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AmazeBalls AmazeBalls

Expression of elitist shallow vanity with a touch of romance.

Amaranth: A radiant light protruding from small holes found between the toes of small children when held upside down; also can be seen coming off the backs of Narwhals in the early morning. The light is often accompanied by a warm breeze and occasionally a low humming in three part harmony.

Ramification: A popular printed form of pornography outlawed in the late 1700s due to outraged aristocracy and a severe decline in the population of the rasbora fish.

A characteristic given to the destructive tendency of the brain when it can no longer withstand the body; terroristic and extreme actions by an individual usually to free oneself from their self. (See also Mental Terrorist)

Apostrophe: An excrement which comes from the earlobe of a subterranean mammal, only produced in the winter months when too little nutrients are available, to be consumed by its offspring.

A memory defect associated with dinosaurs which causes the inability to remember important information; a prehistoric animal prone to error.

Quitch \’Kweich\ N. A rash one develops over the entire body after swimming in waters infested by the infinitesimal qui beetle, an aqueous insect whose shell reacts to the water creating a toxin to which most humans are allergic.

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Written by Bookwalter's class