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GRAPHIC DESIGN : year book proposal. After revaluating Graphic Design as a creative field we understood that it is seen differently by everyone. Graphic Design is easy to define and hard to ‘rank’ by what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It is hugely influenced by taste, cultural background, style, audience, problem and client. We look at every student in our year as an individual and tried to ‘get rid of’ our own opinions and perception of ‘taste’ in order to solve this problem. As for that reason we thought ‘what would the world look like without design?’ - pretty much empty. In a way it has become one of the necessities of life. Which brings us to our concept -

CONCEPT : “A Menu of Graphic Designers”. Design like food has different flavours, variety, presentation, ingredients and distribution. Designers as chefs have different ways and speed of working, styles, tastes, influences and mannerism. A menu is a visual presentation that allows you to choose from this colourful pallet of food, in this case - designers.

It challenges the audience to try and understand the individuality and uniqueness of each design student and choose rather than judge each ‘dish’.



The audience for the Graphic Design year book is predominately: - industry - perspective students - graduates - the exhibition visitors - potential clients

The year book would be used for the LCA End of Year Show as well as during the interview period and course open days.




We want to visually explore and challenge the conventional ways of seeing and exploring the concept of a ‘menu’. In order to do so we would create remote associations by forming new connections in the brain which would be informed by Suzanne’s dissertation ‘Creativity and the Graphic Designer: How is it harness and developed’ research.

We would use hand rendered typography but develop it as a 3D model as it seems most appropriate for the graphic design course as there is a variety of students who work digitally and others who use hand rendered imagery and typography. In order to complete the 3D look we will enlist in help from Almantas Vasiliauskas who is a commercial animator working with 3D modelling.


LAYOUT STRUCTURE To covey our concept we would develop a system that would help us structure each student using the composition of a food menu but adopting them to design e.g. each student could create a graphic design recipe that would work as a description of their design direction.

PHOTOGRAPHY OF WORK We would like to experiment and explore design work photography different possibilities trough looking into logistics of food photography and adopting aspects. e.g. placement of dishes (that could be integrated as students work) in photography and maybe exploring different backdrops that suit each ‘dish’ as food is often photographed in context.






- p.r. - visual direction - concept development - contacting - photo-shoot management - equipment/time management

- layout - visual direction - concept development - graphic design - presentation - art management - research

- layout - project management - concept development - visual direction. - graphic design - time management - research