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th Annual 5 3 Snowmobile ND State Convention

December 6 & 7, 2013

Dated Material November 2013 • Vol 39 No. 2


Flick it over faster and stay on top of the deep stuff. The 417-pound 2014 Polaris速 PRO-RMK 速 with QuickDrive速 Low-Inertia Drive System.

See the Mountain Like Never Before.

TERRAIN DOMINATION Polaris recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. 息2013 Polaris Industries Inc.

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Cover: Brandon Chimenti with 3C Guiding, LLC Photo courtesy of Todd Williams Photography

Chelsey Thronson Sandy Durisin Clark Scheurman Josh Siferd Keith Moore Keri Wanner Tari Norby

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2012-2013 Winners

Dave Ward – Southern Valley Trail Riders David Peisar – Gasmann Coulee Cruisers Kendra Gefroh – Northern Exposure


r e c i offpostings Hi everyone, So far, how is your Fall season going? The mornings are chilly and the afternoons are nice. The trees are turning beautiful colors and in the back of your mind you are thinking snow will soon be here. This also reminds me that I better get my outside projects done, where did the summer go?

The last weekend of September there was a snowstorm in Wyoming and Sno West magazine published some photos of the snow on Facebook. In some areas they received six feet of snow, I am jealous! I know snow will come soon, for us.


es Vice Pr

Hello fellow snowmobilers. It will soon be our favorite time of year. Now you may be thinking we usually don’t get any good snow until after Christmas, however we still need to have

Hello everyone! Hard to believe that we are entering my 9th season with Snowmobile North Dakota! I have had a very busy summer and I am looking forward to the season and seeing many of you again. I have a couple things to go over for the upcoming signing frenzy. I’m sure by now signs are being sorted and checked over in anticipation of the upcoming season. Remember to check over fasteners and the condition of the signs before installing them. We have some exciting things coming up this season in the area of trail identification. I can’t wait to use some of the new technology available to us.


dent Before you be important to attend due know it the SND to changing the way we sign Convention will be our trails. Even though you here. This year the convention is in don’t need to take the signing Grand Forks on December 6th and class it would be good to attend. I 7th. On Friday there will be a SND believe it will be easier to sign the Board Meeting, silent auction and trails. At the end of the season I hors d’ oeuvres. On Saturday there would like your feedback on signing will be the SND Annual Meeting and the trails. In the evening we will have Funding Program. There have been the banquet and the silent auction. changes on how the funds will be dispersed to the associations. It will I would like to see each club bring be very important for you to be at an item(s) for the silent auction. The the meeting. In the afternoon there money goes for a good cause. There will be the youth snowmobile safety will also be activities for children and class, beginner and experienced adults. I hope to see you there. grooming classes, trail grubbing Ride Safely! class and beginner and experienced Laura signing class. The signing class will

trails ready to open December 1, just in case (cross your fingers). If you belong to a club, find out how you can help with signing. Try not to be one of those members in name only. Do more than pay your dues. SND has been working on some great events for this season. We will kick it off with our Annual Convention and meeting December 6-7 in Grand Forks. We haven’t had convention out here for a while so I am hoping for a strong showing from the snowmobilers

Keep in mind the things we go over in sign class regarding sign placement and overall continuity of the signing statewide. There are a few things that are most important. The stop ahead and turn ahead signs are just as important as the actual stop and turn sign. The use of the slow sign is very helpful in achieving the goal of a safe trail. The use of the blazers are very important in open areas. Try to sign for possible varying conditions and remember that it all looks different at night. Sign it as if you are new to the area and have never been on your trail.

on the East side of the state. Convention is very informative and lots of fun. Please join us if you can. The Pink Ribbon Ride is set for January in Bottineau, and both the International and State Rides are in February. Watch the website and the SnoDak News for details on these events. Thank you to all who are active in a club and let’s have a great season!

Sheri Looking forward to seeing everyone at the events this season as well as when we are in your area checking trails. Have a good one!

Todd Trail In



offpioc stie ngr s


November 2013


ve D Executi

The convention is scheduled for December 6th and 7th in Grand Forks, ND at the Howard Johnson Inn. The event is being hosted by the SND Board of Directors with the assistance of local club members. The convention will bring you the latest information on North Dakota’s snowmobile trail program. One item that will be discussed at the convention is the state snowmobile trail funding program. In the 20132017 North Dakota Snowmobile Program Strategic Plan, one focus area targeted program administration to limit expenditures on administrative costs to insure more funding is placed on the ground for the trail system. It was suggested to implement a measurement system to identify metrics like trail systems usage, grooming and snowfall to guide future decisions on funding resource allocation. So what does this mean for the state snowmobile trails? For nearly two years, the snowmobile program researched and discussed how to move forward with trail funding. Discussions always came back to needing to redesign the state snowmobile program to focus on two areas: 1) No longer over-budget and spend more than has been earned and 2) Place more dollars on the ground and spend what the state snowmobile fund earns. After researching more than 20 other snowmobile programs across the United States and Canada, it was determined the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association’s “Matrix Program” could fit North Dakota’s

needs. The “Matrix Program” is very similar to the Benchmark Funding Program in the fact that it rewards the trail systems for performance in maintaining the state trail system. The main difference is the “Matrix Program” awards points for the performance and only awards one trail reimbursement for the entire season. SND and NDPRD agreed everyone liked the series of benchmarks in the Benchmark Funding Program but also liked the point system the “Matrix Program” offered. The result is the two programs have been combined to provide a more accurate way to reimburse the state trail systems. The source of revenue hasn’t changed but how it’s spent will! Only 14,552 snowmobiled registrations were purchased during the 20112013 biennium; a decrease of 18 percent from the previous biennium. During the 1991-1993 biennium only 9,944 snowmobiles were registered, the lowest point in the history of the program. The following biennium (1993-1995), snowmobile registrations jumped to 15,076 and never dropped below that point until 2011-2013. It was determined 14,000 snowmobile registrations was a good number to plan future budgets. The revenue earned from 14,000 registrations will cover the fixed administrative expenses needed to operate the state snowmobile program and the trail systems first and second benchmark. The first benchmark provides funding to maintain the trail, purchase trail signs and assistance to cover a portion of the first grooming. Remaining funding will be applied to the second benchmark and distributed to each trail system using the “Matrix Programs” point system. If more than 14,000 snowmobile registrations are

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

collected, the funding will be applied to the third benchmark and will be spent in its entirety! Third benchmark funds will also be distributed using the point system in the “Matrix Program”. Now that I have you confused, make sure you attend the Annual Convention to learn more and ask any questions. I look forward to seeing all of you there and thanks for your continued support in the state snowmobile program! We couldn’t do this without everyone’s outstanding hard work!


Quick Fact How many versions of the Polaris Indy Trail were offered for the 1989 season? Of course the venerable Trail is not with us anymore but in 1989 five versions were available - the standard Trail, the Trail Deluxe with 2 up seat, the Trail ES with electric start (duh!), the Trail SP with a 38” ski stance, and the Trail SKS with a 133” track.


November 2013

FishingBuddy Partners with Snowmobile North Dakota is the #1 information source for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s the largest outdoor website for hunting and fishing; combining real time information and social networking with a monthly visitor base of over 400,000 outdoor men and women targeting the Dakotas and the upper Midwest. When Snowmobile North Dakota (SND) was asked how could help promote snowmobiling in North Dakota the doors opened for opportunity. Outlined in the North Dakota Snowmobile Program Strategic Plan for 2013-2017, a goal has been to place focus on reminding North Dakota snowmobilers what this great state has to offer in snowmobile trails and also focus on informing non-residents why they should make a trip to the state to ride snowmobile. And SND had information for on winter recreation allowing the company to bring even more information to the outdoor enthusiasts following the company’s website. With both companies persistent on growing and wanting to make the latest information available in a snap a partnership was born. It was announced this past summer at the International Snowmobile Congress that the average recreationalist enjoys more than one outdoor activity. and SND are betting snowmobilers are hunters and fisherman too. SND’s partner motto is to work together to generate excitement for the sport of snowmobiling! gives SND the opportunity to help promote snowmobiling in outdoor recreation in North Dakota by informing 400,000 visitors a month about the sport of snowmobiling. The companies look forward to growing their partnership. About SND SND is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that oversees the recreation of snowmobiling across the state. The organization is made up of snowmobile clubs, and individual/family and business memberships. Together these clubs and members make up 14 trail associations in North Dakota. The state trail system consists of over 2,800 miles of groomed trails. The trail program receives contract dollars from the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department to assist with the operation of the state snowmobile trail system. The organization also relies heavily on support from volunteers.


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

Bunke Racing

Talks Indy Performance Packages

Taylor Bunke Fall is in the air and some of us are dreaming of pounding the ditches and busting drifts. I can’t wait to take out my Polaris INDY. Yep that’s me, it seems like deja vu that every fall I cannot wait until I can get out and ride. My passion for the ride all started when my dad came home with a 1986 Indy Trail. All my dreams had come true at that point in my life that day I remember. My snowmobiling passion from then on was over the top, all from my experience with that one machine. Polaris’ Indy line was the staple and backbone to their rise and sled dominance in the 80s and 90s as I remember. Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of our new Indy’s and how I believe this sled is one of the top in its class for modern day sleds. First of all, this sled is priced affordably enough and has the performance of all the higher priced machines at a way lower investment. The only issue I could see with the package was in suspension and traction for the riding I do. With my long-time history of racing going back to the Indy era, I was really excited to get my new Indy last season to see how they worked. I was surprised with how light it felt and the handling was fairly spot-on. Well, the next step was to hit the race track, I wasn’t personally able to run the new Indy because all our race sleds were all dialed in and ready to go. I luckily was able to have a good friend and veteran cross country racer, Eric Christensen take the Indy to the test. As the race season progressed we started seeing a few issues with some areas on the Indy regarding tunnel rigidity and suspension calibration. There was a definite need for some improvement in this area. Eric was able to get in touch with some of the engineers at Polaris and together we came up with reinforcements needed for our tunnel. Walker Evans Racing helped us put a shock package together that was outstanding and would handle the abuse of cross country racing. It seemed as if we had a good package midseason with Eric giving our Indy a win on the track in Willmar, MN in mid-January. Eric was able to hold consistent throughout the season and pull off the championship in the master’s class. It wasn’t until after the race season was over that I was actually able to get some serious riding and testing in on that Indy. Right off the bat I noticed what I needed to do; I knew I could improve on the ride and handling based on our final suspension calibration from our race sleds. You see, the Indy and the IQR (race sleds) are not all that different and I was able to use a lot of the same suspension calibration on the Indy. We found the baseline on suspension by ripping around our test track. But, once I tried one of our Camoplast ripsaw II tracks from the season- “WOW” we had a great handling sled! We did multiple days of back to back riding against our season ending race sled and I truly was getting to the point of being more comfortable with the Indy and its feedback as I piloted it through our course. Polaris introduced the 2014 Indy line and I, again, was so excited. The Indy reminds me of my childhood; riding for hours up in the woods, across the lakes and pounding the ditches in Roseau, MN with my buddies. The only part I felt was missing was a few aftermarket parts to make this machine stronger for those tough trail conditions. So, that’s when Bunke Racing decided to offer an Indy package. We have top of the line shocks from Walker Evans Racing and the most durable and all-around best performing 1.25 inch Camoplast Ripsaw II track. Our custom laser cut tunnel braces and performance brake discs add for improved braking during aggressive riding. The Bunke Racing Indy Performance Package is a must for all Indy owners that want to have an Indy that can go the extra mile, especially for those snowmobile racers out there and the aggressive trail rider who wants to push his machine to the limits. You can check out our Indy package deals at

Polaris Honors

Joe’s Sports Center of Devils Lake, N.D.,

With Induction into the Polaris Hall of Fame

Back row from left to right - Br uce Kraft (in the Carol Johnson, brown sport coa Keith Johnson, t), Tyson Kamp Brett Johnson Middle row fro , Cecilia Kraft and Chase Joh m left to right , nson. Christy Kraft (lo COO, Joe C. Kr ng dark hair), aft, Cletus J. Kr Bennett Morga aft, Brenda M. Front row from n - Polaris Ind Kraft and Scott left to right - Hu ust ries Wine nter Kraft (youn gest girl in photo - Polaris Industries CEO. ), Dylan Kraft and Amber Kraft .

Polaris Dealer Since 1964 Provides the Lake Region with Outstanding Customer Service MEDINA, Minn. (July 31, 2013) – Polaris Industries Inc. today inducted long-time Polaris dealership Joe’s Sports Center of Devils Lake, North Dakota, and four other parties into the Polaris Hall of Fame for their significant long-term contributions to the company’s success. Joe’s Sports Center and its fellow inductees were honored during a ceremony at the Polaris National Sales Meeting held in Fort Washington, Maryland. The Polaris Hall of Fame was established during the company’s 50th anniversary in 2004. Retired employees, Polaris dealers and key material and technology suppliers have been recognized annually for their roles in the company’s growth and success. “Each year it’s our honor to recognize special individuals, key supplier-partners, and Polaris dealers such as Joe’s Sports Center for their important contributions,” said Polaris CEO Scott Wine. “Our 2013 inductees have significantly benefited Polaris and Polaris riders.” Also inducted this year were: Former Chairman Greg Palen, retired Product Manager Bow Crosby, communications and presentation partner Media Loft, and another Polaris dealership, Mark’s Outdoor Sports of Alamosa, Colorado. In 1964, Lake Ready Mix, Inc., a concrete construction firm in Devils Lake, N.D., became a Polaris snowmobile dealership. Joe C. Kraft started working there in 1967, and one year later he began buying out founder Thorban Davidson. Joe became sole owner in 1977, and oversaw strong, steady growth of the Polaris side of the business, which has been Joe’s Sport Center, Inc., since 1985. Throughout its history, Joe’s Sport Center has maintained a reputation for offering excellent Polaris products backed by outstanding technical service and unmatched customer service. Joe’s is known for keeping Lake Region farmers and ag-related businesses rolling on the Polaris off-road vehicles they use in the fields and on jobsites. Joe’s also goes the extra mile to ensure recreational riders optimize their free time on their Polaris snowmobiles, ATVs, RANGERs and RZRs. Today, Joe C. Kraft works in sales and his son, Cletus J. Kraft, manages the Polaris-exclusive dealership. Cletus grew up around the dealership, worked there in varied roles up through his high school years, and returned to become manager after graduating from college. His wife Brenda M. Kraft directs marketing and advertising, and she and their son Tyson Kamp are on the sales staff. 8

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

tmot ion + fle xedge the suspension and track bend. the mountain breaks. You carve. The 16 in. track with FlexEdge™ bends. The tMotion™ suspension flexes. With the added foot room of the REV-XM ™ platform, you hold your line easier and more precisely than you ever have before. It’s a sled made specifically for the mountain. It’s technology you’ll only find on Ski-Doo ® sleds. the 2014


Summit SP

Summit SP

MORE aT summit® lEaRn

Summit Sport

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Jamestown, ND 58401 (701) 252-2850

Johnson Sport Center 302 11th St E Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-3762

Dealer Imprint Gun & Reel Sports, Goes HereInc. 115 1st St W

© 2013 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Always ride safely and responsibly. 1107788



Or just a need to stay warm? With the largest selection of snowmobile apparel in the Lake Region, Joe’s Sport Center in Devils Lake, ND has the entire family covered. Whether you are an expert or an amateur, a fanatic or just a fan, we have the jackets, pants, bibs, boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, balaclavas, sportswear and more to prepare you for the cold. So it doesn’t matter if your style is technical or practical, we can help you find the right ’tools’ to fuel your Full Throttle Addiction or simply defend against Mother Nature!

Cold Cross Durable nylon/polyester shell with Reissa® laminate 2,000mm/2,000g/m2 waterproof/breathable Moisture wicking wuick dry mesh lining with inner zipper and lycro cell phone pocket Removable zip out liner, comfortable Thermal Flex™ 175g body/120g sleeve insulation with inside zipper and lycra cell phone pocket Or just a need to stay warm? With the largest selection of snowmobile apparel in the Lake Region, Durable YKK® Vislon covered zipper Joe’s Sportfront Center in Devils Lake, ND has the entire family covered. Whether you are an expert or an amateur, a fanatic or just a fan, we have the jackets, pants, bibs, Slasher boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, balaclavas, sportswear and more to prepare you for the cold.

Durable polyester/nylon shell with Reissa® laminate So it doesn’t matter if your style is technical or practical, we can help you find the right ’tools’ to fuel 2,000mm/2,000g/m2 waterproof/breathable your Full Throttle Addiction or simply defend against Mother Nature! Warm brushed polyester lining in the body and embossed taffeta sleeve lining t tes Zippered inner chest pocket a l e n t th ashio u 100g F.A.S.T.™ floatation membrane andec150g k o to f body/150g h ch n in l are roa ctioinsulation sleeve ThermalCaFlex™ pp app n fu ile g. and mob acin w o RR X sn mF fro

X Cross Boot Moderate activity rating –40 degrees celsius Toe kick-clean snow and ice with ease High water-resistant outer construction Torque Helmet Lightweight Thermoplastic ABS shell Dual density EPS liner Includes free breath box High flow venting with adjustable visor

Joe’s Sport Center was recently inducted into

Joe’s Sport Center was recently inducted into the Polaris Hall of Fame. We at Joe’s Sport Center are humbled by this We at Joe’s Sport Center are humbled by this honor honor , and would like to take this opportunity to and would like to take this say ‘Thank You’ to you, our customer for opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to you, our customer for contributing to our success. contributing to our success. the Polaris Hall of Fame.

909 Hwy 2 W . Devils Lake, ND 58301 701.662.4071 .

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5th Anniversary

14 0 2 , 1 1 0 1 y r a u n Ja Twin Oaks Resort on Lake Metigoshe north of Bottineau, ND

Call 701-263-4295

Featuring Celebrity Pro Rider Cameron Chimenti of 3C Guiding, LLC (Celebrity Rider brought to you by ND’s Ski-Doo Dealers)

North Dakota Snow Run

5th Anniversary

Celebration Includes an afternoon ride on Friday, January 10th at 2 p.m. to the International Peace Gardens (bring your passport).

Saturd ay feat ures g Lunch uid at the Lake M ed ride State P etigos ark for he & brou by the g Ridge Runne ht to you rs

Friday Night

Entertainment Features Tigirlily

November 2013

SND Awards

Larry Spidahl

Outstanding Volunteers & Youth Scholarships Scholarship Recipients:

David McAtee and Andrew Ternquist are each being awarded $450 from the 2013 SND Rhoda Greenup Scholarship.

Andrew Ternquist from Michigan, ND has been riding snowmobiles since he has been able to hold on. The first snowmobile he rode was also a Polaris Indy 500 and he is a member of the Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club and supports them with all their activities. Andrew did a snowmobile safety demonstration for his local 4-H club members. He has also introduced snowmobiling to neighbors and friends who didn’t have sleds of their own. David McAtee from Rugby has been riding snowmobiles for 10 years. The first snowmobile he rode was a Polaris Indy 500 and he belongs to the Northern Lights Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club. David is an active club member and lends a hand by signing trails and helping with the annual Fun-Runs. He encourages others to participate in the club’s activities and will continue to ride snowmobiles for the rest of his life.

David McA


Snowmobile Family of the Year

The Heilman family from Rugby is this year’s Snowmobile Family of the Year. Corey and Gale along with Jordan, Haylee, Sierra and Gage have been active snowmobilers for about five years. They are memers of the Northern Lights Snowmobile Club and help with signing trails, picking up signs, repairing signs, reporting trail and warming house conditions and helping out with other club functions. Snowmobiling has taken their family on many adventures in the Black Hills, Turtle Mountain area and the Rugby area.

Heilman Family


This year’s Groomer Operator of the Year Award goes to Larry Spidahl of Devils Lake. Larry has been operating groomers in North Dakota for about seven years and the first groomer he operated was a Tucker and he enjoys grooming trails because he likes knowing that people of all ages enjoy snowmobiling. The strangest thing Larry has seen while grooming was a car that was stuck on the snowmobile trail. He is also an avid snowmobiler. Larry’s first snowmobile was a 1969 Polaris Mustang and he belongs to the Lake Region Snowmobile Club.

Snowmobiler of the Year

This year’s Snowmobiler of the Year Award goes to Rick Bruggeman of Rugby. Rick has been riding snowmobiles since the early 1970s and has been the Trail Coordinator for the Northern Lights Trailblazers Snowmobile Club for the past 11 years. He is an active member and encourages people to get out and ride and go to the state snowmobile events. The sport of snowmobiling has taken Rick to Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota, Manitoba and of course, North Dakota. Rick is a very active snowmobiler and a definite “go getter” and he wants everyone to be involved.

Associate Member of the Year

Rick Bruggeman

Outback Autobody, Inc of Minot has been selected as the Associate Member of the Year. Outback Autobody, Inc has been a member both the Dakota Trailblazers and Gasmann Coulee Cruisers Snowmobile Clubs for 25 years. They help promote their local clubs by airing radio advertisements, sponsoring FunRuns, organizing fundraisers and recruiting new members. Their favorite part about helping is being able to ride and fundraise for a worthy cause.

Outback Autobody

Andrew Ternquist

Groomer Operator of the Year

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

Come Ride The West

YELLOWSTONE Island Park, Idaho

$1749 ALL INCLUSIVE 6 Nights l 900 Miles of Trails l Luxury Cabins w/Hot Tubs


Steep & Deep l Boondocking l Wide Open Space


Includes 6 nights lodging A Airfare A Luxurious Cabin A Snowmobiles A Car Rental


November 2013

r m o t i o n + r e v -x s easily adjustable. highly flexible. because backs, hips and knees are not. Burning trails or carving powder, the Ski-Doo® snowmobiles give you the most comfortable ride. Adjust the industry-leading travel of the rMotion™ suspension, featuring a 100% progressive motion ratio. Adjust to more riding positions with the versatile REV-XS™ platform. It’s technology you’ll only find on Ski-Doo sleds. the 2014


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Its 163.9 hp* Rotax® E-TEC® 800R engine combines with the lightweight REV-XP™ platform for an incredible power-to-weight ratio. Add the S-36 handling package and a new monster 2.5-inch lug track, and you’ve got a sled that carves effortlessly and climbs Renegade Adrenaline anything. Renegade Backcountry ™

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Boasting contributions of over $2M to North American snowmobile clubs, to date. ©2011 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. *Result based on independent third-party dyno test. In the U.S.A., products are distributed by BRP US, Inc. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Always wear appropriate clothing, including a helmet. Don’t drink and drive. ©2013 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. , and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Always ride safely and responsibly. 1107459 1107792 ® ™


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

th 35 Annual Snowmobile ND Stat

e Convention

Together For You

It’s getting to be that time – time to get thing s organized and ready to hit the trails. We’re getting our sleds tun ed up, our gear prepared and eagerly anticipating December 1st. While it’s important to make sure our sled an d gear are all set, it’s also important to ma ke sure we’re prepared . We need to be ready for anything tha t can come along while trail riding. One thing we may no t think about is what if something happens and we have an accid ent while riding. Wha t do we do? Well, that is why Snowmobil e North Dakota (SND) has partnered with Foremost Insurance Gr oup. Foremost, which is part of Farmers Insurance, is the leadin g insurer of power sport s. Foremost has insurance policies that can be customize d to your needs. They even offer coverag e for your safety appa rel! Foremost is a supporter of SND and our programs.

It’s important to SND that our members and all riders in our state are safe and secu re when riding our gre at trail systems. Don’t just take our wo rd for it, contact Forem ost Insurance and let them tell you the im portant benefits of ha ving your sled insured with them. In addition to providing coverage for your snow Foremost also offers co mobiles, verage for your off-ro ad vehicles, boats, motorcycles, travel tra ilers, vacation homes, and more. To receive your no-obligati on qu ote , ca ll Foremost at 866-240 -2663 and mention co de SND or visit m/snd for information on all of the products that Foremos t insures. By working with Forem ost Insurance, you’re he lping support SND. So, call or visit the website today.

Reminds you to be pr epared and have fun!

Schedule of Events Friday, December 6 10:00am–6:00pm…...…………….Polaris Tour 4:00–9:00pm……………………...Registration Limited new registrations available 6:00–8:00pm…………….SND Board Meeting 8:00–10:00pm…………Social with Appetizers & Silent Auction Saturday, December 7 8:30–11:30am………………..…Registration No new registrations accepted 9:00–12:00pm………SND Annual Meeting & New Trail Funding Program 12:00–1:00pm………………………Luncheon 12:00–1:00pm………………Kid’s Pizza Party Supervision will be provided 1:00–3:00pm...............Kid’s Snowman Contest Supervision will be provided 1:30–5:30pm……...............Youth Snowmobile Safety Course Additional fee of $20, paid to ND Parks & Rec at class. To pre-register please call Tari Norby at 701-328-5348 or email

Register Online at


December 6 & 7, 2013

1:00–2:00pm…........................... Signing Class 2:00–3:00pm………Beginner Grooming Class 3:00–4:00pm…...Experienced Grooming Class 3:00–4:30pm………………...Kid’s Swimming Supervision will be provided 4:00–4:30pm…….……...Trail Grubbing Class 4:30–5:00pm............Safety Simulator Training 5:00–6:00pm…………Social & Silent Auction 6:00–8:00pm……………...Banquet & Awards 8:00–12:30pm…….......................Poker Walk, Furtle Turtles & Kid’s Game Room Supervision will be provided


Adult Registration Includes: ND Snowmobile Friday: Convention for a • Evening Appetizers special rate of Saturday: • Fruit & Muffins-Breakfast $99/night • Pulled Pork Buffet-Lunch • Ham & Roast Beef Buffet-Banquet

Howard Johnson Inn 1210 N 43rd St Grand Forks, ND 58203 701-772-7131

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, Winter s right around the corner! , Don t get caught with your snowpants down! We have everything you need to make the most of the snowy season.

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November 2013

Cameron Chimenti,


Owner & Head Guide for 3C Guiding, LLC

The Sno-Dak News took the opportunity to chat one on one with Cameron Chimenti, the owner and head guide for 3C Guiding, LLC. 3C Guiding, LLC, a licensed guiding service on three different mountain ranges including the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range areas of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, and the Shoshone and BridgerTeton National Forests; and a proud supporter of Sled’N Snap. Sno-Dak News (SDN): How old were you when you started riding and who did you start riding with? Cameron Chimenti (CC): Snowmobiling was always a part of my family life, so my brother and I grew up riding. My parents took me for my first ride when I was 6 months old and my first snowmobile was a 1988 Yamaha SS 488cc Fan Cooled. Dad told me I was going to learn to ride on a real machine, not a 120! Now I’ve been riding for 29 years, I’m hooked and looking forward to many more. SDN: If kids want to learn to ride, at what age would you recommend starting them? CC: As young as you can! It’s important to learn the basics when you are young; it carries with you. I learned to ride in meadows. I remember pounding out the snow till we got tired and wanted to stop. My riding abilities progressed from there and haven’t changed much! I still pound out the snow, I just do it on bigger toys and without my parents looking over my shoulder (my brother does that for them.) SDN: What prompted you to start 3C Guiding, LLC and what makes your services standout from others? CC: I started to guide part time for High Altitude Excursions. I did this for a couple years but felt there was more of a need than the company could provide and from there 3C Guiding, LLC was born. It’s my job to read the abilities of 3C’s clients and make sure to place them in appropriate riding areas. The more we ride, the more I am able to understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses and the better I am able to help them progress by building on the skills they already have. SDN: Why did 3C Guiding, LLC choose to support Sled’N Snap for Snowmobile North Dakota? CC: Wyoming is a snowmobile destination state. 3C Guiding’s clients travel from the Midwest to see what the state has to offer! Sled’N Snap was a way for me to give back and show the Midwest support. Plus, I think the winner of the Grand Prize trailer needs to bring it to Wyoming and come ride with 3C Guiding! SDN: What pushes you to be a better rider and a better guide? CC: The love of the sport; riding with new people! I don’t ride against people; I ride against myself! It frustrates me if I miss a line, so I push myself to go back and do it better till I accomplish it the way I want to. I ride this way whether I’m with family and friends or 3C Guiding clients. It shows clients the best ride of their life and helps push them to want to learn how to be better riders themselves!

Visit the Sno-Dak News e-magazine

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs


s w e N Club November 2013

Lake Region Snowmobile

Greetings everyone from the Lake Region Snowmobile Club and XVR (Extreme Vintage Racing). I’ve been asked to submit a letter about the oval racing we run here in Devils Lake. This is my first attempt at this letter thing so, here goes. We run three races a season, the first in January and two in February. There are racers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Minnesota and North Dakota. We even have present and past world champions racing with us. What a lot of people may not know is that, just because it’s called vintage, doesn’t mean it’s slow. We run on a 3/8 mile ice track with speeds between 40 and 75 mph depending on class. We have 20 separate classes from single cylinder up to late model 440 and a 600 class. Classes are broken down by cc size, stock or mod, and leaf spring or ifs. Many of these race sleds are beautiful high dollar machines, some worth over $10,000. There are always a lot of different brands represented and it’s a lot of fun to see an old Rupp or John Deere or Moto Ski or even a Sno Jet ripping around the oval.


All the current manufacturers are represented as well, from the early 70s up to the 90s. We also run a youth class and a women’s class. Our fastest classes are F340x, which are 340cc with independent front suspension, F500 which are based on an Indy 500, and a Sportsman 600 class up to 600cc’s.

The races are run on bare ice. All the snow is removed and we sweep it with sweepers when needed as the race goes on. This is needed because the sleds tear up the track and leave a lot of loose chips that reduce traction. Speaking of traction, there will be anywhere between 100 and 300 ice picks in a sleds track, depending on the speed achievable by the sled and driver preference. The main thing that makes these sleds turn so well on the ice is the carbides under the skies. There’s 10 inches of razor sharp 60 degree carbide that really “makes ‘em bite”. Imagine coming into a corner at 75 mph, burping the throttle once to set up the sled for the corner, getting back into WOT (wide open throttle), and your able to get around that corner

without any sliding or pushing. Some have said it’s like the sleds are on rails. We always have lots of (track-side) spectator parking. And spectators are allowed into the pits to check out the sleds. The racers are friendly and always happy to answer any questions about their sleds. There are concessions and restrooms on the ice, and as always, Ackerman Acres Resort just above the track onshore. As of the day this letter was written we don’t have race dates set in stone but it looks like Jan. 18th, a two dayer Feb. 15th and 16th with more than $7500 in cash prizes, and the last race on Feb. 23rd. Well I got kind of long winded so I’ll close by inviting everyone to come experience North Dakota’s fastest show on ice as a spectator or a racer. Thank You Mike Barendt XVR Race Director For more info email: or call 701-230-2229

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

s w e N Club

November 2013

Red river

Hello from Grand Forks, the Red River Snowmobile Club is hoping for another great year of riding in northeastern North Dakota. Last year got off to a terrible start but around the first week of February it started snowing and didn’t stop until early April. Late winter and early spring riding are my favorite as the temps are usually nicer and there is a lot more daylight. The state convention is in Grand Forks this year and we hope to see a lot of people here in early December,

maybe there will be enough snow to do a little riding, if not there are still lots of things to do here. Our club has a few overnight trips planned along with some day rides in the area. Our groomer is ready to go and by the time you read this I hope most of our trails will be signed. It is our clubs 45th year so hopefully there will be lots of snow to celebrate it. We hope to see lots of you in Grand Forks next month.

Steve Magnuson Red River Snowmobile Club

ROUGH RIDERS Hello fellow snowmobilers from the Roughriders! Zoom we are off and running, Sept 10th is our first official meeting. Start collecting club memberships and get everyone’s mindset towards winter! I am so ready, boat is winterized, the sled I never did put away, had to get the 2-stroke fixed all summer. Hearing rumors the mountains are starting to get a little white stuff. Why is it the people think I am crazy, as I am happy and dancing around looking forward to fall and winter? I can see why they are depressed sitting inside a box all winter. I am getting outside where there is fresh air and sunlight! On Sept 13 and 14th the Roughrider Club joined Snowmobile North

Dakota (Keri/Tari) and North Dakota Parks and Rec (Eric) at the ND Sportsman’s expo. What a great time, we met a lot of great people, sold club memberships and a whole bunch of club raffle tickets. I am still amazed how many people do not know much about local snowmobile clubs and trail systems. I think as a club you really have to market yourselves well to get exposure. You need to take advantage of every opportunity available. We are getting ready for our Show ‘n Shine on Oct 26-27th at the Bismarck Kirkwood Mall. We will start setting up Friday night for the all day show Saturday and Sunday. Come visit us, buy raffle tickets and really get the snow season started! The next event after this

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

will be our Demonstration Day at the Missouri Valley Fairgrounds 4-H building Dec 14th. You will have a chance to actually test ride a snowmobile, 4-wheeler or sideby-side that day. Also that day we will draw the winner of the club raffle. Remember to get the sleds all tuned up, licensed, registered and insured. See you all on the snow soon. President of the Roughriders Club of Bismarck/Mandan Al Hoesel


Travisennett B Greetings from the Northeast corner of the state. With the days continuing to get shorter, and the temperatures continuing to slide, snow in this corner is inevitable. With snow comes the opening of snowmobile trails in this area, and you are likely to meet me while riding those trails. I am Travis Bennett, the Ranger that works out of the Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area office.

Mark Shipley Region 2 Update

and his staff for the hospitality during the school.

Hello to all members. How does the time seem to go by so fast? There was ice on the lake on May 17, and then it started to rain and rain for a few weeks. As I became busy with warm weather activities it seems I never closed the book on snowmobiling. Conversation continued about the sport, talking about goals we have met and new ideas for the upcoming season. I was able to attend the Tucker SnoCat service school in Bloomington, Minn. It was sponsored by Track Inc. Owner Stuart Campbell, President Lorene Campbell, Sales Manager Rick Keith, Parts Specialist Terry Thorne, Service Manager Brett Gibson and Service Technician Steve Klose were all present. Classes were instructed by Brett and assisted by Steve. A PowerPoint presentation and handouts were provided. Thank You to Mr. Campbell 20

A few of the things that I am responsible for as part of my job are Youth Safety Classes, ATV Trail Patrol, and Snowmobile Enforcement. It is not my goal to write tickets to every group of riders I encounter, but rather to keep the trails a safe and friendly environment for riders of all skill levels. I will be in contact with snowmobile clubs in my corner of the state, in an attempt to set up a number of Youth Snowmobile Safety Classes. We have recently added approximately 12 additional miles to the OHV system in the Pembina Gorge, some of which travels along the existing snowmobile trail. As a result of the increased usage of the snowmobile trail, we have upgraded and rehabilitated a large portion of the trail that runs through Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area. This trail will lend itself

I look forward to the upcoming season. We have some exciting changes taking place in Region 2. Hope to see a large attendance at the State Convention. Let’s keep up the work, we are a part of a great organization and it requires a team effort. In closing the SND Raffle tickets are now available. I took some along to the service school. I am pleased to tell you that all the employees of Track Inc. purchased a raffle ticket.

Perry Brintnell Region 3 Update Hello Snowmobile enthusiasts My mailbox is starting to get snowmobile magazines in it so it makes you start thinking of what is in store for us this winter. I’ve been hearing of many rides being planned already so I hope that mother nature

to smooth, comfortable travel in both directions, as it was brushed out to approximately 20 feet wide to allow a groomer to get through. I hope to see many of you on the state ride, which is being held in Walhalla and the surrounding area. I am looking forward to some well-received safety classes and plenty of responsible miles put on everyone’s machines.

is going to cooperate with us and bring us joy and excitement. I know with the state ride in the Northeast this year our area clubs are in a buzz about riding up to that. Also the state convention being in Grand Forks is also close so we hope that lots of people will be in attendance there. I would hope that all clubs are thinking of their youth riders. When making plans for the winter. This is snowmobiling’s future. So lets keep it going. The state has some new videos on safety that are real good so schedule a safety class today. Keep safety in mind when you are marking your trails not only for snowmobiliers but for groomer operators to. Procedures will be taught at convention so it’s a good reason to go to the convention. Safe snowmobiling

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

November 2013

Saskatchewan-North Dakota

snowmobile trail opening this winter

Sled’N Snap Photo Contest goes international to celebrate A new international snowmobile trail linking Saskatchewan and North Dakota is opening this winter. The first of its kind trail will connect the two systems at the Port of Carievale and allow snowmobilers from either side of the border access to thousands of kilometers of new trails. An international ride to commemorate this trail opening will take place on February 15. “The clubs are very happy about this new trail,” says Chris Brewer, executive director of the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA). “This is a great opportunity for traffic to go back and forth. It’s an expansion of our trail system and, of course, an expansion of their trail system.” In celebration of this cross-border trail, the popular snowmobiling photo contest Sled’N Snap has turned international as well. Snowmobile North Dakota (SND) has joined the contest, opening up entries from anyone with a registered sled in that state. “We are really excited about joining Sled’N Snap,” says Keri Wanner, executive director for SND. In 2011, she attended the Saskatchewan snowmobile show where an enclosed trailer with “Win Me!” on the side caught her attention. It was the grand prize given to the winner of Sled’N Snap to use for a year, which prompted Wanner to find out more about the contest. Sled’N Snap, which recently launched its third year, is an online photo contest and community forum that celebrates snowmobiling. Visitors to can upload their photos in a variety of categories and in April the public will vote for the grand prize winner. Along with the SSA and SND, it is put on by the Alberta Snowmobile Association, Snowmobilers of Manitoba and Flaman Group of Companies. The website promotes safe riding and registered sleds and has valuable information like trail maps and safety articles. “As a manager of snowmobile trails, there is no other opportunity that can outshine promoting snowmobile registration,” adds Wanner. “That’s how you can maintain trails and do the work behind the scenes to make sure you can ride.” “Having North Dakota join Sled’N Snap is something I pushed for,” says Brewer. “I don’t believe in borders as a snowmobiler. We all have a common cause: we love to enjoy winter. To open up internationally, with the trail and the contest, is absolutely fantastic for snowmobilers.” Snowmobilers with a legal sled in North Dakota may cross into Saskatchewan free of charge. Snowmobilers with a legal sled in Saskatchewan coming into North Dakota must purchase an out-of-state permit for $15. This fee will be waived for the International Ride on Feb. 15. Snowmobilers must still cross at the normal border security crossing and have a valid passport. “We wanted to get the public to understand that it’s not as hard to cross border as people think it is with the new passport,” explains Wanner. She adds the snowmobile associations have been working together for a few years to get the extra lengths of trail complete to connect the two systems. For more information on the photo contest, visit For Media Inquiries please contact: Chris Brewer, SSA (306) 729-3506

Keri Wanner, SND (701) 328-5377

Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

Lindsay Sanderson, Sled’N Snap (306) 934-2121


November 2013

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Brandin’ Iron. ........................ ..... 14 Cobblestone In n & Suites........ . 11 Johnson’s Sp orts.................. ... ... 3 Joe’s Sport C enter................. ... . 22 Moritz............. ........................ ..... 14 Pink Ribbon R iders................ ... 11 Polaris............ ........................ .. IFC SkiDoo............ ........................ ... ... 9 SND Convent ion................... ... .. 15 Track................ ........................ ... 14 Voss Signs.... ........................ ..... 11 Yamaha........... ........................ .... 24

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rt & Marine Avalanche Training: Moritz Spo November 20, 2013 – Mandan, ND , 2013 – SND Convention: December 6-7 Grand Forks, ND 3– Demo Days: December 14, 201 Bismarck, ND ND Snow 5th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders au, ND Run: January 10-11, 2014 - Bottine 4– SND State Ride: February 8, 201 Walhalla, ND

Continued 1on1 Interview with 3C Guiding, LLC. Snowmobile Community Looking Forward to a Great Season International Snowmobile Congress Planning Meetings Polaris Partners with Pink Ribbon Riders Ski-Doo Bulletin

2014 International Ride: February 15, SnowJam: February 15, 2014 – Mapleton, ND


Published by Snowmobile North Dakota - An Organization of North Dakota Snowmobile Clubs

Presents Bret Rasmussen

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Mike Duffy

with Avalanche 1

Northern Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming January 30th – February 1st, 2014

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SND Officers

SND Staff

PRESIDENT Laura Forbes 45 Rolling Hills Dr Minot, ND 58703 701-839-1050 (H)

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Keri Wanner 1600 E Century Ave, Suite 3 Bismarck, ND 58503 701-328-5377 701-328-5363 (F)

REGION 1 Dale Deibert PO Box 99 Surrey, ND 58785 701-852-9378 (H) 701-857-1617 (W)

ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST Tari Norby 1600 E Century Ave, Suite 3 Bismarck, ND 58503 701-328-5377 701-328-5363 (F)

Byron Norsby PO Box 914 Minot, ND 58702 701-728-6688 (H)

VICE PRESIDENT Sheri Hoffmann 4320 Camp Ave Larimore, ND 58251 701-397-5260 (H) PAST PRESIDENT Marty Malachowski 4198 13th St NW Lot 33 Garrison, ND 58540 701-337-2350 (H)

Board of Directors

REGION 2 Mark Shipley PO Box 493 Devils Lake, ND 58301 701-662-6896 (H)

TRAIL INSPECTOR Todd Thronson 1600 E Century Ave, Suite 3 Bismarck, ND 58503 701-328-5377 701-328-5363 (F) MARKETING SPECIALIST Chelsey Thronson 1600 E Century Ave, Suite 3 Bismarck, ND 58503 701-328-5377 701-328-5363 (F)

Tonia Dosch 626 6th St SE Rugby, ND 58368 701-776-5230 (W) REGION 3 Perry Brintnell 12668 57th St NE Fordville, ND 58231 701-229-3267 (H)


2013-2014 Beaver Valley Sno-Goers Dan Tveito PO Box 394 Linton, ND 58552

Marion Snoriders Kevin Isakson 10510 63rd St SE Litchville, ND 58461

Cattail Snoriders Scott Erickson PO Box 174 Hope, ND 58046

May-Port Sno Travelers Greg Thykeson Box 221 Portland, ND 58274

Dakota Trailblazers LaDona Malachowski PO Box 1012 Minot, ND 58702

Minto Area Joy Riders Trevor Slominski PO Box 111 Minto, ND 58261

Flatland Trailblazers Dave Seltvedt 2363 46th Ave NE Harvey, ND 58341

Moonlighters Snowmobile & ATV Club Randy Barta 9453 104th Ave NE Langdon, ND 58249

Gasmann Coulee Cruisers Kelly Stromberg Mouse River Sled PO Box 14 Runners Burlington, ND 58722 Tony Best PO Box 523 Jim River Driftskippers Towner, ND 58788 Gene Leininger 3181 Hwy 281 SE Nekoma Trailblazers Jamestown, ND 58401 Bob Wilhelmi 212 Main St Lake Region Nekoma, ND 58355 Mark Shipley PO Box 981 North Valley Riders Devils Lake, ND 58301 Mark Briese 14399 County Rd 3 Little Missouri St. Thomas, ND 58276 Snowmobile & ATV Club Mike Storley Northern Exposure 1491 1st Ave E Snowmobile Club Dickinson, ND 58601 Nick Parslow 403 Washington St Magic City Driftbusters Bisbee, ND 58317 Laura Forbes PO Box 1094 Minot, ND 58702

Rural Cass Snowmobile Club Jason McSparron PO Box 58 Casselton, ND 58012

Pembina Hills Trail Riders Tod Soeby PO Box 825 Walhalla, ND 58282

Sargent County Snowmobile Club Aaron Lyon 620 7th Ave Milnor, ND 58060

Red River Sno-Riders Kristi Thone PO Box 2295 Fargo, ND 58108 Red River Snowmobile Club Steve Magnuson 225 Plain Hills Dr Grand Forks, ND 58201 Ridge Runners Perry Brintnell PO Box 132 Fordville, ND 58231 Roaring 20’s Loren Johnson 61 Green Acres Rd Bottineau, ND 58318 Rough Rider Snowmobile Association Al Hossel PO Box 4162 Bismarck, ND 58502

REGION 4 Dan Tveito PO Box 747 Linton, ND 58552 701-254-4433 (H) Brad Rodin 408 2nd Ave Marion, ND 58466 701-669-2308 (H) REGION 5 Troy Klevgard 601 Cottonwood Dr Casselton, ND 58012 701-347-9867 Kristie Thone 307 Dakota Ave Horace, ND 58047 701-277-8709


Northern Lights Trailblazers Joanie Bruggeman PO Box 191 Rugby, ND 58368

Ransom County Driftskippers Shane Radtke 101 Main St Lisbon, ND 58054

Brian Sauer 1405 9th Ave. E Langdon, ND 58249 701-256-2824 (H) 701-256-5499 (W)

Seldom Seen Snowmobile Club Scott Gailfus PO Box 25 Rock Lake, ND 58365 Sheyenne Sno-Drifters Joel Iverson PO Box 342 Valley City, ND 58072 Sno-Busters Dirck Nash 609 Ivy Ave Oakes, ND 58474 Southern Valley Trail Riders Association JD Link 17290 78th St SE Wahpeton, ND 58075 Tri-County Snow Dusters Bev Bachmeier 10517 55th St NE Brocket, ND 58321 Tri-County Trailriders Christian Larson PO Box 55 Park River, ND 58270

Turtle River Roughriders Brandon Thorvilson PO Box 131 Manvel, ND 58256 Valley Snow Drifters Gene Loftsgard 125 Manvel Circle Grafton, ND 58237 Walsh Coulee Cruisers Chad Lindell 7101 123rd Ave NE Adams, ND 58210 Williston Trail Riders Russel Wyman PO Box 235 Williston, ND 58802

PARK SERVICE ANNOUNCES FINAL RULE TO CONTINUE WINTER ACCESS TO YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK The National Park Service (NPS) has announced the release of a final Rule/Regulation for Winter Use of Yellowstone. The publishing of the final Rule officially completes the Winter Use Plan/Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) process. The final Rule assures continued access to Yellowstone in winter by both snowmobiles and snowcoaches. The creation of a “New Final Regulation” to implement the Record of Decision (ROD) was published in the Federal Register on October 22, 2013. And now for the Good News. The Final Rule/Regulation for Winter Use shows that our collective comments on the “Proposed Rule”, which ended June 17, 2013, have been heard. The Final Rule will provide a framework for more effectively managed access for snowmobiles and snowcoaches in Yellowstone National Park while minimizing impacts on visitors, air/sound quality, and wildlife. This final regulation will guide management of winter use in the Park and will implement the preferred alternative from the Final SEIS. Under the final Rule, the winter of 2013/2014 will be a transition year during which the Park will allow motorized over-snow travel under the same conditions in place for the past four winters. Up to 318 commercially guided Best Available Technology (BAT) snowmobiles and up to 78 commercially guided snowcoaches will be allowed daily. Starting in the 2014/2015 winter season the Park would permit up to 110 “transportation events” daily, initially defined as one snowcoach or a group of up to 10 snowmobiles,

averaging seven snowmobiles per group per season. Up to 50 transportation events may be groups of snowmobiles. Management by transportation events is an impactcentric approach designed to minimize the impact of oversnow vehicles (OSVs) on air quality, soundscapes, and wildlife rather than focusing solely on the number of vehicles entering the Park. This new, practical approach to OSV management by “transportation events� will provide greater flexibility for OSV commercial tour operators, reward future OSV technological innovations, and reduce OSV- caused environmental impacts, all while making the Park cleaner and quieter than previously authorized. Another important part of the final Rule is that four transportation events per day (one per gate) would be reserved for non-commercially guided snowmobile access and Sylvan Pass would continue to be operated in accordance with the Sylvan Pass Working Group Agreement. The non-commercially guide access will provide snowmobilers a chance to visit their Park without hiring a commercial guide. In closing the final good news is that, with the final Rule for Winter Use in place, Yellowstone National Park will open its gates for another winter season on December 15th. Please make plans to enjoy your National Park this winter. BlueRibbon will provide current information as it becomes available at our dedicated website Additional information and an electric copy of the final Plan/SEIS and Rule are available online at

Polaris Partners with Pink Ribbon Riders for Donation Polaris® Snowmobiles is partnering with Pink Ribbon Riders® this season, supporting the group in providing financial assistance to breast cancer patients by donating a 2014 Polaris 800 Switchback® Pro-R LE SnowCheck Edition snowmobile as the grand prize in a fundraising raffle. Pink Ribbon Riders is selling raffle tickets at snowmobile events across the snowbelt all winter, and the winning ticket will be drawn February 15, 2014. “We are honored to be partnering with Pink Ribbon Riders this season. We are proud to be able to provide financial assistance to women and men battling breast cancer,”

said Polaris Snowmobiles Marketing Manager Andy Kroll. “By easing the financial strain, Pink Ribbon Riders help these courageous individuals focus on winning their battle against this terrible disease that has touched virtually all of our lives.” The directors of Pink Ribbon Riders describe the group as a small, grass-roots, volunteer-driven organization, but its efforts can have positive, far-reaching effects on the lives of those battling breast cancer. Pink Ribbon Riders raises funds through snowmobile rides, community fundraising events, generous donations, and special projects such as the Polaris snowmobile raffle.

The organization invites breast cancer patients to apply for financial awards, and provides patients with $500 gift cards they can use toward the costs of treatment or ancillary costs (lodging, food, travel expenses, etc.) that are part of seeking treatment. Pink Ribbon Riders, a 501 C(3) not-for-profit organization, currently strives to assist breast cancer patients in several snowbelt states where its fundraising is focused. Details about the Polaris snowmobile raffle, Pink Ribbon Riders and its ongoing fundraising are available at, and on the group’s Facebook page.

The 2014 Polaris 800 Switchback Pro-R LE SnowCheck Edition snowmobile is a limited edition model with special features that were only available through the Polaris SnowCheck Select program. This powerful, smooth-riding sled delivers precise handling, industry-leading big bump control and outstanding off-trail versatility.

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Polaris to Sponsor Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Polaris Snowmobiles has entered a sponsorship agreement with the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, becoming official sponsor of the league and its twelve Quebecbased teams, including Drakkar Baie-Comeau, Voltigeurs Drummondville, Sagueneens Chicoutimi, Olympiques Gatineau, Remparts Quebec, Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, Rimouski Oceanic, Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, Victoriaville Tigres, Sherbrooke Phoenix, Shawinigan Cataractes, and Foreurs Val-d’Or. Hockey, and specifically junior hockey, is an essential piece of the fabric of Quebec’s culture. The cross over in hockey fans and snowmobile enthusiasts makes good sense for both sides of the partnership. “Polaris is excited to support Quebec’s unique and diverse culture. This isn’t just about hockey, but rather connecting to the pastimes and passions that makes winter the very best season in these communities.” says Andy Kroll, Marketing Manager for Polaris Snowmobiles. “Quebec features some of the best hockey talent and best snowmobiling environments on the planet. It’s an easy connection for us – and hopefully a positive connection for fans.” The sponsorship includes exposure within the twelve rinks, television, and online advertising. Polaris dealers will have logo usage rights to help promote their association with local teams. Additionally, Polaris will be executing a campaign later in the season to build awareness of the partnership and give fans a chance to win the all-new Polaris INDY® Voyager Rec Utility snowmobile.

Polaris ‘Winning Riders’ Program Supports State & Provincial Snowmobile Associations For the ninth consecutive year, state and provincial snowmobile organizations across North America are receiving contributions from the Polaris “Winning Riders” program, which generates support for the state association user groups based on sales of new Polaris snowmobiles. From Newfoundland to Washington and Alaska to Quebec, snowmobile associations are receiving “Winning Riders” funds proportionate to the number of new Polaris snowmobiles sold within each state and province. Polaris is making contributions to snowmobile associations in 12 Canadian provinces and territories and 25 states in the United States. Polaris also announced it is extending the Winning Riders program through the 2014 sales season, meaning contributions will be made next year based on retail sales of new Polaris snowmobiles between April 1, 2013, and March 31, 2014. “The passion for snowmobiling is running strong across the North American snowbelt,” said Mike Jonikas, VP of Polaris Snowmobiles, Sales and Corporate Marketing. “We see real benefits in supporting the associations that coordinate activities of snowmobile clubs and help develop great riding opportunities.” Polaris makes the “Winning Riders” contributions with “no strings attached,” allowing each state or province to decide how to use the funds it receives. Projects funded by Winning Riders donations in recent years have included membership drives, trail and grooming programs, legislative efforts, tourism promotion and more.

Kevin Farr Appointed to Polaris Industries Inc. Board of Directors integral roles in corporate strategic planning and development, including mergers and acquisitions, as well as corporate communications and government affairs. “We are excited for Kevin Farr to bring his unique blend of financial acumen, business development and corporate strategy experience to our Board of Directors,” said Polaris Chairman and CEO Scott Wine. “Kevin honed these skills while managing critical elements of Mattel’s global consumer product business, particularly financial operations. He will provide invaluable oversight as we continue to strengthen and grow Polaris as a global brand.” Prior to his time at Mattel, Mr. Farr worked for 10 years as a senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers International.

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today appointed Kevin Farr to the Company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Farr is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Mattel, Inc., the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and family products. At Mattel, Mr. Farr is responsible for the finances of a $6.4 billion global business. He also plays

Mr. Farr is a Certified Public Account and holds a B.S. in Accounting from Michigan State. He also earned an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from the prestigious Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He serves on the Corporate Advisory Board of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California and is active in a number of professional organizations, including the American Institute of CPAs and the California Society of CPAs.

International Snowmobile Congress Planning Meetings By Mary Anne Grabow, ISMC Chair Diane Hiles (ISC 2016 Chair) and I recently returned from a whirlwind trip to Keystone, Colorado, where we met as members of the International Snowmobile Congress Planning Committee over the weekend. As chair of the International Snowmobile Media Council, I have served on this board for several years now and have only missed one of the planning committee meetings in the time I’ve been eligible to attend. Colorado was a warm host and showed us the venue that we will have the ISC in this June as well as showing us some of the area’s places to eat and shop. It’s a great place – but be warned that the elevation WILL get to you if you aren’t careful. I was affected by it with a huge headache, Diane had a bit of insomnia and several others in the group were a little “ill” due to altitude. If you plan to attend ISC, you may want to pack chapstick, hand lotion, and lots of drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. I did notice though that in Colorado, when you order a drink, it comes with a large glass of water. They obviously know that water is the key to keeping altitude sickness at bay. The host venue also has options other than hotels. There are several condominiums for rent that may be in your price range should you choose to check them out. Be sure and bring walking shoes… as the Congress is held in the Convention center – not at the hotel. There will be shuttles but there is still quite a bit of walking around the facility. What a lovely place to host it, though! I was thinking that some of the readers may not know who ISC Planning is and what we do. The voting members of the planning committee consists of the President of American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) (Duane Sutton); the President of Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations Organizations (Stephen

McLellan); the President of International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (Ed Klim); the Chairman of the International Association of Snowmobile Adminstrators (Steven Lewis); an Iron Dogs representative (Jack Sheets); the Chair of the International Snowmobile Media Council ( Mary Anne Grabow); the Chair of the International Snowmobile Tourism Council ( Merv Herman); and the chairs of the 2013 (Dave Newman & Donna White) & 2014 ISC (Debby Miller & Michelle Jones). Also meeting with the group are Executive Directors of ACSA & CCSO (Christine Jourdain & Dennis Burns), and members of the ISC committees for 2014, 2015 & 2016. The planning committee oversees the ISC “planning�. We continually review the Standard Operating Procedures to try to get them to cover every aspect of planning the event as well as they possibly can, review the bid forms and the ratings process for selecting the next site for hosting the International Snowmobile Congress. The next bid to be accepted will be for ISC 2017. The committee also reviews the results of each ISC after it is finished, including ideas to make the event better, and the financials that are presented at the meeting of the past event. The meeting also includes a chance to look at the venue, decide which meetings should take place in which rooms, and look at requests from different groups for time slots that they need to make their meetings at ISC most productive.

Mary Anne Grabow

Avalanche Safety Guidelines GET THE GEAR Ensure everyone has an avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe on their person and knows how to use them. GET THE TRAINING Take an avalanche course. GET THE FORECAST Make a riding plan based on the current avalanche and weather forecast. GET THE PICTURE If you see recent avalanche activity unstable snow exists. Riding on or underneath steep slopes can be dangerous. GET OUT OF HARMS WAY One at a time on all avalanche slopes. Don’t go to help your stuck friend. Don’t group up in runout zones.

Haslett, MI, October 16, 2013: Yes, the snowmobile season has already begun in many parts of the world. Snowfall has occurred in much of the Western United States and Canada and Mother Nature is covering mountain ranges around the world with ‘white gold.’ The initial forecasts are very uplifting for winter enthusiasts and snowmobilers in particular. The Farmer’s Almanac and others have forecasted a cold, snowy winter for 2013-2014. In addition to the early snow fall and forecasts, snowmobilers have fond memories of an elongated season ending in April (and May) in 2013. Heavy snowfall throughout the early spring in much of North America and Northern Europe presented snowmobilers with excellent riding conditions and winter fun late into the spring. The enthusiasm from April and


May has carried into the Autumn of 2013. Snowmobile Associations, Clubs, and promoters are reporting excellent attendance and high energy levels at the Fall Snow Shows. In many cases, the shows are reporting record crowds and eager shoppers. Snowmobile Dealers are reporting good traffic volumes and initial reports are upbeat. In addition to the increased action at shows, the snowmobile community is preparing the trails and riding areas for the upcoming season. Snowmobile Club activity is building as the weather cools and temperatures head down the thermometer! Signs are being updated and trails and parking areas are being brushed, cleared and marked. The snowmobile community generates over $30 billion dollars-worth of economic activity and is an important

part of the economic engine in many rural communities in the Snowbelt. Visitation to the www. web site and the www. web site are increasing and it appears visitation will again generate record numbers. Last year, over 4 million hits were made on the web sites. Based on visitation, many of those visiting the sites were most interested in snowmobile rental locations and snowmobile destinations. It looks like 2013-2014 will be another good snowmobiling year and we look forward to seeing you on the trails! All snowmobilers are encouraged to have their snowmobiles prepared for winter and make sure to check snowmobile trailers, towvehicles, etc. to make sure they are in proper working order before heading out for that first ride of the season.

m w Sno

g r o . g n i l i ob

Test Results Released on E-15 Fuel Impact on Snowmobiles The US Department Of Energy (DOE) released a study conducted by Michigan Technological University which was designed to evaluate the effects of E-15 fuel on current and legacy snowmobile engines and vehicles. Three test scenarios were conducted to evaluate the impact of E-15 including cold-start performance and emissions; snowmobile drivability; and laboratory exhaust emissions over the useful life of the engine. Eight engines were tested over a two year period. The vehicles were tested in the laboratory and on the trail in real life driving conditions. The conclusion of the testing by the DOE is that E-15 fuel is NOT approved for snowmobile use. Observations made during the study support the US EPA’s decision to NOT APPROVE E-15 fuel for snowmobiles. The testing was conducted since E-15 fuel is being introduced into the marketplace and is viewed by some as an important fuel enabling the United States to achieve the goals of the Reformulated Fuel Standard passed by the US Congress. Ethanol is being produced throughout the United States. Ethanol producers use corn, switch grass, and other related plant products in the production of ethanol. It is the directive of the present administration that 13.8 Billion Gallons of ethanol be produced and distributed in the marketplace. The goal is challenging because US Gasoline consumption is declining rapidly. Since it appears the E-15 fuel will be made more readily available throughout the United States, it is important that owners of snowmobiles and of other gas-powered products realize that E-15 fuel may impact on the various engines. The 69 page study highlights that one of the key issues related to snowmobiles is that exhaust gas temperatures and muffler exit temperature consistently increase with the use of E-15 fuel. The increased temperatures range from 15 to 40 percent, depending on the vehicle. This rise in temperature occurs because of the leaner air – fuel mixture. Since it has been recommended that E-15 not be approved for snowmobile use by the EPA, there is concern in the marketplace that mis-fueling of snowmobiles can occur. Recent surveys show that approximately 50% of all Americans fill up their portable gas tank or vehicles that they are towing with the same fuel used to fill their tow vehicle

(car or truck). Also approximately 2/3 of all Americans say that they assume that any gas sold at a gas station is safe for all of their vehicles – including snowmobiles, generators, boats, etc. Approximately 50% of Americans check the fuel pumps for warning labels when filling up their vehicles. With various fuels entering the marketplace, it is more important than ever that customers carefully read any and all labels on gas dispensing pumps and understand the guidance messages placed on those pumps. It should be noted that E-85 fuel has been available in the marketplace for many years. E-85 is a blend of fuel which is designed to be used in flex-fuel equipped cars and trucks only. E-85 is 85% ethanol. It should NOT be confused with E-15 which is 15% ethanol. E-10 fuel is 10% ethanol and has been available and used throughout the United States for years and is approved for snowmobile use. THE CONCLUSION OF THE TESTING BY THE DOE IS THAT E-15 FUEL IS NOT APPROVED FOR SNOWMOBILE USE. The complete study is available online at pdf

Consumer Insight Study Shows Snowmobile Enthusiasts Consider Snowmobiling a Family Activity Thanks to snowmobiling, winter has become a season to enjoy. Ask any of the three million people who take pleasure every year in the beauty of winter on the over 200,000 miles of groomed and marked snowmobile trails throughout North America. Snowmobiling is one of the easiest motorized recreational life-style activities to learn, making it suitable for individuals

of all ages to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle in the winter, develop new friendships and extend old ones. Today’s snowmobiles are now designed with a variety of comfort and convenience features that make it enjoyable to ride for hours. Snowmobile Demographic Profile According to recent research, more than 95% of snowmobile enthusiasts

consider snowmobiling a family lifestyle activity. Other important facts that Consumer Insight study found include: • Snowmobilers in North America spend more than $30 billion annually on the activity. • 75% of snowmobile owners are married and have children living at home with them. • 52% of snowmobilers trailer their snowmobiles to ride.

• The average snowmobiler is 43 years old, with an annual household income of $68,000. Economic Impact Empowerment Through Participation In North America, there are nearly 3000 snowmobile clubs. Virtually all are involved in trail maintenance, charity fund raising and family activities. (For example, during the 2012-2013 season snowmobilers raised over $3 million for charities.) In addition to these individual clubs, there are 25 state associations in the US and 13 provincial and territorial organizations in Canada. It’s important to note that snowmobilers work together to plan, build and maintain their trails. That work is done through area clubs, councils and associations.

Highway system.

helping to familiarize new snowmobilers with proper Advanced Technology responsible snowmobile The continuing evolution behavior. and design of the snowmobile is a major factor The popularity of in the lifestyle activity’s snowmobiling has spread growth. to traditional skiing destinations like Vail, Snowmobile manufacturers Steamboat and Aspen. have developed cleaner and These and other resort areas quieter engine designs to have taken notice and are lower the noise levels as well now offering snowmobile/ as emissions. ski packages. In a recent article, SKI magazine noted that more families are doing In addition, the continued more activities than just popularity of longer skiing during their winter snowmobiles that make it vacations. easy and comfortable for two people to ride shows Because of this interest the impact of the family on in varied sports, resorts the lifestyle activity. are now offering a greater number of activities to With programs such as remain competitive and ISMA’s “Safe Riders – You bring in more families. The make snowmobiling safe” resorts are discovering that safety awareness program, snowmobiling is one of the continued emphasis is being most popular activities. placed on making the riding experience a safe enjoyable Family values and family one. ISMA encourages recreation activity are very all snowmobilers to take important parts of our advantage of snowmobile heritage and snowmobiling safety classes offered provides a family recreation through state and provincial lifestyle that helps join and associations. keep the family together.

Currently there are more than 225,000 miles of groomed and marked trails in North America. This amounts to more miles of snowmobile trails than the entire US Interstate These




This year’s must-have accesories from

BRP is adding premium saddlebags to its innovative LinQ accessories line for snowmobilers with additional stowage needs. The premium bags are a simple plug and play for the LinQ accessory platform base and offer a classy, integrated look and fit with most snowmobiles. The saddlebags are constructed of a semirigid material that holds its shape well, while allowing for rugged use without damaging easily. They offer 26 liters (6.9 gallons) additional carrying capacity. The black matte outer surface fits with all colors easily, and the integrated reflectors offer more night-

Premium Saddlebags

time visibility. They can be used in conjunction with other LinQ mounted accessories at the same time, doubling up to use the same mount as a tunnel bag or fuel caddy, and are removed or added independently as needed. Items in the bags are easily accessed while on the trail through the weather proof

zippers and top access flap with secure buckle. When removed from the machine each bag opens fully to allow easy packing and unpacking. LinQ mount included. LinQ Cargo base not included.

Oil Support Caddy/Goggle Bag The Oil Support Caddy/ Goggle Bag from BRP makes the most of space under the hood by offering additional storage to keep smaller items warm and dry while riding. When BRP introduced the CVT Cooling System as both standard equipment on some models, and available as an accessory for retrofit, or add-on for others (part number 860200883), it made space above the clutch guard available for stor-

age (The CVT Cooling System has integral tool holders so the plastic box can be removed). BRP quickly came up with a bag for the open spot that allows riders to store items in a warm, dry location – perfect for an extra quart of oil, pair of goggles, gloves or whatever. The new bag is especially good for mountain riders look-

ing to dry out wet goggles from playing in deep snow, where they can rotate and dry pairs back and forth. But trail riders could appreciate a warm pair of gloves throughout the day too.

Slim Tunnel Bag Born out of need in the mountains, BRP’s Slim Tunnel Bag offers active riders everywhere great storage without being so big as to interfere with moving around on a snowmobile. There are three distinct advantages the Slim Tunnel Bag offers; low in profile so when riders move back and forth from running board to running board, the bag doesn’t catch their feet or slow their movement down; secure attachment using the LinQ base system (included)

with loop straps for lightweight; and easy access with a full wrap around zipper. There’s also a top shovel pocket included, which when combined with the other features, makes this an ideal mountain riding option. For crossover riders that need more storage, but not as much as a LinQ Short or Medium tunnel bag might offer, this is an alternative to fit their needs. The bag can be

cinched down for smaller loads giving added flexibility.

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[1 on 1] with 3C Guiding, LLC

SDN: Why did you choose the locations where you guide?

CC: I’ve been riding the Snowy Range area for over 10 years and know the area well. The first thing you need to know when becoming a guide is to know the area! You need to know how to get people in and out of riding areas in a way that they’ll enjoy, so the Range was a perfect fit. I’ve also been riding in the Sierra Madres for several years and really like the area because there is more backcountry riding opportunities. I grew up on Togwotee Pass; I learned how to ride there and have been riding it every year for 29 years! Doesn’t matter if its winter or summer, I know it; all you need to know is “Who’s Your Guide!” SDN: What’s your favorite style of riding and what style do you teach most often to your clients? CC: Boondocking, hillclimbing, jumping, exploring, tree riding, doesn’t matter as long as I’m riding! It seems I mainly teach boondocking and tree riding the most, but some people enjoy jumping. My focus is to help clients however I can. It’s their vacation, so I want to help them learn whatever they would like. I always try to emphasize the importance of using the terrain to your advantage! Mother Nature has given us an amazing playground and if you can learn how to read the terrain, it will improve all aspects of your riding. SDN: How has your riding progressed in the last couple of years and does it make your guide services more appealing? CC: My riding progresses every year. I like to ride with different people because it helps teach “me” new skills too. I like to tree ride because I can pick up on other rider’s techniques and push myself to be better. This perfects my skills so I can apply it when I guide and adapt to what the clients want. SDN: What type of sleds do you ride and what modifications have you made to make your ride better? CC: I’ve been riding Ski-Doo since the mid to late 90’s. I’ve always liked the sleds and currently I ride a Ski-Doo Freeride and an XM. My additions include a C3 Powersports belt drive, ZBroz Racing Exit shocks, XXX Mod Rods vent kit and monster boards and a big wheel kit. This season I plan to add a front bumper from XXX Mod Rods and a back bumper by Mountain Armor Bumpers. SDN: Do you have to do any training to stay in shape for riding? CC: I ride a bike to keep my lungs in shape for riding and building endurance. It’s hard to train for snowmobiling. Different muscles are used when riding, so my best advice is to get on the sled and ride as often as you can! I have an advantage living at a higher altitude, 7,220 feet, because I’m more prepared for elevations. SDN: What’s your secret to being a pro-rider?

CC: To ride hard every day and make people push you. Push yourself a little out of your comfort zone to be better. If you are always doing what your comfortable with, then you are not improving. Just make sure you know your limits too and don’t overdo it because you don’t want to end up injured. SDN: How do you “read the snow” preparing you for your ride? CC: Figure out the type of snow; is it hard packed or powder. I ask myself, can I keep a side hill cut in, what direction will the snow push me. Remember to be prepared; always look ahead at what you are going towards. Watch for avalanche terrain and be prepared. Getting on the snow means more seat time and the more seat time you have, the better your riding ability will become, and the better your experiences will be! SDN: What sort of protective gear do you use? CC: I don’t leave home without my knee braces, Tek Vest, 509 Helmet & Goggles and a BCA airbag and beacon. I consider my Motorfist baselayer protective gear too, because it moves and breathes with you in nice or harsh conditions providing extra warmth or cooling as needed. SDN: Why is your pack so heavy and what all do you have in there? CC: I carry safety gear including a survival kit, extra gloves, socks, goggles, food, water, and tools. I carry everything needed to make sure I can survive; and I carry enough for me and 3C Guiding’s guests. Remember to always be prepared for anything. It’s easy to get 30+ miles into the backcountry, where there is no cell service and it’s too far to walk out! My pack also has my BCA shovel and probe; and I only carry products and brands that I know how to use and wear and highly recommend. You can have all the best gear, but it is worthless if you don’t know how to use it. SDN: Have you ever stayed the night out or been in an avalanche? CC: Neither, so “Who’s Your Guide”? Hire 3C Guiding, we are always prepared and push to survive no different than pushing yourself to ride! SDN: What kind of training certifications have you received to help prepare you for guiding? CC: First Aid, CPR, Avalanche1 classroom and field training, snowmobile maintenance. I consider my life lessons being in the mountains as a certification too. This season Ski-Doo contracted Avalanche1 to conduct avalanche classes for free at participating Ski-Doo Dealers and it doesn’t matter what brand you ride, all you have to do is show up. SDN: What should I expect when I’m on the snow with you? CC: The best experience in your life on a snowmobile! SDN: How do I purchase a guide trip with you? CC: Visit or call 307-690-9391, so “Who’s Your Guide”! SDN: Who would you like to thank for all of their support for you and 3C Guiding, LLC? CC: My parents Pete and Sheryl Chimenti, my brother Brandon and all my sponsors: 10 High Extreme, 509, Inc., Ancient Elements Stoneworks, Antelope Meadows Mini Storage, C3 Powersports, Chimenti Contracting, Felker Motorsports, Imaginary Trout, Laramie GM, Lava Mountain Lodge, Motorfist, Nekker, Skeptic Production, Team 1 More, Tracy Long Photography, ZBroz Racing and XXX Mod Rods.

Thanks for your time Cameron, and cheers to an excellent season on the snow!

Free AVALANCHE CLASS! Free to all sled riders, no matter what brand you ride.

Learn the skills that make a difference. Riders in the mountains and backcountry know that snow conditions can change within minutes. Avalanche dangers are real so it’s important to have basic training and education when riding in certain areas. At BRP, we’re committed to safe riding and value your business. But avalanche danger knows no specific brand or sled model. That’s why we’re working with powersports dealerships in select regions during upcoming Open House events to offer avalanche safety awareness courses for riders of ALL brands of snowmobiles, not just Ski-Doo.

Instructor – Mike Duffy Avalanche awareness for snowmobilers by a snowmobiler.

November 20, 2013 6:00pm

Moritz Sport and Marine 2540 Marina Rd SE Mandan ND 58554 Call or email for complete details and availability. RSVP required please!


November 2013 Sno-Dak News  
November 2013 Sno-Dak News  

The November 2013 issue of the Sno-Dak News Featuring Bunke Racing, 3C Guiding LLC, 5th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders ND SNow Run and much More....