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ND Snow Run Event Celebrity Rider Cameron Chimenti


January 2013

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OFFICER’S NOTES Merry Christmas and greetings to the SND Family and all sled heads! Great to see many of you at the 34th Annual SND Convention, it deďŹ nitely will be a BLAST! When 100 or more sled heads get together it deďŹ nitely is Funtastic! Hope more of our SND Family was the trip since the Convention is in the middle of the state and moved to a date when harvest is complete. “My Helmet is offâ€? to the Northern Lights Trail Blazers for putting on the SND State Convention, lots of work and well worth it when it’s done. We are still looking for clubs to sponsor the 2013 Convention and State Ride. If your club is interested, SND has seed money to get you started and your clubs will deďŹ nitely beneďŹ t from the production. Give the SND ofďŹ ce a call if you are interested. We will be nominating new ofďŹ cers and board members to the SND Board at the convention. I would like to say thank you for volunteering and believe it or not, it will be rewarding to see some of your new ideas come

alive and active. Don’t be shy, we want to hear your suggestions and be pro active. I would like all of you to contact your SND board members with any concerns or a thank you for helping the trail system. So please keep your Regional SND Board member informed of issues and ideas throughout the year, we are here for you! Hey, don’t forget our land owners when you ride this year, without the farmers’ land lease we would be without some awesome trails. It might be time to put a feed on for the land owners, invite them to your fun run, and make it a night of calling some older snowmobilers. Remember the old sleds, share the memories and pictures with our land owners. Get those sleds running for the next generation! Let’s get our young adults in a NDPR safety course; you will receive a new helmet when you pass the course, a ďŹ ne beneďŹ t from the Yamaha Family. Thanks Yamaha for helping us educate and keeping them safe, our future

snowmobilers! A lesson learned from an old sled head! When picking up the back end to remove ice before running your sled, like a thousand times before, make sure you stretch your legs and don’t twist while picking the sled up. You might pull a muscle or tear a ligament like this old trailblazer did. I was lucky and it will mend, but something like this could ruin your season. Just saying being careful; don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s time to have fun in the snow, remember to ride with a friend and be safe. If your ride alone, let someone know where you are going. See you at the State Ride, wave at the Groomer, and see you on the trails! Merry Christmas and Happy Snowy Trails! Make a wish for a Great New Year! Marty



701-667-4524 1417 39th Ave SE Mandan, ND 58554




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Hi everyone,

in Fordville.

The beginning of November we had approximately five inches of snow. I thought this is a great way to start and then it warmed up and melted the majority of the snow, this was disappointing. Now we have to pray for more snow. The SND convention is over. I hope everyone had a great time. The next event is the Pink Ribbon Ride. If you can’t make it, you can still donate. The ride goes for a great cause to help men and women with breast cancer in the state of North Dakota. In February is the SND State Ride

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Hello H ello fellow






snowmobilers! I sincerely hope that by the time this is published everyone I talk to is complaining about all of the snow we have. All of the nonsnowmobilers, anyway. We just returned from the SND state convention. Helmet’s off to the Northern Lights Trail Blazers for an excellent convention. What a great group of snowmobilers they are. We have been to enough conventions now that faces are becoming familiar. After two years as the secretary of the board, I have

Universal Repair, Inc. 701-282-3997 www.universalrepair.net Manager Darvis Sommer

Snowmobile Salvage Cylinder Sleeving Crank Shaft Rebuilding

SND is selling raffle tickets. It is $20 per ticket. You have a chance of winning the top prize of $4,000. There are only 1000 tickets being sold, make sure you get one before they are gone. The funds raised from the raffle will go to the grant program, scholarship fund, club that sells the most tickets, SND and the club hosting the convention. Contact your local club for tickets. The winners will be picked at the state ride.

Do your snow dance, so we can ride the awesome trails we have in North Dakota. Laura Forbes

Our Strategic Plan is finalized and the board will be working on the plan.

been elected the vice president. I am looking forward to the future of our organization. For those of you who don’t know, SND is made up of some pretty great g and dedicated people. We, of course co rely heavily on our volunteers, but we have some great leadership from the top. Keri Wanner, our program director, has brought SND to the forefront dire of snowmobiling in the U.S. We are represented at many “big time” events rep such suc as the International Snowmobile Congress, the Saskatchewan Snow Co Show, and the largest snowmobile drag racing event, Hay Days in North Branch, Minnesota. For a state that grooms 2800 miles (as compared to Minnesota’s 22,000 miles), she has made our program known. She has many industry contacts and is a great asset to SND. As they say, behind every good manager, is a great assistant. That would be Tari Norby (aka Atari). It has been great to see her “grow up” in the program and I know Keri is giving her more and more responsibilities and hshe as continued to prove herself invaluable to the program. Our Trail Inspector, Todd Thronson, has gone above and beyond, getting all of the GPS work done on the trail system,

making sure the signage is consistent, and learning how to develop QR codes. For those of you who don’t know, a QR code is the box of black dots you scan with your smart phone and it will link you to a specific web site. Our new trail guides have links back to the maps and they are awesome! Kudos also to Chelsey Thronson for designing the trail guides as well as taking the reins on selling ads for the Sno-Dak news. Her knowledge of marketing can only help SND grow and become more well-known. We may not be the biggest program with the largest budget, but we do an exceptional job with what we have. We also have a board of directors made up of volunteers who dedicate much of their time to SND. From the equipment committee to the promotions committee, and everything in-between, they take time out of their schedules to help guide the program in the right direction. I only hope I can continue the tradition. See you in Fordville February 16!



OFFICER’S NOTES “Always be Joyfulâ€? and “Give thanks no matter what happensâ€? are two verses an excellent friend shared with me. Just what in the world do they have to do with snowmobiling! We constantly deal with a daily grind of work, errands, deadlines and schedules. It’s hard some days to stay positive and know a person’s efforts were all worth it in the end. Sometimes we even wonder if we should do it the next day or even the next year. Working with so many individuals in the snowmobiling community it has become a common theme to hear, “our club has a handful of people that do all of the work.â€? After each one of the emails or phone calls addressing this matter I ďŹ nd myself bummed wondering what the ND snowmobile program has to do to generate excitement so snowmobilers want to help the clubs. We are all here for one reason, to enjoy snowmobiling and make sure it exists long after we are gone. But how do we get more snowmobilers involved is the unanswered question no one seems to be able to answer. Ask any snowmobiler why they snowmobile and you will get a straight up answer. It’s fun! So if it’s fun and brings us joy then why don’t others want to join in and help the snowmobile clubs? One key is to stay

positive (“always be joyfulâ€?.) Now I’m not asking you to run around with a nauseating smile making people wonder why you’re not in the funny house. But I do believe staying positive, teaching what you do and why you do it, is important. Year after year, Corey and I travel all over ND, the Midwest and the Western snow states and I ďŹ nd myself amazed. Amazed how some people just don’t understand and it’s probably because they haven’t had the opportunity to understand. It doesn’t matter where you go, if there is a snowmobile trail in existence, the only reason it’s there is because there is someone to make sure it stays in existence and is maintained. Realizing this fact, I made a pact with myself that if I run into one of these misunderstood snowmobilers to educate them. I focus on the facts of volunteer time, dedication and of course the fun all the while remembering to “Always be Joyful!â€? I’ll admit managing 2,800 miles of trail in ND isn’t always fun. What works for one region, won’t work for the next.

It seems there is always a new situation to deal with whether it’s the size of communities, access to fuel for grooming machines or even implement shops for repairs, and land for trail easements. SND and the ND Parks and Recreation Department have worked hard to handle each situation with the best approach possible but in the end it always comes down to what’s fair statewide. We know not everything done at the state level will be best for each region and we also know some regions will beneďŹ t more but it still always comes down to what’s fair. Please know all of us greatly appreciate every volunteer’s and trail system’s efforts into making the 2,800 miles of trail the best they can be. We “give thanks no matter what happens!â€? So remember the next time you’re frustrated because something isn’t going as planned, be thankful you have access to grooming equipment, a grooming budget even if its small and a support system in SND and, NDPR that will continue to “give thanks no matter what happens!â€? Happy New Years Everyone! Let’s make this year count even more than the last!






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Restaurant Hours:    !

f di www.forestwoodinn.com

)   2    5 /!!6

+,66/-+,+ 0!+-/6+ "   # $%  

&  Fridges & Microwaves


    "    "

OFFICER’S NOTES Greetings! As December gets underway I know everyone has one thing on their mind‌ SNOW! We sure did our fair share of

wishing in the winter weather at the SND State Convention in Rugby. It was great to see everyone who came out for the event. It has been a busy winter already and it has barely gotten started. The SND team has been hard at work with new promotions and advertising strategies to increase the Sno-Dak New’s circulation not only in our great state of North Dakota, but regionally as well! Brand new for the Sno-Dak News’ is the Club Sno-Dak News’ Special. We noticed that many snowmobile clubs around the state wanted to put advertising in the magazine for upcoming events and fun-runs. So, we made an extra special deal for all the clubs! We are offering a business card

size ad for the low price of $100! This is nearly a 40 percent discount from our regular price of $171 with color and can feature any information your club wants! Use this opportunity to your advantage to spread the word about the sport of snowmobiling and your clubs! However, space is limited with a maximum of only 10 per month, so reserve your space today. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact our ofďŹ ce. We would be happy to help you out. We want to see your clubs succeed and we want our trails to be full of sleds! Happy sledding!

Eugene “Gene� Hammer Hall of Fame

Gene started snowmobiling in the 1970’s and his love of the sport still lasts today. He and his family put many, many miles on the sleds that they owned through the years. Gene and his wife Donna moved to Rugby in 1989 and because Rugby did not have an established snowmobile club, they joined the Leeds Club and quickly found a network of snowmobilers there and in the Rugby area. As interest grew in Rugby to start a club and a trail system, it was decided to host a meeting on January 18, 1998. That night the Northern Lights Trail Blazers club was established and Gene was elected as the clubs first president. He served as president until April 2001. Gene took it upon himself to ensure the club was properly represented at the state level. He attended his first state convention in October of 1998. Gene loved to be involved in Kids Rides, Family Days and Safety Classes and trail establishment was also a top priority for him. After 2001, he remained active in the club helping at events and attending state conventions. Gene was elected as Director-At-Large in 1999 to the Snowmobile North Dakota Board of Directors. In 2000 he was elected as the Northwest Director. He served in the position until 2004, serving a total of 5 years on the Board of Directors. Everyone that worked with Gene comments on how easy he was to get along with and how instrumental he was in establishing the “roots� for the Northern Lights Trail Blazers.

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January 2013

Interview Sno-Dak News had an opportunity to conduct duct a one-on-one with Mike Duffy, Owner of Avalanche1 l h 1                  Avalanche1 to spread rider awareness. Sno-Dak News: “How long have you been riding snowmobiles Mike?â€?           !    "     # $" %      "  &'   # Sno-Dak News: “What generated your interest in avalanche training?â€?   ( )        %  "   ")   #  )      %    *)  Rescue Group decided to start classes that gave hands-on experience and )  )  #  )          "  accidents than going on avalanche body recoveries. Sno-Dak News: “Ski-Doo worked with you this season to conduct avalanche     )   ))# + $  ,     "   opportunity to snowmobilers?â€?      /           )   % ) # 0     )  %  2    )          getting more riders educated and prepared.   3+   ")    )  )   to share with the snowmobile community?â€?        %)  )    )#   3     ") %   "  4  so, why?        ") %  #  "  %    ""  ")    ) #      6   %   ") # 7")   8''9  %)    

  "  %    ""# Photo’s courtesy of Moritz Sport & Marine & Ski-Doo’s Avalanche1 Training Special thanks to photographer Vicky Ferderer.


Visit the e-magazine for the rest of the interview  !"#$%&' !(



Magic City Driftbusters Fun Run: January 5th, 2013 4th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders ND Snow Run: January 11th & 12th, 2013 - Bottineau, ND Gasmann Coulee Cruisers Fun Run: January 19th, 2013 SND State Ride: February 16th, 2013 - Fordville, ND

Mayville-Portland Trail System Trail Description: There is an extension ion off of the e main n tr trail rail to Hills Hillsboro sboro which iiss a 15 m mile loop p which comes back onto the main trail. A warming shelter s ter is is located in the he woods wood oods ds s between b Hatton and Portland. Miles of Trail: 74 Miles Trails Included: Mayville-Portland Connecting Trails: Red River South Trail

Sno-Trails Trail System Trail Description: The Sno-Trails Snowmobile Trail System is located around the Minot area in north central North Dakota. Miles of Trail: 351 Miles Trails Included: Burlington, Deering, Deering East, Foxholm, Glenburn, Granville, Kramer, Minot, Surrey, Surrey South, Towner and Velva Connecting Trails: North Central Trail and Peace Garden Trail

SNOWMOBILE SAFETY CERTIFICATION Safe riding is the key to any successful outing on a snowmobile. North Dakota law requires youth ages 12 and older, who do not have a valid driver’s license or permit, to take a safety certification class. The certification is needed in order to legally operate a snowmobile on any public land which includes the state snowmobile trail system and ditches. In order to become certified, the following guidelines must be met: t Attend a scheduled classroom or hands-on class in your area, or take the online certification course from home t Be at least 12 years of age t Successfully complete the safety certification test

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Š2012 Bombardier Recreational Products inc. (BRP). Ž and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. The Ski-Doo Originals program starts on September 7, 2012, and ends on April 15, 2013. *To be eligible for the Ski-Doo Originals program, you must own a 1998 to 2007 Ski-Doo snowmobile and be a resident of canada or the United States (excluding Florida) when registering. Every eligible vehicle identification number will receive a promo code for exclusive use on the website genuine.parts.ski-doo.com. Discounts apply to selected items only. For more details on the program and the contest, visit ski-doooriginals.com.

Snow Warmth ccome ome for the

stayy for the

Enjoy an adventure in the snow covered hills of South Dakota, then come in at night to warm your feet in front of the fire. Nestled in the heart of Spearfish Canyon, the Lodge offers all of the amenities an enthusiast or a beginner will need to enjoy snowmobiling at its best. Located at trailhead #4 on the Black Hills trail system. Our rental center can outfit you for exploring the 350 miles of groomed trails that wind g the magnificent g through Black Hills.

Winter W inter Mid Mid Week Special Sun-Thurs New Reservations Only* Snowmobiling for Two Accommodations for Two in a Standard Room Breakfast for Two Reserve Today and Save!



www.spfcanyon.com 877-YR-LODGE (877-975-6343)

* does not include taxes, upgrades are in addition to the base package price, some restrictions apply, based on availability, management reserves all rights. Based on availability. Some restrictions apply.

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January 2013


Oh what fun it is to ride!

+ * '!  ## * ,' " * # -/#   ! "   $ !#% !'#!(

 - # #) - -0 - *)1!*  #( Arctic Cat Skidoo 2  #3-

Win a Weekend trip to the Bighorns Mountains or other great prizes! ?1!  ! / !#@! -# !B / !D 2 !2 % # !B


  ) ! *"  #now.com

Engineered as a mountain-climbing machine, the all-new SummitŽ SP sled gives you pure performance, extreme maneuverability and amazing fun thanks to the redesigned REV-XM™ platform and the revolutionary tMotion™ suspension. Plus, we’re piling on a mountain of savings to help you bring one home for the holidays.

Ridge Runners Youth Run


Hurry! Offer* ends soon! Watch the Ridge Runners Facebook for more information‌

Moritz Sport & Marine

+  # / !4 ! 5 16


#!!! !$ !! * 78

9!%'/ !# 9!%' :9   ;# 78<

Activities include: *Ride *Lunch *Prizes


Š 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. All rights reserved. ÂŽ, â&#x201E;˘ Trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products or its afďŹ liates. Products are distributed in the United States (US) by BRP U.S. Inc. *Offers valid in the U.S. at participating Ski-DooÂŽ dealers on new and unused 2012 and 2013 Ski-Doo snowmobile (excluding racing models and spring-only models) purchased, delivered and registered between December 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. â&#x20AC; Up to $1,750 rebate on select models: amount depends on the model purchased. Promotions are subject to termination or change at any time without notice. See your participating Ski-Doo dealer for all details. Offer may not be assigned, traded, sold or combined with any other offer unless expressly stated herein. Offer void where restricted or otherwise prohibited by law. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change speciďŹ cations, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Always consult your snowmobile dealer when selecting a snowmobile for your particular needs and carefully read and pay special attention to your Operatorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Guide, Safety Video, Safety Handbook and to the safety labelling on your snowmobile. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always wear appropriate clothing, including a helmet. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t drink and drive. 1107686

 # / # # )2 ;


 # % *  4= !'

 4- 4 - ! (

 )  > " "* ) 4 9*  "

 !"#$%&' !(




estled alongside lofty pines and spectacular cliffs deep in the heart of one of the most breathtakingly beautiful canyons in the world, you will find Spearfish Canyon Lodge. The outside world can be very near; Spearfish and Deadwood are each only fifteen minutes away and offer wonderful attractions. Or it can be as far as you’d like it be. Let nature take over and open your mind to pleasure.

Up here we do things a little differently. For instance Spearfish Creek, which flows throughout the Canyon, freezes from the bottom up! So we fly-fish all winter long. The three waterfalls in the Canyon almost never freeze over completely. The creek spills down over ice for some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see! Once the snow starts to pile up we break out the snowmobiles and snowshoes and take to the trails! Spearfish Canyon Lodge sits right on Trail 4A and is a jumping-off point for 350 miles of groomed trails that wind throughout the magnificent Black Hills. Or you can wander through tranquility by snowshoeing any of our hiking trails, like the Roughlock Falls or 76 Trail. After a rosy-cheeked day of fun out of doors we move inside and relax in front of the 40 foot wood fireplace. Cross the street to the Latchstring Restaurant and feast on Mike’s walleye baked in parchment with lemon or the garlic ribeye, our most popular dish. Then slip back to the Lodge and into our hot tubs under the stars where you can feel your cares melt away. Peace and beauty surround and abound in Spearfish Canyon and we are glad to offer it to you!

SPEARFISH CANYON LODGE 10619 Roughlock Falls Road Lead, SD 57754 Toll Free: 1-877-975-6343 Phone: 605-584-3435 www.spfcanyon.com

Snow Warmth come for the

stay for the

North Dakota State

snowmobile ride February 16, 2013  :  s! e z i r P Cash


obile m w o n eS Vintag how S ville

beautiful trails of Red River South Trail System



ord treet F S n i a M 6pm 10amarded

es aw

, !"  %- =

10am-6pm at the

% Sponsore Fordville American d by The Sidetra Legion ck Bar & Grill Ride all day on the

Door Pri

Priz Cash

Register anytime from

to the music of

Hosted by the Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club %%%6)1= ;61 -E " *  # 





Does Bunke Racing have any upcoming announcements you would like to share? The start of our race season is about to begin. On dec. 15th we race at Pine Lake, MN for the opener of the USXC season. We are excited and counting the days. Outside of racing, how do you generate excitement for snowmobiling? Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve partnered up with Togwotee mountain lodge and have an adventure trip every year for our friends and fans. Really itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s open for anyone who wants to participate; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a whole lot of fun so if anyone is interested stay tuned to www.bunkeracing.com for updates. If you could ride any other brand of sled, what would it be and why? Boy thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good question, I suppose if Polaris was out and I had to through a leg over a different machine I would pick a cat / Arctic Cat that is. A kitty cat was the ďŹ rst snowmobile I drove on my own and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of really good people from Arctic Cat. All the manufactures make a great sled, but since AC is in our back yard and is one of our local midwestern companies I have to pick them!! What does Snowmobile North Dakota mean to you? Well I am an avid snowmobile enthusiast so Bunke Racing and SND. Why did you select Togwotee Mountain Lodge for your Snowmobile Adventure Package last season? It was a location that I really enjoy and the opportunity for them to use us to market in our area where they currently havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t spent any marketing resources.

Gabe Bunke What is the coldest temperature you ever rode in? I am not sure what the exact level the mercury was at but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m guessing -40 degrees F or colder. I was a quit bit younger in fact I was still driving an Indy so late 80s early 90s I was on a trip up in the North West Angle of Lake of the Woods, all I remember is it was cold and the sleds ran really good as long as we could take the cold. What does it take to be a Bunke Racer? Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing that Bunke Racing has as a prerequisite for being a racer. In fact I hope we can branch out and help more people in the future to support racers and race circuits. Do you ride dirt bikes or ATVs in the summer? Yes, I guess we just got back into bikes. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a while because when the kids can about 15 years ago the bike left but we are now getting back into bikes and having a great time. There hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been any bike racing yet but weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll see what the future brings. Are you happy to see the X-games bring Snocross back? Yeah, I think the X-games are good for the sport of snowmobiling, anytime we get national coverage itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good deal. What are you looking forward to for the 2013 season? Yep, this season is going to be welcomed. I really hope that we see snow and wintery weather conditions a few more times this year. So I guess because we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have really any last year Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really looking forward to SNOW!

How do you keep snowmobiling a family sport? We all go to the races sometimes. Has Bunke Racing picked up any new sponsors for the 2012-2013 season? Yes, we are always working on new relationships through sponsors and we are happy to announce that we are promoting Applied Hi-Performance and Energy Release Products. Applied Hi-Performance is a regional company here in red river valley and is our Energy Release dealer.

< = > @ QXZ [ >  =! % \ 

 ]^  [ =! _ `j {[   Rooms for $39.99 Q  }~           

   !"#$%&' !(

www.deadwoodsuper8.com %%%6% #*/ 61 ! "! #  %  13 Booking Agent live on website

North Dakota Parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s & Recreation Matt dner Gar During the 2012 summer, the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, with help from 241 Ink Productions produced 5 offhighway vehicle related safety videos to be aired on television and YouTube. These public service announcements are part of the Ride Safe Ride Smart Safety Campaign; a continuing campaign to promote safe and responsible riding of OHVs and snowmobiles.

This winter, the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department is teaming up with Snowmobile North Dakota and 241 Ink Productions to produce snowmobile related safety and responsible riding videos. With help from SND, an International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association grant and North Dakota snowmobile clubs, we are able to make six videos   

      snowmobile topics will cover helmet safety, proper riding gear, stick to the trail, take a safety class, snowmobiling under the         registering your snowmobile.

The videos will take a fun family activity approach to addressing these issues. To see the OHV videos go to ridesafe.nd.gov and the snowmobile videos will be posted to this site sometime spring 2013. Look for the snowmobile videos on television the winter of 2013. As always reminding you to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ride Safe, Ride Smartâ&#x20AC;?.

1. Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during snowmobiling. 2. Become familiar with the snowmobile you ride. 3. Operate at safe and reasonable speeds. 4. Stay on trails and areas where snowmobiling is permitted. 5. Avoid travel on unfamiliar frozen bodies of water. 6. Using extra caution at night. 7. Keep your snowmobile properly maintained. 8. Become familiar with the terrain you will travel on. 9. Listen to the weather forecast before you leave. 10. Always wear a helmet and proper clothing. 11. Never riding alone, and letting someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. 12. Carrying emergency supplies and learning survival skills.

%         % % %


Hello fellow snowmobilers from the Roughriders! Well here we are getting right into winter season, Bismarck had at least 10 inches of snow on November 10. Plenty of people had their machines out, except for me! I did get a few minutes of snow time with my little girlsâ&#x20AC;Śgot them dressed up and took them for a quick ride! I had a blast and so did they! The following weekend I tried getting the club together to ride on Saturday, but with it being so nice out only a few of us rode. I now have 68 miles on my new ride and I think I am a pro ditch banger! NOT. Our club meetings have been great, have so much going on it gets to be crazy sometimes. We have set a few dates for fun-runs and would like to do a demonstration day with our dealers January 12. We have more than 80 percent of our trails signed as of November 19. We have some great workers, which I hope they never quit, as Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not sure I can find hard workers like them again. We have done membership drives at three different events so far. We should have between 80 and 90 paid up members so far. Hoping for more than 100 this season. Coming upon this Thanksgiving Day holiday, we have a few club members itching to get to the mountains. Snotel is saying around 20 inches at most. Not the best yet, but the boys need to play. Look out Cooke here they come. Please no junk or any battered bodies! If you see some of the

members with tattered shoes, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because our snow dance is getting out of hand! Maybe rap gone bad! My wife has put up Holiday decorations already, so come on and snow already! My wish for Christmas is not a bike, but snow. I hope all have Happy Holidays and receive all they hoped for. See you all on the trails or mountains soon.

Rough Riders President: Al Hoesel

+ +  + + + +       

 %- =   !  ! 4= #

#!*  ! $  D9#

h 1! !  0*#!- *!#) -%   '2; ; '#! 1


January 2013

Hello F e l l o w Snowmobile Hopefuls!! Seems like Mother Nature is teasing a lot of us with a taste of winter now and then, but it is just not enough to get the true enjoyment of winter started. At our monthly club meeting we discussed our upcoming fun run to be held December 8, 2012. Does not look like we will have any snow for it, but it is still always


Dakota Trail Blazers a fun time for all who attend; good food and great socializing. We want to thank all of our sponsors for donating door prizes and we very much appreciate their support of our local trail system. Trail signing is nearing completion. Thanks to all who have helped with this big job! We have also gotten together a couple of times to make more signs, and thanks to everyone who has shown up to help with that project. It seems like every year we all learn a little more on how to do things better. Each year it also seems that we discover a new set of problems involving signing the

trail system correctly, but probably most trail systems have the same economic growing pains. Thank you to Dale for taking on the task of making sure this job is done properly and safely. Hope everyone attending the State Convention had a great time. All for now. Think snow! Sherman Pladsen

RURAL CASS SNOWMOBILE ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SO â&#x20AC;&#x153;FLAT OUT FUNâ&#x20AC;? THAT WEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RE DOING IT AGAIN â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Join the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club for our annual snowmobile bash, known as SnowJam 2013. SnowJam 2013 will be held Saturday, Jan. 19. Headquarters for SnowJam this year is Haggeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar and Grill in Mapleton, ND. SnowJam 2013 will feature a funfilled snowmobile trail ride along the 100 plus freshly groomed trails across Cass County. Ride as many or as few miles as you wish, and pick up tickets at the various trail stops along the way. These tickets will give you a chance at great prizes that evening.

The more tickets you pick, the more chances you have to win the many, many prizes that will be available. Or, if vintage sleds are more your style, bring your vintage sled in the morning for the vintage snowmobile display, and head out later with the other retro riders on a short vintage snowmobile ride. There will be more

snowmobiling fun that day, so check the SnowJam website often at www. SnowJam.org.

Greg Strommen of the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club drives the new state snowmobile trail program groomer in the Holiday Parade of Lights in downtown Fargo in late November. 16

 !"#$%&' !(


RIDGE RUNNERS SNOWMOBILE CLUB Ridge Runners By Perry Brintnell Hello to all snowmobilers from the Ridge Runners snowmobile club. We are busy getting our plans done for the state ride on February 16, all of our plans will be listed on our Facebook page also with a link to SND website. We are also planning the vintage show to go along with it. So come and see days gone by and how snowmobilers used to ride. We

January 2013

are still working on our safety class for future riders. Plus we are working on our 3rd annual youth ride . We take pride in bringing young riders into our club. Also, if anybody anywhere wants to join our club we are looking for more members we are participating in some of the SND events for membership. So come ride with the Ridge Runners during the day on February 16 and dance the night away with Tripwire during the evening.

Magic City Driftbusters The snowmobile season had a great kickoff with the 34th Annual SND State Convention hosted by the Northern Lights Trailblazers Snowmobile Club. Thanks to them, the SND staff, officers and directors of SND and NDPRD staff for a successful convention. The early December date is close to the start of club activities and sets the mood for the upcoming season. Congratulations to Laura Forbes elected as President of SND. She is

the 4th member of the Magic City Driftbusters elected to this office. The Magic City Driftbusters wish her well as she leads SND toward its 40th anniversary in 2014. Club Trips are planned to the Black Hills in SD and Island Park in Idaho, as well as the State Ride, Pink Ribbon Ride and many Fun Runs. There will be some members on new sleds this year, the optimistic ones that believe that snow will fall this year, unlike

some whose new sleds didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get out last year. Why are the fingers pointing at me? Help your clubs and SND grow with increased memberships and sled registrations. Ride safe and respect other riders and property. Jerry Lawson

BEAVER VALLEY SNOW GOERS We had four students attend the snowmobile safety certification class at the KEM Electric building on November 19. The class was from 4 to 8:30 p.m. The students received a backpack with a North Dakota state trail map, snowmobile regulation book and other useful materials from the ND Parks and Recreation Department. Class instructor was Matthew Gardner, Outdoor

Recreation Trainer (Outdoor Safety Education). Pizza was provided by the Beaver Valley Sno-Goerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club. They were: Cole Baumiller and Lance Weiser of Hazelton; Parker Gerving of Linton; and Alex (A.J.) Vander Vorste of Pollock, SD.

 !"#$%&' !(





UPDATE from Region 1



a few new faces at convention who commented that they were happy with the date change from October to December. Good to have positive feedback. Next years convention is set for Grand Forks. 2014, Lake Region is interested in hosting convention contingent upon a facility that can accommodate an event of this size. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve visited with Nick Parslow from Northern Exposure. He told me they are also ready as a club for the upcoming season. Lake Region Trail Association met December 11th in Brocket at 6 pm. Let it Snow!!

We have been working on getting the signing done on the trails so they can be inspected. Now we need the snow! The SND snowmobile convention is over and I hope everyone had a great time. The clubs, for Sno-Trails Assoc., have had a few fun runs. They are a lot of fun and you are supporting the club and the trail association. So if you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been to a fun run yet you need to go. If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t snowmobile due to no snow or it is too cold then use your vehicle and get a few people together. It is a lot of fun!

Mark Shipley

UPDATE from Region 3

The big event for January is the Pink Ribbon Ride at Lake Metigoshe. Then we have the State Ride in Fordsville. If you #Â  %[!   Â&#x201A;  Â&#x192; !    Â&#x192;[ local club. It is $20.00 per a ticket and you have a chance of winning three cash prizes. First prize is $4,000. Second prize is $4,000. Third prize is $2,000. There are only 1,000 tickets.

Dean Forbes

UPDATE from Region 2 Â&#x2026;! Â&#x2020; {@!      Â&#x2021;  Â&#x192;[  Thanks to the Northern Lights Trailblazers for the nice job as the 2012 State Snowmobile Convention hosts. I enjoyed the weekend conducting business and visiting with friends who still enjoy the sport of snowmobiling despite our lack of snow. There were

Mother nature has been teasing us up here in the Northeast. I hear lots of planning going on with lots of events but we will still need the one big ingredient to make things really happen and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the white stuff. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard of everything from 120 races to crosscountry races to fun runs to snowmobile charity rides to safety classes. So snowmobiliers are primed and ready to go. As I drive around the countryside Snowmobile trail signs are popping up all over the place. Remember signing is for safety and direction and not just for riders but for groomer operators also. In the Red River South trail system the Ridge Runner snowmobile club is hosting the State ride on February 16 so they are busy planning for lots of activities for state snowmobiliers. Plus they are planning for a vintage snowmobile show. They want to show everybody where snowmobiling came from to where it is today. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve also heard and seen pictures of the groomers out in the parade of lights shows. Good job clubs for strutting your stuff. Keep up the good work everybody and think snow.

UPDATE from Region 5 As my wife and I were driving up to the State convention, we started talking about all the different snowmobile events we had gone to throughout the state. The list is becoming quite long. We talked about whom we went with, whom we ended up meeting and what happened on the trails for the weekend. I know, what goes on the trail should stay on the trail, but it is fun to relive those times. Then we talked about how we see the same people at these events, and what can we do to get some new people out to the state ride, or to the convention, or just on fun-runs. I guess the only thing that we came up with was to just invite someone new to go with us. Take someone new to show how much fun we have at state rides, state conventions or fun-runs. The times that you remember the most about snowmobiling, are the ones that are shared with your family or friends out on the trails. Now with that being said, I can invite all who are reading this to SnowJam on January 19th. I know, this is a shameless plug for our clubs snowmobile run, but it all does tie in. The event will be Saturday, Jan. 19 on the Rural Cass Trail System, with event headquarters at Haggeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar and Grill in Mapleton, ND. The event also includes a vintage snowmobile display and ride. This is the 7th annual SnowJam event. If you have been there before, invite someone new to ride with, or if you have never been to a fun-run. There is no time like the present to start meeting others from throughout the state that love the sport of snowmobiling. I look forward to seeing new friends out on the trails!

Troy Klevgard

Perry Brintnell

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1 ! / "# # !...........15

" *  ....................... 10 ?1; - ?1 # # !...... 10

,/ !# ...............................  ;  ................................... < ;   # ................... 10  %- = ! - .............. < / ~#4 ' .................. < */  .................................   1; ..................................... < 3- ................................BC 18

This month in the e-magazineâ&#x20AC;Ś The Sno-Dak News publishes an e-magazine along with this printed version every month! Online in the e-magazine, you can ďŹ nd things you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ďŹ nd in this one. Check it out at www. snowmobilend.org This month, we have: â&#x20AC;˘ A 1-on-1 interview with Mike Duffy, the owner of Avalanche1 about the ins and outs of avalanche safety classes â&#x20AC;˘ The latest updates from the manufacturers including BRP, Arctic Cat, Yamaha and Polaris â&#x20AC;˘ Reviews about the latest and greatest snowmobile gear and riding accessories â&#x20AC;˘ A recap of the Saskatoon Snow Show in Canada Plus much MUCH more! Let us know what you think! We want to make the Sno-Dak News your go-to magazine for industry information.

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        Track is the Midwestâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s source for competitively priced, reliable, new and used snow grooming equipment and vehicles. We offer a wide range of versatile groomers and trail maintenance equipment from top manufactures. We have brought safe and fun, groomed snow trails to thousands of snow sport enthusiasts, including snowmobilers, alpine and cross-country skiers and snowboarders. Whether you have thin snow, hard snow, soft snow, wide trails or narrow trails, we can help you find the snow trail equipment to help you produce a superior trail.


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Purchase a new Yamaha sled by March 31, 2013 and get up to $1,600 customer cash and 2.99% financing for 60 months. With features like customizable Tuner skis, power curve smoothing EXUP exhaust technology and the industry’s only electric power steering, there’s never been a finer lineup of Yamaha sleds. And with this great offer, there’s never been a better time to buy. Hurry, sale ends March 31, 2013. Visit your local dealer or yamaha-snowmobiles.com for more. * Valid on new Yamaha Snowmobile purchases made between 1/1/13 and 4/30/13 on your Yamaha installment loan account. Rate of 2.99%, 4.99%, 8.99% or 12.99% will be assigned based on credit approval criteria by GE Capital Retail Bank. Examples of monthly payments over a 60-month term at a 2.99% rate: $17.96 per $1000 financed; and at a 12.99% rate: $22.75 per $1000 financed. Program minimum amount financed is $5,000 and minimum 0%-10% down payment required. © 2013 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved.

VVisit your nearest Yamaha dealer or PRO Yamaha dealer today. For more on PRO Yamaha dealers, visit yamaha-snowmobiles.com.

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U MOTORS, INC. 217 38TH ST S FARGO, ND 58103-1111 701-232-5000

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2012-2013 ?1!  ! / !# j^ ~Œ "#  \Z  Œj ^Ž^j`j $#! 9*#!5 ~ `   ƒZ  ŒŽj $;x#  j~j {ƒ ` ‘ # _Z  Œ~Ž ^Ž` $ !! -x#q/ Ž =  "#  [ƒZ  Œ^Œ ^ŽŒ~ $   "5 Ž^  \ …#Z  Œ^j ^Ž^`Œjj 4  $ j \  Z  Œ~`j ^ŽŒ~j`

4 ! B #4 --* !' 4  !q ^ {ƒ `  # _Z  Œ~Ž ^Ž`ŒŒ 4 "  $ `Ž` {ƒ ^  ‘Z  Œ~Œ ^ŽŒ~`Œj~  BB'x#$ Ž^ ~ "# ‘  %Z  Œ~^ ^Ž~~Ž * *-> *# =’ ‹ ` Z  Œ~`j ^ŽŒjŒ` *!1x#$ `j \   %Z  Œ~^ ^Ž~` 9# 4 #! *1!  5 16 ~`j `j "# ‘ # _Z  Œ~Ž ^Ž^~ŒŒ~

2012-2013 ‡5 ‹ j ‘ Z  Œ`Œ`

9 ! ; !> -# Ž ~ "#  # _Z  Œ~Ž ^Ž`^```

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h: # # ~`~    # _Z  Œ~Ž ^Ž`jj

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+ x#/ !4 ! 5 16 Ž {ƒ ` ‘ # _Z  Œ~Ž ^Ž`jŽ^

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: *! #2 % / !# j`` ~ "#  … “ Z  Œ`Ž ^Ž^jj^

‡ !$*)) 9 D h * " Ž \   …#Z  Œ^j ^Ž^`Œjj^

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1$ D9  `Ž \ ‘ Q<Z  ŒŽj^ ^Ž`~Œ^Ž

ˆ 2: "D h #1/ "5 16 Œ`Ž {ƒ ` ƒ@  \Z  Œ^Ž ^ŽŒ`Ž~Ž

 !B/ !D  `jŽ \ Q  \Z  Œj ^Ž````ŽŽŽ

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‡ "!21$ =’ ‹ Œ !Z  Œ~~ ^Ž``

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Bunke Racing readies for 2012-2013 race season rider Bobby Menne raced his first-ever snocross National. Menne raced Sport 1 and Sport 2 and worked his way through a talented field of more than 100 riders to earn a spot in the Sport 1 final where he finished 4th. Gabe Bunke

While temperatures drop, snow begins to cover the ground and ice on the lakes and rivers grows thicker, things are heating up in the Bunke Racing shop as the team is hard at work preparing for the coming race season. In fact, the team has already put its Polaris 600IQR race sleds to the test this past November 23-24 when team

“I qualified through the LCQ so I started in the back row which is not ideal,” said Menne. “But a few guys crashed in front of me and I made it up to fifth on the first lap. It couldn’t have gone better - a 4th place at Duluth? I’m happy!” Meanwhile, the Bunke Racing shop in Moorhead, Minn. has been busy with the crew prepping sleds for the first

cross-country race set for December 15-16 in Gonvick, Minn. This year the team’s main focus will be on Pro riders Menne and Spencer Kadlec, with Gabe Bunke still racing the Pro class but at the same time stepping back into more of a managerial role. “I will be racing the full schedule but I will also be making sure the team has everything it needs and is prepared to win when we get to the races,” said Bunke. Also riding for Bunke Racing on the crosscountry circuit will be Jen Fuller (Pro Women) and Taylor Bunke (Sport). In addition, the team will

play a role in getting the 2013 Polaris 600 Indy dialed in for cross-country competition. Bunke will also race the Soo I-500, a race he won last year for the third time

as part of a team and the second time as the main rider of the team. The shop is also working on the Soo sled, something that really never stops. The Bunke Racing Soo effort this year will fea-

ture three sleds, one ridden by Gabe and Aaron Christensen, one ridden by Ryan and Travis Faust and one ridden by Bobby Menne and Mike Babcock.

The 2012-2013 Bunke Racing schedule looks like this:

December 15-16 USXC Gerald Dyrdahl Memorial Pine Lake 200 Gonvick, MN January 5 J&K Marine Beach Bar 200 Detroit Lakes, MN January 12 Willmar Area Lakes 100 Willmar, MN January 28-February 2 Soo I-500 Sault Ste Marie, MI

February 7-9 Seven Clans I-500 Thief River Falls, MN February 16 East Range 100 Hoyt Lakes, MN March 2-3 Park Rapids 100 Park Rapids, MN March 9 Seven Clans Warroad 100 Warroad, MN

Yellowstone opens to snowmobiles again this winter for motorized travel from the East Entrance road over Sylvan Pass. The extended one-year rule allows the same level of activity as the 2011- 2012 season.

On December 15, 2012 the gates will open to another season of snowmobile access to Yellowstone. The Park Service has extended last year’s One-Year-Rule for the 2012-2013 Winter Season. What does the extension of the “One-Year Rule” for 2012-2013 Winter Season mean? It means that 318 commercially guided Best Available Technology (BAT) snowmobiles--and 78 commercially guided snow-coaches--will be allowed in the park. The proposed extension will also continue to provide access

This would seem to indicate that the combined effort of the recreational community during the two comment periods on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement made a difference. The Park Service has now determined that many issues need to be further analyzed before a new long range Winter Use Plan can be put in place for the 2013-2014 season and beyond. This additional analysis will be conducted using the current Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) process, which will include the winter season 2012-2013 in Yellowstone. For more details about the

December 15th opening of the Winter Season in Yellowstone please see the Park Service Media Release. “The fight over Yellowstone has been a long, contentious and complicated battle,” said Jack Welch, Special Projects Coordinator for the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC). “Please remember the fact that Yellowstone remains open to snowmobiles represents one of the most profound victories over the extreme environmental movement in our lifetime. Enjoy the victory and make your plans to come and enjoy Yellowstone this winter on a snowmobile!” Note: As additional information on items covered in this summary are announced by the Park Service, they will be posted on BRC’s dedicated Yellowstone website.


 , , $        Yamaha FX Nytro RTX snowmobiles came out of gate fast and furious to start the 2013 crosscountry racing season with a win and a pair of top-five finishes in key classes at the inaugural United States X-Country (USXC) Pine Lake 200 in Gonvick, Minn. on Dec. 15-16. The 50-mile Semi-Pro Final was held on Sunday, with Ben Lindbom and Jake Muller both qualifying well on their FX Nytros. At the start Lindbom grabbed the holeshot and led the race literally wire to wire, putting more distance between his Yamaha and

any pursuers with each lap. At the finish he was over a minute and a full mile a head of the nearest competitor. Meanwhile, Muller likewise had a great race going, charging up to third place and looking set for a podium finish in his first full season in cross-country racing for Yamaha. But a minor chassis issue scuttled his plans on the final lap and a potential 1-2 Yamaha finish. Race distance for Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pro Open Final was a grueling 103 miles on the Pine Lake ice surface. And just as in Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s events, it was heads-up competition

with each row of competitors launching simultaneously. Yamaha Factory Racingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ross Erdman ran as high as fourth in the early going, with newcomer Wadena in fifth and Lindbom (Semi Pro drivers are allowed to race two Pro races to gauge talent) charging behind them from a second-row start. But the Yamaha teammatesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; race order turned upside down at about one-third distance as Erdman had a minor crash, dropping downfield to ultimately finish seventh. That left Wadena and Lindbom to chase the leaders on their

FX Nytros, with both riding strongly to claim top-five finishes in the fastest race on the 2013 USXC calendar. “This weekend proved how fast our sleds really are at 112 mph – the FX Nytro RTX was definitely

the fastest buggy out there” said Yamaha Factory Racing’s Eric Josephsen. Josephsen also recognized Brian Strawsell, Yamaha’s snowmobile racing technical coordinator, for all of his efforts on behalf of the team. “Brian has

been the driving force behind the FX Nytro on the track since we brought it out in 2008 – we simply couldn’t do it all without him.” Josephsen noted.


Base Model - $489 • Includes shoulder, front & side armor coverage • Works with your current avalanche back pack • Works with your current back pack • Shown here with optional shoulder pads • 360 degree Quick-Release Waist Belt • Drink hose sleeve is standard • D Ring for tether cord is standard • Emergency whistle is standard • Neck brace friendly

Optional Mountain Pack - $139 • Amazing Ride Stability • Low Profile Design • No Load Shifting •Waterproof Zipper System • Room for a 70 oz. • 2 compartments (shovel pocket shown) • Accomodates most available shovesl and probes

TEAM ARCTIC SWEEPS PRO CLASSES IN BESSEMER, MICHICAN Nine class victories for Team Green in ISOC National/Regional combo Thief River Falls, Minn. (Dec. 11, 2012) – Arctic Cat returned to the top of the snocross scoreboard during the third and fourth round of the ISOC series in Bessemer, Michigan, where Team Arctic racers scored nine class victories in the combined National/ Regional event. Leading the charge once again was the indomitable Tucker Hibbert, whose sweep of the Pro Open classes was as powerful as it was complete. “That was the kind of Pro class domination that only Tucker is capable of,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “He won the first final with a 35-second margin of victory, and the second final with an 11-second margin. He firmly reestablished himself and the new 2013 Arctic Cat ProCross Sno Pro 600 as the ones to beat.”

Bolstering Team Arctic’s performance in the top classes in Bessemer were Joshua Zelinski and Matt Pichner. Zelinski scored a first and a third in the two Pro Am Plus 30 finals, while Matt Pichner took a bittersweet fourth in Pro Lite after having led for several laps. Also landing a strong performance in Bessemer was Travis Kern, who scored a third in Sport at the national event and a third in Pro Lite during the regional competition. In other classes, both Trent Wittwer and Evan Christian scored two wins apiece, while Ryan Trout and Ian Eboy Buchman nearly notched doubles of their own. And of the nine class finals won by Team Arctic racers, four were full podium sweeps. “We had a great weekend

in Michigan and our new Sno Pro 600 with the ProCross chassis is working excellent,” said Kloety. “What we need now is for some of our racers to log some seat time before the next race, since many of them hadn’t ridden since the opener in Duluth. The next ISOC National Snocross is Jan. 4-5, 2013, at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minn.

Board of the Snowmobile Hall of Fame announces inductees Blair Morgan Once in a generation, the trajectory of a supreme talent meets the potential of a rare opportunity, and a new era is born. For snowmobile competition in the 1990s, this occurred when Blair Morgan discovered the sport of snocross. The result was a monumental leap in popularity of both racer and sport, and cataclysmic changes in the sport of snowmobiling. Blair Morgan was more than just a talent: He was a tour de force, arriving unheralded out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in 1997 with blazing speed, creativity and a unique style that transformed snocross and made him an instant fan favorite. Drawing upon his successful career in motocross, Morgan singlehandedly popularized the stand-up style of racing that revolutionized both snocross and the entire sport. In one glorious decade, Morgan would redefine the upper limits of success, winning 89 National events, 13 points championships, five ESPN X Games gold medals and multiple Racer of the Year honors from the sportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s media. Though his greatest exploits were in competition, Morgan is also credited with launching the sport of snowmobile freestyle thanks to his finish line displays early in his career. With his domination came rewards, as Morgan reestablished the viability of truly fulltime professional snowmobile racer for the first time since the end of the Sno Pro oval era. He was among the first snowmobile racers to create their own professional team and the only person to have a signature-edition snowmobile from two different manufacturers. A career-ending injury from a motorcycle accident forced his retirement from competition in 2008.

Bob Bracey In a sport blessed with pioneers and innovators, Bob Bracey of Almont, Mich., was unique in his vision and dedication for a sit-in style, twin-tracked snowmobile. For more than three decades his Raider, Manta and Trail Roamer snowmobiles carved a creative and often successful niche in the snowmobile industry, offering riders and racers a compelling alternative to the conventional snowmobile experience. With an automotive background and penchant for racing, Bracey entered the snowmobile industry in 1968 and would produce the iconic Raider snowmobiles beginning in the 1971 season. Having produced more than 20,000 Raiders from 1971-1975, Bracey switched his focus to oval and enduro competition by producing the lightweight Manta twin-track race snowmobiles in 1974 and 1975. With occasional victories in Sno Pro oval and in Michigan enduro competition, the Manta race sleds proved the handling and cornering success espoused by Bracey. Bracey would never stray far from his belief in a sit-in snowmobile featuring a rider cockpit with foot controls, rear engine mounting and twin tracks. In 1982 he reprised the Manta name for a series of consumer-based trail machines that enjoyed limited sales success for several years. His passion was reborn again in the late 1990s with the Trail Roamer. Bracey died in 2003 at age 66 in, having made an important, lasting influence on the sport of snowmobiling.

John Zeglin Leveraging an undying love of snowmobiling, a clear vision and knack for grassroots organization, John Zeglin led the growth of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest vintage snowmobile event, the Waconia Ride-In, while simultaneously growing the vintage snowmobile hobby. Zeglinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s passion for the vintage hobby is matched only by his dedication to growing the sport. With the help of friends and other like-minded enthusiasts, Zeglin launched the Midwest Ride-In in 1993, attracting roughly 150 entries. Considered a successful event at the time, Zeglin would guide the vintage event to attract upwards of 7,000 participants less than two decades later, with no end of growth in sight. Motivated only by a desire for excellence with grassroots representation, Zeglin shaped the event as a volunteer-only, not-for-profit entity whose proceeds are given to multiple snowmobile organizations. The event currently enlists the volunteer support of more than 150 people, several snowmobile clubs, a trail association and multiple public and civic organizations. Living in Delano, Minn., Zeglin has also served as the president of a local club; organized radar run events; created promotional vintage displays at various events; and organized the Ski-Doo Vintage Reunion, all in addition to running a successful business.

Norman Ball III From his first foray in snowmobile grass drag competition in 1981 until his last race in 1999, Norman Ball III set benchmarks for success and popularity that helped grow a sport and create a legend. Racing a seemingly-outdated Mercury SnoTwister in multiple modified classes and assisted by a small crew, Ball paired scrappy intensity with expert tuning to deliver a true underdog success story that captured the hearts and imaginations of all those who watched. As owner, designer, head mechanic and driver, Ballâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all-in approach to competition earned him the respect and admiration of fellow competitors. Ball garnered 16 Driver of the year honors in SWDRA, plus he captured the Minnesota cup on three occasions, notched nine Minnesota Fast Time titles and was victorious in the Michigan Cup. He was awarded the Best Engineered Sled award at Sno Baronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hay Days in 1998. Although the fiery competitor from Menomonee Falls, Wis., ended his career in 1999 following an injury sustained while racing, he remains active in the sport and currently builds engines for select racers.

Interview Avalanche1.com

Here is the page 7 in h interview i t i continued ti d from f i the th printed i t d magazine: Sno-Dak News: â&#x20AC;&#x153;What is the number one lesson snowmobilers are surprised to learn about during an avalanche class?â&#x20AC;?   Group dynamics, rescue, and riding progression in avalanche terrain. I also provide statistics on accidents which gives insight to what we are doing wrong. Sno-Dak News: â&#x20AC;&#x153;What kind of avalanche training            intermediate, hands-on)?â&#x20AC;?   Everything from 4 hour classroom             classroom sessions should be followed by handson rescue and stability analysis training. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get a practice run in a real rescue and having the        showed that the buried person has a 70% better chance of surviving if the rescuers were trained and practiced in rescue. Take the class with your riding partners. Sno-Dak News:   !"      a way of life for any snowmobiler traveling to the mountains, if they canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get classroom or hands-on training before they ride what do you recommend them to do?â&#x20AC;?   Hire a guide with extensive avalanche training. I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ride with friends who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the training or the gear. Most snowmobile guides are lagging way behind ski guides in avalanche training.   #  $   Sno-Dak News: â&#x20AC;&#x153;What is the number 1 tip for any

snowmobiler in avalanche terrain?â&#x20AC;?   Take an avalanche class. Like scuba diving, sky diving and whitewater kayaking, a few tips doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t prepare you for being out there. Many riders who have not taken a class, canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even recognize avalanche terrain, runout zones, or trigger points. I constantly hear from riders who claim they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ride in avalanche terrain. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very common that riders underestimate the steepness of hills and only think the big hills can slide. If they canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t recognize these things, a few tips doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   &  !'(#  slide,â&#x20AC;? is a constant quote after an accident. It is usually very obvious for trained people. Sno-Dak News: â&#x20AC;&#x153;How do you get across to riders that avalanche terrain can be experienced on the trail?â&#x20AC;?   You can be parked in the wrong place or have someone above you that triggers an avalanche onto you. What riders need to remember is that the snowpack is never the same from year to year. The stability can change from day to day and no two years are the same. Riders need to be able to recognize instability, have good group dynamics to increase their odds, and have the gear and skills to perform a rescue. Snowmobilers with training  $   $ "  #  without training are making fatal mistakes. Sno-Dak News: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thanks so much for your time and keeping riders safe.â&#x20AC;?   Thanks for this opportunity to help educate snowmobilers on avalanche awareness.

Leader of the By Keri Wanner What makes any snow show excellent? Snow is the key ingredient. The Saskatchewan Snow Show was held the weekend of November 8-10, 2012 in Saskatoon. I woke up on setup day and opened the curtains to my hotel room to find a sky full of snowflakes. My excitement immediately jumped through the roof and the show couldn’t start soon enough. I was excited because I


knew the snow would raise a stir with any snowmobiler but I also anticipated it would detour traffic because of snowy roads. Winter storm or not, snowmobilers flocked to the Prairieland Exhibition Park to take in the four manufacturers, Mod Rods, Choko, SnoBear and Flaman Group’s trailers and accessories. A snow show to a snowmobiler is like a kid in a candy store! Row after row filled with good-

ies from the latest and greatest clothing to equipment every snowmobiler needs and don’t forget those cozy lodges that make every trip out of this world. Although I wish my snow show experience included more stops, I do feel I’ve attended my fair share and I place the Saskatchewan Snow Show at the top. Outside of Hay Days, this is the only snow show I’ve been too that all four manufacturers attend to provide education on the

One of my favorite programs promoted throughout the weekend is the partnership SSA holds with Flaman Group and two other provincial snowmobile associations.

product and direct you towards the right dealer network. Each year I’m amazed at the new opportunities and just how the vendors work with the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA). The manufacturers show so much support for the show, they even bring in celebrity riders for the weekend. This years featured rider was nonother than Polaris Factory Hillclimb rider Keith Curtis. Keith has rocked the RMSHA (Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association) circuit and claimed the title of King of the Hill at the world famous Jackson Hole Hill Climb hosted by the Snow Devils. After a few chats with Keith,

I learned he was more than a professional rider but a great advocate for Polaris and the snowmobile industry. Keith is working on some excellent new things for 2013, so stay turned for more… He’ll rock your world as he dominates snow covered hills!

The program promotes snowmobilers to register their sleds. Snowmobilers with registered sleds can submit pictures to www. slednsnap.com. Then the pictures are voted on and the picture with the most votes wins the chance to use an enclosed snowmobile trailer free for one year. The program was so successful it’s in its second year and continues to grow. Not only does SSA partner with Flaman Group for Sled n Snap but they

also partner with Shell to provide 5 quarts of free oil to snowmobilers. All you have to do is take the five seconds to fill out your entry form to receive the oil. SSA is constantly going above and beyond to make sure snowmobilers are educated on new programs and generating new partnerships benefiting you; the rider and the person that makes this industry go round! Thunderstruck Films held its first movie pre-

miere in Saskatoon this year. For those seasoned snow show goers that have attended a Thunderstruck Film premiere, I hope you survived all of the fun. These are a great group of guys that are no different then you and I.

run for several days straight all to make sure every vendor has what they need and every snowmobiler is filled with excitement. They make a great addition to Team Trouble and we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to do it all over again!

They love snow and love to ride. They just go a little faster and climb a little higher all for our enjoyment when we are not riding ourselves.

So when you are out and about this year enjoying what all of us love best, look all of these great organizations and companies up; they just might rock your next adventure!

And donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget about the great staff and board members of SSA! They

ACQUIRES Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today announced the acquisition of Teton Outfitters, LLC, a privately owned, Rigby, Idaho-based company which designs, develops and distributes KLIM Technical Riding Gear. Calendar year 2012 sales for KLIM are anticipated to approach $30 million. KLIM is an industry leader in technical riding gear. This acquisition adds KLIM to Polaris’ growing parts, garments and accessories (PG&A) business. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. “The KLIM acquisition provides yet another growth opportunity for our PG&A business, a key contributor to Polaris’ top-line growth and prof-

itability,” said Steve Eastman, Polaris’ vice president of PG&A. “KLIM is an established leader in the powersports apparel market with a strong track record of providing innovative, premium technical riding gear to a broad range of consumers. Adding an outstanding brand like KLIM, whose strengths complement our existing business, gives us a more complete PG&A product lineup, one which will flourish in the global market. We are excited to welcome KLIM employees into the Polaris family. With our common culture and vision, we believe this will be a mutually beneficial partnership for everyone involved.”

Polaris will maintain the KLIM brand positioning and name while continuing to drive its existing apparel brands. KLIM will continue operations in Rigby with its current staff. Polaris has plans to establish the Rigby facility as its new apparel Center of Excellence, bringing the unmatched capabilities, expertise and knowledge housed in Rigby to all Polaris branded apparel. “I built KLIM with a passion for the category and a commitment to the world’s adventure snowmobile and motorcycle riders,” said Justin Summers, KLIM founder,

president and CEO. “We had a vision of making products that mattered, that solved problems and that were the best they could be. I am very proud of what we have built at KLIM, and I am fired up that the next chapter of the KLIM story will be written through our ex-

citing partnership with Polaris. KLIM will now have the resources to reach the next level as we continue to innovate and lead into the future.” KLIM is known not only for superior quality, innovation and performance, but also for its under-

standing of riders’ needs and devotion to addressing them in its products. This passion underscores KLIM’s culture and vision, which in many ways mirror Polaris’ own guiding principles. KLIM was advised by The Meriwether Group.

Acquisition – KLIM Technical Riding Gear KLIM Overview

Polaris Apparel Center of Excellence

Market leader in design, development and distribution of premium technical riding gear for snowmobile, off-road and adventure touring motorcycles

Rigby, Idaho will become Polaris Center of Excellence for Apparel design & development KLIM will operate as a stand-alone business

2012 Est. Sales approaching $30 million, primarily in N.A. (5-Yr CAGR over 20%)

Founder and current CEO will continue to oversee KLIM operations

850 dealers in U.S. 55+ employees 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Rigby, Idaho

Strategic Fit

Each brand’s products will be handled by distinct, dedicated brand teams in Rigby

KLIM Product Lines

Accelerates growth of our highly profitable PG&A business Complimentary Skills KLIM: Strong apparel design capabilities Polaris: Scale, infrastructure, higher visibility Both: relentless innovation

Leverage Strong Brands Polaris, Victory, Indian, KLIM

Accretive to operating income in 2013 Dec 5 2012

Snowmobile Apparel Motorcycle Apparel

It’s Hibbert again! Monster Energy/Arctic Cat races doubles up at AMSOIL/Bessemer Snocross BESSEMER, Mich. (Dec. 8, 2012) - Michigan’s legendary Big Snow Country played host to round four of 2012 AMSOIL Championship Snocross, presented by Traxxas - the Blackjack National - in front of a record crowd at the popular Upper Peninsula ski resort. And again dominating the rest of the field in the premier Pro Open class was former multi-time overall championship winner Tucker Hibbert (Minnesota), while New York’s Jake Scott would take top honors in the Pro Lite division. Pro Open The only thing bigger than Monster Energy/Arctic Cat’s TuckerHibbert’s MASSIVE start-to-race-lead in Saturday’s Pro Open final at Blackjack was the statement he sent to the rest of the Pro Open class with another win and a clean sweep of rounds three and four of AMSOIL Championship Snocross. Winning by 15-plus seconds on the tour’s most difficult

track over Polaris’ Ross Martin and defending ACS Pro Open champ Tim Tremblay (AMSOIL/ Ski-Doo), Hibbert - who dominated as well the previous night - is now just ten points back of Robbie Malinoski (AMSOIL/SkiDoo), 165-155, for the overall Pro Open points lead. “It was definitely a lot of fun out there,” said Hibbert. “But it’s a challenging track and I’m thankful I got the holeshot. There was a lot of hard work back at the shop the last two weeks to get this sled ripping. Glad we got up here with two wins this weekend.” According to ISOC officials the short Stud Boy Holeshot

was narrowly grabbed by Darrin Mees (AMSOIL/SkiDoo). But before you could say new leader, Hibbert, with the seventh gate pick, had jetted past Mees and into the early race lead. As Hibbert checked out, setting the day’s fasted lap time (55.047) by an amazing two seconds, Mees would inherit 2nd based on his excellent start, with Martin blasting up to 3rd. By lap six Hibbert’s lead was up to 7.5 seconds - and growing. Martin, who won at Blackjack last year, set up and passed Mees off turn one - pulling ahead of the Scheuring Speed Sports super team that included Mees,

Tremblay (4th) and Duluth double winner Malinoski (5th). About the only thing at this point in the race that could happened to Hibbert was a mistake - to which he made one in the second heat race when he went down in the middle of the “Dirty Dozen” downhill section on the face of Blackjack’s steep front ski run. But Hibbert wasn’t about to make that mistake a second time and gunned his Arctic Cat through seemingly impossible lines to take the 15-plus second win. As Hibbert drew the checkers and set the AMSOIL Championship Snocross finish line pot fires off, the fans’ attention - both the thousands in attendance ‘Live’ at Blackjack along with those watching online all over the planet on Ustream. com - diverted their attention quickly to the battle for 2nd place between Martin and Tremblay (who had gotten past Mees on the previous lap). “In the end I just ran out of time,” said Tremblay on his 3rd place finish. Added Martin: “Feels great to

be up here. The guys were up until 4 a.m. working on my sled, so thanks to my team for that.” Official - Blackjack National - Pro Open #2 12/8/2012 Final 1. 68 Hibbert Tucker Arctic Cat Pelican Rapids MN 2. 837 Martin Ross Polaris Burlington WI 3. 11 Tremblay Tim Ski-Doo Ste Jeanne D’Arc Quebec 4. 9 Mees Darrin Ski-Doo Stanchfield MN 5. 4 Malinoski Robbie SkiDoo Lino Lakes MN

Pitea Norrbotten 8. 324 Pallin Kyle Polaris Ironwood MI 9. 53 Kamm Kody Polaris Kenosha WI 10. 43 Christian Logan Arctic Cat Fertile MN 11. 999 Crapo Colby Polaris St.Anthony ID 12. 271 Narsa Petter Ski-Doo Moskosel 13. 311 Renheim Adam SkiDoo Lima 14. 108 LaVallee Levi Polaris Longville MN 15. 24 Bauerly Paul Ski-Doo Milaca MN

6. 52 Lidman Johan Polaris Pitea Sweden

Pro Lite

7. 27 Ohman Emil Ski-Doo

Three new faces up on the

Blackjack National Pro Lite podium on Sunday as Jake Scott (Polaris) put on a masterful performance in topping No. 1 qualifier John Stenberg (Ski-Doo) and 3rd place Renaud Alexandre (Ski-Doo). “I was so pumped at the start. After I got by (Matt) Pichner I sawJohn Stenberg back there. He’s been running so good I got really nervous,” said Scott on his first win of the 2012’13 AMSOIL Championship Snocross season and second trip to the podium. “But I just ended up riding smooth and I got up here. Pumped!”

Stenberg, contesting his final ACS event in the States this year before moving back to Sweden to race, soon moved into 2nd place past Pichner and set his site on Scott. Alexandre then moved past Pichner - on the same section where Scott took the lead - and grabbed the third and final podium spot. The veteran Pichner would hold on to a solid 4th place finish and Friday’s Pro Lite main

Midway through the contest, on lap four (of eight), Scott shot to the outside of Pichner on turn one and took the lead heading up the big uphill section. As he stated previously, Scott rode a smooth, calculating Pro Lite main at Blackjack and brought ‘er home for the win.

4. 193 Pichner Matt Arctic Cat Owatonna MN 5. 154 Johnstad James Polaris Beltrami MN 6. 115 Joanis David Ski-Doo Cochrane Ontario 7. 202 Sagan Joey Ski-Doo Elmvale Ontario 8. 436 Muller Travis Ski-Doo Windom MN 9. 421 Hall Dylan Ski-Doo Ayr Ontario 10. 122 Wallenstein Kevin Ski-Doo Cadillac MI

Pulling the holeshot in the Pro Lite main was Arctic Cat’s Matt Pichner. Scott would move quickly into second place, but bided his time in making a move on Pichner for the lead.

3. 793 Alexandre Renaud Ski-Doo Val-D’or Quebec

11. 857 Andrew Colby WI runner-up, Polaris’ James Johnstad would round out the top five. Official - Blackjack National - Pro Lite #2 12/8/2012 Final 1. 42 Scott Jake Polaris Port Jefferson Statio NY 2. 259 Stenberg John Ski-Doo Lofsdalen Sweden

Lieders Polaris

12. 105 Kraus Jordan Polaris Osage MN 13. 675 Rosemeyer Chase Ski-Doo Chippewa Falls WI 14. 248 Nastala Brett SkiDoo Milton WI 15. 179 Anderson Korbyn Ski-Doo Allenton MI

Paper cut-out


The Take a Friend/Go Snowmobiling campaign is pleased to present a new addition to its list of ready to use snowmobiling campaign material. The all new ready to cutout and assemble paper snowmobile model is here for free distribution and use. Introduced at shows in North America, this snowmobile cut-out paper model was originally created for children at the shows and safety training programs held throughout North America. It was discovered that not only children and young snowmobilers enjoy printing and assembling the paper snowmobile, but adults of all ages jumped into the mix and participated in snowmobile contests at shows. The attached snowmobile cut-out, with assembly

instructions, is easy to distribute electronically and can be used to liven up table decorations at functions, classrooms, etc. The paper snowmobiles can be assembled quickly. The concept and the artwork was created for the Go Snowmobiling Campaign by our poster artist, the wonderful Robert Van Nood. Robert is the artist behind the ISMA Safe Riders! poster series. His creative genius is recognized not only in the snowmobile business but in other Power Sports industries and outdoor recreation activities worldwide. The first ISMA poster “Snowmobiling and Alcohol don’t mix / Don’t Drink and Ride” was created for ISMA in 1996 by Robert Van Nood. His artistic skills

continue to provide us with fun, educational and promotional tools to help support snowmobiling. Please print off a few copies of the paper snowmobile and send us your thoughts on our newest addition to the Go Snowmobiling collateral material. You can send us pictures on www.Facebook. com/GoSnowmobiling to highlight how you are using the cut-out in your club and association events. We encourage you to send this fun piece to your members, local media and place it on your web sites. The snowmobile cut-outs will be available on our websites: www.snowmobile.org and www.gosnowmobiling.org .

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January 2013 Sno-Dak News  

Issue features Chillin' with Bunke, Track Talks, One on One Interview with Avalanche1, SND Hall of Fame and much more.

January 2013 Sno-Dak News  

Issue features Chillin' with Bunke, Track Talks, One on One Interview with Avalanche1, SND Hall of Fame and much more.

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