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Best Snowboarding Resorts across the World!

Contrary to old times, snowboarding is not considered as a tough game at all now. It is one of the frolicking adventures that are done on the hills of ice. A good snowboard resort is not only about the lushness of nature and the abundant snow covered mountains it is surrounded with. There are things like snowfall, nightlife, lodging, food et cetera and then the resort should also rank well into pipes, parks, off-piste and other varied run selection. With all this in consideration, we have made out the list of top five Snowboarding resorts, where you get your most pleasant snow mountain riding experience. 1. Aspen / Snowmass, Colorado Large snow clad mountains, sprawling parks and crazy, fun filled party town- Snowmass has got it all. In case of free riding, the resort gives you a seamless terrain. It’s the least crowded of all the mega resorts in Colorado. If it dumps, you can hike The Wall going deep into tree glades and if it is not dumping, you can have a nice ride onto groomers. In case you came here for parks, Lowdown Park’s beginner and intermediate level jumps and jibs are there just for you. Stay in Viceroy Hotel and pay at discount. Visit Bucci’s for sushi and try out their local fav, Zane’s. 2. Mammoth Mountain, CA From the gigantic bowls, epic windlips to the smooth tree glades, the 3500 acres of terrain in Mammoth is all in one. Apart from an expansive park and pipe setup, you get here Stomping Grounds Terrain Park. Visit the slopeside Yodler bar or The Village; Clocktower Cellar Pub and The Westin Bar are all set to take you onto a revelling time. Later you can have free transit back to hotel. 3. Buttermilk, CO Buttermilk is little light and free ride terrain but yet it is a great place to ride. In case of park and pipe, the resort ranks good. The Main Park and S3 are facilitated with numerous creative and

attractive stuffs, for example, the giant steel drums and old lift towers. To afford more laps, Eagle hill and Upper Tiehack lifts are planted for at least 7 minutes ride time. Visit the happy hour at Eric’s and the ‘West of the West’ bowls. 4. Whistler / Blackcomb, Canada It is a complete package of fun, comfort stay and mind-blowing adventure. Take fun in riding the burn trees off Crystal Chair; there are more to try out like Highest Level Park and the straight line Shale Slope. For food, taste delectable dishes at Satchi Sushi, and have drinks at the back bas in Garf’s. 5. June Mountain, CA The affable staff and the caring crew at June is perhaps the reason that makes June among top five snowboarding resorts. The lift lines are a cause of main attractions. June is just at a distance of 20 miles north of Mammoth.

Best snowboarding resorts across the world!  
Best snowboarding resorts across the world!  

Contrary to old times, snowboarding is not considered as a tough game at all now. It is one of the frolicking adventures that are done on th...