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Standard Operating Procedures Fundamental Use of USI Sally Noona August 1, 2012

This overview is intended for the Managers and Assistants within the Convention Sales, Sports Marketing & Services Unit of the VBCVB and outlines an overview of the fundamental protocol when entering any data into our CRM System, namely USI.

Standard Operating Procedures Fundamental Use of USI Sally Noona

1. Purpose ________________________________________________________________________ The Virginia Beach CVB’s core mission to its stakeholders and constituents throughout the City of Virginia Beach is to be a leader in providing and delivering accurate & invaluable information as it pertains to the hospitality industry and the marketing and generating of room night opportunities for a year round destination for meetings, events, visitors and citizens alike. In truth, our information is one of the most important if not THE most valuable asset that this department owns – so the integrity of our internal CRM system is paramount to this City’s and this Bureau’s perceived value and worth as an organization. Subsequently, as key members of the VBCVB Sales/Services Unit, our role in being developers, providers, keepers and distributers of good, accurate industry information is extremely important. Therefore the overall protocol of our CRM system’s information is KEY to each participant’s and this department’s success. Having the process outlined with standard operating procedures will align our team, maintain consistency and keep everyone heading in the right direction & on track for success!

2. Scope ________________________________________________________________________ The following SOP’s are intended for all members of the Convention Sales & Marketing Unit to include: All Managers, All Sales Assistants and All part-time or temporary users of this system (i.e., interns, etc.)

3. Prerequisites ________________________________________________________________________ All users must have access to a computer with USI loaded onto it and have an initial introduction/training to USI and the VBCVB’s role in the Hospitality Industry. Review:

VBCVB Sales Process USI Training Manual/Modification Project 2012

4. Responsibilities ________________________________________________________________________ All Sales Managers, Sales Assistants and Service Managers (along with interns and part-time assistants) have a primary role in collecting, inputting and managing the data that goes into our CRM for the VBCVB. Consistency and accuracy are key in guarding against “Garbage In/Garbage Out”.


Standard Operating Procedures Fundamental Use of USI Sally Noona

5. Procedure ________________________________________________________________________


Abbreviations DO NOT USE ANY ABBREVIATIONS in creating an Account, Meeting Names, Addresses, etc. DO NOT USE ACRONYMS in the account name, etc. Should the system notify you that the name exceeds the number of characters allowed, seek the assistance of the our System Administrator The exception to this rule will be direction designations as they relate to addresses only. In an address (not in the City field) you may use the following for directions: North = N South = S East = E West = W

Northeast = NE Southeast = SE

Northwest = NW Southwest = SW

Account Entries (NEW) – always Check for Duplication First by using the LEGAL NAME of the Account – (make certain not to create an account based on the meeting name). Prior to entering a new account or contact, be sure to use one key word and make it singular to initiate your search (i.e., Nursing Organization Alliance, type in NURS, not nurse, nurses, nursing) Refresh your screen. The USI system will search for the account. If no account appears, right click and add account and type the first three letters… The System will show all accounts that begin with the same first three letters. Look through the list before adding an account. Remember not to abbreviate the name including National, Association, etc… ACCOUNT Reassignment Only DOS/SMC is allowed to reassign an account to another Sales Manager – so in the event you see an account that you feel should be yours, trace your DOS/SMC for assistance.


Standard Operating Procedures Fundamental Use of USI Sally Noona

COPYING - NO COPYING OF ANY KIND Unfortunately, there will be NO COPYING OF ANY KIND. Copying of accounts, meetings, bulletins, etc. has wreaked havoc and continues to alter the integrity of the system’s data base. Even though it may seem harmless, it is not – the domino effect is powerful and will not be tolerated. Please note inception reports will be run to make certain copying is not occurring. Punctuation Do not use punctuation in any titles, account names or address areas (i.e., PO Box). Many areas have a drop down box to deal with these needs Telephone Numbers Telephone numbers are to be entered ONLY using hyphens (i.e., xxx-xxx-xxxx). No periods and no parentheses are to be used Drop Downs In most cases, drop down arrows will provide field options. These have been provided to ensure system consistency and conformity for reporting purposes. Should you find a specific indicator missing from a drop down area, please consult your Supervisor and he/she will contact the System Administrator… In many cases, options have been reduced to ensure more accurate reporting. Mandatory Meeting Screen Data Requirement When operating in the Bulletin Management phase of the sales process, (Meeting and Bulletin Status’ are in LEAD, Tentative, Lost, Definite or Canceled modes), all reportable fields on the meeting screen must be filled in unless it does not apply to this particular account. Be sure to fill in accurately as inception reports will be run to check for accuracy and thoroughness – the owner of the account will be held responsible.


Standard Operating Procedures Fundamental Use of USI Sally Noona

6. References ________________________________________________________________________ USI Training Manual – Modification Project 2012

7. Definitions ________________________________________________________________________ Definitions are outlined for the following in the USI Training Manual – Modification Project 2012:  

General Meeting Screen – Field Descriptions/Under General Meeting Tab Diary Entry Types, users, Definitions – Under Diary Entry Types


2 FORMAL SOP - Overall Protocol in USI  
2 FORMAL SOP - Overall Protocol in USI