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Facts about Snares Island penguins By : Kazhal Shiva,

Snares Food oThey eat tiny shrimp , squid, krill , and tiny fish.

So who eats the Snares? • Leopard seals • sea lions • sea birds

Body Style • The Snares penguin is 20 to 22 inches tall • They weigh 6.7 pounds • The head and the upper parts are black. • They have yellow eye feathers • They are small to medium-sized yellow crested penguins.

breeding • Snares colonize from 10 to 1,200 penguins in a single nest. • They lay 2 egg each season but only one survives. • It take an egg 30 to 45 day to hatch. • They incubate there eggs by sitting on them.

Fast facts snares live in new Zealand and they build there nest in the forest just like birds

They spend there whole life nest building and fighting.

They live south from the equater


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