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School of Professional and Continuing Education scholastically and fraternally, Alpha Sigma Lambda inspires its candidates to give of their strengths to their fellow students and communities through their academic achievements. To the newcomer in higher education, Alpha Sigma Lambda stands as an inspiration to scholastic growth and an invitation to associate with similarly motivated students. Students interested in attaining membership in the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society must attend a regionally accredited college or university that offers two- or fouryear degrees to nontraditional/adult students. This institution must be a member of the Society in order to offer membership to its students. Membership is strictly by invitation to the chapter at the matriculating institution. Currently, membership is limited to undergraduate students seeking their first degree. (Note: Students are inducted into the Society as members of a specific chapter. Membership atlarge is not available to students.) Membership shall comprise chapters of colleges and universities which offer undergraduate degrees and which are accredited by the regional associations. The National standards for student membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda are as follows: • Members must be matriculated and have a minimum of 24 graded semester hours or the equivalent and shall be matriculated students in an undergraduate degree program. These college credits must not include transfer credits. All credits must be taken through and graded at the matriculating institution and must be included in the student's cumulative GPA. • At least 12 credits of a student's total credits should be earned in courses in Liberal Arts/Sciences. If the student has not earned 12 Liberal Arts/Sciences credits within the 24 credits completed at the matriculating institution, accepted transfer courses may be used to meet this requirement. • Members shall be selected only from the highest 20 percent of the class who have 24 graded credits and are matriculated in an undergraduate degree program. • Those selected must have a minimum grade point index of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent. The cumulative scholastic record of the student as interpreted by the institution where membership is to be conferred shall be the basis for computing scholastic eligibility.

Alpha Sigma Lambda Foundation Scholarship Any student may apply for the Foundation Scholarships. A student must have completed 30 semester hours with a grade point average of 3.4 for the Triangle Club: Second Century Scholarships, or a 3.2 for the General Foundations Scholarships on all work taken at SNHU. You must be 24 years of age or older, enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program, have a financial need for assistance to complete the degree and do not need to be a member of the local Alpha Sigma Lambda

chapter to apply. Applications for the Triangle Club are due in March and the Non-Triangle Club in April. Check with SNHU’s National Counselor (Maria Minickiello at for more information.

Academic Programs offered in the School of Professional and Continuing Education Some programs listed feature online courses. Please contact the center for more information.

Associate of Arts (A.A.) Liberal Arts

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) - Day School only Baking and Pastry Arts Culinary Arts

Associate of Science (A.S.) Accounting Business Administration Computer Information Technology Marketing

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) - Day School only Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Child Development - Manchester only Communication Early Childhood Education - Manchester only Elementary Education - Manchester only English Language & Literature Psychology Psychology with a concentration in: Child and Adolescent Development Public Service Social Science

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Accounting with a concentration in: Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Accounting/Finance Accounting/Information Systems Business Administration with a concentration in: Human Resource Management Organizational Leadership Small Business Management Business Studies with a concentration in: Accounting Business Administration Business Finance Computer Information Technology Human Resource Management International Management Marketing 85

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Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog