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June/July 2011

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STAYCATIONS June/July 2011 

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The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side of the State Line by Deborah Stumpf... 5 High School Senior Photos: What’s It All About? Mark Kirkland... 6 Treasure Hunting by Susan Helmich... 7

The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side of the State Line page 5

Unique Marketplace Now Open in Downtown Monument page 22

Paths Can Be Easy, Beautiful, And Very Possible To Do Yourself! by Kelly McKoon... 8

Let Me Paint A Picture For You:

Mike & debi Maddox page 14

What Is The Purpose Of A Recirculation Pump? The B&L Answer Man... 10 Let Me Paint A Picture For You: A Glimpse Into The Lives Of Two Doctors, Mike And Debi Maddox Snapshot by Nick Yanez... 14 Just For Kids: Water Play by Norma Brough, Physical Therapist and Noelle B. Berry, Occupational Therapist... 16 Another Light to Watch for? by Sam Kimball ... 18

Lacy GRIT page 26

Countess Katrina Murat An Image of the Past... 20

Paths Can Be Easy page 8

Unique Marketplace Now Open In Downtown Monument The Village Merchants... 22 Plant a Salad Bar By Angela Shelf Medearis... 24 Lacy GRIT by Nicholas James Yanez... 26 Jill Jackson's Hollywood by Tony Rizzo... 27

Plant A Salad Bar page 24 4  | 


Without A Durable Power Of Attorney, Nightmares May Begin by Lisa Welch Stevens, Esq... 28

Jill Jackson’s HOLLYWOOD page 27



oes a staycation conjure up images of you hanging from a ladder painting the outside of your house while watching the neighbors load up their cars and RV’s, slowly driving down the street with their speed boat towed behind? Or does it mean here come the relatives and who calls this a vacation? Staycations came into vogue between 2007 and 2010 when the financial crisis was at its peak. Staying home was the thing to do to save money and be kind to the environment. Staycations became so popular that the term “staycation” found its way to becoming an official word in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. But … are people sick of staycations? Has the stay-at-home vacation become a thing of the past? Maybe so. A USA Today/Gallup poll conducted in April-May 2011, found that more than 61 percent of Americans say a vacation

away from home is important. Of the 83 percent of Americans who plan to travel this summer, 39 percent admit that the cost of gas will curtail their travel plans. As many as 24 percent say they will limit their driving trips to within 200 miles from home.

DID YOU KNOW? • Colorado boasts 54 Fourteeners (14,000-foot mountains). • Mt. Elbert is the highest point in the state at 14,433 feet.

Inarguably, there are many states in our great country that offer vacation opportunities for everyone – the beaches of Hawaii; the cultural diversity and relaxing atmosphere of New Mexico; the excitement of the Big Apple; the entire state of California with it’s beautiful coastlines and fantastic cities; Disney and other theme parks; the glitz and glam of Vegas; and the national park system to include Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier and Big Bend, to name just a handful out of hundreds.

• The Arikaree River is the lowest point at 3,315 feet, starting in Limon, Colorado and going into Kansas.


continued on page 6... Staycations - continued on page 10...

Colorado’s second largest source of revenue is tourism. And it’s no wonder. There is something for everyone in Colorado, enough for Coloradoans to be excited for an in-statecation! We take for granted our beautiful scenery and endless vacation activities – more than anyone can pack into a two-week vacation. A year just might cover it.

• There are 72 vineyards; yes, vineyards • Average days of sunshine: 300 (as a comparison, ALL California cities have less than 300 days of sunshine – downtown Los Angeles has the most at 292 days and the sun shows it’s face in the northernmost city of Eureka only 179 days of the yea

The Image is published six times annually by Funder Enlightening, Inc. Publications. This publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, in whole or part, without written consent or permission from the publisher. The publisher assumes no responsibility to any party for the content of any advertisement in this publication, including any errors or omissions therein. June/July 2011 

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High School Senior Photos: What’s it all about?


oday’s high school senior photography is quite a departure from the old days. It’s not the one mug shot for the yearbook and on to the next kid. Today we make a once-in-a lifetime experience out of the senior session. Let’s face it, the next time your senior will be photographed like this is going to be their wedding day.

So, we encourage the seniors to bring several outfits and props; from flipflops to prom dresses and snowboards to saxophones. We are making a photographic record of who your senior really is today. We photograph them indoors in our studio and outdoors in the beautiful Colorado environment as well.

much more than a yearbook photo. We want to capture your son or daughter so that they will have this photography to share with their children and grand children. We all know the value of those old photos of our parents and grand parents. These days, with all of our camera phones and digital pocket cameras, we wonder if our kids will have any photos to show their kids at all. Hard drives crash and photos get deleted. The prints from their photo session will be the best and possibly the only record of this time of our children’s lives! Imagine if your photos were on an eight-track tape or a floppy disk. Would you be able to see them? CDs and DVDs will end up being the same way in ten or twenty years. My advice: find a professional photographer that you trust and have them capture your son or daughter’s 17 year old personality for you. Do it for them and for the generations to come.

Why go to so much trouble for a yearbook photo? Well, first of all it’s 6  | 


Mark Kirkland Owner, Kirkland Photography & Design, Inc.



ave you ever considered being adventurous and going on a treasure hunt? If so, I would suggest doing this right here in the state of Colorado where gems abound!

epidote, pink quartz, white quartz, biotite, gold mica, pink feldspar, pyrite, magnetite, hematite, marble beryl, black obsidian known as “Apache Tears”, red garnets, topaz, and gold.

For instance, Aquamarine (that beautiful light blue/green gemstone) is so very prevalent in our state, that it is now officially named the Colorado State gemstone! Rhodochrosite (a pink and white material) is the Colorado State mineral.

Can you imagine what fun it would be to find your own gemstone? Over the years I have had customers drop by to show me what they have found while hiking or just walking on their own property here in Colorado! They bring their treasure to us for identification or to have it polished for jewelry purposes. Some people consider polishing the gem themselves and in those cases, I recommend they drive down to Ackley’s Rock and Gem Shop on Stone Street in Colorado Springs. Here, they will find all the equipment necessary to get started into the art of lapidary (gemstone cutting), which can be an exciting and profitable hobby!

Now that our weather is warming up and the days are longer, you can start planning your first “rock hounding” trip, but first you will need a few things to make the experience a rewarding one. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a book to use as your guide along the way. May I suggest The Rockhounds Guide to Colorado by William A. Kappele. This book takes you to 78 of the best “rock hounding” sites in the state. From finding agate and fossils in the land of the dinosaurs to the 14,000 foot peak of Mount Antero where you can find some incredible Aquamarine…. This book will serve as your guide with accurate maps and clear route descriptions. On the Ute Indian Trail out of Salida that went to Manitou Springs, one can find such gemstones as peridot,

So, if you are planning on hiking around our state this summer, why not make it an adventure too? Take the kids and have some fun looking around…who knows…. You could even find a diamond (no kidding!) And when you come back to reality, stop by to show us your treasures!

Susan Helmich Susan Helmich Fine Jewelry, Colorado Springs June/July 2011 

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advice for your home’s interior and exterior



veryone has a path they naturally take threw their yard whether it’s to the shed, backyard, or the mail box. Every garden needs a path so you can perform maintenance. So not only does a path have functional components, it can also be attractive. A path can make a garden flow and it allows the eye to see the garden and not navigating through it. It can be mystical as it leads you into the forest or to a secluded area in your yard. Two things are important to consider before you begin. First, strategically place your path. Do you want it to meander or go straight? Consider putting a bridge where the path may dip. Second, choose a style that fits your lifestyle. Do you want zero maintenance? Do you need to accommodate a wheelbarrow? Do you want simple or elaborate? Let me give

8  | 


you some ideas and instructions to help you decide if a path is in your future.

PAVERS: Pavers tend to have more of a formal look. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can lay them in a number of patterns and have them resemble old European or have a modern look. I recommend looking at what’s available in your price bracket before digging your area out. This will help you figure what width and depth will be best for the style you choose. After you know what block you would

like to use; mark the area for your path. Then excavate 1” deeper than your paver depth (you will want 1” of sand under your pavers). Get the area as level as you can. Lay down weed fabric and then install 1” of sand. Spread the sand over the entire path and drag a board (usually a 2x4) to make a uniform bed of sand to lay your pavers on. Now you can begin installing your pavers. Work from one end to the other, using a rubber mallet and a level to make sure your bricks are level and straight. After your path is all laid, inspect it, and if no adjustments need to made; then you will want to spread a layer of Polymeric

Come See Our Summer Sale!








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“R” Rockyard Inc. 16140 Old Denver Rd.

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Sand over the walkway and sweep the sand back and forth until all the cracks and gaps are filled. This will prevent movement.

FLAGSTONE: There are several ways to do flagstone. The most common are either stepping stones or a path like the pavers. If you want a path, do the same steps as above except you will want a 2” bedding sand layer, some type of edging (to keep everything in its place), and you will need something for in between the flagstone (polymeric sand, breeze, grass, woolly thyme, moss, etc). If you want stepping stones, than lay out your flagstone pieces to make your path. Trace the shape of the flagstone piece onto the ground using tape, flour, or just trace with the shovel. Excavate the area that the flagstone will sink into. You may need to soften the ground underneath and add or take away

material to make the stone level. Do this throughout your entire path.

GRAVEL OR BREEZE: If you choose gravel you probably want to stick with something that’s either 3/8” or ¾” in size (pea to quarter size). Breeze is a ¼” minus material. This means that is has ¼” rock chips with lots of fines (or dust) for packing. Either will work well for a path. First design and mark the area of your path. Excavate approx. a 3” depth throughout the entire path. Install edging along the sides to keep everything in its place. Lay down weed fabric and then install your gravel or breeze. Rake into place.

meaning you can do the same prep work as the gravel/breeze and make a uniform path or you can lay down 2” or so of mulch straight on the ground to make your path. If you lay it straight onto the ground, you may still need to take a square shovel to take out any vegetation and make the area flat. Other choices include cobblestone, round wood logs cut into stepping stones, make your own stepping stones with concrete and river rock or broken pottery? Mulch, gravel, and breeze will require more maintenance. The pavers and flagstone require more labor to install and are more costly. Mulch, cobblestone, and stepping stones are not ideal for rolling a wheel barrow.


Most of these products can be found at your local landscape and garden supplier “R” Rock Yard, Inc. at 16140 Old Denver Road Monument, CO.

This can be done formally or informally,

Thanks for tuning in! June/July 2011 

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T We Provide the Following Services: v All Phases of Plumbing v Water Heater


he purpose of installing a recirculation pump is to reduce the time in delivery of hot water to the fixture. This will reduce the waste of cold water flowing down the drain while the user waits for the water to come up to the desired temperature. The recirculation pump pulls hot water from the storage tank or tankless water heater and cycles it throughout the hot water system and is returned back to the source either by a dedicated return line or through the cold water at the

designated fixture, thus providing hot water virtually on demand at any given fixture throughout the house. This is accomplished either via a thermostatic switch on the pump or a timer that is set to operate the pump during key or high volume usage times throughout the day. Operation in conjunction with a timer reduces energy costs associated with the heating of water as it will only be operating when you need it versus the thermostat that will engage the pump even when there is no call for water. The installation and proper setup of a recirculation system is both fiscally and ecologically beneficial through the reduction of wasted water. For additional information: Call B&L Plumbing Inc.

(719) 638-7341

v Basement Finish v Kitchen Fixtures v Faucets

• There are 100 microbreweries, more per capita than any other state.

v Frozen Pipes




SEWER CLEAN (Call for details)

NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR AFTER HOURS CALLS! 745 Valley Street Colorado Springs CO 80915 SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR OUR SPECIALS (719) 638-7341 • (719) 638-7348 Fax

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Staycations - continued from page 5...

• The Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City is the highest suspension bridge in the world at 1,053 feet. • Monument is the home of the historic Fourth of July Parade, one of the most popular in the state of Colorado.

NATIONAL PARKS Colorado has four: Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez, Colorado was the first national park created solely to preserve the work of humans. This park houses structures built into the rock canyons by Native American tribes first known as the Anasazi and now referred to as Ancestral Puebloans.

Rocky Mountain National Park outside of Estes Park has a breathtaking 60 mountain peaks above 12,000 feet and offers five drive-in campgrounds and over 200 backcountry campsites. Park elevations run from 8,000 feet to 14,259 feet at the top of Longs Peak. The park also has 355 miles of hiking trails for everyone from the casual hiker to steep mountain climbs for the hiking enthusiast. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park offers a canyon view like none other in North America. It sheer walls swallow a very narrow opening. Its landscape was formed slowly by water and rock running through Proterozoic crystalline rock. The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is next to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado. This park is home of the tallest sand Staycations - continued on page 12...

International Stoneworks, llc Custom Marble & Granite Fabrication & Installation


• • • •


CNC & WATERJET TECHNOLOGY • FABRICATION & INSTALLATION (719) 488-3180• 200 COUNTY LINE ROAD • PALMER LAKE, CO 80133 (located just 2 miles west of 1-25’s exit 163 in Palmer Lake) • Since 1997 • residential • commercial

Roa d

Hwy 105

a in







M ce p ru SS

u Co

y nt

e Lin

ad Ro


June/July 2011 

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Custom er’s Cho ce CLEANING SERVICE Customized To YOUR Needs!

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Your House Will Sparkle We Also Provide Services for: Move-Outs Construction Cleanup Home Sale Prep

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Staycations - Continued from Page 10

dunes in North America at over 750 feet high. There are 30 square miles of dunes as well as six peaks over 13,000 feet, forests, grasslands and wetlands.

MISSING THE BEACH? Colorado doesn’t have an ocean, but there are plenty of water activities. The world’s largest hot springs pool is in Glenwood Springs, just a short drive away. And there are lakes galore for boating, water skiing and fishing. Swimming can be found at Pueblo State Park, Chatfield State Park near Denver, Jackson Lake State Park in northeastern Colorado, Bonny Lake State Park in eastern Colorado near Kansas; and Steamboat Lake State Park. These parks offer amenities to campers and boaters alike. The Colorado Division of Wildlife lists more than 100 places to fish in Colorado, so check their Web site, purchase a license, grab your fishing pole and take a short drive to any number of great places to catch a cutthroat trout, the official state fish, or a multitude of species that grace the Colorado waters. Water levels are high due to recent runoff, so check the latest reports on the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Web site at

GOLF There are 306 public and

private golf courses in Colorado. That should take about a year.

WINE TASTING Move over California. Colorado has over 70 vineyards and a slew of them offer wine tours. Check out VineyardandWineries.aspx for a list of wine country tours anywhere from Denver, Boulder, Minturn, Fort Collins and Estes Park along the front range to Grand Junction and Palisades on the western slope; and many more in the middle.

EVEN CLOSER If you really want to have a staycation, there’s more of the great outdoors to enjoy close to the neighborhood than you can imagine. • Garden of the Gods • Seven Falls • 120-year-old Pikes Peak Cog Railway • Cave of the Winds, 130 years old in 2011 • Santa’s Workshop • The Broadmoor • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo •Numerous hiking trails, many of them near Monument and Palmer Lake • The U.S. Academy



• Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad • Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Happy In-Statecation!

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In Monument

May exclude some insurance plans. Excludes Oakleys. Expires: October 15, 2011.

In Monument

May exclude some insurance plans. Expires: October 15, 2011.

June/July 2011 

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a glimpse at community personalities

LET ME PAINT A PICTURE FOR YOU: A Glimpse Into The Lives Of Two Doctors, Mike And debi Maddox By Nick Yanez

“We found out quickly that about three fourths of the so-called ‘trouble teens’ are stifled artists” Dr. Maddox tells, “So we started bringing them to the farm, and making them part of our family” 14  | 



he first thing I noticed was the floor. Then I looked up, which is what they wanted me to do. Then it was the details; the small hand coming out of the wall, the Bob Dylan tic-tac-toe image, and the bricks that were not quite what they seemed. I was centered in the office of Mike Maddox, well, Dr. Mike actually, and he and his wife were sitting across from me. Her names debi. She has an honorary doctorates degree. It’s one of the many surprises I unwrapped when speaking with the exclusive couple. That’s the thing about people in the arts, you never know what to expect, because they’re almost never normal. They are, for lack of a better phrase, the most unique thing in Palmer Lake… When Mike Maddox was a high school boy, he stumbled upon a girl named debi, whose paintings draped the walls of their adolescent halls. Soon after that they were married. The next 41-years would produce five books, giant paintings, a Taiko drum making son named Jesse, hundreds of live concerts, a life-changing artist retreat, and a rejuvenated Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts. It all started, it seems, when Mike went to college, and debi did not. Traveling to different places and discovering Europe, debi learned by seeing, calling herself a “road scholar”. Mike took the more traditional approach to learn his craft, earning a bachelor of arts and an honorary doctorate degree. He would then go on to promote concerts and events at world renowned places like Madison Square Garden, the Washington Monument, and the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. So what would any ambitious couple do after promoting major shows across America and all over the world? Take the next step, by creating a farm where artists could retreat, of course. “We called it a farm, ranch was too pretentious” says Mike, modestly. Project Peace on Earth was a 14-year endeavor for the couple that seems to stick fresh in their minds. The Texas based retreat took in troubled teens and helped them develop; their craft and their lives. “We found out quickly that about three fourths of the so-called trouble teens are stifled artists” Dr. Maddox tells, “So we started bringing

them to the farm, and making them part of our family”. Staffed and socialized in the media, Project Peace on Earth ended in February of 2005, giving way to the next Maddox enterprise. Settling in the Tri-Lakes Area after months of traveling and news of becoming grandparents, the Maddox duo firmly planted themselves in the arts community of Colorado. In December of 2010, Dr. Mike was named the interim director of the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts. Last month they removed the interim title. That’s because he and debi have given the center new life. Whether it be the spirit of the arts captured in every step (like the debi-painted office Maddox works from) or the different events they’ve brought to the community. Comedy nights, Dinner Theater, Local Art Galleries, and even Culinary Arts have been a focus of the Center for the last 6-months, bringing new events to the area, neighbors can embrace. In the end, I shared with the couple talks about folk music, history, and local culture and discovered something about them. He is a promoter. She is an artist. That’s all on the surface; it’s obvious. Beyond that I realized there’s a reason for it. There’s expression and life experience. There’s the fact that art can save lives, like at Project Peace on Earth. There’s the legacy factor, like their son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. There’s giving back to a community, like right here, right now. “I like to paint big,” said debi, upon meeting her and observing her huge painting that overlooked the room. But it seems she likes to think big too, as does her husband. That’s why the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts is changing the way the community looks at art, music and theater - because the Maddox clan is lovingly investing their experience, skills and a great deal of time. They are, to phrase it perfectly, exactly what Palmer Lake needs; what we all need. They will open up your mind; within, you may find something you like. For more information on the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, you can visit them on the internet at June/July 2011 

|  15

fun stuff to do



Entertain your kids for hours with a bucket of water and a paintbrush! • On the Wall: Draw lines, shapes and simple pictures. See how large an area they can paint before it evaporates. • On the driveway or deck: Jump into or over various shapes that have been painted on the driveway. • Washing toys: Use water with a scrub brush, sponge, or rag to wash a play structure, a playhouse, or riding toy. . Excerpts from the book Wiggle, Squiggle, Giggle & Learn! by local Monument authors: Norma Brough, Physical Therapist and Noelle B. Berry, Occupational Therapist. Information on ordering the book can be found at

16  | 


For distinction and excellence in painting services, contact RC Painting LLC. Residential Commercial Remodels

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June/July 2011 

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maintaining your vehicle



f you do not have enough things to worry about on your car’s dash, there is another light to look for. Beginning in car model years 2005, there is a system to monitor the tire pressures with the resulting light on the dash. This is a federal program that came about as a result of the Ford and Firestone tire fiasco; yet another government effort to protect us. This covers all passenger cars and certain GVW pickups. Each car manufacturer uses slightly different means to sense the tire pressures, causing various problems and corrections; plus this is an ever changing technology. Please stay tuned.

the light reset as needed. Second, when you buy new tires have the sensors serviced especially if they are the valve stem variety. Be aware that these have been extremely sensitive and finicky, with many false alarms. Also, plan on regular maintenance of these sensors and be prepared for some unexpected, additional costs.

The more common sensor incorporates the valve stem with a transmitter. The car’s computer reads the signal and if pressures are out of range the light will be on. Other systems base the readings on variance in the speed of each wheel as the signal, like the antilock brake sensors. A few systems will display which tire is low and some even monitor the spare tire pressure. Each of these versions has its own problems and costs involved. The first step if the light is on is to check the condition of the tires. Is there a puncture, if so repair the tire and reset the light. The sensors that are the valve stem have several problem areas. They must seal against the wheel, the core must be clean and function properly. Most of these are made of aluminum and will corrode over time and be replaced, they can also break. Tiny batteries power these sensors and will fail in time, again the sensor must be replaced. The cost of the sensors run from $50-$200, plus in a few cases a cost to reset the computer. Some models reset while driving while some require a computer reset with specialized equipment. What do you do with these sensors? First, if the light comes on have the tires checked and repaired if needed. Do not assume the tires are inflated improperly. Have 18  | 



OIL CHANGE SPECIAL $19.99 Includes oil filter and up to 5 quarts 5w30 oil. Some restrictions apply. • Expires 8/15/11

proof sheet

File name ________________________________________________________________

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June/July 2011 

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he most famous pioneer woman of Colorado was sixtythree years old when she retired to Palmer Lake in the spring of 1887 and built a cottage below Sundance Mountain in which she spent the remainder of her life. She died there on March 13, 1910. Life had taken her far away from her ancestral vineyards in Germany where she had passed her carefree girlhood, but the spirit of generosity and independence for which she was noted, and her love of the western wilderness, never left her.

Countess Katrina Murat was born at Baden-Baden on the Rhine. In 1848 she was married to Count Murat. Not much is known of this romance of her life, for the Countess never cared to discuss it. The tradition among the old timers is to the effect that her husband was a wild young sprig of the French aristocracy; and that upon his culminating a long series of escapades by marrying the pretty daughter of a German innkeeper, he was discarded, once and forever, by his family. They came immediately to America traveling overland to California in 1852, over the old California trail through

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Wyoming, and back again overland to Denver in 1858 and once overland from Denver to Montana in 1864. Countess Murat had two claims to distinction. She is the only Colorado Countess, and she was the first white woman to enter Colorado, neither of which claim has ever been disputed. Horace Greeley, editor of the leading U.S. newspaper, the New York Tribune, went west in the summer of 1859 to personally verify extravagant tales of Colorado’s golden riches. His stagecoach was hailed a half-mile outside of Denver by Count Henri Murat, a mounted, welldressed gentleman who invited Greeley to accompany him to the El Dorado, the finest and only hotel in the baby town. The grandly named establishment turned out to be a seventeen-by-twentyfoot shack of cotton-wood planks, with a mud-and-stick

chimney and dirt floors. Their only neighbor less than a year before was a great Indian lodge that stood directly across what is now Lawrence Street. The Indian women used to bring water and wood for Katrina, the first white woman they had ever seen. It came to be one of the attractions of pioneer Denver that it had a real live Count for a barber, and tourists made it a point to be shaved by him. Schuyler Colfax, VicePresident to Ulysses S. Grant, and numerous other famous men sat in his chair. When Count Murat, charged Greeley an exorbitant one dollar for a haircut, and his wife, Katrina, presented a bill of three dollars for doing his laundry, the famous editor grudgingly acknowledged that “the country harbored at least one man determined to make the best of his opportunities.” The Murats were among the first Denver pioneers, arriving in early November, 1858. They wasted not a moment looking

for gold themselves, but instead set to work preparing to relieve others of whatever dust or nuggets they were lucky enough to find. Though their claim to aristocratic title was dubious, there was no doubt that Henry and Kate as they were generally known in the West epitomized a great many early Colorado settlers. Henry Murat headed for the Pikes Peak country with no fixed purpose other than to make a fast buck. He pursued a variety of occupations-barber, dentist, innkeeper and gambler—making and losing several fortunes in the course of his lifetime. His passion for gambling was inveterate, and he never rested till he had staked his last penny. His wife, on the other hand, represented the stabilizing influence of women in the fledgling territory. Throughout her husband’s fiscal fiascos and extravagances, she sustained a steady income by providing various domestic services to the overwhelmingly male population. Her apple strudels and pies brought two dollars each from homesick young men who missed fresh baked goods even more than they missed their mothers. Usually paid in gold dust, Katrina often stitched that currency into her waistbands and petticoats for safekeeping. It was said that she once had so much of the heavy metal upon her stout person that it took four teamsters to hoist her up onto her wagon seat. Another legend has the Countess single-handedly holding off rampaging Indians with a shotgun while barricaded behind sacks of flour. Countess Murat is best known as the “Betsy Ross of Colorado” for making the future state’s first U.S. flag. The most likely of many versions of this story has Old Glory originally flying from the El Dorado’s fiftyfoot flagpole to greet the first over land stage arriving in Denver City on May 1, 1859. With no yard goods available in the rough new settlement, Katrina reputably fashioned the star spangled banner from her own red, white and blue French lingerie. This memorable sight, flapping in the breeze, provided a short-lived spectacle. The patriotic creation was stolen after just four days, little wonder in a town where males comprised more than 95 percent of the population. Henri died about 1885 and left his wife not a cent. And that’s the reason old Catherine came to her little cottage at Palmer Lake.

She earned that cottage herself, with her two hands, washing and doing housework. She came up here because she thought she could make her living keeping summer boarders. And so she could, for old Countess Katherine’s linen is snowy, and her table smiles with home-made fare even as rheumatism lamed her back and crooked her fingers, and erysipelas impaired her eyesight. For twenty-three years Mrs. Murat, as she preferred to be called, was a member of the Palmer Lake community, living for the most part a quiet life aloof from town affairs. Her history is entwined not only with the annals of Colorado, but with all the Rocky Mountain states and the California epic as well, and she lived to see herself become an institution. The Pioneer Society of Colorado saw to it that she did not want in her old age, and the Town of Palmer Lake piped water to her door and furnished her with a free supply as long as she lived. Noted persons interested in the beginnings of the West came from all over the country to visit her. Lucretia Vaile of Palmer Lake is quoted as saying, “I became personally acquainted with the Countess Murat by traveling to her well for water. She was very nice about letting me get it, and finally won my reluctant conviction that she was really a countess though I was pretty sure then that countesses were about as rare as fairies in Colorado.” Hardworking and resourceful women like Katrina Murat saw to it that the slappedtogether boomtowns of Colorado cleaned up and made something of themselves. Men may have forged the trails and platted the towns, but women established homes and communities in the primitive and often wretched conditions. White women were a rarity in gold rush Colorado. The majority of ‘59ers were bachelors or left wives and children back home, intending to send for them as soon as they had scooped up an easy fortune. Only a few women accompanied their husbands, fathers or brothers west on their quest for a new life, however ill-considered or foolhardy that pursuit might prove. They did their best to put down roots in the dry and rocky foreign soil. The countess fulfilled that hope and dream.

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Celebrate the Arts

historic downtown monument


SEW HEAD TO TOE 2 day camp: June 29th & July 6th 4 day camp: July 12th - 15th

The third Thursday of each month, May through September, the galleries, restaurants and boutiques of historic downtown Monument

SEWING FOR BACK TO SCHOOL 2 day camp: July 20th & July 27th 4 day camp: August 2nd - 5th

stay open until 8:00pm* for a celebration featuring art openings, great food, live music and other

Downtown Historic Monument  –  273 Washington Street

special events.

719-375-3961  /

Most of the art openings and other special events are scheduled from 5 to 8 pm.



Unique Marketplace Now Open In Downtown Monument


The historic church was built in 1911 so this is her 100th Birthday. The building has been home to several shops over the years and will now become home to The Village Merchants, which will include sixteen individually owned boutiques. Shop owners are all local residents and will showcase art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and gifts. Many will feature the work of recognized Colorado artists. The shops will be run in a co-op fashion by all of the shop owners, which we feel will promote exemplary customer service. “We aren’t completely full yet, but the shops we have are going to be a great addition to downtown Monument. Some of the The IMAGE

Interstate 25~Exit #161

boutiques include Petticoats & Patina, a trendy boutique with a PM 5/19/11 2:11:18 western flair, Azariah, which features unique jewelry and clothing and has a very “Sundance” feel, Belle Blanc (Lovely Whites) with linens, décor, and shabby chic finds, and Dwell which has everything from vintage finds to feed sack and burlap pillows. This is not going to be your run of the mill, flea market type mall, but rather a collection of unique, upscale shops, all under one roof. We want more of a Breckenridge or Vail feel to the marketplace. Current boutique owners all have a say when it comes to new shops coming in. We are all very committed to maintaining a high level of quality and style throughout.”

ColorAd3.75x4.75.indd 1

or those of you who have been wondering about the future of the historic yellow church on N. Jefferson Street, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Reed and ShawNa Schotanus, owners of Moxie, the gift shop located next to 3-Margaritas, have purchased the building and have been working very hard over the past month, painting, landscaping, and trying to get ready for a June 3rd opening. “We made our deadline but there are still some finishing touches to be done.”

22  | 


We had an amazing first year at Moxie but are really excited about the move, and the opportunity to be the new caretakers of this historic jewel. We are also looking forward to being a part of Art Hop, and the many other events in Historic Downtown Monument. All of the nearby shop owners have been extremely kind and welcoming. We hope that this will become a destination spot where folks can spend a couple of hours shopping, and then walk to the other nearby shops and take a break at one of the great café’s for lunch. The Village Merchants is located at 155 N. Jefferson Street Store hours are Monday – Saturday 10-6pm For more information, visit the website at:

June/July 2011 

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THE KITCHEN DIVA By Angela Shelf Medearis


recipes to excite your palette 2. Figure the total amount of liquid in your recipe. Add up the amount of water, vinegar, syrup, juice, etc. 3. For every 1 1/2 cups liquid, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of dry pectin (depends on thickness desired). 4. Allow your mixture to refrigerate several hours to thicken. You can put it on the salad as your recipe directs or store in a shakable container. Some dressings on salads are great on other types of salads too!

SUPER SUPPER SALAD This is my “go-to” salad when I want to combine the best vegetables from my garden with what I already have on hand in my refrigerator and pantry.


ardens and salads go together! You don’t have to have a large yard space to plant a salad garden. Short rows or even large patio containers of your favorite salad ingredients will add variety to your plate. While some of the first produce from spring gardens are greens like spinach and lettuce, our gardens can be our salad bar throughout the growing season. As you plan to plant your garden, plant the vegetables you’ll need as ingredients. Here is a list for starters: Cabbage; Sweet peppers (red and green); Green Onions; Carrots; Beans (Green and Wax); Fresh Dill; Spinach; Lettuce; Tomatoes; Green Peas; Broccoli; Fresh Herbs. With these few ingredients from your garden, some salads you could prepare include: Copper Pennies (marinated carrots); Slaw; Three-Bean Salad; Spinach Salad; Layered Lettuce; Marinated Vegetables; and Carrot-Raisin Salad. Add your favorite to the list. Fresh vegetables provide fiber to our diets along with ample vitamins A and C. They generally are low-calorie until we add the sauces and dressings in preparation. But, we can make some adaptations to our home-prepared dressings, so they taste terrific and contain less oil-and fewer calories. The trick to making low-calorie dressings is to substitute pectin (yes the kind we make jams and jellies with) for part or all of the oil. The pectin thickens the mixture to look and pour like dressings. To adapt your homemade salad dressing recipe, follow these easy steps. 1. Replace all or part of the oil in the recipe with vegetable broth or water. It’s your call on the amount.

24  | 


1 (6 ounce) package deli turkey, chicken, roast beef or ham (or leftover cooked meats), sliced thinly, or 4 hard-cooked eggs, sliced into quarters 6 to 8 ounces of fresh salad greens or spinach 1 (15 ounce) can low-sodium black beans, cannellini or kidney beans, drained and rinsed 8 to 10 cherry tomatoes 1 large peach, pear or apple, pit or core removed and sliced; or 1/2 melon, peeled, seeded and cut into slices or cubes; or 1/4 cup dried fruits (raisins, figs, craisins, prunes) 1 medium red bell pepper, seeds and ribs removed, and diced; or 1 small cucumber, sliced; or 1 cup of cooked or raw sliced broccoli or cauliflower florets 2 or 3 leaves or sprigs of fresh herbs (basil, thyme, oregano, chives, parsley, etc.), finely minced 1/4 cup sliced almonds, walnut halves, soynuts or sunflower seeds 1/4 cup low-fat salad dressing Place the greens in a large bowl along with the meat, beans, tomatoes, fruit and vegetables. Sprinkle on the herbs and nuts. Drizzle salad with low-fat dressing and toss to combine. (Information courtesy of Karma Metzgar, C.F.C.S., former Northwest Regional Nutrition Specialist in Nodaway County, University of Missouri.) ***

Angela Shelf Medearis is known as The Kitchen Diva! She’s the executive producer and host of “The Kitchen Diva!” cooking show on Medearis is an award-winning children’s author, culinary historian and the author of seven cookbooks, including “The New African-American Kitchen” and her new cookbook, “The Kitchen Diva Cooks!” Visit her website at www. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

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the local and national scoop

Lacy GRIT by Nicholas James Yanez

Bio: Lacy Grit is made up of Stephanie Reeves (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin), Michelle Edwards (Violin, Vocals), and Herb Wetzel (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals). The three started their musical journey together with three songs and have since played hundreds.

Sounds Like: A tremulous trio of bandits whose awful ways have come to an abrupt end at the hands of a sheriff, a preacher, and an old guitar. They then sit down, blissful and smiling, singing songs to make their peers happy, earning redemption by making a community dance. Or… something like that. Lacy GRIT plays a variety of Country covers, new and old, along with original tunes and the occasional bluegrass jam. The band sits comfortably in a

26  | 


tight three part harmony, which catches the ear of the listener immediately.

Signature Moment: The band connects with the audience well. They’re like a charming young boy; one who walks old ladies across the street. But they are not a young boy, they’re grown and two of them are female. And they’re helping us all across a southern river of musical ecstasy. Lacy GRIT does exactly what country music is supposed to do. They make music seem real. It’s not a fabrication, it’s just them, and they have fun doing it. My guess is you’ll have just as much fun listening. You can learn more about Lacy GRIT, see photo’s, and view upcoming shows by typing: into your URL browser.

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Jill Jackson’s

HOLLYWOOD by Tony Rizzo

HOLLYWOOD--The legendary Debbie Reynolds turned Beverly Hills into a major traffic jam with the first of three auctions of her 3,500 costumes, 20,000 original photographs, thousands of movie posters, sketches and key props at The Paley Center for Media. Originally, Reynolds intended for her own memorabilia museum to be at the Kodak Center, where the Academy Awards are held, but the deal fell through. This first auction featured Marilyn Monroe’s famous subway dress from “The Seven Year Itch,” which sold for $4.6 million. Monroe’s red sequined dress from “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” sold for $1.2 million. The red MG TD convertible she and Cary Grant drove around in “Monkey Business” started at $20,000 and went for $210,000. The prototype of Judy Garland’s dress and ruby slippers (which weren’t in “The Wizard of Oz”) sold for $910,000 and $510,000, respectively. Charlie Chaplin’s hat went for $110,000, and Elizabeth Taylor’s outfit from “National Velvet” sold for $60,000. Grace Kelly’s dress in “To Catch a Thief” fetched $400,000.

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Debbie Reynolds


(1 per person per day. Not valid on Dollar Daze or with any other special)

Bidders were thrilled to have Debbie give them a last-minute tour of the collection. The 79-year-old star, saddled with financial woes, has had to work all her life, but now, thanks to her collection, she’ll be able to have the life she wants! Her second auction will be in December. *** Due to the popularity of “Glee,” Columbia Records and NBC are joining forces to make “Smash” a mid-season replacement show. The series will be about the development of a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. To ensure its musicality, it has fifth season “American Idol” runnerup Katharine McPhee, plus the star power of “Will & Grace’s” Debra Messing and Oscar win-

ner Anjelica Huston. *** A reader in New York asks, “Whatever happened to the new ‘Footloose’ film due out last April?” No reason was given for the delay, but it’s now scheduled for an Oct. 14 release. Newcomer Kenny Wormald will take on the role of Ren MacCormack originally played by Kevin Bacon. In a switch, the producers chose to go with a professional dancer instead of a seasoned actor. Bacon didn’t do any of the dancing or stunts in the original. Kenny won many dance titles, including Master Dance of New England at age 11, Junior Mr. Dance of New England at

13, Teen Dancer of Boston at 14 and Teen Mr. Dance of New England at 15. He appeared on the MTV show “Dance Life” in 2007 and in the film “Centerstage: Turn It Up” in 2008. “Footloose” also stars Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid. Producers are gambling that Wormald’s acting is as good as his dancing, or else this may turn out to be “Footloose” ... but not fancy free, and pretty costly!

Send letters to Tony Rizzo’s Hollywood, 8306 Wilshire Blvd., No. 362, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. (c) 2011 King Features Synd. June/July 2011 

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he worst disservice anyone, particularly an older adult, can do to their relatives is not to have in place durable general and medical powers of attorney, in addition to a will, in the event that they become disabled, or experience diminished mental capacity. And I know this from bitter, personal experience. I do not normally share details of family matters in public. However, in this case I feel the lessons to be imparted from relating a recent family emergency of mine are so beneficial, that it is appropriate that I do so. If sharing this story will prevent even a single other family from going through what my family is going through, it will be well worth it. I am 49 years old, and my 28  | 


paternal grandmother, at age 93, is still alive and, until very recently, was living independently in her own home, with an active social life. Her husband died in 1989, and her only son, my father, died in 1979. Grandmother has only one living adult child (her daughter), and four living adult grandchildren (3 by her deceased son, including me, and 1 by her daughter). There are also numerous adult and minor great-grandchildren (about 20), as well as innumerable minor great-great-grandchildren. All of Grandmother’s siblings are deceased (as are, of course, her parents), and there are several hundreds of nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. Grandmother lived alone, in her own single family home, in her native city in a Southern state in which none of her immediate, lineal descendants (i.e., children, grandchildren, and their descendants) lives, although virtually all visit her at least annually, if not more frequently, for extended periods of time. A month ago, Grandmother suffered a stroke. A neighbor discovered her unconscious in her bed. An ambulance was called, and Grandmother was taken to the hospital. The neighbor telephoned the nearest relative residing in

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the area, a niece, to let her know what had happened, and where Grandmother was. This is where things get nasty. Although she had a will, and although her husband had had in place, before he died, durable powers of attorney, Grandmother had for years adamantly refused to sign any such powers of attorney. Grandmother claimed she did not want to “impose” on any family members by “placing that duty” upon them. Well, as result of this refusal, Grandmother inadvertently “imposed” upon multiple family members far more than if she had done so, and inadvertently caused the loss of a portion of her estate.

The niece at issue (we’ll call her “Mary”), came to the hospital, and took possession of Grandmother’s keys and purse with her credit cards, identification, checkbook, etc. Mary did not inform ANY of Grandmother’s other relatives, much less her direct descendants (her daughter, or her grandchildren by her deceased son), of either the fact of Grandmother’s stroke, her hospitalization, her cognitive issues, her subsequent transfers from hospital to various nursing homes and back, etc. What makes this all the more disturbing is that Mary had never, at any time, visited Grandmother until the last couple of years: not at any

time during the childhood of Grandmother’s daughter; not at any time during the three months of the year, every year, that Grandmother’s grandchildren resided with her during their childhoods. I for example, despite visiting annually for a week at a time, never met Mary until my previous visit last September, when she visited to oppose Grandmother giving me the originals of all the old family photographs (she wanted them for her family). What makes this all the more disturbing is that Mary had the contact information for not only Grandmother’s sole

living child, her daughter, but for me as well, to contact our branch of the family in just such an emergency. I had, in fact, given it to her last September, and she agreed to contact me should anything go wrong with Grandmother. After two weeks, Grandmother’s daughter discovered what had happened, discovered Grandmother’s then current location, and immediately notified my brother, my sister, and me. She then immediately traveled to Grandmother’s city, and met with Grandmother in the hospital. Grandmother

asked her to stay in Grandmother’s home, to care for it, and to obtain Grandmother’s keys and purse from Mary.

stolen, and she worried that property might be missing as it “looked like the house had been ransacked”. (Lie #4).

Mary refused to give Grandmother’s daughters the keys or the purse; Mary falsely stated she did not have the keys, but that the neighbors did. (Lie #1). At the same time, though, Mary told me she did have the keys, and would give them to me if I traveled there. (Lie #2). Later, Mary stated she had left the keys in their “secret” location under the back steps, and they had disappeared. (Lie #3). Finally, Mary claimed the keys had been

Mary refused to turn over the purse unless Grandmother directed her to do so; however, when Grandmother did direct her to do so, multiple times, both in person, on the telephone, and in voice mail messages, she continued to refuse to do so. Next Mary moved Grandmother from location to location, without informing any of her family. Continued on Page 30

June/July 2011 

|  29


HEY, IT’S A LOT TO READ! (719) 487-0484 Continued from Page 29

Mary also informed the various hospitals and nursing homes that she herself was Grandmother’s closest living relative (FALSE – there are probably at least 100 closer), and the “responsible party” under the laws of that state (FALSE – there are probably at least 100 with higher statutory priority). Under the law it was Grandmother’s daughter who was the actual “responsible party”, to be followed by adult grandchildren, then adult great-grandchildren, then adult greatgreat-grandchildren. As a result of Mary’s lies, none of the hospitals or nursing homes would provide the real responsible 30  | 


parties with confirmation of Grandmother’s presence in their facilities, information regarding her condition, visitation privileges, etc. Get well cards and flowers were returned to senders. Everyone other than Mary and her family were cut off from contact. It was discovered that Mary had forged Grandmother’s signature to checks drawn on her account. Jewelry, china and silver, as well as a few antique family heirlooms, disappeared from Grandmother’s home. The police would not permit the true “responsible parties” access to Grandmother’s home – Mary continued to have access, and property continued to disappear from her home. Grandmother’s daughter re-

turned again to Grandmother’s state of residence; I also travelled there. We met with Grandmother’s estate attorney. Grandmother, by the accounts of her attorney and her medical providers, was not capable of making decisions for herself, whether medical or legal. No one had a power of attorney. Mary had usurped the position, under that state’s law, as the “responsible party” to act as an attorney in fact. Legal action had to be, and was, taken. At great expense in legal fees and court fees, as well as lost income on the part of Grandmother’s daughter and me, a conservatorship over Grandmother’s property and a guardianship over Grandmother’s person were established, with Grandmother’s sole living adult child, her daughter, as both conservator and guardian. However, the damage was done. Further legal action will have to be taken to retrieve Grandmother’s property, if it is retrievable. Police reports have been filed, but civil legal action is also necessary. Grandmother does remember some of us, although from about 20 years ago, not currently. She is not currently oriented in place or time. She is confused as to the identities of even the closest family members. She is extremely weak, bedridden, and in very poor health. She was informed of the conservatorship and the guardian-

ship, and why they were put in place. She said to me, “I guess I really messed up.” I don’t want Grandmother to feel that way: but, yes, she really messed up. She was/ is no longer legally capable of putting medical or general durable powers of attorney in place. A relative who was, in fact, a rather distant relative took advantage of her. But if she had just signed durable general and medical powers of attorney when she signed her will, as her attorney tried to get her to do, none of this would have happened. So, what are durable general and medical powers of attorney, and what do they do? That is the point of this article; that, and the extreme importance in having such instruments in place. A power of attorney is a document in which Person A names Person B to act as Person A’s “attorney in fact” to make decisions and take actions on Person A’s behalf. Person B legally can act as if he in fact IS Person A. A normal (non-durable) power of attorney appoints Person B to act on behalf of Person B usually “currently” (i.e., while Person A is of full legal mental capacity to act on his own behalf, but can’t for some reason, such as, for example, when Person A is fighting in Afghanistan or traveling through Outer Mongolia). Non-durable powers of attorney expire at their stated termination, AND, in any event, immedi-

ately upon the death or disability of Person A. A durable power of attorney is created and signed while Person A is of full legal mental capacity to act on his own behalf, but does not come into effect UNLESS and UNTIL Person A becomes mentally and/or physically disabled. At that point, Person B acts as the attorney in fact for Person A, to make decisions on Person A’s behalf, pay Person A’s bills, maintain Person A’s property, etc. There is no family fighting over who has authority to act on Person A’s behalf, and no need for expensive legal action to have a court name a guardian and/or conservator to act on Person A’s behalf. There is no delay. General powers of attorney, whether durable or nondurable, permit Person B to make any and all specified or generalized decisions and actions on Person A’s behalf. Medical powers of attorney permit Person B to make medical decisions on Person A’s behalf. Durable powers of attorney are not at all expensive. Forms are available on-line. Most attorneys (myself included) routinely include them, at no additional charge, when drafting will or trust documents, as they are usually a form document (not custom-drafted). They may also be obtained from an attorney separately at extremely low cost.

Frankly, there is absolutely no excuse for any adult not to have durable powers of attorney in place. At a minimum, a general durable power of attorney should be in place. No one wants to consider the possibility of being mentally, physically, or legally “powerless” to act for himself. No one wants to impose upon other family members. The REAL imposition on your family members is NOT having these documents in place. If you do not do so, you are in fact, pardon the expression, really sticking it to your family members. The time, cost, and effort to rectify your failure to put these simple, inexpensive forms in place is incalculable; this does not even take into consideration the emotional anguish your family members could suffer as well. Please remember – by the time it is known if you will ever need these documents, it will be too late to get them. This article is intended for general informational purposes only, and is not intended to constitute the proffer of legal advice. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your particular situation.

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For additional information contact, Lisa Welch Stevens, Attorney at Law P.C. Representing Colorado Businesses and Business Owners

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719.487.0484 PO Box 789 • Monument, CO 80132


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The Image June 2011  


The Image June 2011