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Emperor penguin By: Olivia Anigwe JosĂŠ Ramirez Mustafa Alarwi

Emperor Penguin Size A emperor penguin is 4 feet tall or 1.2m. A emperor penguin weighs 2045kg. They are the biggest penguin. They are about 36 to 44inches tall.

Life Expectancy A emperor penguin live up to 20 or 40 year.

Food and Warmth Emperor penguins take turns going to the circle edges to stay warm. Emperor penguin live on the coldest place on Earth. Fish and squid and crustaceans. Emperor penguin can dive down to more then 520m to find food. They even eat crab and shrimp. They stay warm in there moms brood pouches.

Emperor penguin enemies Emperor penguin enemies are shark and sea lion and whales. Sometime emperor penguin will fast sometime going without food over 120 days.

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Mustafa Emperor penguin