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Artist: Antlered Man Title: Giftes 1&2 Label: Goo Grrl Records Format: CD/mp3 Release date: Monday 5th March Website: Facebook: Management:

The laws of probability dictate that living in Bermondsey leads to a high chance of spending your life getting twatted at the weekend in between the 9 to 5 grind. Forming a heavy rock band in this part of the world makes you somewhat of an anomaly and that’s just how Antlered Man like it. The band have always lived a nomadic, hand to mouth existence and squandered their limited earnings on various botched musical campaigns. Now with the economic downturn hitting our pockets hard, we’re all preparing for a taste of what it’s like to be in Antlered Man and this is one of many themes mused in début album “Giftes 1&2”. Hailed by Artrocker as an “Intriguing mash between the metally poetic darkness of SOAD and our own favourite Future of the Left”, the band describe themselves as “fucked up shape-shifting band with lots of punk-ethic goo spattered on top”. This becomes ever so clear on the upcoming single “Surrounded By White Men” released on 13th February. This Mike Patton infused, dirty political power house of a band also captured the attention of Belfast’s finest And So I Watch You From Afar who took them on tour across Europe in late 2011. Antlered Man’s début is a schizophrenic beast. A record that would nestle happily on the Ipecac roster and again like Patton they have maintained that things are always done better when they actually do it themselves. A little narcissistic, yeah, but when you’re this badarse - you deserve a label. So with this in mind the band set up their own imprint in the form of Goo Grrrl Records. Plans for a full UK/European tour in March/April are under way and with the release of “Giftes 1&2” and more recording in the pipeline - both lyrically and musically it will be hard for anyone to come close to this band in 2012. Antlered Man are Danny Fury (guitar), Damo Ezekiel Holmes (vocals), Sam Ray (bass) and Oliver Parker (drums). “Driven by a dirty, fuzzy bass, anti-establishment types Antlered Man go a bit SOAD with this rather good anti-capitalist rant” - Kerrang, April 2011 “As soon as we heard the filthy, dirty hulking bassline of AM’s debut single, we were hooked, line and sinker” Rock Sound, April 2011 “Intriguing mash between the metally poetic darkness of SOAD and our own favourite Future of the Left”, March 2011

Album Tracklisting: 1.

Outrages 1 Ta 3


Can’t Beat Them, Try Solvents


Platoono Of Uno


Better the Calamity You Know


Surrounded By White Men


Buddhist Soup


Schizo Tennis


Mr. Runner-up Teenage Bloomfield


Balloons, Needles, Sunlight & Evil

10. Misruly Roo Press contact: Printed/Online : Simon Glacken: - 07545 303276 I Like Press, TestSpace, Unit 2-4, Melbourne Street, Leeds, LS2 7PS Radio: Tom Rose: - 07970 518301






The time for Dublin’s finest has come



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the whole point of the instrument is the freedom it represents. “Initially, my parents tried to force me into liking classical music,” he explains. “I played in orchestras as a violinist – I realise that’s not very cool – and then playing the guitar was the opposite of that. I didn’t have to think about reading music, or about composers or anything. It was a completely free thing to do.” Now armed with a 90s Japanese Strat, bought from a man in a council flat “who had the biggest collection of Fender guitars in the smallest room you could imagine”, Chris is focusing on laying down Spector’s debut album, which is due for release in spring. So can we expect more power pop solos? Maybe. “It’s not like: ‘That would be a cool thing to do now because no-one’s doing it’,” says Chris. “It’s just that we literally couldn’t stop ourselves if we tried.” (MP) Spector release the single Chevy Thunder on 27 February. Visit for more.

COMETH the hour, cometh three men from Dublin’s sweaty live circuit. After cementing their reputation as a rock powerhouse on home soil, the Irish three-piece are about to seize their moment and run with it in 2012. Their rollicking debut Marcata – named after the upstate New York studio where they threw down 12 tunes in just five days – is packed with raucous old-school rock ’n’ roll. It’s the classicism of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jet meets the wallop of The Datsuns and The Von Bondies. The band’s no-nonsense approach is hewn from hometown crowds that take no prisoners. “We had a residency in Dublin where we played to a load of drunks,” explains frontman and guitarist Mark Austin. “The crowd didn’t care who the band was – they just wanted to dance. So we learnt that if we can keep these guys going, we’d be doing all right. It made us as a band and we embraced it.” Tour bus staples include both Peter Green and Rumours-era

Fleetwood Mac, as well as Thin Lizzy’s Live And Dangerous. On his own records, Austin likes it nice and sleazy. “I’m not into technical details – I just know what sound I want. I played Heritage guitars in the studio, a ’72 Telecaster reissue and whatever our producer Kevin McMahon had lying around. My clean sound would be pretty dirty by anyone else’s standards – and it gets heavier from there.” (SH) The Minutes’ debut album is out now. Visit them online at


The missing link in alt rock’s evolutionary chain

ASK guitarist Danny Fury about his band’s name and suddenly it makes sense: “We wanted something that was formidable and what’s more formidable than man? A man with f***ing antlers!” Despite their formidably potent combination of noisy riffs and anti-establishment rants, songwriting with bassist Sam Ray is a thoroughly harmonious affair. “The basslines he comes up with can dictate the entire song,” says

Danny. “I’ll come up with a riff, then Sam will start jamming. The basslines become so prominent, I think, ‘You know what, bro? I’ve got to work around you!’” This allows Danny to weave his P90-equipped Squier Telecaster Custom II in and out of proceedings, with a high-end focus secured by an ElectroHarmonix Big Muff/Micro POG combo. However, there are some effects he can’t recreate onstage. “We used a pedal in the studio that I’ve never seen before,” he says. “It was called a [DOD] Buzz Box – it just creates noise. One person can’t play guitar and work the pedal at the same time, so we can’t play that stuff live!” (MB) Antlered Man’s debut album Giftes 1&2 is out on 5 March. Visit

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th tober 2011 5/5 Daily Mail - 11 Oc


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