consider us for your wedding day

We also put a great deal of time into every image

please know that for your investment you

delivered so that the final collection you walk

are hiring someone highly practiced at the

away with has the same finished look that first

art of documentary storytelling with 15 years

caught your eye on our website. If you like the

of professional photojournalism and video

overall style that you see here & on our website

production experience. While we always aim to

then we are confident you’ll be pleased with our

please in every way possible, we work best with

wedding day service.

couples who do not wish for a lot of posing and directing from their photographer, but instead prefer one who is focused on skillfully capturing

We hope for the chance to serve you.

Table of Contents:

the locations, people and authentic moments of your day. While paying particular attention to visuals, we provide suggestions as to the best







locations, timing and lighting for creating great


pictures, but at the end of the day it comes down


to you having the best time of your life while




allowing us to capture that in the most creative way possible. We consider this an honor and a


privilege, plus we really love what we do.


Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

It ‘s not just wedding photography. Your photos are an invaluable collection of fine art that tells the story of who you are and what is most important to you. We’re not


about posing you just right. We’re focused on capturing moments, illustrating the true essence of your chosen place and the true character of those who love you. We approach photography with a sense of surprise and adventure, utilizing natural light and documentary techniques to capture emotions, authenticity and natural beauty, resulting in images more vivid than your memories. Let’s be honest, you may one day remember your wedding as a big fun blur, but your pictures will stand the test of your lifetime.

Love is a beautiful thing. Our objective is to tell the story of your day in real moments as they actually unfold with creativity and light-heartedness. We aim to create timeless, emotionally charged images, as much a work of art as a record of events.

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

Based in Boone, NC, but working throughout

the greatest small-towns in the east. As a 20-

the Carolinas, Matt Powell Productions is a

year resident of the North Carolina High Country,

multimedia wedding collective comprised of lead

Matt is schooled in the settings and conditions of

photographers Matt Powell and Jon Black, as

the NC mountain environment. And as a veteran

well as a handful of talented film & photography

international photojournalist there’s no lighting or

associates. But perhaps most importantly is

location too difficult.

Ginger, Matt’s wife & Studio Manager, who keeps all things running smoothly.


As his experience grows, so does Matt’s thirst for more of life and more photography. And that’s where weddings come into the picture. As a proud

After meeting Ginger in college, Matt began

husband to Ginger, and a father to three amazing

his career as a photographer and multimedia

girls: Madeline, Ella & Claire, Matt considers it a

producer for an international, humanitarian aid

blessing to capture the moments in people’s lives

organization. For a decade he traveled to over

that will be treasured for a lifetime. That’s what he

50 countries— from tsunami sites, to conflict

always loved first about photography, and it still

zones, to missionary hospitals— with the job

motivates him to this day.

of documenting human need and compassion. This experience continues to impact his life in inexplicable ways and provides an abundance of real-world photography experience to draw from. Nowadays he loves living the family life in one of

We love people, we value family, & we’re all about the adventure of life.

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:


Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

SELECT COLLECTION 6 hours of photography coverage with 1 photographer Post‐production, color + quality enhancement to images Private on‐line proof gallery for viewing + ordering prints High resolution, print‐ready photos with full rights to reproduce


HERITAGE COLLECTION 8 hours of photography coverage with 2 photographers Post‐production, color + quality enhancement to images Private on‐line proof gallery for viewing + ordering prints High resolution, print‐ready photos with full rights to reproduce Basic, hard‐cover, simple‐design, photo‐book of your wedding day story

$3,500 Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

SIGNATURE COLLECTION 8 hours of photography coverage with 2 photographers Post‐production, color + quality enhancement to images Private on‐line proof gallery for viewing + ordering prints High resolution, print‐ready photos with full rights to reproduce 10 x 10, premium leather, custom‐designed, storybook album 1 portrait session – up to 2 hours of coverage and 1 DVD of 5 hi‐res images


MULTI‐MEDIA COLLECTION 8 hours of documentary-style photography & cinematic video coverage by a stealthy 2-person team (1 photographer + 1 videographer) Post‐production, color + quality enhancement to images High resolution, print-ready photos with full rights to reproduce Final 5-10:00 minute, loosely edited, documentary-style, wedding day montage of preparations, ceremony + reception set to the music of your choice Final video delivered in full HD for immediate upload to web or video transfer Private on-line gallery of images + video for viewing + sharing with friends

$5,000 Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

Part of what makes us unique as a wedding studio is our ability to tell stories across mediums. Which means in addition to photography we also specialize in wedding films that tell the story of your day in creative motion pictures. And of course our favorite thing of all is getting to combine both photo & film for a complete multimedia story of your day.

VIDEOGRAPHY Our entire team collaborates flawlessly together, resulting in a higher-quality product then two separate companies with no prior working relationship. Our team consists of some of the finest film professionals in our region; trained in creative documentary shooting and editing techniques & aiming to be as unobtrusive as possible on your day. If a film component is not rolled into your photography package you can also hire us for wedding films only. Please inquire for details and availability.

For film samples visit: /wedding-films

WEDDING DAY FILM 8 hours of cinematic, documentary-style, video coverage of your day Final 5-10:00 minute, highly customized, creatively edited, wedding day story of preparations, ceremony + reception set to the music of your choice Delivered in full HD for immediate upload to web, social media or tv viewing

$3,500 Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:


Up to 2 hours on location On-­line proofs for web use + ordering prints Hi‐resolution portrait session images + $200

$300 Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

WEDDING ALBUMS Premium leather, custom-­designed, thick pages, storybook album 10 X 10 SIZE = $1,050 12 X 12 SIZE = $1,250

Premium linen, custom-­designed, thin pages, storybook album 8 X 8 SIZE = $450 10 X 10 SIZE = $550 12 X 12 SIZE = $640 Smaller Album options available upon request

CUSTOM FINE ART PRINTS Standard Prints 8 X 10 (OR 4 OF A SMALLER SIZE) = $25 11 X 14 = $45 16 X 20 = $75

Fine-­Art Canvas Gallery Wrap (internal frame, ready to hang) 11 X 14 = $275 16 X 20 = $325 20 X 24 = $375 20 X 30 = $425

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

FAQ’S What does it cost? We offer the 4 collections listed in this price guide. However, if none of them fir your needs but you are still interested in working with us you may contact us for a custom quote. For a summary of all our collections, see the final page of this document.

What is the process to book your studio for our wedding? Once you decide which wedding collection you will be purchasing we will draw this up into an agreement to email to you. You will print, sign & mail it back to us with your deposit & we’ll be all set.

What are your payment plans? For most collections we ask for 1/2 deposit and the remainder exactly one month before your wedding date. This gets business out of the way in order to keep your wedding day completely stress free- which is what we’re all about. For those who request it, we can also split payments into thirds.

Do you have a photography studio? All of our photography is done on location with the stunning mountains of western North Carolina as our backdrop.

How many pictures can we expect to get from our wedding? We cover your wedding day to the best of our ability & in the way that we see fit as artists. In our minds, that is why you have hired us. We want you to trust our creative abilities and artistic judgements. The typical number of images that you can expect to receive from your wedding is around 500 for 8 hours of coverage- give or take some depending on the events of your day. These are all color-corrected, print- ready, hi-resolution image files. Every single picture will appear exactly the way we would want to see it on our own website or hanging on a gallery wall. Please take our word for it: these will be our very best pictures from your day that best represent your story and our creative vision. This is what you can expect from us.

What do you need from us, a shot list, etc? We always ask for a timeline of your wedding day at least 1 week prior. This gives us an idea of your day’s events, and how we will cover it. If you have a wedding planner, they can create this timeline for you, if you do not, we can offer/advise you on how best to create one. If you need help considering how photography fits into your day we will happily consult with you as part of your package.

We welcome shot ideas if there’s something you feel strongly about or if there are unusual requests you make us aware of, however we do not ask for “shot-lists”. If you like what you see on our website then we believe you will be very happy with what we do naturally- which we refer to as a creative documentary style of shooting. We do not overly direct you or the events of your day. We prefer to capture events as they actually unfold. We always like to get away in a natural location with the bride & groom & wedding party if desired for portraits and fun shots, etc. If bridal portraits are a high priority then we recommend planning this into your timeline schedule or booking a portrait session separately for that.

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

“Matt & Jon, we have both looked through the pictures several times and LOVE them!!! We have shown both our families and they were so excited to see them. I shared the blog link to people at my work, and the designers that work for the marketing firm were just in awe of your work!! They said you should be a photographer for National Geographic or something :) Anyways, I look forward to receiving the CD and I’m about to put the blog link on my facebook page. We had a blast with you guys and I couldn’t have picked a better photographer! Thanks again!” ~ Charissa & Matt

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

“Matt was great! He and his team were as excited for us as any guest, and it showed in how he took pictures. He truly understood the kind of memories we wanted preserved in pictures (and film). He managed both crews and didn’t miss anything. His attention to details, his keen eye, and his professionalism made for great memories. Relaxed, knowledgeable, and thoughtful, Matt was easy to work with in every facet.” ~ Beka & Dean

Call: 828.773.1311 • Visit:

READY TO RESERVE YOUR DATE? Thank you for viewing our work and for considering us as the storytellers of your wedding day. We look forward to chatting with you and learning more.

Please reach out with any questions about pricing or more.

Warm wishes, Matt Powell

Email: Call: 828-773-1311

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Concept & Design by Snow in July Designs  

Layout for the talented photograher Matt Powell Productions.

Concept & Design by Snow in July Designs  

Layout for the talented photograher Matt Powell Productions.