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A little unusual, sparkles of her 2 years.

Graphic Design History Postcards The project was to take 10 important movements in graphic design history and create our own design based on our interpretation on the graphic style of each movement. Based on one common object ‘flower’, I have created hand-drawn illustrations of flowers in each movement’s graphic

style and designed the typography. For each style, a digital version was added with brief history of it and the famous artworks from the time.

Dark Matter Gallery A newly opened gallery, owned by one of the students in Prague College, needed a new identity for what is a place where young artists can show their work, and like minded people can make a community and communicate with each other.

​ he gallery aims to seek artists who are all T around us but haven’t been discovered yet, just as the Dark matter. It is alternative, mysterious and still professional. The client wanted the gallery to have its own persona, and its workshop(Vanta room) to be its room.

Color Palette Guide book As a graphic design student, I had to create a guideline that can be helpful to my fellow graphic designers. Color is a topic that I am fond of and wanted to personally learn more about how to create a color palette, hence was chosen as my guideline topic.  The direction

of the design for it was to be simple and clean to help understand the stepby-step guideline even without any prior knowledge to the topic. Also, by making a cut-out for the color wheel and a bit of interactive pages, its purpose is to engage the audience to the topic with fun elements.

3D collages All the experiences I have gained, all the things I saw and took photographs of, made the person who I am today. To represent this growth of mine, my journey, I decided to choose photos from my past that represents a year and create collages adding acrylic colors and dimensions.

Each collages represent the year; (From top left to bottom right) 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Cooking Colorfully

This little book is for people who are like my friends, who may not be Korean, but have an interest in Korean culture and food, people who would like to know more about the stories behind it, and also don’t mind me telling my personal struggles and achievements regarding

cooking Korean food during my life abroad. This book includes a bit of information on how you can cook the dishes, keeping in mind the fact that, like me, you don’t live in Korea either, like myself. Still, you can most likely find all the ingredients around you easily,

and if not, look in an asian store in your town (hopefully). As Korean food is a colorful cuisine, I have visualized it in a way that I feel reflects that. I hope you can find the time to cook it colorfully with the help of these stories and recipes.

Tram city Based on the project of changing an existing print material with text, I chose a guide book for Prague targeting travellerss and expats in Prague. I wanted to personalize it, so I decided to include my own photos and places that are my favorites. I divided the sections based on the different areas in Prague. For the convenience, the binding was done with a one fold cover and a rubber band with different sections folded inside. Each section has its own tag including iconic illustrations of each area coming out from the right side.

3 sets of rice packaging ‘3 sets of rice’ is a product that includes three different types of rice in single portion packaging. With this concept and with the idea that it would be sold in a local supermarket, I have designed an appropriate packaging for the product. ​ To be displayed as one of the supermaket’s high-end quality products(e.g. Albert excellence), the target client is someone who is a) interested in trying different type of rice and b) from a single household.

Honne - It ain’t wrong loving’ you To capture the feeling of the song ‘It ain’t wrong loving you’ by HONNE, I wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing visual that could convey the feeling of love and calmness. The whole video has a coherent color tone of pastel and images of nature - time lapse videos of clouds, micro lens videos of flower pedals - and also texture of acrylic paint and even music piece was used to create some images. The typography was animated to follow the feeling of the lyrics.

Speechless Gender stereotypes If you had a convery a message just with visuals, no words or numbers, how can it be done? For one of the project ‘Speechless’ I decided to go with something that is interactive, a sort of a game. The purpose of the game was to make people realize that the ‘gender stereotypes’ are deeply ingrained in them. At first people to try to balance the scale by dividing the boxes on each side.

The most general choice that people make is to divide them by gender(or sex), while this can be correct in case of the icons that symbolize biology, however other icons (motorcycle, heels, muscles etc) would be only based on gender stereotypes. Once the mistake was made, people were given a hint that explains that the boxes should be divided by biology and others(stereotypes).

Memory Globes How to do remember thing? Exceptional moments, memories of a new place, thrillful experiences and more.. Eventhough it feels like it, they are never exactly the same. Somehow distorted by our imagination and our emotion, things are left that way only as a perception. Though distorted, we cherish those moments and want to keep them safe somewhere inside, in a glass of jar.

A snow globe. As one of the classic souvenirs, snow globes does exactly that, capturing the place you have been so that you can bring it home and keep it safe with you. Memory Globes are just like those snow globes. My memories captured in glass balls, only the distorted memories. The memories that are mystified and are of legends in my

The starfall (1,2,3)

Last Summer in Costa Rica, I was captured by the nature of the country. The jungle, the beach and there was this magnificent waterfall. So tall and rocky, and there were no one but us enjoying that grand view. I took the memory of that day, and created the first glass sphere and I included the stars that symbolizes the tingling feeling I got infront of nature.

You can hear the pleasant chime bells ring as you click 1,2, or 3 and the equivalent colored stars will start popping out.

mind. Which let’s say, are the ‘familiar’ which is molded with the ‘unfamiliar’ - the mystified part -. So I took the liberty to creating a quasi-world in glass spheres, however basing on actual memories. Creating with Blender with a help of a bit of Illustrator, ‘Memory globes’ was created. Playing a lot with light and colors, the unusual

worlds were able to be created in 3d form. To give them a bit of life, animation was added in small doses, in the form of sparkles and stars. The big fun of the Memory globes is that you can explore this universe of mine and jump back and forth between globes for a closer view. On top of that, you can also trigger a few actions in each globe by pressing different keys given as hints.

The New York Sunset (S)

When we had a 13 hours stopover at New York, we will not forget that enchanting feeling we got on Brooklyn bridge during sunset. To capture that, I created a sphere that has my interpretation of a colorful New York with the Sun moving, affecting the colors of the globe and the city. You can see the sunset by pressing S.

The Gibraltar’s swing (G)

The story of Grbraltar is quite funny. After a one hour drive to get in, we realized my friend did not have a proper ID. So we sat on a swing instead and read about the country from Wikipedia. You can see the swing move by pressing G.

Hail May (H)

Working on the finals for this semester, just a few days ago, there was a strong strom with hail. As it was such a fresh memory, I had to urge to depict the incident. The ice was so strong that it was making an amazing scene. I created the block of ice with the glass material that gives an idea of the scary ice storm. However the actual iceballs are soft and fluffy, and you can play around by moving the globe itself with the mouse wheel. Press H for your hail to fall.

Jin's Portfolio  

Graphic Designer Jin's Portfolio, that's a little bit unusual. Printed on A2 spreads, folded with no binding, it gives a news paper like fee...

Jin's Portfolio  

Graphic Designer Jin's Portfolio, that's a little bit unusual. Printed on A2 spreads, folded with no binding, it gives a news paper like fee...