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Component One Lurdita Sniaukaite

Norman Foster City Hall is one of the capital’s most symbolically important projects, which expresses the transparency of the democratic process and demonstrates the potential for a virtually non-polluting public building. Controlling the heat buildup that comes from exposure to sunlight is very important in a glass building. City Hall is designed to do this in a number of ways, for example, the building has no front or back – it’s a geometrically modified sphere. This minimizes the surface area of the roof exposed to direct sunlight, which reduces the amount of heat buildup inside the building

The design of the Gherkin is heavily steeped in energy efficiency with many of its features designed to enhance efficiency. Open shafts in between each floor act as ventilation for the building and require no energy for use. The shafts pull warm air out of the building during the summer and use passive heat from the sun to bring heat into the building during the winter. These open shafts also allow available sunlight to penetrate deep into the building to cut down on light costs

Vincent Calebaut The pavilion, a green ark spanning several levels, is a real jewel of architecture and engineering. The public tender has just been awarded for the design, construction, scenography, maintenance and decommission. It will showcase the techniques, applications, products and materials, which are Belgian or of Belgian origin on both the interior and the exterior of the pavilion. This building/garden will not just be green on the outside. The preservation of the environment is at the heart of its design and of our concerns, with natural light and ventilation, renewable energies and the smart use of water.

LILYPAD, A FLOATING ECOPOLIS FOR CLIMATE REFUGEES With global sea levels predicted to rise significantly over the next century due to climate change, a lot of people living in low lying areas are expected to be displaced from their homes. Architect Vincent Callebaut has come up with a possible relocation destination for these climate change refugees in the form of the “Lilypad” concept – a completely self-sufficient floating city that would accommodate up to 50,000.

Brief Olympic Park management has a request for me to make an individual restaurant that connects with nature. Inside the restaurant there should be a flower/plant wall or a full ceiling which would volatile the organic pollution to improve indoor air quality, as they absorb Co2 which is a con for the environment. The restaurant should be made out of glass & wood ,for customers to get natural lighting throughout the day, also see the views night time. It will be located in Olympic park next to the orbit and it will be a busy place, therefore they need a big space for the customers to sit inside and also outside in the good weather.

Specification My restaurant will include, a seating area for a large amount of people. There will be a bar and seating around so people do not need to get a table just to have drinks, also the building it self will be made out of wood and glass to be more natural and to have natural lighting inside.

I have decided on this space in Olympic park as I know the space and I can imagine how it would look in real life. This space links to my restaurants as I need to make it with plants and include the feel of nature, and the Olympic park it self is with a lot of greenery. Also there are a lot of modern buildings as it is quite new so it will be easier for me to add similarities to my restaurant space. I picked his place because I know it well and I know there are a lot of tourists around the area so the restaurant would be getting loads of customers.

Tianmen Mountain restaurant

Primary Photos

Interior ideas

First ideas

First Design Idea

I have made this model out of wire as an example and made it into a building by developing my ideas further. I would make this building out of wood and also glass windows at the front, also when I made this model on CAD I decided I needed a bigger outside space so I extended it so it goes with my brief.

Wire models

Second Design Idea

Fourth Design Idea Model making using foam board

Finalising Design Ideas

Plan View

I have drown this show how the building would look from the top with glass and wood together, so the inside gets natural light. I made the model to get inspiration to draw out the building and how it would all work together, this is my favourite model which I might use for one o my final design for the restaurant.

This building would be made out of wood and glass , this is showing the model from the front and side views, I would be connecting the roof to the highest point of each triangle to the right middle.

At this moment I wasn’t sure where I was going to include the kitchen and toilets, so I decided to add stairs down for more space underground, as I feel like the ground floor should be all the open space for seating and

Nando’s ,Dublin Centre

Las Iguanas, Westfield Stratford

I have drawn some ideas of sitting booths inside the restaurant to make it more interesting and not just have simple layout tables in the inside interior, from my primary research. This is how I would want it to look if I decided to use these designs

Interior research and getting ideas

Interior design Ideas

Final model

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Component one  

Component one