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Debuting the Snow Diamond Select Private Treaty Sale Instead of the Snow Diamond Select Auction this year, we are changing things up a bit by offering more alpacas from our herd – females and males – in the Snow Diamond Select Private Treaty Sale. Having just celebrated our 10th anniversary as alpaca breeders, the time is right for Snow Diamond to get smaller and more focused. What this means is that you have a special opportunity to acquire quality alpacas with coveted genetics at very reasonable prices. The Select Private Treaty Sale features seven attractive huacaya female packages, described in this catalog, as well as stud males that can be purchased to complement each package. One lot even includes a proven, championship male as part of the package! We are extremely proud of the herd that we have built at Snow Diamond. Early on, we invested heavily

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in Snowmass genetics. That strategy led us ultimately to our purchase of Snowmass Defiance, the most prepotent male we’ve ever encountered. Over our 10 years, we have added a wide selection of well-known and proven genetics from other leading farms to diversify our herd and enrich our Snowmass lines. We take pride in the result: a genetically diverse herd that excels in fineness, uniformity and structure, but doesn’t neglect density, brightness and soft hand. The Select Private Treaty Sale is an opportunity for you to build and enhance your herd with affordability in mind. In consultation with Amanda VandenBosch, we carefully selected animals and designed packages that offer you well-rounded selections of diverse genetics, color and fleece attributes from Snow Diamond stock.

Sale Details • Alpacas are sold as-is and in whole packages. • Bred females come with a live birth guarantee. • Open females and maidens are sold without breedings, but can be bred to Snow Diamond herdsires at discounted stud fees. • Sale does not include any cria pictured at side. • Males offered are proven or come with a reproductive guarantee. • Agisting at Snow Diamond is available. Please call 970-331-9758 with any questions, to ask for more information, or to schedule a visit to see our Snow Diamond Select Private Treaty Sale alpacas first-hand. Don, Sharon and Austin Greene 970-331-9758

In consultation with Amanda VandenBosch, we carefully selected animals and designed packages that offer you well-rounded selections of diverse genetics, color and fleece attributes from Snow Diamond stock.

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Up & Comers in White

7-in-1 package: 5 females + 1 cria on the way + 1 proven male Package price $48,000 (per-animal average $6,857)

The animals in this package are a reflection of the greats of yesterday (Hemingway, Legacy, Elite, etc.), enhanced by today’s superstars (Defiance, Arctic Warrior, Crescendo, etc.), and embodied in members of the new generation that are shaping the future now. The up-and-comers in this package are ready for the task! Three females are Defiance daughters, two are Arctic Warrior daughters and the young stud in this package is a Crescendo son and Matrix grandson, unrelated to the females. This is your chance to make a mark in tomorrow’s world of alpacas!

Josephine’s EPDs

Josephine Name: Snow Diamond Josephine DOB: 06/06/2016 Color: White AOA#: 35149460 Sire: Snowmass Defiance Dam: Sand Creek’s Jumeirah

Gamblin Man Name: Snow Diamond Gamblin Man DOB: 09/02/2014 Color: White AOA#: 32810660 Sire: Crescent Moon’s Elite’s Crescendo Dam: Snowmass Matrix Grace 4x Champion; Top 5% EPDs for MC and %M, 5.8% for SF and 5.9% for AFD. First cria on the ground at Snow Diamond and other farms. 6Peruvian Accoyo Elite is paternal grandsire, Snowmass Matrix is maternal grandfather. 2 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758

Evanka Name: Snow Diamond Evanka Evanka is a DOB: 05/19/2017 Defiance daughter Color: White with color in her pedigree. AOA#: 35361725 Sire: Snowmass Defiance Dam: Snow Diamond Evening Thunder


Name: Snow Diamond Charmalot DOB: 07/15/2018 Color: White AOA#: 35361626 Sire: Accoyo America Arctic Warrior Dam: Señorita Accoyo Chachita

Champion daughter of Arctic Warrior. Soft, bright, good staple length. 5% EPD for %M, 7.3% for SDAFD and 9.5% for FW.

Charmalot’s sire is known for exceptional uniformity of micron, ranking in Top 1% of EPDs for Standard Deviation of AFDs.


Name: Snow Diamond Santabelle DOB: 07/18/2015 Color: White AOA#: 35149309 Sire: Accoyo America Arctic Warrior Dam: Crescent Moon’s Santa Lucia

Miss Fortune

Name: Snow Diamond Miss Fortune DOB: 06/13/2017 Color: White AOA#: 35361732 Sire: Snowmass Defiance Dam: Crescent Moon’s Misstify Defiance daughter; very friendly; EPDs in top 1% for MC, top 3-4% for AFD, SDAFD, SP, and top 15% for %>30, %M, FW. Select Private Treaty Sale 2019 | 3



White/Light Breeding Females +++ 8-in-1 package: 5 females + 3 crias on the way

Package price $35,000 (per-animal average $4,375)

All of the females in this group are white or light and proven. Each one has at least one offspring on the ground, and three are pregnant now. They’re not bred to just anybody, mind you. Take a look at the three service sires, and then take a deep breath. This can be yours! These three pregnant females also happen to have excellent marks for high-frequency style fleece, which we love. Both Miss Monday and Gimme My Banner are in the top 1% of EPDs for Mean Curve, and Velvet Sky is in the top 5%. We purchased all three of these lovely ladies, and what drew us to them was their beautiful highfrequency crimp style. If you like that style, too, this is definitely your package. The icing on the cake is that all three service sires rank in the top 1% of EPDs for MC, so the bonus crias should be utterly stunning!

Gimme My Banner Name: Mountain Sky’s Gimme My Banner DOB: 06/11/2013 Color: White AOA#: 35317999 Sire: Snowmass Matrix Belvedere Dam: Snowmass Show Dream Service Sire: Snowmass Defiance

Santa Lucia

Name: Crescent Moon’s Santa Lucia Four offspring to date, DOB: 02/02/2012 from four different sires. The Color: White youngest offspring is on our show AOA#: 31357692 string this year, and her stats are Sire: Crescent Moon’s Uriah 16.8, 3.5, 20.5 and 0.7. Santa Dam: Juicy Lucy Lucia is a reliable producer. 4 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758

Color champion with very good EPDs. Daughter of Belvedere, a 13x champion,2x Judges’ Choice winner. A Matrix son, Belvedere has produced numerous champion offspring. Gimme now pregnant by Defiance. Should be a great cross.

Pretty XXXtreme

Name: Snow Diamond Pretty XXXtreme DOB: 07/11/2012 Color: Light Fawn AOA#: 32644500 Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme Dam: Winter Gem Petrina

Respectable EPDs, including top 1% for fleece weight, and top 18.1% for staple length. Three offspring so far, including the awesome color champion Private Reserve! At 6½ years old, still holding her fineness at 20.7 micron.

Velvet Sky





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Name: TAG Miss Monday DOB: 08/03/2014 Color: White AOA#: 35234876 Sire: TAG Peruvian Ladies Man Dam: MFI Peruvian Monday Morn Service Sire: Snow Diamond Private Reserve



Miss Monday


Name: Aspen Alpacas Velvet Sky High frequency crimp; top 5% DOB: 06/28/2016 of EPDs for Mean Curve. First Color: White offspring is gorgeous Defiance son. AOA#: 35252412 Bred now to another Defiance son, Sire: Snowmass Velvet Touche Cadillac Jack, a 3x winner of Dam: ASPN Navigator’s Capri Best of Bred & Owned, and Service Sire: Snow Diamond Cadillac Jack now in Australia.



Very good EPDs. Ribboned at four shows. High frequency crimp and 1% EPDs for MC. One offspring on the ground: Snow Diamond Friday, by Crescendo. Bred now to a Defiance son, the awesome Private Reserve, color champion at the 2019 TxOLAN. Select Private Treaty Sale 2019 | 5



Genetics Jackpot! 6-in-1 package: 5 females + 1 cria on the way

Package price $32,000 (per-animal average $5,334)

These lovely young females bring with them prized genetics that may alter the direction of your white program. The sires and dams of these females represent the new generation of the proven genetics that have built our industry. The advanced genetics that power this package will diversify your bloodlines, enhance your stock and help you to steer your herd where you want it to go. All you have to do is to claim the Jackpot!

Impressa (by Callaway) Name: Snow Diamond Impressa DOB: 06/04/2018 Color: White AOA#: 35361985 Sire: Snow Diamond Callaway Dam: Majestic Peruvian Imari Sire: Callaway, son of Pearl Jam. Striking high-frequency, high-amplitude and high-definition fleece architecture. Dam: Imari, daughter of Jumanji. High-frequency and high-amplitude crimp coupled with incredible fineness and consistency.

Love Perfected (by Perfect Storm)

Name: Snow Diamond Love Perfected DOB: 07/22/2018 Color: White AOA#: 35370017 Sire: Snow Diamond Perfect Storm Dam: Snowmass Love Divine XX

Sire: Perfect Storm, son of Defiance, grandson of Elite Legend Consistency of fineness, crimp and color; beautiful fleece character; density; soft hand Dam: Snowmass Love Divine, daughter of Seven Below (son of Sub-Zero). Fine, consistent and dense fleece. 6 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758

Paradise Rising (by Phoenix)

Name: Snow Diamond Paradise Rising DOB: 09/04/2018 Color: White Sire: Snow Diamond Phoenix Dam: Crescent Moon's Powderpuff

Sire: Phoenix, son of Motivator, grandson of Poseidon. A line that produces big fleeces through staple length and density. Dam: Powderpuff, daughter of Legacy, who was a direct import from Peru. Brightness and high-volume fleece production.

Thursday (by Quasar)

Name: Snow Diamond Thursday Color: White DOB: 07/05/2018 Sire: Snow Diamond Quasar King Dam: TAG Miss Monday

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Name: Snow Diamond Ice Princess DOB: 07/09/2016 Color: White AOA#: 35149286 Sire: Crescent Moon’s Accoyo Elizario Dam: AOV Peruvian Ivory Lace Service Sire: Snowmass Defiance



(by Elizario)



Ice Princess


Sire: Quasar, son of Snowmass Alpine King, grandson of Snowmass Satin King. Density, conformational correctness, purity of color, fleece character and brightness. Quasar’s dam is Qispiqay, a phenomenal female who passes advanced traits to her offspring including the 2017 National Supreme Champion. Fabulous EPDs. Dam: Miss Monday, daughter of Ladies Man, son of Playboy. Monday won 1st Place in Produce of Dam. High-frequency crimp. Top 1% in EPDs for Mean Curve.



Sire: Elizario, son of impact stud Accoyo Elite, a direct Peruvian import. Fineness, brightness and good fleece architecture. Dam: Ivory Lace, daughter of Accoyo Prestige (a Pachacuti son). Fineness, uniformity, soft handle and good staple length. Service Sire: Snowmass Defiance, son of Snowmass Elite Legend. Consistency of fineness, crimp and color. Beautiful character, density, soft hand. Select Private Treaty Sale 2019 | 7



Fawn Females … Pick Five! 2 packages available with 5 females in each

Package price $30,000 (per-animal average $4,615)

The 10 females in this group are fawn, and they range in age from eight months to six years. Three are pregnant; others would like to be. Their genetics are widely diverse, and their sires are Rocky Bay, Connagher, Ben Franklin, The Elite Maximus, Spellbound, Bandito, Pull the Trigger, XXXtreme and Golden Thunder. Can’t decide? Get all 10 of them and their crias for just $50,000! That’s a mere $3,846 per animal! BTW, Defiance is the service sire for two of the girls, and Callaway is for the third.

Feliciana Name: Snow Diamond Feliciana DOB: 08/20/2015 Color: Light Fawn Sire: Sunset Hills Golden Thunder Dam: Crescent Moon’s Felicia

Lots of fleece!

Crimson Rose Name: Snow Diamond Crimson Rose DOB: 06/30/2012 Color: Dark Fawn AOA#: 32644524 Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme Dam: Snowmass Crimson Sky

Multiple champion!


Name: Snow Diamond Conspicuous DOB: 06/11/2018 Color: Light Fawn Sire: Snow Diamond Spellbound Dam: Crescent Moon’s Conita

Arguably the cutest ever!

8 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758


Grey genetics!

Name: Snow Diamond Shiver DOB: 02/04/2014 Color: Light Fawn AOA#: 32303353 Sire: Greener Pastures Pull the Trigger Dam: Crescent Moon’s Sillueta

Constance Name: Snow Diamond Constance DOB: 06/18/2017 Color: Medium Fawn Sire: Red Granites MR Ben Franklin Dam: Crescent Moon’s Conita

Ben Franklin Daughter!


5x Champion Bred to Defiance!






Bred to Defiance!





Anica Name: La Finca’s Peruvian Anica DOB: 08/06/2015 Color: Medium Fawn AOA#: 35287353 Sire: S&L Peruvian Bandito Dam: Agatha Christi of Peru Service Sire: Snowmass Defiance



Name: Xanadu P Mariel AOA#: 35224044 DOB: 10/24/2014 Sire: FIA Excello’s Rocky Bay Color: Medium Fawn Dam: Xanadu P. Trousseau Service Sire: Snowmass Defiance



Thunder Rose Name: Snow Diamond Thunder Rose DOB: 05/28/2013 Color: Medium Fawn AOA#: 32810585 Sire: Sunset Hills Golden Thunder Dam: Snow Diamond Crimson Rose

Impressive EPDs!


Felicia Name: Crescent Moon’s Felicia DOB: 06/08/2012 Color: Medium Fawn AOA#: 31357289 Sire: Lionheart’s Connagher Dam: Crescent Moon’s Fay

Name: Irish Meadows’ Marcy DOB: 07/30/2016 Color: Dark Fawn AOA#: 35366904 Sire: The Elite Maximus Dam: Irish Meadows’ Macy Service Sire: Snow Diamond Callaway

Jacob Black Granddaughter bred to Callaway!

Top 8% of EPDs for Mean Staple Length! Select Private Treaty Sale 2019 | 9



Start Dark, and Go for Grey 7-in-1 package: 6 proven females + 1 cria on the way Package price $30,000 (per-animal average $4,615)

The females in this package are dark in color, and that color runs deep in their pedigrees. If you like grey, you’ll be happy to know that five of these lovely ladies have grey genetics just waiting to express themselves. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get grey, but we like the odds. And if you don’t get grey, we can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to get rich color. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Cast a Spell Name: Snow Diamond Cast a Spell DOB: 07/10/2018 Color: Dark Brown Sire: Snow Diamond Spellbound Dam: Crescent Moon’s Castalina Her dam is true-black with grey in her pedigree six times. Her multi-champion sire also has grey genes.

Raspberry Beret

Name: Snow Diamond Raspberry Beret DOB: 10/09/2017 Color: Dark Fawn Sire: Red Granites MR Ben Franklin Dam: Snow Diamond Raquel

Beret’s dam is Raquel, whose pedigree has nine greys, including ATV Adonnis, Rayo Del Sol, and Danko. Beret’s sire is Ben Franklin, a 12x champion. So far, Ben has sired six offspring, including one grey (DRG). 10 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758

Spellbound’s EPDs

Cascade Name: Snow Diamond Cascade Here’s another daughter out of Castalina, a DOB: 07/27/2017 true black, so again, six greys in her pedigree. Color: Brown Cascade’s sire, multi-champion Arctic Warrior, ranks in the top 1% of EPDs for Sire: Accoyo America Arctic Warrior Dam: Crescent Moon’s Castalina SDAFD, which helps him—and his offspring—to produce very soft fleece.


Name: Snow Diamond Brandilynn DOB: 05/31/2015 Color: Dark Brown AOA#: 32810622 Sire: Accoyo America Jason Dam: Accoyo America Brandywine Service Sire: Red Granites Innsbruck

Evening Mist Her sire, Nitro, is a true-black champion. Her dam is Sillueta, a fawn. Pedigree includes seven grey ancestors. Of Evening Mist’s two offspring so far, one is LSG and one is MF.










Her dam is Faith, whose brief pedigree includes three greys, including Danko and Rayo del Sol. Folly’s sire is Ben Franklin, a 12x champion. So far, Ben has sired six offspring, including one grey (DRG).





Name: Snow Diamond Folly DOB: 06/12/2017 Color: Light Brown AOA#: 35361558 Sire: Red Granites MR Ben Franklin Dam: Crescent Moon’s Faith


Name: Crescent Moon’s Evening Mist DOB: 02/16/2012 Color: Medium Brown AOA#: 32156546 Sire: Crescent Moon’s Nitro Dam: Crescent Moon’s Sillueta

A color champion, and the product of two multi-champs. Brandilynn’s 2018 fiber stats: 19.0, 3.3, 17.1 and 0.6. Bred to 9x true black champion and Judges’ Choice winner, Red Granites Innsbruck. Cria due in July.



Select Private Treaty Sale 2019 | 11



Black Beauties with Multi-Color Opportunities!

Five females in package Package price $20,000 (per-animal average $4,000) This package will give a boost to breeders who want to grow their black program without breaking the bank. It will also be attractive to breeders and fiber artists who hope for Pattern, Pinto, Appaloosa and Fancy alpacas. Take a look and let your imagination soar!


Name: Snow Diamond Elderberry DOB: 06/30/2017 Color: True Black

Sire: Red Granites MR Ben Franklin Dam: Crescent Moon's Estella

Her dam is a medium-brown Reserve Champion, with six offspring: white, beige, light rose grey, bay black and now true black. Mom’s EPDs are in or near the top 10% for most traits. Elderberry’s sire is the 12x medium-fawn champion Ben Franklin. His offspring so far are medium-fawn, light-fawn and dark rose grey.

Cheyenne AOA#: 32810844 Name: Snow Diamond Cheyenne Sire: Crescent Moon’s Tatanka DOB: 07/11/2014 Dam: Chella Color: Bay Black Proven female with a multi-colored dam and a multi-colored pedigree. Her dam is dark brown/bay black/true black, and Cheyenne’s pedigree includes most other colors, including white and grey. Makes it interesting! 12 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758


Name: Snow Diamond Avalon DOB: 06/07/2018 Color: True Black Sire: WP Johnny Cash Dam: Crescent Moon’s Astrid Both parents true-black. Sire 8x champion, Johnny Cash – inky, silky fleece. Pedigree top side is largely black, bottom side is a smorgasbord of color, from white to a variety of greys to browns, fawns and even black.

Catch Me

Name: Snow Diamond Catch Me If You Can DOB: 07/01/2017 Color: Bay Black Sire: WP Johnny Cash Dam: Crescent Moon’s Chellina

Long staple, fine fleece. Sire is black, but pedigree mostly brown. Dam 4x champion medium-brown beauty. Siblings dark brown, true black, light rose grey and white. Fun color genetics to play with!









Name: Snow Diamond Contessa DOB: 06/13/2016 Color: Bay Black Sire: Snowmass Royal Knight Dam: Crescent Moon’s Conita





Nice handle, good staple length and color options. Heavy saturation of black on sire’s pedigree, and a sprinkling of white, brown and shades of grey bottom side.



Select Private Treaty Sale 2019 | 13



Professional Moms 6-in-1 package: 5 proven females + 1 cria on the way Package price $20,000 (per-animal average $3,334)

These experienced dams are very good at what they do. They know their biology well enough to know when to breed, and when to spit. They know what to expect 11.5 months later, and what to do about it. They are easy birthers and attentive mothers with ample milk. All of them have offspring that win in the show ring. In short, they are pros at making great babies easily. The professional moms in this package helped us build our herd, and they can do the same for you.

Eleanor Rigby

Name: Snow Diamond Eleanor Rigby DOB: 09/17/2010 Sire: Greener Pastures Leviticus Color: White Dam: Bluegrass Peruvian Epiphany AOA#: 31855464

Eleanor’s EPDs

Dreamy AOA#: 31357173 Name: Crescent Moon’s Dreamy Sire: Crescent Moon’s Uriah DOB: 03/07/2012 Dam: Crescent Moon’s Dreamer Color: White Four offspring, two of them Reserve Champs. Shown with daughter Day Dreamin, also a Reserve Champ with excellent EPDs. DD, now owned by Odin Falls Alpacas, has a daughter of her own with excellent EPDs and show ribbons, too. 14 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758


Name: Greener Pastures Rahela DOB: 08/20/2008 Color: Rose Grey AOA#: 31357982 Sire: Kirwin Dam: Greener Pastures Lahela 4x Color Champion/RCC. Legacy daughter. Dam is Lahela, a multi-champion. Sire is Kirwin, an 11x Champ. Five offspring, two of them LRG, three of them were shown. Newest cria is Raphael, one of our best crias in 2018.





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Name: Crescent Moon’s Misstify DOB: 06/17/2007 Color: Beige AOA#: 30842403 Sire: El Biento Dam: Miss Hap Service Sire: Snowmass Defiance





Maintaining good fleece structure and pleasing Name: Snowbaby di Bella Vita phenotype. Good EPDs, with DOB: 06/09/2009 four in the top 10%. Five Color: White offspring. 2016 cria’s stats are AOA#: 31577953 16.9, 3.4, 20.1, 0.2. Current Sire: Sunny Mesa’s Tuscan Gold cria-at-side is excellent. Dam: SA Peruvian Apollo's Nicolette



Champion daughter of El Biento, an El Nino son. All of her EPDs except one rank in the top 20% or better. Five offspring: two are champions and one produced an 11-micron fleece and has excellent EPDs. Bred to Defiance. Select Private Treaty Sale 2019 | 15

Herdsires, Anyone?


Snow Diamond has been blessed and cursed by having a bumper crop of males for the last six or seven years: Blessed in that we have had an abundance of males that qualify to have a suite in the stud barn. Cursed in that we couldn’t possibly use all of these worthy males on our females. It’s just not right that these males are not working. That’s why we are offering non-related quality males to service each of the female packages presented in this sale, including two males for the “Pick Five” package, because that could split and become two separate packages. In addition, we’re offering a couple of males that we recently purchased, because we now have our own males in those colors to do the job. Below are the basics on these seven males, who are at the prime of their breeding career. Some are proven; the rest come with a reproduction guarantee.

Ben Franklin

For “Fawn Females – Pick Five!” Package. Add $17,000. Name: Red Granites MR Ben Franklin DOB: 08/09/2013 Color: Medium Brown AOA#: 32453089 Sire: Snowmass Matrix Rose Dam: WWF Accoyo’s Betsy Ross

12x Champion. High-frequency, high-amplitude fleece with brightness and soft handle. Well conformed with beautiful head. Produced bragging-rights offspring at Snow Diamond and other farms.

Chateau-Cerise For “Genetics Jackpot!” Package. Add $8,000. Name: Snow Diamond Chateau-Cerise Multi-champion including DOB: 06/12/2013 Judges’ Choice for fleece. Long Color: White staple. Strong EPDs. Quechua AOA#: 32731651 grandson on top side and Matrix Sire: Snowmass Chateau grandson on bottom side. Dam: Winter Gem Matrix Cerise


For “White & Light Breeding Females” Package. Add $12,000. Name: Snow Diamond Quasar King DOB: 08/03/2012 Color: White AOA#: 32303476 Sire: Snowmass Alpine King Dam: Derwydd Manchu’s Qispiqay Uniform and dense fleece that is maintaining fineness, and is bright, bright, bright! Excellent EPDs. Well-conformed, typey male. Offspring are on the ground in the U.S. and Canada. 16 | Snow Diamond Alpacas • (970) 331-9758

Speed Shift

For “Professional Moms” Package. Add $8,000. Very fine, crimpy, dense and long-stapled fleece. Top 5% EPDs for AFD and SF. Lots of grey in this pedigree.

Name: Snow Diamond Speed Shift DOB: 07/04/2016 Color: White AOA#: 35149514 Sire: Crescent Moon’s Gear Jammer Dam: Snow Diamond Shiver


For “Fawn Females – Pick Five!” Package. Add $8,000. Name: Snow Diamond Polstra DOB: 06/11/2017 Color: Light Fawn AOA#: 35361763 Sire: Crescent Moon’s Accoyo Nobility Dam: Snow Diamond Pretty XXXtreme

Stands noble and proud. Long staple and soft handle. Fleece opens well organized and is even across blanket. Legacy is grandfather on top side; XXXtreme on bottom side.

Johnny Cash

For “Black Beauties!” Package. Add $18,000. 8x Champion. Strong and Name: WP Johnny Cash correct conformation with beautiful DOB: 0/9/07/2013 head style. Superior coverage of inky Color: True Black black fleece. Proven with offspring at AOA#: 32691757 Snow Diamond and other farms. Sire: CCNF Man In Black Dam: Obsydian’s Kirsten


For “Start Dark and Go for Grey” Package. Add $15,000. Name: Snow Diamond Sherlock DOB: 06/12/2016 Color: Medium Fawn AOA#: 5149507 Sire: Snowmass Defiance Dam: Xanadu Study in Scarlet

A Defiance son out of a grey female. High-frequency fleece architecture that’s fine, dense, soft and long. Well-organized across the blanket and onto the head. Strong EPDs. Produces lots of fleece. Select Private Treaty Sale | 17

18 | Snow Diamond Alpacas

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Snow Diamond Alpacas - Private Treaty Sale  

Sale Details • Alpacas are sold as-is and in whole packages. • Bred females come with a live birth guarantee. • Open females and maidens are...

Snow Diamond Alpacas - Private Treaty Sale  

Sale Details • Alpacas are sold as-is and in whole packages. • Bred females come with a live birth guarantee. • Open females and maidens are...