SNOMED CT Expo 2022 Program

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Time Zone: WEST 08:00-09:00

SNOMED CT Quick Start Tutorial - in Ajuda I

Ian Spiers/Kath Priest (UK)

OPENING KEYNOTE PANEL - Exploring Global Interoperability – in Belém I&II

Herko Coomans - Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Netherlands | Karen Johnson - NHS Transformation Directorate, NHS England |Alastair Kenworthy Te Whatu Ora Health, New Zealand 09:00-10:00



Demonstrating Implementation Excellence Enhancing Clinical Practice & Outcomes


202236 Making drug therapeutic indications and contraindications actionable François Macary (FR)

202261 Managing significant enhancement of SNOMED CT contentCollaboration with the International League Against Epilepsy to enhance epilepsy content

Paul Amos (UK), Cathy Richardson (AU), Lynette Sadleir (NZ)

Terminology Leading Practices

202243 Experiences of standardising pathology/lab tests in secondary care using SNOMED CT Jay Kola (UK)

Advances in Research and Innovation Tutorials and Special Sessions

202222 Less Is more: Use-case driven terminology implementation Tim Williams (US)

11:00-11:30 202218 Common Drug Codes for India (CDCI)

Achyut Patil (IN)

202221 Integrating multiple SNOMED CT editions and national extensions Ana Paredes (ES)

202201 Harmonizing translation of ICNP in SNOMED CT: the realization of an international collaboration at the national level Erica Culp (SE)

11:30-12:00 202267 Prototype dm+d implementation of the SNOMED International drug model Dion McMurtrie (AU)

202262 Standardized care plans in Norway using SNOMED CT –Knowledge support and decision support for clinical nurses across levels of health care Marte Rime Bø (NO)

202245 German Translation Group - Experiences and challenges of a common German translation initiative Stefan Schulz (AT)

202217 Development of deep learning based NLP resources for occupational health, employment status and activities using SNOMED CT Salvador Lima (ES)

202270 SNOMED CT in Portugal Filipe Mealha, Carla Pereira and Fátima Martins (PT) (10:30-12:00)


202226 Comparing therapeutic classes between MED-RT and SNOMED CT Olivier Bodenreider (US)

202229 The Gravity Project: New data standardization in social determinants of health (SDOH) data interoperability

Corey Smith (US)



202210 In search of an efficient SNOMED CT translation process Patrick Francke (FI)

202271 SLOPE: An application that leverages deep learning approaches to map electronic health records to SNOMED CT concept paths

Fuad Rahman (US)

202260 Semantic similarity in SNOMED CT: Boosting terminology services with transfer learning Mark Czotter (HU)

202278 Moving interoperability forward together: SNOMED CT® and LOINC® collaboration Rory Davidson (FR), Stan Huff (US), Shelley Lipon (CA), Marjorie Rallins (US)
Thursday September 29
- in Ajuda II - in Ajuda III- in Árabe - in Alter Real - in Ajuda I

Demonstrating Implementation Excellence Enhancing Clinical Practice & Outcomes

13:30-14:00 202209 Israel’s national terminology initiative – challenges of implementing SNOMED CT at a national level Yael Applbaum (IL)

202228 Dynamic SNOMED CT coding in cellular pathology - a new approach Laszlo Igali (UK)

Terminology Leading Practices

202247 How well do concepts relevant to COVID-19 contained in SNOMED’s Global Patient Set cover clinical study data of a pan-European COVID-19 cohort Caroline Stellmach/ Eugenia Rinaldi (DE)

Advances in Research and Innovation Tutorials and Special Sessions

[PART 1 - 13:00-15:00]

202275 Interoperation and analytics of Electronic Health

14:00-14:30 202251 The German National Release Center and eHealth activities in Germany Christine Haas/ Frank Geier (DE)

14:30-15:00 202232 The evolvement of methods used to implement SNOMED CT - experiences from the Norwegian Directorate of e-health Julie-Marie Riis (DK)


15:30-16:00 202256 Improving clinical cohort identification using SNOMED CT natively over minimum data sets Kylynn Loi (AU)


202204 Combining pre- and postcoordinated observables for predicates for vital signs

Jørn Andre Jørgensen (NO)

202231 Challenges in the normalization of cancer pathology: heterogeneous terminology, lack of ICD-O codes and resorting to SNOMED CT Eulalia Farre-Maduell (ES)

202248 A harmonised ontology for pathology/laboratory medicine in SNOMED CT – are there significant differences in representations between disciplines, and do they matter?

Sarah Harry (UK)

202268 Cross-mapping the “Selfcare Feeding” of Portuguese nursing ontology with the SNOMED CT Fernando Oliveira (PT)

202257 Using REDCap and SNOMED CT to collect and structure prospective alarm and patient data in intensive care for alarm research Sophie Anne Klopfenstein (DE)

16:30-17:00 202258 Patient-friendly language in a hospital patient portal: implementation and evaluation Hugo JT van Mens (NL)

202277 Implementing unstructured data analysis for reports in oral health programme, Malaysia Zulhairi Mohamad (MY)

202213 The IPS Terminology: promoting International Patient Summary (IPS) adoption and implementation Suzy Roy (US), Yongsheng Gao (UK, Alejandro Lopez Osornio (UY)

202240 Enhancing Terminology in the International Patient Summary (IPS): incorporation of the SNOMED CT IPS terminology (sub-ontology) in the IPS specifications

Rob Hausam (US)

202255 Automatically mapping SNOMED CT to Korean clinical terms using cross language semantic matching deep learning algorithm Sookyung Huh (KR)

202269 Semi-automated approach to map clinical concepts to SNOMED CT terms by using terminology server Abdul-Mateen Rajput (CH)

Record Data: Use cases for problem list, laboratory results, medication and allergy lists Jim Campbell (US), Daniel Karlsson (SE), Olivier Bodenreider (US), Kin Wah Fung (US) and Dion McMurtrie (AU)

202272 Enabling Data Analytics from 0 to 100 using Open Source Kai Kewley (UK) and Anne Højen (DK)

202205 Mapping for better or for worse Theresa Settergren (US)

[PART 2 - 15:30-17:00]

202275 Interoperation and analytics of Electronic Health

Record Data: Use cases for problem list, laboratory results, medication and allergy lists Jim Campbell (US), Daniel Karlsson (SE), Olivier Bodenreider (US), Kin Wah Fung (US) and Dion McMurtrie (AU)


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Thursday September 29

Time Zone: WEST



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JAMES READ MEMORIAL LECTURE KEYNOTE – Using SNOMED CT to Power Public Health Management and Knowledge Discovery

Dr. Gong Mengchun, Institute of Health Management, Southern Medical University, China

Moderated by Dr. Charles Gutteridge, United Kingdom

Demonstrating Implementation Excellence Enhancing Clinical Practice & Outcomes Break

10:30-11:00 202238 National Index of Prescription Indications: a baseline for international collaboration Erica Culp (SE)

202274 Using SNOMED CT for cancer reporting in pathology workshop

Scott Campbell (US), Paul Seegers (NL), Stefan Dubois (SE), Raj Dash (US) and Laszlo Igali (UK)

Terminology Leading Practices

- in Ajuda II

202235 SNOMED CT education and training in South Korea Hannah Kang (KR)

Advances in Research and Innovation Tutorials and Special Sessions

202244 Building small tools that enable us to work agile with SNOMED CT

Hilde Bjerkholt Jenssen/Hanna Khonskaya (NO)


202220 Improving clinician and consumer experience using SMART forms- SNOMED and FHIR in action

Kate Ebrill (AU)

11:30-12:00 202202 Patient friendly terms in SNOMED CT - The Netherlands approach

Pim Volkert (NL)


202225 Getting things donecollaborative work between NRC and users on NRC turf Anna Rossander (SE)

202277 Drug Extension Model Linda Bird (AU), Alejandro Lopez Osornio (UY), and Julie James (UK)

202203 Achieving term consistency in SNOMED CT Ole Våge (NO)

202246 The use of SNOMED CT in a national framework to drive personalized health research in Switzerland Sabine Österle (CH))

202212 Expression Constraint Language beyond SNOMED CT: a universal approach to intensional concept set definitions Orsolya Bali (HU)

202237 Developing new user interfaces for expression constraint language queries John Grimes (AU)

202266 Practical creation and application of SNOMED CT intensional value sets for accelerating learning health system cycles Duwayne Willett (US)

202239 Implementation of terminology services by means of RESTful APIs for coding clinical phenotypes with HPO codes in rare diseases, using NLP processes based on SNOMED CT Gloria González Gacio (ES)



BY INVITATION: Research Engagement Roundtable. Please email for more details (in Paso)

- in Belém I&II in Ajuda III in Árabein Alter Real in Ajuda
Friday September 30

Demonstrating Implementation Excellence Clinical Practice & Outcomes

13:30-14:00 202223 SNOMED CT concepts reveal essential information stored in EHR texts in the point of care Patrick Francke (FI)

202216 DARIO: Digital diagnostic support of heart failure (HFpEF) with artificial intelligence and SNOMED CT Marlo Verket (DE)

14:00-14:30 202208 Terminology binding of the Norwegian cancer registries Julie Vindenes Schultz (NO)

202234 Unlock the potential of unstructured clinical data using AI and SNOMED CT Camilla Baek (DK)

Terminology Leading Practices

202241 Use of Snowstorm for distribution of standardized care plans in Norway Beate Kristiansen (NO)

Advances in Research and Innovation Tutorials and Special Sessions

202254 Post-coordination revisited Michael Lawley (AU)

No Programming

14:30-15:00 202265 Is it possible and is it useful to create a common ontology model for multiple systems of traditional medicine using SNOMED CT?

Jay Kola (UK)

Conference Closes

202230 Using SNOMED CT at Babylon: creating a shared understanding of clinical meaning to power artificial intelligence and improved healthcare outcomes

Erin Holmes (UK)

202249 A vector-based semantic relatedness measure using multiple relations within SNOMED CT and UMLS Eunsuk Chang (KR)

202250 Towards the automatic building of SNOMED CT post-coordinated expressions Javier Castell Diaz (ES)

202259 Effects of quantification assumptions on information model semantics

Jay Lyle (US)

Demonstrating Implementation Excellence Clinical Practice Outcomes Leading Practices in Innovation | | |
Friday September 30
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Research and
Tutorials - in Ajuda II- in Árabe- in Alter Real - in Ajuda I | |

202264 Development of a Pan-Canadian value set for primary care data collection – Mapping to ICD-10-CA, and ICD-9 Alana Lane (CA)

202206 Normalization of Spain primary care databases using SNOMED CT terminology. AEMPS' BIFAP use case Hermenegildo Martínez Alcalá García (ES)

202207 UNICOM improving semantic interoperability: using ISO IDMP and SNOMED CT to represent medicinal products

Anderson Carmo (PT)

202252 Mapping of German language free text laboratory results to SNOMED CT Andrea Riedel (DE)

202242 Mapping local reimbursement codes to SNOMED CT: Challenges and proposed solutions Barbara Silverman (IL)

202237 Integration points to facilitate SNOMED CT drug extension integration Dion McMurtrie (AU)

202253 Report on implementing and extending the SNOMED CT Diagramming Guideline using Graphviz Edward Cheetham (UK)

202263 Leveraging biomedical texts in Spanish for drug repurposing, interaction and discovery: normalization of pharmacological substances and chemical compounds to SNOMED CT Eulalia Farre-Maduell (ES)

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202233 Integration between haemodialysis machines from different manufacturers and an electronic medical record through a SNOMED CT value set

Francisco Jose Rodriguez-Alcazar (ES)

202211 Using SNOMED CT to map clinical terms found on social networks

Nicolas Passadore (AR)

202215 Acute pain assessments and records:a pilot study of digital transformation

Sadie Lanes (UK)

202224 X-eHealth project propose the use of SNOMED CT as a candidate terminology to exchange electronic health records for laboratory results

Sergio Dinis (PT)

202276 Textbook about the “Reference Terminology SNOMED CT” (in German language) Cora Drenkhahn/Josef Ingenerf (DE)

202280 Evolution of SNOMED CT Reference Set in Improving Report Zulhairi Mohamad (MY)

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