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All rights reserved—— Nowadays, more and more movies and videos are encoded in the MP4 (MPEG-4) file format which could deliver good video quality. So you have downloaded movies and taken videos in MP4 (MPEG-4) video format.

Want to play MP4 files on home DVD player in your living room sitting on the couch? Well, due to the limits of most DVD players’ capabilities, the original MP4 files can’t be played directly on regular home DVD players. Convert MP4 to DVD format, burn MP4 to DVD disc. Then your videos can be played on any DVD player.

AVS Disc Creator is such a DVD authoring software to help you convert MP4 to DVD disc. Want to know how? Check this step-by-step tutorial which shows you how to convert MP4 to DVD disc in just a few simple steps.

Note: If you are using Mac OS X, you'd better download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to do the conversion on your Mac computer.

Step by Step Guide: How to Convert MP4 to DVD?

Step 1: Download and install AVS Video Converter.

All rights reserved—— Step 2: Run AVS Video Converter and select your input video file. Step 3: Set up the conversion parameters. Step 4: Set up a proper video output file path. Step 5: Create a menu for your DVD. Step 6: Convert your DVD files. Step 7: Burn your resulting DVD onto a disc .

Now you can watch your recorded MP4 video DVD on your Home DVD Player!

Tips: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can also help you convert MP4 to DVD. If you want to convert and burn other format video onto DVD disc, this software also can achieve your goals perfectly.

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How to Convert MP4 to DVD  

AVS Disc Creator is such a DVD authoring software to help you convert MP4 to DVD disc.