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iOS vs Android Apple iOS has 10 unique features, which are enough to conquer Android easily. iOS vs Android: AirPlay There are many features which can replace AirPlay. But there is none which has the same clear and intuitive interface and operation like AprPlay. If you have multiple Apple products, AirPlay is actually of little use. But if you own multiple Apple products, you will find streaming media videos powerful. Compared, Android is not comparable to the product. iOS vs Android: Find My iPhone Although there are similar track functions in Android, along with "Find My iPhone or iPad or iPod touch" is free for users, this is not users' best paying choice now, but is the perfect choice. This feature allows users to track devices, even allows users to catch the thief after the device stolen. iOS vs Android: Better Technical Support How to do if your Android phone is broken? There are many solutions. But the most common solution is to contact with the Operators. They don't manufacture the phone, and need to provide supports for many different devices, so it is difficult to make users believe them. But if your iPhone is broken, you can go to Apple retail stores or call to Apple support center. Generally speaking, if there are no serious hardware problems, your problems can be solved with the help of Genius Bar. Apple's support team is not the best in the world, but is one of the best, at least.

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iOS vs Android: Longer Battery and Better Battery Management In recent years, Apple started to make the battery be one of the most important features. iPad is excellent in this feature. Besides, Apple's battery management strategy is also outstanding. Some people may be disappointed because iPhone can't support multi-tasks. In fact, multi-task will consume the battery power fast. Devices with iOS can run for a full day, but Android can not. iOS vs Android: No extra apps Most users who find that there are device. In fact, the future. But iOS devices when More articles: Use iPad to Doctors' Work Why Do We Like App Store

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Why iOS is better than Android? Here I list 5 reasons after the competition between iOS vs Android.