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SNÖ of Sweden is celebrating ten years as a jewellry brand in the fashion industrie. A limited edition collection in classic crystals, white pearls and sparkling stones is available in store throughout the year. The first collection was formed by solid pearl necklaces and rings and was released in 2002. The Spring and Summer collection of 2012 shows sparkling coloured semi prescious stones and pearls in pastells combined with edgy leather and glass products. The base of the collection, however, is as always classic clear crystals and white pearls which forms the essence of SNÖ of Sweden. SNÖ of Sweden is now represented by approximately 1200 retailers in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Significant export markets at present are Norway, Finland, Germany and Austria. The brand hails from the small town of Östersund, in the northern part of Sweden, where the head office, administration and logistics are still located.

Mrs. Lena Jonsson Näslund founded the company, starting with nothing but a vision of making affordable, but unique, products that could be worn by women of all ages and backgrounds, using materials provided by nature. Her very first design was a necklace strung with tiny freshwater pearls in bright spring colours, which was made as a small gift to her best friend, and which is now worn by women all over Northern Europe. The tiny pearl series was followed by crystal earrings and pearl rings, which have since then developed into more than 5000 designs, forming the SNÖ of Sweden collection today. What’s the real source of inspiration when it comes to creating jewellery loved by so many women all over the world? Having grown up, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of northern Sweden, Lena herself says that being part of nature, the people around her and life itself are her main source of inspiration. Being the creative director of a business that has continued to grow means taking on the challenge of combining simple, pure and timeless materials created by Mother Earth and turning them into wearable designs. The name Snö is the Swedish word for snow and celebrates the pure, white and crystal clear materials of the north.

The essence of the SNÖ of Sweden design has from the very beginning been the clean, Scandinavian style, made out of natural stones and pearls, which complements and enhances the look of the women wearing it. SNÖ of Sweden collections offer a wide range of styles, without losing the essence of the brand. As well as making a fashion statement, SNÖ of Sweden jewellery is also about creating classic and timeless designs. Whether the buyer is looking for a traditional pearl necklace or a trendy stone pendant necklace, SNÖ has something to offer.

In addition to using genuine materials and creating a clean, classic design, the core of the brand is about combining products from different collections, therefore extending the life of a product as well as keeping the consumer interested and up to date. Every piece of jewellery is consciously combined with other products within the same collection, and often matches a classic product from earlier designs. The SNĂ– of Sweden concept builds on creativity and new ideas based on firm tradition, which helps create a clear image. SNĂ– of Sweden releases four new collections a year providing the market with approximately 2000 new designs each year.

The materials used in the designs comprise cultivated freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, leather, shells and glass. Stones such as jade, rose quartz, turquoise, crystals and agates often combined with pearls form a beautiful contrast to the silver plated chains and pendants. The varied, natural colors, shapes and surfaces of the materials help create a rough feel to the product and make it unique. The key to the success of the SNĂ– of Sweden brand is the ability to provide the retailers with the right products at the right time. We keep large quantities in stock to ensure delivery within 2-3 days all over Europe, turning repeat orders into good business. By having full control over the production facility, the demand from the market sets the production requirements for the season. Add to that an average markup of 3 on the products, SNĂ– of Sweden provides good business opportunities and profits.

Brand folder 2012  

Brand folder 2012