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The concept for Illumination is to ‘Illuminate’ the mind by showcasing to the graphic designer how creativity can benefit them. Like for example if a designer gets stuck on a project, illumination will be able to help out by showing informed ways of developing creative thought. Illumination also highlights creativity within the industry of graphic design through conversations with professional designers.

Illumination works across a range of three items: a book, magazine and website. As the research into creativity is developing so quickly I want to be able to keep up, so the format of a monthly magazine and a regularly updated website will aid this. The book will act as a constant, with information in that will stay relevant, like a hand book to creativity for the graphic designer.

My audience is the graphic designer. Both professional designers and those in the process of becoming a graphic designer at University. Illuminate is for someone who is interested in making innovative, concept driven, interesting design. It is for both the male and female graphic designer and age range is 18 - 35.

Illumination the book and illuminate the magazine would be sold in art specialist book shops like village bookshop or Colour may Vary in Leeds. The website will also sell the printed publication. The printed publications would be items that would live in the working environment as something to turn to if moments of mind block come.


MAGAZINE : Illuminate is a magazine dedicated to the things that can be achieved through creative thought. Illuminate will take you on a journey through the processes that are used when Graphic designers approach a brief, and what they do to stop moments of creative block. This magazine endeavours to gauge opinions on creativity, claw back the word ‘creative’ and make it less of a taboo

All of the interviews included in the magazine are taken from the interviews I conducted for both my essay and practical side. As well as the interviews the magazine includes tasks designed to get ones creative, spontaneous, improvised flow going. They are tasks that take little thought, like ‘deface the face’. These types of tasks get your brain ticking even if you are not fully conscious of it.


BOOK : Illumination the book is a publication which aims to display the fundamentals of creativity and graphic design from the knowledge gained through researching about creativity. The book looks at what creativity is from the graphic designer perspective, ways you can improve creative potential, ways you can inhibit creativity and then moves onto breaking down graphic design process when approaching a client brief. The book itself is

designed to represent the aspect of creativity that not everything always has to be as it seems you can take risks and bend the rules of graphic design (once you’ve learnt them of course). The format of the book looks regulate from the outside but inside it features books with in books and binds within binds. It takes you on a journey you move with the book, which adds an element of interaction which helps the absorption of information.


WEBSITE : The website for illumination acts as a platform to inform the audience about creative potential within graphic design. The website includes interviews with professional graphic designers showcasing their opinions on creativity within graphic design. There is an area to learn more about the developing research into the creative brain and how this could benefit us.

The main theme on the website is how to develop creative thought when you get stuck on a brief and also ways in day to day life that you can enhance creative potential. With this sort of information it will help the graphic designer to become more innovative and embrace their creative potential.


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