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Fantastic facts on the WHITE-FLIPPERED PENGUIN By : Ben krenek


White-Flippered penguins start breeding at two to three years of age. They also lay eggs from July to December, but the best egg laying is from August to November. Eggs are laid in a burrow with plants and leaves inside it for a nice nest for the baby penguin. It is well protected when tipped in a certain way. It lays two white eggs and both parents incubate the eggs for about 35 days.


This species feeds on small shoaling fish such as pilchards and anchovies or cephalopods, and less often on crustaceans. White-Flippered penguins also eat squid, krill , and fish. Prey is caught by pursuit diving. All penguins have no teeth , but have tough spikes on top of their tongue. A penguin’s favorite food is reflected on the size of the penguin’s beak.

Habitat and Threats White-Flippered penguins find their optimum habitat in headland ,caves , and rock jumbles. The biggest threat to this penguin is mostly humans. Leopard seals and killer whales eat White-Flippered penguins.

Other Facts White-Flippered penguins are the worlds smallest penguin!!! Once a year a penguin has to change their feathers (also known as molting).

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