SNOMED International 2022 Annual Work Plan

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2022 Annual Work Plan


A 5 Year Strategy The Direction • The organization completes an

annual work planning process with its Members to establish activities delivered January 1 – December 31.

• The work plan consists of a

combination of one year and multiyear deliverables.

• This document provides details of annual projects by strategic direction.


2022 2022 Work Plan



Products & Services

Our Products and Services Goals speak to those priorities that best serve improvements in patient outcomes through the evolution of SNOMED CT as a product as well as supporting interoperability through collaboration and ways of working with other health information standards. The continued understanding and illustration of the value offered by SNOMED CT is also a key strategic imperative.



2022 Work Plan: Products & Services Item


SNOMED CT Evolution:

SNOMED CT as a Service: • Complete development of security & licensing infrastructure for a global terminology service

Evolve SCT to best serve improvements in patient outcomes and meet the needs of the integrated health and social care systems in a sustainable fashion

SCT Evolution • Conduct REFSET Refresh • Deployment of distributed authoring platform • Widespread use of templates for authoring • Define policies & guidance for local country terminology service distribution Core, International & Community Content • Develop formal review cycle for clinical core • Enlist domain experts for external clinical review • Open content contribution by approved external editors


Content Development Roadmap • Review of Quality Initiative and plan for continuing operations • Social Care content development including Member-informed definition setting and existing content gap analysis • Social Care content development • Social Determinants content development • Initiate a Biobank Pilot • Genomics content development & quality assurance *Multi-year • Pathology & Observables content development deliverable

2022 Work Plan: Products & Services Item Terminology Integrator: SNOMED CT will continue to be a hub that supports, facilitates and integrates terminology standards and classifications to help enhance and streamline the health and care ecosystem


Scope •

Develop and implement a ICD-11 geared Member strategy as well as developing and executing a collaboration agreement with WHO with defined collaboration deliverables

Continue implementation of the Collaboration Framework by developing and executing key collaboration agreements with HPO (with development of candidate map) and OHDSI

Review potential terminology integration opportunities with Collaboration partners and put key collaboration agreements in place

Annually identify value based collaboration partners based on framework and aligned with the SNOMED CT strategy. Develop collaboration arrangements with identified partners including useful deliverables. Monitor and measure value of collaboration. De-scope collaboration arrangements where warranted based on framework • Deliver European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (eDqm) map

*Multi-year deliverable

2022 Work Plan: Products & Services Item Value Proposition: Extend the SNOMED CT value proposition to highlight improvements in patient outcomes and determine and validate all stakeholder benefits including integrating remuneration, research, public health information flows and semantic interoperability into the value proposition of SNOMED CT


Scope •

Identify/cross map strategy initiatives that showcase the SNOMED CT value proposition (E.g. Stakeholder experience use cases)

Continued communication and stakeholder engagement

*Multi-year deliverable



Adoption Goals focus on the mechanisms, tools, and resources needed to increase adoption, consumption and implementation of SNOMED CT among clinicians and additional valued stakeholders.


2022 Work Plan: Adoption Item


Adoption & Consumption:

Channel Strategies • Identify and measure digital maturity model baseline for each stakeholder

Increase adoption and consumption of SCT for Members, suppliers, researchers and other SCT users by ensuring it is pragmatic, effective and verifiable


Education & Onboarding • Partner with education delivery partners based on stakeholder requirements • Integrate channel strategy outputs with stakeholder education approaches • Evaluate and refine stakeholder education and onboarding: Complete the development of Authoring Level 2 Course; Update and modernize the Foundations Course; Develop a practical guide to post coordination to assist Members in their implementations • Practical guidance for users: develop a strategy to link SI Genomics content to other genomics standards and terminologies to leverage the power of SNOMED CT • Practical guidance for users: leveraging the user interface and demonstrator tools in the implementation work

*Multi-year deliverable

2022 Work Plan: Adoption Item


Adoption & Consumption:

Vendor Engagement • Evaluation of Analytics pilot projects and research studies • New communications strategy/narrative development for analytics • Continued assessment of Genomics partnership opportunities • Extend Genomics partnerships to show benefits/ROI to health systems • PHARMA and Regulators: Document opportunities/use cases for Pharma Companies (and CRO) and adapt analytic demonstrator; Develop opportunities/use cases for Regulators and assess how to approach them with the demonstrator. • EMR/EHR - Other applicable R&D initiatives as identified

Increase adoption and consumption of SCT for Members, suppliers, researchers and other SCT users by ensuring it is pragmatic, effective and verifiable

Implementation Support Provide sustainable and approachable products and services to support the implementation of SNOMED CT


*Multi-year deliverable

Free Set Products • IPS Sub-ontology creation & distribution • Create, develop and refine communications artefacts Refset/Subset Management • Deploy Refset/Subset central process Translation • Feasibility Study to determine the possibility of a medical terminology translation tool through partnerships • Facilitate process to manage joint initiative translations between countries

2022 Work Plan: Adoption Item


Implementation Support

Royalty Based Partnerships • Developing partnerships with industry leaders to support SCT implementation ideally with a royalty payment to SNOMED International • Support the expansion and identification of SNOMED CT expertise in the marketplace • Education Certification implementation • Partnering with other education institutions for delivery and certification • CPD Credits

Provide sustainable and approachable products and services to support the implementation of SNOMED CT

Implementation Support • Develop SNOMED CT artefacts to support lower digital maturity countries • In 2022, gather tooling guidance requirements to support implementation in lower digital maturity countries (including support for mapping, translation, reference set development, RF2 deployment via terminology server, etc.) and data analytics tool development •


Continue to gather use cases that establish SNOMED CT as the dominant terminology and communicate use cases globally.

*Multi-year deliverable



Our Innovation Goal, regarded as a critical element of future growth and sustainability, targets the organization’s efforts to leverage emerging technologies and business practices to deliver value and drive efficiencies in the provision of patient care across all stakeholder groups.


2022 Work Plan: Innovation Item Emerging Technologies Leverage emerging technologies (e.g. AI) to deliver value for stakeholders and drive efficiencies both at the point of care, across the organization and the evolution of the product

Scope • • • •

• •

Evaluation of pilot projects Joint venture with successful pilots/partners Continued assessment of all skills requirements and resource plan updated Continue to investigate innovative solutions internally using emerging technologies - showcase projects that deliver against GA approved initiatives (e.g. coding, cost reduction, improved experience, etc.) • Deliverables include: development of a showcase EMR and tooling development, and mapping tool consolidation Gather requirements of second iteration of analytics tooling Pursue other applicable R&D initiatives as identified

*Multi-year deliverable

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