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By :Bailey Clark

Rockhopper penguins have a special mark on their eye that are red that glow…Also they have a mark on their head/eyebrow that is yellow. There weight is between 5 and 8 pounds, they are also about 23 to 18 inches tall. Rockhopper are the smallest penguins of the penguin species. Rockhopper penguins kind of look similar to a macaroni penguin.

 Types

of Food:

 Krill

Rockhopper penguins get there name by jumping from rock to rock with both feet together , it helps them catch food.

 Squid

 Small


The male penguin sits on the eggs for 4 months . After the egg hatches the male penguin watches after the chick while the female goes to find food for the chick, Rockhopper penguins build there nest out of rocky sloop.

ď‚ž Rockhopper

penguins are the only penguins that enter the water feet first. Rockhopper penguins are the fastest penguins.

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