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Tradition, tailored for excess.

A Lifestyle Choice, Defender Icon Drive yourself – there are no limits with Defender Icon.

Follow the journey with the Icon team to create that individual Defender. Think outside the box to create your own Icon. Completely individual to suite your needs and lifestyle. Wow the crowds or pass through without attention, set amongst a classic vat of luxury wrapped in understatement. Take any Defender and stir up your own individual Icon. Any combination of performance, colour and style, comfort and convenience, engineered automatic or manual shift, driven by gutsy diesel turbo power or the roar of a mass of cubic V8 supercharged adrenalin will take you beyond. It is a delight to work with our clients worldwide creating complete individuality, accommodating business, corporate, sport or pleasure. Please email our team at Visit the land rover lifestyle centre at Nene Overland or call +44 (0)1733 380687

The Icon Laboratory

In-house trim shop

Engineering excellence

Dedicated tuning centre

Our in-house trim team can deliver luxury

Truly your one stop engineering shop, we

Take advantage of years of development to

bespoke interiors to your specification.

continuously strive to develop and refine

extract those extra torques and HP through

Customer brands, logos and lifestyle

the driving experience. Popular automatic

our tuning and remapping service. Individual

graphics are given a place of prominence

gearbox options to drive the more frugal

files can be crafted to suit your needs to

to complete your Icon interior design.

diesel TDi Icons or maxed out sequential

max out fuel economy and outright

A vast range of colours and quality

6 speed tiptronic control to extract the last

performance. We will continue to strive to

leathers are available, hand crafted in our

torques and HP from supercharged V8.

take you further than anyone else, always

trim shop to an exacting standard. Work

Carry it all and stop, or round those tight

delivering the latest technology to enhance

with our team to catch that very special

bends on the most refined, race tuned

your Land Rover whether it be the iconic

individual look tailored to your lifestyle.

suspension and brake packages out there.

TD5 or latest puma TDci. Need more! Then

Relax in your Icon lounge, out there!

Live the dream – Defender Icon.

ask for our 3.2 TDci and close to 300 BHP!

Six appeal and beyond . . .




Continue to celebrate Land Rover’s tradition

Mix up modern or classic Defender

Take a breath of surprise with Sport

of generations with the Icon Heritage LE.

engineering in any wheel base, 90, 110 or

Wagon! Crafted to be driven, Icon 90 or

Available new, pre-loved or celebrate the

130 with the ability to tear that roof down

110 wagons consumed with state of the

Heritage LE around your existing Defender,

in a Falcon Soft Back. Get that wind and

art performance, handling, comfort and

based on wagon or utility 110 or 90 TDci

sun on your back through the streets of

styling packages giving a sports car

County with the addition of sumptuous

Monaco, Cotswold lanes or sandy

experience beneath the iconic stance of a

heritage green leather interior, styling and

beaches. Our team will help you create

Defender TDci 2.4 and 3.2 litre, 2.7-3.0

seat options. Automatic transmissions will

the most stunning convertible Defender

TDV6 and a host of petrol V8 including

take you and your party to that country

with style and grace to die for. New or

supercharged, automatic or manual shift.

retreat or sporting event.

pre-loved examples supplied worldwide.

Breeze past the crowd, anywhere.




Get the ‘white out’ treatment with Icon

Let the Art Deco era consume the iconic

For the business user, lead from the front in

Snow LE 90 and 110 wagons. Enhance

Defender with Retro Classic. For that

the Icon utility wagon. Get noticed to

with 18-20” sports black alloys, white

classic retro take mixed-up with the latest

enhance your business or create the more

Hannibal safari roof rack, privacy glass,

comforts and technology to propel you

subtle Icon Ute around 110 utility wagon or

black leathered comfort sports seats and

down a modern road of comfort,

90 hard back commercials topped up with

interiors with white out stitched detailing.

performance and style while lost in a

comfort, styling and performance to

Take your Snow LE gently or as hard and

statement of individuality. Offered as

match. All Defender Icons available new or

fast as you like with the Icon range of

wagon or soft top Icon 90 or 110 TDi or

pre-loved or let us turn your Defender into

sports and performance enhancements.

petrol V8, automatic or manual shift. Left

an Icon. VAT reclaimable commercial

Available in left or right hand drive.

or right hand drive, anywhere worldwide.

vehicle status. Automatic gear box options.

Tel: +44 (0)1733 380687

T: 01733 380687



Defender Icon  
Defender Icon  

Defender Icon vehicles supplied by Nene Overland. Individual new and used Defenders tailored for you. In house trim shop, dedicated tuning a...