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Moritz Sport & Marine

Moritz Sport & Marine 2540 Marina Road SE Mandan, ND 58554 701-222-2000 Toll Free 888-338-6544 www.moritzmarine.com

2540 Marina Road SE • Mandan, ND 58554 Dealer Imprint 701-222-2000 • Toll Free 888-338-6544 Goes Here www.moritzmarine.com Boasting contributions of over $2M to

North American snowmobile clubs, date. © 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. All rights reserved. ®, ™ Trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products or its affiliates. Products are distributed in the United States (US) by BRP U.S. Inc. *Offers valid in the U.S. at participating Ski-Doo® dealers on new and unused 2012 andto 2013 Ski-Doo snowmobiles (excluding racing units and spring-only units) purchased, delivered and registered between now and November 30, 2012. †NO Down Payment, NO Interest and NO Payments for 6 months. On a purchase made between now and November 30, 2012, your down payment is $0; no interest charged and no payments for 6 months. Thereafter, 60 consecutive monthly payments. Annual percentage rate is 13.95%. [Annual percentage rate subject to increase after promotional period.] The above financing program is offered by Sheffield Financial, a Division of BB&T Financial, FSB. Minimum Amount Financed $1,500; Maximum Amount Financed $40,000. Subject to credit approval. Not all consumers will qualify for financing offer. Approval, and any rates and terms provided, are based on credit worthiness. Other financing offers available. Financing promotions void where prohibited. BRP is not responsible for any errors, changes or actions related to financing provided by Sheffield Financial. ^Up to $2,000 rebate on 2012 models ®(amount depends on the model purchased). Promotions are subject to termination or change at any time ™ ©2011 Bombardier Products by Inc.law. (BRP). All rights andtothe BRP logoor are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. *Result based on independent without notice. See your participating Ski-Doo dealer for all details. Offer may not be assigned, traded, sold or combined with any other offer unless expressly stated herein. Offer void where restrictedRecreational or otherwise prohibited BRP reserves thereserved. right, at any, time, discontinue change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without third-party dyno test. In the U.S.A., products areSafety distributed by BRP US, Inc.and Always responsibly and safely. AlwaysAlways observe regulations. Always clothing, wear appropriate including a helmet. Don’t drink and drive. incurring any obligation.Always consult your snowmobile dealer when selecting a snowmobile for your particular needs and carefully read and pay special attention to your Operator’s Guide, Video, Safety Handbook to theride safety labelling on your snowmobile. rideapplicable responsiblylocal and laws safely.and Always wear appropriate including aclothing, helmet. Always 1107459 observe applicable local laws and regulations. Don’t drink and drive. 1107662

OFFICERS’ NOTES Greetings to SND members and future members. Hope you are ready for snocattin’ real soon! Start your sleds and get them running it’s going to be a long season! You know we are going to get two feet of snow before the convention on Dec. 1 in Rugby, ND. Snow Dance, ditch banging dance, man I can’t wait to have all that fun packed in four months. Excited? You bet we are at SND! We have had many meetings in the past few weeks and have been fortunate to receive two 2013 Tuckers to groom our trail system. The 2002 Tucker is our oldest groomer, so keep your fingers crossed and hope we get another RTP grant next year. “My Helmet is off,” to Governor Dalrymple for keeping the RTP grant floating for all of North Dakota residents to enjoy. I have had the opportunity to attend the first NDPR Trail Conference at Fort Lincoln in late August. I learned that there are many hands in the trail business and the NDPR have their work cut out. Canoeing, walking, biking and motorized trails were discussed by all. How we can all work together and

develop multi-use trails were the main topics. Can we get more funding if we work together? Yes, by combining trails we can maintain them much cheaper throughout the year. I did visit with Arik Spencer about the OHV trails that NDPR have established and I can see they have to maintain the ruts with a blade and mow during the summer and fall. They also have to groom trees and shrubs where this may become a combined task and helpful on our snow trails. We could save funds; as long as we use the State Land I don’t see an issue. What do you think?

end of October. The idea came up in our Regional meetings, so we are willing to give it a try. Yes, it’s close to Christmas but remember it’s only on Saturday. Can you give up one day? Keep doing the Snow Dances and tune up those sleds for a fantastic season! Happy Snowy Trails.

Nominations are coming up for SND Board members, are you or anyone interested to join the team? We usually meet once a quarter and we would like some new young ideas on the board. Call the office if you would like to nominate someone or if you are interested. By now I hope you are done with harvest and we want to see an increase of 50 percent more people at the State convention. If we don’t, the Board will decide if we go back to the

Snow-Did you know? Snow can actually be seen in several different colors. Snow can be red if the air during the snow formation contains red dust particles. Snowflakes forming around these tainted dust particles take on a reddish color. Red snow is found in those parts of Europe where the air is filled with dust particles from the red sands of the Sahara desert. In addition, certain types of algae stain snow yellow, purple, orange, green, and red. In fact, some people believe that the red algae that taints snow red actually looks and tastes like watermelon!

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs



March/April 2012



Hi everyone, Hopefully we have received our first snow Remember when riding respect the land. Landowners are letting snowmobilers use their land to ride snowmobiles on, please respect. One person can ruin it for everyone.

5. Watch for groomers. They can be around any corner, any time of day or night. Before you go around the groomer, please make sure the operator knows you are passing. 6. When you arrive at a service provider like a restaurant look for a designated snowmobile parking area.

Here are some tips to follow: Blk & White 7. Waste and trash: Remember pack it in - pack 1. Ride only in designated areas where snowmobiling is permitted. Ride only if there is it out. sufficient snow cover. 8. The trails are not for racing. 2. Whereever snowmobiling is prohibited please respect the landowner’s signs and stay on the Enjoy riding on the trails and be safe! marked trail.

Blk & White

3. Share the trails with other trail users. Move to the right and slow down. If you are being passed from the rear, pull over when it is safe to do so and let the faster riders pass. Treat other riders, hikers, walkers, dogsledders and horseback riders as you want to be treated. 4. It is not uncommon to encounter wildlife, farm and domestic animals on or near the trails. The animals may run or just watch you. Slow down or come to a complete stop and let the animal choose which way it wants to go. Be wary of large animals, for example, a moose. They have been known to come after the snowmobile. View animals from a distance.




1417 39th AVE SE Mandan, ND 58554

Polaris • Victory • Suzuki 701-667-4524 www.actionsportspolaris.com



Rider pictured is a professional on a closed course. Polaris® recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2008 Polaris Industries Inc.

www.actionsportspolaris.com ARCTIC CAT • HONDA • SEA-DOO MERCURY • SYLVAN • SKI-DOO • POLARIS


701-667-4524 1417 39th Ave SE Mandan, ND 58554


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

OFFICERS’ NOTES I’m crossing my fingers and praying to the snow gods that the 2012-2013 season will rock any Snowmobilers world. Hay Days was the bomb and I can’t thank The Sno-Barons enough for their continued support of SND and club row. Gary Scott thanks for spoiling SND and taking such good care of our team. The new location was Awesomo 5000 giving us the opportunity to visit with over 1,200 snowmobilers about why they should ride ND. The energy was amazing and it definitely kicked my butt into gear for the season. Now all I need is to insert “Snow” here! SND is pumped! At Hay Days we launched our new promotional bags which include a new and improved statewide trail map and the new trail guide. The information was a hit and we want to share it with everyone. Please call or email SND with requests for materials. They make great tool kits for local businesses along the trail, dealerships and events. We want you to have the latest and greatest to show riders why they should ride ND. Please feel free to add your local information too. Just give us a 2 week

notice to fill your request please. Otherwise, Atari might fall into a promotional bag drift that she can’t get out of. Hopefully she brings her shovel! Now is the time! The time to start fresh! The time to re-energize! The time to think of new opportunities! And the time to provide your input! It seems year after year snowmobile programs from all over encounter the same highs and lows. The highs of excellent snow conditions and a budget to match! And the lows of poor snow seasons that result in a lack of funding and bring concerns on how to maintain the state snowmobile trails! It’s a constant pool game of always being behind the 8 ball! Well it’s time to show the 8 ball who is the real boss! The word “change” is usually taken with criticism, so I choose to use the word “opportunity”. It’s time to find an opportunity that provides a funding resource that is consistent. Consistent to p r o v i d e funding for those annual costs that will be incurred whether a trail

is groomed or not! Consistent to provide a management strategy on maintaining the state snowmobile trails! And consistent to provide opportunities for what the recreational users seek! The snowmobile trail program completed the 20132018 Strategic Plan in October. The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department and SND will review the plan and its direction and look forward to presenting this information at the 2012 Annual State Convention in Rugby, ND on December 1st! Cheers to snow and plenty of it and see you in Rugby! We are stoked and hope you are too!


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs



www. snow-

I have been waiting all summer to write my first article, because this means winter is right around the corner!! We have a couple new things for this upcoming season. First we have new promotional information. We got rid of the folders that we had last season and got Ad m bags to put all the As ins information in and sis tr handout at the snow tan ativ shows. If any clubs are e t interested in these bags please contact the office and let us know. Please


iN orb y

give us about two weeks notice before your event. Also, we are updating the membership module on the SND website. We are making it user friendly and easier for the clubs to manage their own memberships. The office has already started receiving memberships in the mail and that gets us even more excited for the season, knowing that clubs are starting to meet. I’m sure that you have already read in other articles, but you haven’t read it in mine yet, so I am going to mention the SND Convention that is going to be held on December 1st in Rugby. The members have been busy in planning the one day event, making sure everyone enjoys themselves. Call today to make your reservation at the Northern Lights Inn 701-766-5776. Hope to see you all there!!

OFFICERS’ NOTES Greetings Fellow Snowmobilers, We had a board meeting in late September and a few of my fellow board members assured me we cannot possibly have two no snow years in a row, so I am going with that and planning accordingly. Last fall at the state convention, the club I belong to, the Ridge Runners, was awarded the 2013 State Snowmobile Ride. We will ride the trails of the Red River South trail system here in Walsh and Grand Forks counties, ending with evening festivities in Fordville. Plans are underway and we are hoping many of you mark February 15 & 16, 2013 on your calendars. It is our first state ride and we are going all out. As long as you have your calendars out, mark January 11 & 12 for the Pink Ribbon Ride in Bottineau and December 1 for the state convention in Rugby. You are going to be busy! Just think of all of the work going into planning these events to insure you have a good time. Volunteers rock! Last year was a little depressing as far as snowmobiling goes and our numbers reflect that. Registrations are down and safety course attendance is down. However, we have to go ahead and act like we will have at least an “average” snowfall winter. I know 6

it’s tough to get fired up about signing and trail grubbing again, but it is that time of year. Harvest is early and so far the weather is decent. Let’s get ‘er done and hope for the best. Enjoy the

fall and I hope to see you on the trails!

Sh eri

Ho ffm Se c ret



Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

Fundraising Leaves Footprints… Footprints Create Awareness… by Keri Wanner

A year ago, my good friend Nathan (Nate) Blaylock called me wanting help. He was conducting research on population statistics in Midwestern states and found it was important to the citizens to show compassion and support causes. Nate wanted to brainstorm with me on how he could make an impact and support a cause in his position as Klim’s Promotions Manager. I was never able to have that conversation with him before he was taken from all of us too soon. Although I would have loved the chance to work with him and brainstorm on how we could achieve his goal, his comment left a footprint I can’t wipe away. Over the past year, I found organizations from all levels asking me about fundraising. They looked to me as an expert, which baffled me. I’ve never thought about fundraising as a skill, it’s always just been something that came with the job. It wasn’t until this summer that I realized I’ve helped raise more than $200,000 for organizations including everything from breast cancer awareness, snowmobile organizations, multiple scoliosis (MS), kidney organizations and many others. It was at that point, I realized just maybe, there was an expert somewhere deep inside me. The problem … I still have to find that expert but I’ll do my best to write about something others feel I specialize in. “If you don’t have the passion for the cause, you won’t have the passion to

sell it!” Envision you walking by one of the sales boutiques at the local mall. The salesperson has the coolest new gadget no one can live without! If the salesperson doesn’t look up, say hi or even smile, will you stop? Probably not, you’ll keep walking thinking “Whew, glad they left me alone, hope the next one does too!” Now, envision the salesperson smiling, giving a friendly “Hi” and seems genuinely happy to be at work. Will they get your attention? Will you wonder what is so great about this new must have gadget? Even if you decide not to stop, the salesperson did one thing! They got your attention. Hosting a fundraiser to support a cause puts you 10 steps ahead of the sales game because people like the idea of helping others. Remember the golden rule to treat others with the same respect you want and a friendly smile will go a long ways. “Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!” Being an avid snowmobiler all my life and employed within the industry the past 10 years has caused most of my fundraising efforts to support organizations focused on the recreation. It didn’t take long to see one common trend; the supporters were always the same group of people. These are the individuals that, year after year, come out and support a cause. They are greatly appreciated and are definitely needed at any fundraising event. But if an organization wants to

survive and see increases from one year to the next, new pockets must be found for support. So how do you gain new pockets to support your cause? Well, my box was filled with snowmobilers. I had to crawl outside of the box to find nonsnowmobilers and future supporters. It’s very common that a snowmobile club wants to fundraise for their organization by hosting a snowmobile related event. After all this is why snowmobilers join clubs … to ride. These are necessary events to keep excitement for organizations but it’s OK to host a fundraiser outside of snowmobiling to raise those additional funds and meet the organizations goals. If you can’t come up with any ideas, type in the word fundraiser in a Google search, I guarantee there will be more clicks and tips than could ever be imagined. Lastly, “Don’t forget a little shock value goes a long ways!” Bret Rasmussen “Schooled” everyone and I bet no one has forgotten, “Trees are for Traction and Not for Hugging!” “Save the Tatas” loves them all, big or small! And who can deny the “Furtle Turtles” motto “Slow to go but sure to grow” which has helped raise more than $7,000 for causes selected by its North Dakota snowmobile members in seven years. “Shock Sells” and a catchy slogan will leave footprints that won’t be erased creating awareness for years to come!

The 2013 North Dakota Snow Run 4th Annual North Dakota Snow Run January 11 & 12 Twin Oaks Resort, Bottineau

Pink Ribbon Sponsor Welcome Party

Bronze Level

Level 3 Donors


Survivor Sponsors: Snowflake Sponsors: IronWorks Welding & JL Spotted Acres ® Corey Wanner Herreid Sporting Center Outback Auto Body Two Day Event Registration – $115.00 per person until December 1st. After December 1st $130.00 per person. Registration Deadline 3 weeks prior to event, if not full first. Event is Limited to the First 100 Participants. (Announcement will be on this page when Event is Full) Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs



Sno-Dak News had an opportunity to sit down, one-on-one, with Yamaha Snowmobile Marketing Manager Wade West at the International Snowmobile Congress last June and talk sleds. Here is the interview: Sno-Dak News: “So, what’s new for 2013 at Yamaha?” Wade West: “Well, a lot more than people give us credit for, actually. We have four new models in the US, plus upgrades to a lot more. To start off, we have a whole new segment that we are entering with the SRX 120. Kid sleds is one of those areas that Yamaha hasn’t been involved with, but we got requests for it every year. We are happy to have a fun sled to offer the market.” “Beyond that model, we are bringing pair of multi-purpose models into the US market for the first time. The Venture MP is based on the 2-cylinder Venture Lite touring model. The primary difference is in the skis and track. The MP version is aimed at the back-country, off trail user who needs a lightweight sled to break trail on fresh snow. Its big footprint 16 x 144-inch track, wide utility skis and big flotation plate work together to give it great functionality for that user.” “The other model is the RS Venture TF, which is a cousin to the Venture GT. Like the luxury touring GT sled, the TF has our exclusive power steering system and fuel-injected three cylinder Vector engine. The difference between those two is again in the track and the skis. The utility-minded TF has wider skis up front and a longer 151-inch track out back. Plus the end of the rail is articulated, so it pulls up when

you go into reverse. That way, you have some approach angle when you’re backing up in soft snow. It helps keep you from digging in and getting stuck. It’s pretty cool.” “The fourth sled we bring to market this year is the FX Nytro XTX 1.75. This sled delivers a great combination of on and off trail performance. The new Back Country track is amazing in fresh snow. It just grabs powder and boogies. When you’re on the trail, the track has an amazing bite for acceleration and it has just the right balance of corner bite and side slip, like the Rip Saw II track, to make is fun to ride hard.” “We put our new Tuner dual-keel skis on the XTX 1.75, as well as all of our other trail and crossover Nytro models. I have to say, I couldn’t believe the change in character those skis made on these sleds. They mellow out the hunting and darting on the trail, and they carve a mean corner. With the dual keels on each ski, customers have an even wider range of handling tunability for their sleds.” “Aside from those models with major updates, we continue to offer the Apex and RS Vector sleds with their super light-feeling power steering. Phazers, mountain models and touring models all return with freshened up color and graphics.”

Visit the e-magazine for the rest of the interview


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


Ask your friends. The 2013 Polaris® Pro-RMK® will make you see the mountain as you’ve never seen it before. TerrainDomination.com

TERRAIN DOMINATION Professional rider on a closed course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


Four hour Snowmobile specific

Avalanche Class In Rugby, ND

Date: December 1, 2012 Location: Merchants Bank. Lower level meeting room. 210 South Main Avenue Rugby, ND 58368

Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm Saturday Cost: $49 Must sign up in advance. Limited space. Learn: How to avoid the most deadly mistakes, what equipment works best, new search techniques, human factors involved in avalanche accidents, how to rescue effectively, increase your chances of surviving an avalanche, evaluate terrain, avoid terrain traps, recognize trigger points, analyze stability and increase your survival skills.

Four hour avalanche awareness, avoidance and rescue class.

Reserve a room Now!

Northern Lights Inn 701-776-5776


Instructor: Mike Duffy. Avalanche instructor Colorado Mountain College and Silverton Avalanche School, rescue/ avalanche team leader/avalanche mission coordinator Vail Mountain Rescue Group, graduate of National Avalanche School, National Academy of Winter Guiding, AVPRO. Mountain Snowmobiler for 20 years. Member American Avalanche Association. Provided training for Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo. Trained by BCA, ABS, Snowpulse and Ortovox. Backcountry Snowmobile Guide.

Course content: -Introduction to Avalanches, statistics, contributing factors. -Avalanche reports -Signs of instability, Stability analysis -Equipment -What to carry and what works best. Deploying airbags. -Avalanche beacons. -Fast and effective single and multiple burial searches. -Rescue -Avalanche survival methods -Effective Hasty search -Mistakes in rescue -Group Dynamics -Terrain Evaluation/terrain traps -Preparing for your trip -Survival, being found.

“DON'T MISS THIS even if you think you are knowledgeable and prepared.” Switchback

“It was a VERY informative class and well worth it.” Howler

Avalanche1.com Avalanche education for mountain riders.

Take the class with your riding partners.

Discount on avalanche gear for all participants.

To sign up: Call Jesse Fritz 701-208-1253 or email screemn80@hotmail.com

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


SND Board of Directors Meeting: November 30th, 2012 – Rugby, ND January material for the SnoDak News due: December 1st, 2012

November. 2012

4th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders ND Snow Run: January 11th & 12th, 2013 - Bottineau, ND SND State Ride: February 16th, 2013 - Fordville, ND

SND Annual Convention: December 1st, 2012 - Rugby, ND

East Central Valley Trail System Trail Description: The East Central Valley trail system is located in the southeast portion of North Dakota and primarily covers Cass County. It is about 20 miles from two different points on the Mayville-Portland Trail System (21 miles from Hillsboro and 17 miles from Galesburg). This trail also connects to two Minnesota trail systems managed by the Clay County Trail Blazers and Felton Roughriders. Miles of Trail: 202 Miles Trails Included: Fargo East, Fargo West, Rural Cass South and Rural Cass North Connecting Trails: Southern Valley Trail Riders Trail

North Central Trail System Trail Description: The riding is 80% cross country with the other 20% ditch riding. The trail gives the rider a great cross section of terrain that North Dakota has to offer. Miles of Trail: 180 Miles Trails Included: Rush Lake, Red Lake, Sand Slough, Jordan Lake, Midway Lake, Gun Lake, NC Trail 1, NC Trail 2 and NC Trail 3 Connecting Trails: Lake Region Trail and Sno-Trails Trail

Red River North Trail System Trail Description: The western half of the association is mainly ditch and shelter belt riding and the eastern half follows the Red River and the woods from Park River to Hoople. This trail association provides many places to stay for travelers on a snowmobile trip. The Red River North Trail system has a lot to offer snowmobilers who are looking for fun and relaxing snowmobile trips with the variety of riding and many miles of trail. Miles of Trail: 146 Miles Trails Included: Trail CR 4, Trail 9, Trail CR 11, Trail 12, Trail 15, Trail 17, Trail 18, Trail 29, Trail 66, Trail 81 North and Trail 81 South Connecting Trails: Northeast Trail and Red River South Trail Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


November 2012


¬¬3C Guiding, LLC – Your heart pounds, sweat beads and anticipation builds! The anticipation is so great you can’t seem to push the throttle fast enough as the “Fun Jitters” take over. I’ve been snowmobiling for over 25 years and I thought I was a fairly good rider. Quickly it became a fact, I still have lots to learn! When heading out for a snowmobile ride, whether I’m enjoying the sites of the trails, boondocking with powder flying over my hood, or climbing the highest mountain, I’ve learned one thing. Fear gets the best of us every once in a while. So, I made a promise to myself a few years ago that no matter what, I will push myself a little harder so when I come home and hit the hot tub with my Awesomo 5000 friends, I feel like I’ve accomplished something too. While riding with friends this past winter, I was offered the chance to ride with 10 High. I’ve gotten to know them the over the past couple years and had them pegged as the fun-loving, crazy guys that make snowmobiles do crazy twists and turns while flying 50+ feet in the air. Even if I couldn’t keep up, I wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to see


this in real life. As my anticipation grew stronger, all I could think was “And these guys have a guide business? Bet those riders, were in for the ride of their life!” Little did I know, I was about to experience the BEST ride of my life! 10 High owners, Brandon and Cameron Chimenti, own the snow. They make every turn, climb, jump and landing look easy, even the not so fun landings. To say the least, they are amazing and it’s an experience you don’t want to miss and don’t have to because they also own and operate their own guiding business. 3C Guiding, LLC, based out of Laramie, Wyoming, is a fully permitted and insured snowmobile guide service operating on the Medicine BowRoutt National Forest portion of the Snowy Range. They are also now the official registered guides for Lava Mountain Lodge; fully permitted and insured for snowmobile guiding operations throughout the Shoshone and Bridger-Teton forests. While riding with 3C Guiding and the guys that rock the snow in 10 High video’s promoting their way of life, I did get to see them twist and turn and was completely blown away

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


November. 2012

– “The Way of Life” by Keri Wanner with their skills. However, what I remembered most was their willingness to teach and watch out for everyone’s safety. As I approached the steep hill, my heart pounded as I pondered the idea of if I was going to make it or not. I tried psyching myself out saying “you can do it,” but my nerves were still on edge. That’s when Cameron popped over the hill and pulled up next to me. He gave me a few pointers such as aim straight, don’t look back, give it some throttle and most importantly, “You Can Do This”! By now sweat is beading up in my helmet but I grabbed the handle bars and told myself “Go Big or Go Home”! I shot up the hill no problem and was extremely proud of what I just accomplished. As the day ended, I chatted with Cameron about his experiences. This is the guy that shoots over mountain tops without a care in the world if something is on the other side and as he lands, he’s already watching his surroundings to see who just might need his help. I learned, snowmobiling is his “Way of Life”! It’s his passion he just wants to enjoy regularly and naturally and he wants everyone around him to do the same. So if Cameron can help

them enjoy it more by providing a few tips, he’s going to go out of his way to make sure that happens, making 3C Guidling, LLC an excellent choice for your next snowmobile adventure! If you are looking for an amazing snowmobile trip with some adventure, amazing sites and excellent guide services, check out 3C Guiding, LLC. Are you ready to adopt their way of life? 3C Guiding would also like to send out a special thanks to all their sponsors including: Motor Fist, 10 High, 3C Guiding, Chimenti Contracting, Team One More, Ancient Elements Stoneworks, Antelope Meadows Mini Storage, Lava Mountain Lodge, Z Broz Racing, C3 Powersports, Bikeman Performance, Nekker, XXX Mod Rods, BCA, Braap Wraps, Laramie GM Auto Center, Skeptic Productions and D O G.

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’s work at Joe to e m a c n nso a well ro Tony Christe f 1999 with o ly u J in www.snowmobilend.org r or and Sport Cente service, lab in d n u ro nce, g ed back rs of experie a e y is h h it tr W team. Tony operation. e th f o rt a ant p types is an import d enjoys all n a g lin c y rc loves moto r. ecially bea sp rt C hunting, e t Joe’s Spo a d e rt a st um ecreat Mike Wolba out of the R sh e fr , 1 1 0 rth in May of 2 gram at No ro p y g lo o hn e (NDS Engines Tec e of Scienc g lle o C r te akota Sta DMeet duated nea ra g e H . our Service Technicians… D hpeton, N huge a WaChristenson in een a stobwork a Tony came at h d n a ss his cla p ofSport Mike grew to Joe’s Center inartJuly nt. 1999 meof p e d e ic rv s the ouar se with well rounded background to kota, eninjoy a D h rt o N SW and operation.vWith ut labor farm in aservice, d ehicles b -roahe m ff u o a ll lb a o d W n his years of experience, is an e a Mik outdoors s. bileteam. Christenson h important the Tony s o J snowofmo is part n n o io s ’ n ss m a te a s p e ri T h rt o p p truly loves motorcycling and enjoys u Tony C ter ‘S With the Tlargest ofn snowmobile apparel in the Lake Region, Joe’s Sport Center ’s Sport Ce all types of hunting, especially bear. he Joeselection has the entire family covered. e vit e in , wor ”started 1 5 Whether you are an expert or an Mike amateur, a fanatic just a fan, we Center have the jackets, Wolbaum at Sport in May of 2011, fresh 9 1 e c in e S Technology program atJoe’s ic v r e S n out of the Recreational Engines North Dakota State College o pants, bibs, uilt helmets, goggles, gloves, balaclavas, icesportswear and more to of Science n Bboots, ervand tio S a t r u u p o e e R c n (NDSCS) in Wahpeton, ND. He graduated near the top of his class has been a huge asset to our service A e With “ of excellyou for the cold. ein prepare r e h p s o m department. Mike grew up on a farm SW North Dakota, enjoys the outdoors andyour all off-road vehicles but his t RISmeet he a if your style is technical or opractical, LAcan It doesn’t we needs with nce tmatter ed PO ie r iz e r p x h t e u o passion is snowmobiles. a t you are an CASTLE X, FXR, KLIM, HJC and SPY. inventory wePOLARIS, 1) lthoughfrom

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iles, t offers. A n e m t f snowmob r o a p ls e e D d o m and e all makes ic v r e s otorcycles. e m w , t s o m d dealer es an arine engin m , s le ic h e off-road v


Are You Ready To Ride?

If you have called or visited the Parts & Service Department at Joe’s Sport Center, you have probably had the to interact with our Manager, Josh Christenson. With pleasure the largest selection of Service snowmobile apparel in the Lake Region, Joe’s Sport Center has the entire family Josh first came to work us in 1997 after completing at just Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) of covered. Whether you areforan expert or an amateur,hisa schooling fanatic or a fan, we have the jackets, pants, bibs, boots, Phoenix, AZ. After a brief absence, he accepted the Service Manager position at Joe’s Sport Center in January of helmets, goggles, gloves, balaclavas, sportswear and more to prepare you for the cold. It doesn’t matter if your style 2006. Josh is a POLARIS ‘Gold’ Master Service Technician, possesses excellent customer service & diagnostic skills is technical or practical, we can meet your needs with inventory from POLARIS, CASTLE X, FXR, KLIM, and is a highly valued and appreciated member of our staff. He is a vital part of the reason that Joe’s Sport Center HJC and SPY. always delivers on the promises it makes. Josh is married with two young children and loves the outdoors. From a very young age, he was riding, fixing and off-road He also finds on the water, both summer and Center, winter. you have probably had the If yourebuilding have called orvehicles. visited the Parts &enjoyment Service Department at Joe’s Sport

pleasure to interact with our Service Manager, Josh Christenson.

Meet our Service Technicians…

Tonyat Christenson came to work at Joe’s Josh first came to work for us in 1997 after completing his schooling Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) of Sport Center in July of 1999 with a well roundPhoenix, AZ. After a brief absence, he accepted the Service Manager position at Joe’s Sport Center in January of ed background in service, labor and 2006. Josh is a POLARIS ‘Gold’ Master Service Technician, possesses excellent customer service & diagnostic skills operation. With his years of experience, he and is a highly valued and appreciated member of our staff. He is ais vital part of the reason that Joe’s Sport Center an important part of the team. Tony truly always delivers on the promises it makes. loves motorcycling and enjoys all types of hunting, especially bear.

Josh is married with two young children and loves the outdoors. Mike FromWolbaum a very started at Joe’s Sport Center in May of 2011, fresh out of the Recreational young age, he was riding, fixing and rebuilding off-road vehicles. He also finds Engines Technology program at North enjoyment on the water, both summer and winter. With “A Reputation Built onCollege of Science (NDSCS) Dakota State Service Since 1951”, we invite you to experience the atmosphere ofin Wahpeton, excellenceND. He graduated near the top of his class and has been a huge asset our Service Department offers. Although we are an authorized POLARIS dealer, to our marine service department. Mike grew CENTER up on we service all makes and models of snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, SPORT Tony Christenson Josh Christenson Mike Wolbaum a farm in SW North Dakota, enjoys the engines and most motorcycles.


The Joe’s Sport Center ‘Support Team’


outdoors and all off-road vehicles but his passion is snowmobiles.

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

With “A Reputation Built on Service Since 1951”, we invite

A Million Toys at Hay Days

By Keri Wanner

“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a snowmobile kid” There’s a million toys at Hay Days, that I can play with from snowmobiles and ATVs to Big Mows and Fajita Makers. I just wanna be a snowmobile kid! As we transition from childhood with the lyrics of Toys R Us ringing in our heads, we enter adulthood and realize we are still singing the same song just with a few different words! Yes, Hay Days is known as the “Official Start of Winter”! But for so many of us Hay Days offers a million toys reminding us we are all snowmobile kids at heart!

After attending the event for the past few years it never ceases to amaze me what you will find at Hay Days. For some it’s where their new snowmobile awaits, for others it’s where they pick up all their gear for the season and others it’s just a big party bringing them together with friends and enjoying making some new ones along the way.

online and should be submitted by November 1st. Clubs must be affiliated with MnUSA in order to be considered for the grant program.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of Hay Days and if you haven’t experienced it at least once, I challenge you to do this in your future. See Hay Days isn’t only about the latest and greatest in the motorized industry, or who drags the fastest and who jumps the highest. It’s about giving back to an industry that has been dedicated to the snowmobiler.

These are two excellent programs but the giving doesn’t stop there. This year on Friday evening a party was held under the “Tin Roof” where pizza was sold and fun was to be had. The coolest part, all the proceeds generated from the pizza sales were donated to the Pink Ribbon Riders.

Each year, the Sno-Barons set aside a portion of the profits from the September Hay Days event and give it back to the snowmobiling community. Grants are used to support trail development and improvements. The average grant is just under $1,000 and is generally used for trail expansion, re-routing, bridge work, fencing and signage. While there is always a need for more money than is available, the Sno-Barons recognize the need for trail expansion and favor t h o s e applications as well as first time applications. Applications are available

The Sno-Barons raffle thousands of tickets annually and four lucky winners receive a new snowmobile. Each ticket cost $1 but did you know that about 80% of the profit is donated back to the MnUSA affiliated club/ organization that sold the ticket.

The Sno-Barons always go above and beyond to help their fellow club and the snowmobile industry. They are a great organization and remember when you attend Hay Days, you are not only supporting snowmobiling, you are supporting a cause as a “Snowmobile kid”!

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs



with Gabe Bunke

What type of sled do you race with and why? We Race the Polaris IQR 600, I’ve been with Polaris forever and the 600 IQ Race chassis is currently the most competitive sled on the market right now for stock 600 racing What went through your mind when you won your third Soo I-500? Finally!! Because we were so close the year before and had a last minute oops with like 70 laps to go. We’ve kind of put a lot of pressure on ourselves by expecting to win that race, mainly because we put in so much time and we are so prepared but sometimes you have to have a little luck too. What’s your favorite part about racing? Well I would have to say the people we’ve gotten to meet and the various things we have gotten to do through racing. For example; I wouldn’t be sitting here today writing this if I weren’t racing snowmobiles. Who are your sponsors? Polaris, Klim, Arctic FX Graphics, Subway, Autolite, Premier Plastics, Applied Hi-Performance, Edge Electric, White Pine Lodge, Walker Evans Racing, Camoplast, PowerMadd, Trail Tanks, Energy Release, C&A Pro Skis, Pure Polaris Lubricants. Where is your favorite riding destination? Locally I love the Northwest Angle on Lake of the Woods, it’s my home turf and I have many memories riding that country. If I’m leaving the area, I really enjoy our trips to Towgotee Mountain Lodge in WY. The riding is great, the people are awesome and the lodge is top notch. Then a couple nights we always get down into Jackson, WY and the nightlife is exceptional. How do you prepare yourself before a race? I am always focused on everyone’s equipment; going thru every bolt, to make sure it is perfect for the race. I don’t have a routine that I follow, it seems like there is always so much going on. I like to have a few minutes alone to mentally prepare. Who inspires you? My dad, Jerry Bunke is my inspiration. It is just amazes me how many people’s lives he touched in the short time he was on this earth. What have you done to promote the sport of snowmobiling? Well not sure how much of a difference one person can make but I feel that through racing we are able to help in the evolution of snowmobiles by always pushing for something better. Also by promoting our sponsors and keeping people amped up to go snowmobiling and staying involved. It’s a great sport and people love it.

What advice do you have for your son, Taylor, as he follows in your “snowmobile tracks” this season? I hope he understands that racing isn’t easy and there’s a bunch of fast guys out there. So if he works harder and focuses on a few key things he’ll be fine. The fastest guy on the track doesn’t always win the race. You have to be smart and patient and you’ll be surprised with the results. What is your riding gear of choice? Klim gear It is simply the best gear out there. What type of sled(s) did you ride when you were growing up? Polaris, Colt then Gemini and finally graduated into an Indy. I remember looking out the mud room door at the new 86 Indy trail and thinking there is no way a snowmobile can get any more awesome than that. For a fan looking to get into competitive snowmobile racing how would you suggest they get started? Come to a USXC cross country race, I think cross country is the closest thing to real riding and you can come with a basic stock 600 cc snowmobile from the dealer and be competitive. What was your worst wreck? On an enduro track in Mackinac City, MI during a qualifying run. The track had a little water on the surface and I came out of the corner in a slide and rolled on the throttle and the slide kept on going until the sled hooked and then it was a yard sale. Luckily nobody else was on the track at the time. I picked myself up off the ice with my race pants cuffs up above my knees and my boots were gone so I walked back to the trailer in my socks. How many injuries have you had and what was the worst? I suppose 8-10 total injuries, nothing too serious. I’ve had both shoulders pop out but they’ve always gone right back in. I’ve pulled some muscles and of course in the frigid winter months, one can always get some frost bite. I am thankful for my health and for the most part have been injury free. I’ve had nothing major, Knock On Wood!!


SWEET PASSION IT’S FAST. ARCTIC RACE SUSPENSION ™ The triangulated A-arm attachment points, wide spacing and durable ball joints provide strength, precision and a superior ride. That’s geometry in action.

THE PROCROSS™ F SNO PRO® LIMITED This is the machine you want to have your passion planted on when you hit the throttle. The sweet limited edition looks are enough to get the blood going. But there’s more here. Like your choice of wicked engines, including the 1100 Turbo that cranks out 177 hp for maximum vroom. FasTrack® Slide-Action Rear Suspension.™ Hand guards and raceheight windshield. Plus other cool limited features. So get out there on this one, and kick some serious passion. For more, see arcticcat.com.



6.9% Financing for 60 Months and a 2-Year Limited Warranty*

*Offer valid on new and unused 2013 Arctic Cat snowmobiles excluding youth, race, Spring Guarantee, rental and demo models at participating U.S. dealers to U.S. residents. See dealer for details and program dates. 6.9% FINANCING FOR 60 MONTHS is financed through Sheffield Financial and is subject to credit approval; not all applicants will qualify for credit. Each consumer will be charged a $100 Consumer document fee. Financing promotions void where prohibited. Minimum financing total of $700, amortized up to 60 months. 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY includes 12-month limited factory warranty and 12-month extended service contract through Cornerstone. Offer subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions apply. Excludes tax, freight and dealer setup. Always wear a helmet and don’t drink ™ Published by™ Arctic Snowmobile North™Dakota - An™ Share Organization of North Dakota and ride. Arctic Blast, Cat, Arctic Race Suspension, FasTrack, ProCross, Our Passion,™ Slide-Action Rear Suspension and Snowmobile Sno Pro are trademarksClubs or registered trademarks of Arctic Cat Inc. ©2012 Arctic Cat Sales Inc., Thief River Falls, MN 56701. ®




November 2012


North Dakota State Trails Conference Submitted by: Kevin Stankiewicz

The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD) and North Dakota Recreation & Park Association (NDRPA) hosted the first North Dakota Trails Conference August 28-29, 2012 at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park (FALSP). The conference brought together members of the trail community from across the state giving them an opportunity to connect with and learn from motorized and non-motorized trail advocates and users. “As the popularity of trails continues to increase, it’s imperative to bring people together to discuss and evaluate the direction we are taking as stakeholders, both from a community level and collectively as a state,” said Arik Spencer, NDPRD Recreation Division Manager. The two-day conference consisted of an overview of the 2013-2017 State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP); case studies of the North Country Trail Association Lease Project and the Bismarck Parks and Recreation Cottonwood Trail Project; research and marketing tips from State Tourism; field sessions focused on sustainable trail building and motorized trails; and separate panel discussions on multi-use trails and trail advocacy. A special luncheon presentation was given by Susan Wefald, author of Spectacular North Dakota Hikes - Bring the Dog. When asked what his overall thoughts were on the conference, Spencer stated, “Trails play a large role in many of the most popular outdoor recreation activities in our state. They have also become essential to the development and quality of life in our communities. With over 60 trail advocates attending this first-ever conference for North Dakota, it was a good indication that the future of trails is alive and well in North Dakota.”

Thank You to Our Lunch Sponsors

Photo 1: The trail advocacy panel consisted of the following representatives, Matt Davis (North Country Trail), Keri Wanner (SNODAK), Ron Merritt (Minot Park District). Photo 2: The multi-use trails panel consisted of the following representatives: Melanie Parvey (City of Grand Forks), Curt Glasoe (USDA Forest Service), Jesse Hanson (NDPRD). Photo 3: Conference organizers, Dana Schaar (NDRPA) and Arik Spencer (NDPRD) present on the 2013-2017 SCORP. Photo 4: Conference attendees gather and prepare for the sustainable trail building field session.


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

www.snowmobilend. org

North Dakota

November. 2012

Park’s & Recreation

Matt rdener Ga The shorter days and cooler nights signal winter is coming and with that, all I have to say is, “Let It Snow”. I can’t wait to hit the trails this winter. In my opinion, there is no better winter family activity than hitting the trails with the family. But remember to get the kids certified before you head out. In North Dakota, youth must

be 12 years old or older and have a snowmobile safety certification card or driver’s license to legally ride on public lands. Get your kids certified and just a reminder, parents and under-aged kids are welcome to stay for class. It is easy to find classes in your area and get registered. Just go to the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department’s website, ridesafe.nd.gov to find a map of the upcoming snowmobile classes in your area. There are three ways to register; online, call 701-3285348 or scan the QR code. I look forward to seeing you at the class and on the trail. Ride Safe Ride

Smart! Don’t forget to strap you helmet. Matt Gardner

Snow-Did you know? Snow is a mineral– Because snow is composed of frozen water, or ice, it can also be classified as a mineral. A mineral is a naturally occurring homogeneous solid, inorganically formed, with a definite chemical composition and an ordered atomic arrangement. Ice is naturally occurring, given a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). It is homogenous (of one material), formed inorganically, and has an ordered atomic structure. Ice has a definite chemical composition (H20), with hydrogen and oxygen atoms bonding in a specific manner.

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b u l C

s w Ne

Hello Snowmobilers! Time again for another article. Not a whole lot to report on. At the moment, we are trying to set up meeting dates and activities for our club for the coming season. The weather forecast is predicting snow flurries for our area this week, so maybe this will be the

Dakota Trail Blazers precedence for the rest of the winter. Our club would like to give a big thank you to Randy and Judy Hoffer for hosting our annual summer get together at Lake Metigoshe. Everyone who was able to attend enjoyed good food and had a great time. Thanks again.

be coming soon. Hopefully Mother Nature will give us a little more abundance of the white fun this winter! That is all for now. Sherman Pladsen

Hard to believe that we will begin trail signing again shortly, but the calendar is telling us it will

ROUGH RIDER SNOWMOBILE CLUB Hello fellow snowmobilers from the Roughriders! Ok a few cold evenings, maybe a little frost, then back to summer! Come on already, stop teasing us! We started our season by having the club meetings start the 2nd Tuesday of September and then following on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Then following this schedule of the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month to follow. This way all members get their money out of memberships dues. The very first meeting was 7 p.m. and 80 degrees outside! We had 26 members show up and put up with my B.S. for an hour and a half. Man I Love those guys! I had to catch them up on every project we had been working on all summer, but I promise the meetings will be an hour at the most. Just like any other club we would like to put on as many events as possible. Right now we are currently working on having our 2nd Annual Show ‘n Shine at the Gateway Mall in Bismarck October 27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Also, we will

have a swap meet and membership drive at the same time. Planning is in place for our snow scramble and many funs runs too. Again, hoping for lots and lots of snow! I think this year we should shoot for over 100 members. Because our club is the first club in the nation to be ‘CERT’ certified, we need to continue our training, next will be CPR and any other training that Tom S. and Jim H. think we will need. It’s time again before the season starts to check all our equipment, snowmobiles, beacons, avy packs etc. Let’s make sure everything is safe and in good shape for the upcoming season. We are gearing up for working on the trail, as soon as the ditches have been mowed and okayed for us to start working on the trail system we will be ready. Well as I bore you with dribble, like the meetings seems I could ramble on forever! Sorry! Ok short and sweet is good too. I am one of those people who has new iron sitting in the garage, I have been drooling big time. I am so ready

for snow, I have been running my new sled on the jack stand, polishing, checking, taking things apart … Hmmm how does this work. Who said I was any kind of mechanic! So with that I will let you go and hopefully see you all soon at either Show ‘n Shine, fun runs, snow scramble or on the trails. Be safe and see ya soon! Rough Riders President : Al Hoesel



Gasmann Coulee Cruisers Gasmann Coulee Cruisers Think SNOW!!!!! As October rolls around we are all getting a little antsy to get out and ride!!! The Gasmann Coulee Cruisers are no different!! We spent the summer listening to some members’ plans for there new sleds, that are on order and what they are already planning to “Add” to them. Everyone got together for our summer picnic in Antler. We played

kickball, watched the kids ride horses, and enjoyed s’mores around the bonfire each night. It was a little weird to see everyone in shorts and t-shirts vs. Klim gear but we kept everyone straight!

b Ne


We have out first meeting on October 3rd, I’m sure there will be the excitement of signing up for the club trip and planning all the activities for the year. Crystll Kuhnhenn

Trail Chatter

SND’s staff has been researching magazines to Alaska and back looking for new ideas on bringing you, our Rockin’ readers, the latest in snowmobiles! We can’t pack all the fun into the printed version of the Sno-Dak News, so make sure to check out the e-magazine for all the crazy reads in snowmobiling. One idea, we just couldn’t pass up, was the latest in “Trail Chatter” around ND. You Can’t Handle The Truth! OK, so really you can but hey we want to make sure you’re reading this article and not snoozing on your lunch break! Trail Chatter will stomp those rumors and give it to you straight! We want you to know what’s going on around the state whether it’s trail changes or if “Big Matt” is still holding up that hay bale! Did you know Tommy the Turtle Rides snowmobile? Well we know and now we want you to know too! So stay tuned as we gear up for the season and chat about trails!!

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November 2012

1 Forbes2 Dean Region 1




Perry Brintnell Region 2


The SND staff, NDP&R and the board of directors have been busy this year. The SND staff has been working on QR codes for the trail system. NDP&R has been updating their website by putting ATV safety videos on U-Tube and looking into putting snowmobile safety videos on U-Tube also. SND is looking into marketing our magazine to the public (to individuals that don’t belong to a snowmobile club). The National Forest Service will have new signing guidelines in June of 2013. My understanding is trail signing will be easier. The SND board of directors has approved to do a raffle. SND will pick the winners at the state ride in Fordville. SND has 1000 tickets for sell. You can purchase these tickets through your local snowmobile club. The tickets cost $20.00 each. There are three prizes. The first prize is $4000.00 cash, the second prize is $4000.00 cash and the third prize is $2000.00. Get your tickets before they are sold out!!! Don’t forget the club officer form is due December 1st, 2012. Our club is working on getting our trails signed to meet the deadline. I can’t wait for the snow to come so our club can ride. Think snow!

Hello fellow snowmobilers I’ve been out combining corn and I was thinking since harvesting is a month early, could it be that snow might be a month early? Hmmm maybe let’s hope. Up here in the Northeast we feel we are overdue. As usual at this time of the year we all start thinking of the normal snowstuff. Snowmobile magazines start winter with all the latest of everything. Also this time of the year brings trail preparation. Get the Grubbing done it sure saves on groomer equipment. Also it just makes things better for groomer operators. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about groups that are trying to save snowmobilers right’s, so let’s make sure we have our leases right and make sure that our landlords are happy. Without them we would not have some of the trails we have. I would also like to remind clubs to take alook at our youth riders. Getting them involved with the safety class pays off. As a board member budgets are going to be tight this year we need everybody to get those sled registrations in because we so heavily depend on that number so I urge people to look into this. Before I close here I extend an invitation to the state ride from the Ridge Runner Snowmobile club. It will be based out of Fordville. Lots of activities are being planned so come ride the Red River South Trail and check it out. Happy Snowmobiling

Advertiser’s Index Action Motorsports......... 4 Arctic Cat....................... 17 Brandin Iron’.................. 23 Johnson’s Sports............ 4 Joe’s Sport Center......... 19 Moritz................................ 2 North Park Visitors Bureau.23 RV Sports......................... 7 Polaris.............................. 9 Snowmobile Storm........ 23 Track............................... 23 Yamaha..........................BC

This month in the e-magazine… The Sno-Dak News publishes an e-magazine along with this printed version every month! Online in the e-magazine, you can find things you can’t find in this one. Check it out at www.snowmobilend.org This month, we have insider information about: • A new safety website launched by ACSA • ISMA’s dish on what “Designated Wilderness Areas” actually mean for the environment and the future of recreational sports • The latest updates on product line and scheduled release dates for BRP Plus much MUCH more! Let us know what you think! We want to make the Sno-Dak News your go-to magazine for industry information. 22

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Take On the Snow with Track Track is the Midwest’s source for competitively priced, reliable, new and used snow grooming equipment and vehicles. We offer a wide range of versatile groomers and trail maintenance equipment from top manufactures. We have brought safe and fun, groomed snow trails to thousands of snow sport enthusiasts, including snowmobilers, alpine and cross-country skiers and snowboarders. Whether you have thin snow, hard snow, soft snow, wide trails or narrow trails, we can help you find the snow trail equipment to help you produce a superior trail.

call us today!

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$ OR





CUSTOM graphics
























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T’S TEAM YAMAHA 509 11TH ST W BOTTINEAU, ND 58318-1916 701-228-3882













1,000 CASH


CUSTOM graphics




*On approved credit. See dealer for details. **Rates and down payments based on credit approval criteria. Offer is subject to credit approval by GE Capital Retail Bank. Valid on the purchase of new Yamaha Snowmobiles made between 8/15/12 and 12/31/12 on your Yamaha installment loan account. 84 month term and Rate of 4.99%, 8.99% or 12.99% APR will be assigned based on credit worthiness. Low payment example: $119 monthly payment based on $8,599 purchase for 84 months at 4.99% APR; and 12.99% APR requires payments of $140.75. Example based on 2013 Phazer MSRP, less 10% down payment. Minimum Amount Financed of $5,000 or more and 0% to 10% minimum down payment required. Sleds shown with custom graphics kits installed. See Yamaha-motor.com/sledgraphics for more designs. © 2012 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved.

TRACK TALKS. . . . . . about the 2013 Tucker Terra 2000

Each year I travel to Medford Oregon and visit with the Tucker Sno-Cat速 Corporation staff. Tucker Sno-Cat速 Corporation is a family owned business that has managed to successfully merge family, employees, business, and products into a productive and innovative group. It is a fun place to visit. One thing I really enjoy is the level of pride they take in the work they do. They continually strive to improve products and stay current. Tucker wants to hear what the customer thinks and I get a chance to share what our customers tell us and eventually see some of our customers wish lists produced. The last few years have been extra busy for Tucker with the EPA required Tier 4i engine requirements. The new engine required additional space, an upgraded cooling system, and the increase in torque to 590 ft. lbs. resulted in a change to Spicer 80 differentials with 4:10 gears. The vehicle is quieter. The fuel economy is better. The 2013 Tucker is also equipped with a redesigned Cushman transfer case, a redesigned dash, a new multi-function display panel, new door handles, Heim joint steering system, improved powder coat and improved undercoating of the cab. The 2013 Tucker Terra速 2000 is a very impressive vehicle. We are looking forward to the arrival of our demo and a chance to show this updated vehicle to our customers. All we need now is snow. Lorene Hanson President Track, Inc.

New Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center Created by ACSA sharing opportunities.

Snowmobileinfo.org went online September 21 as “your best resource for snowmobile safety and access information.” This new website hosts the Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center and provides a one-stop resource for individuals, snowmobile clubs and organizations, s n o w m o b i l i n g management agencies, and private and public land managers. It includes a calendar of state and national training opportunities, resources for snowmobile safety education, snowmobiling access, and information

“The American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) is extremely dedicated to promoting safe and responsible snowmobiling, along with our work to preserve snowmobiling access across the country,” stated ACSA Executive Director Christine Jourdain. “We are excited to present this new Information Center. It should be a tremendous resource for individual snowmobilers as well as clubs, associations and agencies in their work with snowmobiling at the state and local levels,” she said. Snowmobileinfo.org was developed by ACSA, Trails Work Consulting and All Seasons Communications in fulfillment of a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) that supports snowmobile safety and access training and product development.

Financial assistance for development and operation of the Information Center is provided by FHWA through the Recreational Trails Program. “While some of this information has existed elsewhere in bits and pieces, this is the first time everything has been brought together under one umbrella. It is also the first time much of it has been made available electronically,” Jourdain said. The Information Center has four main sections that include: Training Calendar: Locate training, workshops and events nationwide or by state related to snowmobile safety and access topics. The calendar provides state, location, dates, topics and registration information.

Safety Resources: Access a directory of state and national avalanche and snowmobile safety education providers, along with the most comprehensive collection of online and downloadable snowmobile safety education resources and training materials. Access Resources: View a comprehensive collection of downloadable and online access resources that provides

tools to help establish and retain access for snowmobiling. An online library of research studies related to snowmobiling impacts is also provided. Information Sharing: Share information or solicit technical assistance about educational material sources, curriculum development information, or answers to general questions; also find contact information for state snowmobile programs and associations.

Visit the site at www. snowmobileinfo. org or e-mail info@ snowmobileinfo.org to submit local training classes or suggest other resource materials.

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While every effort has been made to include as much information as possible in the website’s initial launch, it will remain a work in progress and additional resources and training opportunities will continue to be added as they are identified or developed.

Interview Here is the interview continued from the printed magazine:

SDN: “Sounds like a lot of choices. What do you recommend for our readers here in North Dakota?” WW: “As always, it depends on the rider and what he or she is planning to do. But in listening to you describe your readers as a whole, I’d say the new XTX 1.75 is ideal for North Dakotans. They can ride the sled anywhere in the state at lower elevations or throw it on the trailer and head west to the higher elevations and not HAVE to go in to make clutching and gearing changes if they don’t want to.” SDN: “Seriously?” WW: “Well, yeah, if a guy wants to squeeze out every drop of ultimate performance he should recalibrate to the elevation. But with the wide power band the Nytro engine cranks out, the XTX will still perform well if you don’t change weights and gearing. It really is a true crossover sled that can handle itself in almost any situation. I don’t think a 2-stroke engine could handle that.” SDN: “Here we are at Congress. What have you seen that impresses you or surprises you?” WW: “I am always impressed at the level of dedication the volunteers have for our sport. I’ve been in the industry for 16 years. It has had its ups and downs for sure, but the one constant you can take to the bank is that snowmobilers will always stand up to lend a hand when it’s needed. From grooming trails to lobbying congress to helping a fellow sledder who needs a hand, a snowmobiler will be there without question. “What surprises me this year is that I’m not the youngest guy in the room anymore! I think we are seeing a changing of the guard here. I met a youth group from Wisconsin here that has me excited about the long-range future of the sport. When you look at the delegates from across the country, there

are still a lot of familiar faces, but there are more and more fresh ones.” SDN: “Yamaha stepped up its advertising in SnoDak News last year when your competitors didn’t. Why did you do that?” WW: “I can’t speak to my competitors’ advertising strategy and I won’t get very deep into ours, either. I will say that state association publications, like Sno-Dak News, are an important element to the snowmobiling community. Without you working to bring local snowmobile news to your readers, our sport would be in trouble. For instance, if a land access issue would arise, the state publications are the first place most snowmobilers would get that information. Every day in every community there is a snowmobile volunteer doing something to move the sport forward, whether it’s writing a letter to a congressman about land issues, or buying hot dogs for a charity ride to benefit a sick child. Those are the stories that state pubs cover that make our sport great.” SDN: “Thanks for your time. I know you’re busy here and have a lot on your schedule. Is there anything else you’d like to say?” WW: “My pleasure. I always have a lot to say. [laughs] “I’ll end with a plug for staying involved at the state and local levels. Ride smart. Be friendly and take someone new for a ride this winter. They’ll probably love it as much as you do. Finally, if you head to the mountains, please take an avalanche safety course. Whether you’ve been mountain riding all your life, or if you’re new to the steep and deep stuff, a couple hours spent in a safety seminar is always worth the time! “Thanks for the interview.”

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

LIGHT UP YOUR NIGHT WITH AUXILIARY LIGHTING FROM BRP BRP brings yet another industry first to the snowmobile market with integrated auxiliary lighting for brighter night vision. Using ten LED lamps, the auxiliary lighting kit provides for 2100 extra lumens to light up the trail in front of riders. The unparalleled brilliance is delivered in a super wide fog light type

pattern increasing the field of light. The kit is a true plug and play system on Ski-Doo REV-XS and REV-XM platform snowmobiles which are prewired to accept the lights. The attachment below the stock headlight is secure and delivers a smooth, naturally integrated look. The

Auxiliary Light Kit $299.99 USD/$344.99CAD

switch provided allows for OFF or ON WITH HIGH BEAM settings so riders can easily switch to extra light without removing their hand while riding. In addition, the benefit of using LED’s bring low maintenance, low power requirements, long life and great illumination to the package.

BRP COMBINES 1 + 1 SEAT AND LINQ SYSTEM FOR THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION IN MODULAR SEATING BRP has developed a simple and effective solution for snowmobilers that need the versatility to carry a passenger, while maintaining the lightweight and sporty feel for those days when riding solo. By combining the new 1 + 1 seat with a passenger backrest that features the unique LINQ quick attachment system, riders can now change back and forth from a one up to a two up configuration in a matter of seconds and tailor their ride as desired. Snowmobilers will appreciate the clean, integrated look that the new 1+1 system delivers plus the quality of construction and fit to their Ski-Doo snowmobile. The design team required a solid black covering that matches any sled, with the same fit and functionality of the original seat. But the added benefit is an ergonomically correct position for the passenger so both people will enjoy the ride. Finally the new backrest had to match the new seat and sled perfectly, while being quick and easy to install and remove. This is where the new LiNQ system provided a simple, effective solution, plus it freed up space on the tunnel so riders can carry a bag or auxiliary fuel caddy where brackets were on past designs. Once installed the LINQ allows an owner to securely change from one up to two up configuration by sliding the seat of choice on, pulling two straps, flipping two levers and lifting or lowering – all in less than 30 seconds. “This is one of those products that is so well thought out and simple to use, that many people will be asking why it hasn’t been thought of before” stated Martin Auger, director of Sales, Marketing and Licensing PAC BRP, Inc. “But now that we have it, we’re happy to enhance or customer’s experience with such a versatile, high quality product.” The new 1+1 seating from BRP provide owners of Ski Doo models from 2008 through 2013 three purchase choices in how they meet their needs. For information on all the genuine BRP accessories to fit your ride visit www.store.ski-doo.com or your local Ski-Doo dealer.

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South Dakota Snowmobile Convention Aberdeen, SD November 9 – 10, 2012

We would like to invite our neighbors to the north to attend our annual convention. Being held in conjunction with our convention will be an Avalanche Awareness, Avoidance and Rescue Class taught by Mike Duffy. He is a renowned instructor and we are pleased to offer a discount for his class with a paid registration to our convention. Attendance at his class is available to both the public and the convention registrants. We are also pleased to announce that Christine Jourdain, Executive Director of American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) will be attending our convention. Also attending from ACSA will be Duane Sutton, Vice-President and Judy King, secretary/treasurer. Christine will be our featured speaker at our banquet on Saturday evening. She will also be holding a session on Saturday afternoon on the ABC’s of snowmobiling. Our entertainment after the banquet is a surprise so we can’t tell you about it. But you will not be disappointed! For more information on our convention please see our wesite: www. aberdeendriftbusters.com .

Polaris Breaks Ground on Major Facility Expansion

Company’s Product Development Center in Wyoming, Minn. will more than double in square footage Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) broke ground on an expansion of the Company’s Product Development Center near Wyoming, Minn. Since opening in 2005, the 126,000 square foot research and development facility has been pivotal in Polaris’ ascent to the top of the global powersports market. “Opening the Wyoming facility seven years ago reinforced Polaris’ dedication to leading through innovation,” said Scott Wine, Polaris CEO. “Continuously improving our technology, and incorporating those advances into our vehicles, is the cornerstone of our success, and expanding our Product Development

Center paves the way for its future contributions.” Wine, along with other Polaris executives and political and civic leaders, took center stage at the ground-breaking ceremony earlier today, driving shovels into the ground in a ceremonial start to the construction project. The event also was attended by Polaris employees and notable Minnesotan politicians and business leaders, including U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Congressman Chip Cravaack and Commissioner Mark Phillips of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

“We are thankful for our continued partnership with Polaris, and excited that they chose to expand operations here in Minnesota,” DEED Commissioner Phillips said. “This investment is an important boost to the local economy and will help maintain Polaris’ place as an industry leader and innovator.” GREATER MSP, the region’s economic development partnership, coordinated the involvement of Polaris, Chisago County, the City of Wyoming, and DEED, to compile a package of financial incentives to help Polaris expand. A combination of job training support, infrastructure improvements, R & D credits, JOBZ financing and

other incentives provided a unique opportunity for Polaris’ project.

and kitchen and add a new parking lot for additional employees.

The expansion of the Wyoming facility will add 144,000 square feet to the existing building, more than doubling its size.

The construction effort will be led by Ryan Companies, US, the same firm that led construction on the original building in 2005.

This new space will provide large work bays for offroad vehicles, flexible conference and display space, a new electrical lab, and a new EMI room.

“We were excited when Polaris chose Ryan to construct its Product Development Center in 2005, and we’re feeling that excitement again as we partner with Polaris to expand the facility,” said Pat Ryan, CEO and president,

The extra space will also allow expansion of the café

Ryan Companies, US, Inc. “Ryan is similar to Polaris in many ways, from our values to our rich history and Minnesota roots. It’s our privilege to partner with another great company on a project like this. We look forward to getting started.” The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2013.

Go Snowmobiling Facebook Page is


The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page is a new way for snowmobilers to socialize. Facebook pages offer a new way to harness a prehistoric instinct – to communicate with other people. Snowmobilers LOVE to socialize and share their experiences, and Facebook makes it that much easier. All of us can become more outgoing and it is especially helpful to stay in touch with our new, young snowmobilers who find Facebook the most efficient way of staying in touch and being involved in the activity. The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page can enable you to find old or new snowmobiling friends. You can share photos on the page and let each other know what you thought about the trails, the riding areas, the scenery, and let everybody know about the fun you had very simply. The Go Snowmobiling page is growing daily. It should be known that approximately 1 in 7 minutes spent online worldwide is spent interacting with people on Facebook. Facebook is a powerful platform for social marketing. Billions of interactions on Facebook influence everything from the clothing we buy to the politicians we vote for. The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page has been created for all of us and we encourage you to “like” our page and to consider setting up your own organization’s page on Facebook – whether it is at the club, association or regional level. We know that snowmobilers enjoy each other’s company and love to share the beautiful views and pictures we all take and post. One of the most important reasons people snowmobile is to be with friends and family and to share the experience. Facebook gives us another opportunity to do that on a broader basis. The Go Snowmobiling Facebook page serves as a conduit for sharing snowmobiling information – whether it be related to your Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaign or reaching out to communicate with other like-minded individuals about your snowmobiling experiences. Our page is growing and we encourage you “like” us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ Gosnowmobiling and interact with fellow snowmobilers through this amazing medium.

Want Fog-Free Goggles? Get the HABER ELIMINATOR Automated No-Fog Fan Technology Tired of annoying fogged-up goggles while skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling? The Haber Eliminator™ Automated No-Fog Fan Technology from HaberVision™ is a must-have accessory that eliminates this problem with the flip of a switch. The Eliminator™ is a clever device that allows you to retro-fit not only HaberVision goggles but most brands into a fan goggle instantly. The concept is simple: When humidity rises inside your goggle a tiny sensor activates a fan alleviating the possibility of internal condensation (fog) on the lens. This feature allows you to see clearly and enjoy crystal-clear vision every time you ski. The Eliminator™ is available online at www.habervision.com for $65. “This is something that should have been around years ago,” says Bill Nolan, HaberVision’s President. “The number one complaint skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers still voice regarding goggles in general is fogging. While great strides in anti-fog have been made by all goggle companies, fogging still remains. “If you’ve ever skied, snowboarded or snow machined, you know goggles can get fogged up when you get warm.” While the idea of fan-ventilated goggles isn’t new, The Eliminator™ is a superior fog solution for many reasons. First, it’s a lightweight, low-profile module that can be installed on almost any pair of goggles — both HaberVision 100% polarized products and competitor models — and then removed and attached to another pair of goggles. Plus, The Eliminator™ can operate in either a manual or automatic mode. You can turn it to ‘on’ and it will run continuously or, set it to ‘automatic’ mode and rely on the built-in humidity sensor to activate the system only when needed. The Eliminator™ is a self-contained module with no wires or external battery packs. It runs on a single AAA battery and can be easily attached to the goggle with a pair of thumb-twist screws. “Finally, there’s a way to eliminate that fogging problem,” Nolan says. “We believe this is an ingenious product and have filed numerous patents to protect certain aspects of the technology. It eliminates the problem of goggle fogging forever.” Responding to the digital revolution, HaberVision eyewear is offered on the Internet through www. habervision.com Low overhead equates to savings of up to 60% below retail, without compromising quality, style and performance. HaberVision – from Steve Haber - the founder of the Bolle’ eyewear brand.

HaberVision unleashes the World’s most advanced Snowmobile Goggle Colorado based HaberVision is releasing a new model of snowmobile goggle called the “Nitrous”. The “Nitrous” snowmobile goggle fitted with Haber’s own proprietary “Haber Eliminator®” fan technology was designed to meet the needs of discerning riders everywhere. The “Nitrous” features a dual pane, polarized, cylindrical lens for fog free performance, three layer reticulated foam for sweat management and a urethane frame for flexibility. A silicone backed strap provides retention to the helmet and a removable nose-guard provides protection from the elements. The “Nitrous” goggle fits comfortably in most full coverage helmets. The goggle is available in “Black” and “Sno Camo” color ways. The “Nitrous” goggle can also be fitted with Haber’s patented “Eliminator ®” no fog fan system. The Eliminator ® is a humidity sensor activated fan system that automatically vents warm moist air from the goggle to the atmosphere creating a fog free environment even during the most strenuous winter activities. The website price for the Nitrous polarized Eliminator ® goggle at only $129 and the non Eliminator equipped goggle starts at only $65.00 The “Nitrous” snowmobile goggle will be available in the fall for the 2012-2013 season and is available online only at


How Many Folks Designated Wilderness?

There are many groups working in the United States attempting to designate more Wilderness Areas or “Wilderness Study Areas.” If they are successful, we will have more land put aside in the United States that is seldom, if ever, visited by outdoor recreationists. The Wilderness Act became law in 1964 and defined Wilderness as “undeveloped federal land retaining its primeval character and influence. The natural forces prevail without man’s interference in Wilderness. Man is a visitor who doesn’t remain and his works are substantially unnoticeable.” The main focus of Wilderness Management is perpetuation of its Wilderness Character. Wilderness is a place where the natural forces prevail and fire is among those forces. The suppression of forest fires in the United States costs taxpayers $2.5 Billion annually. Fires also pump as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in a few weeks as automobiles and trucks do in an entire year.

information about

designated wilderness in the united states:

1. TheUnitedStatesNationalForestandGrasslandsencompassapproximately

193 million acres. Within these units there are 439 Designated Wilderness units comprising approximately 37 million acres or 19.2% of the US Forest System. These 439 Designated Wilderness units do not include millions of other acres designated as Wilderness Study Areas or administratively managed as defacto Wilderness Areas.

2. The Wilderness Act prohibits commercial enterprises, structures,

roads or motorized equipment (i.e.: snowmobiles, ATV’s, chainsaws, bicycles, strollers, handcarts, etc.). Wilderness Visitation accounts for 3.3% of all total US Forest Service Recreation visits. Recent Forest Service data indicates there were a total of 199.7 million recreation visits to the US Forests nationwide. In contrast, Designated Wilderness visits account for only 6.6 million visits.

3. When interacting on Wilderness Designation issues, it is helpful to know

that we presently have a lot of Designated Wilderness in the US and very few people visit Designated Wilderness areas. For information on visitation and use in our National Forests, you can visit the USFS web site: www.fs.fed.us.

Polaris ‘Winning Riders’ Program Supports State & Provincial Snowmobile Associations Polaris Supports Grassroots Groups with Sales-Based Contributions

For the eighth consecutive year, state and provincial snowmobile organizations across North America are receiving contributions from the Polaris “Winning Riders” program, which generates support for the groups based on sales of new Polaris snowmobiles. From Newfoundland to Washington and Alaska to Quebec, snowmobile associations are receiving “Winning Riders” funds proportionate to the number of new Polaris snowmobiles sold within each state and province. Polaris is making contributions to snowmobile associations in 12 Canadian provinces and territories and 25 states in the United States. Polaris also announced it is extending the Winning Riders program through the 2013 sales season, meaning contributions will be made next year based on retail sales of new Polaris snowmobiles between April 1, 2012, and March 31, 2013. “The passion for snowmobiling is running strong across the North American snowbelt,” said Mike Jonikas, VP of Polaris Snowmobiles, Sales and Corporate Marketing. “We see real benefits in supporting the associations that coordinate activities of snowmobile clubs and help develop great riding opportunities.” Polaris makes the “Winning Riders” contributions with “no strings attached,” allowing each state or province to decide how to use the funds it receives. Projects funded by Winning Riders donations in recent years have included membership drives, trail and grooming programs, legislative efforts, tourism promotion and more.

s s o r e c o m n a S n p s i e h i s r e n s o i d p n m a a o h g C o l L I w O e n s AMS t i s launche Officials with ISOC and AMSOIL unveiled the new AMSOIL Championship Snocross (ACS) logo today, representing a crisp and bold move forward for the world's premier professional snocross racing series. Tighter with bolder lines and greater representation of the sport's biggest sponsor - AMSOIL - the confident and edgy logo is set to pop when the prestigious series opens for action this Nov. 23-25 at Duluth's (Minn.) Spirit Mountain. “Everyone at ISOC and AMSOIL are always looking for ways to make this series better in every aspect. We feel we've come a long way in the past couple years - and to signify this we wanted a new and upgraded look for

the series logo as well,” said Carl Schubitzke, Director of Operations and Racing for ISOC. “We feel the new ACS logo best represents the series' most generous supporter - AMSOIL along with being an iconic symbol representative of the great people involved with this great sport.” In addition to the new logo, ISOC has dropped the Series "S" from the new ACS acronym, primarily just to streamline the series' title so that it flows better in day-today communication both inside and outside the snowmobile industry. Beginning with the AMSOIL Championship Snocross season opening

round in Duluth, Minn. (Nov. 23-25) and running through the season finale in Lake Geneva, Wis. (March 15-17), CBS Sports Network will broadcast 16 half-hour race shows all in HD - on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. EST. AMSOIL Championship Snocross - as an added bonus - will also air in an evening repeat of each show during the week. CBS Sports Network's coverage of the 2012-'13 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series begins Sunday, Dec. 30th, at 10:30 a.m. EST.

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November 2012 Sno-Dak News  

Issue features One On One Interview with Yamaha, Chillin' with Bunke, 3C Guiding, Track Talks, Hay Days and much more.

November 2012 Sno-Dak News  

Issue features One On One Interview with Yamaha, Chillin' with Bunke, 3C Guiding, Track Talks, Hay Days and much more.

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