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Built volume

Existing features Taking setback from natural water stream and the high tension line generates a non-buildable green zone

Creating community Intertwined pedestrian green and built form

Creating community

Creating community

Green buffer

Ideal location for collecting water from site

1.Natural Green Buffer | Rain Water Reservoir

Zone 2 favorable for Tower development as • Linear form of site allows for maximizing tower numbers based on orientation for ventilation • Surrounding context is potentially future high rise development

Green buffer

Eco fingers connecting central green buffer to the tower and villa zones

Water Reservoir ZONE 2TOWERS


Zone 1 favorable for villa development as • site form allows for maximizing number • Southern development is low rise Cluster


Green buffer

Water Reservoir

Villa setting within green link (entries staggered to avoid South entries)

3. Eco Fingers for Un-restricted Pedestrian access | Peripheral Road network

Zoning- Villa & Tower Parking

Main Entrance

Entry plaza Spill over spaces Commercial Old age home Lowest level collecting water from site Existing water stream Villas Green buffer

Residenti al towers


Master Planning: Concept

HT line

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