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Oxford University Study Option in History SNHU history students have the option of a special history study abroad program with Oxford University where they may complete some of their history credits while in England. This is not the usual semester abroad experience because the student actually becomes a matriculated member of the Oxford community through an application and acceptance procedure. This means they will be recorded as having been a student at Oxford University. The flexibility of the history major prepares students to enter a wide variety of fields upon graduation. SNHU students have gone on to graduate school in many areas in addition to history. They are active in the Department of State, politics, museum work, research, law, journalism, and of course, business. Some choose to teach. The history major prepares you for whatever life may throw your way because it teaches you to think critically, research thoroughly, synthesize varied and disparate materials and ideas all the while communicating effectively. These skills translate to every walk of life.

History Curriculum Bachelor of Arts B.A./B.S. Core: Liberal Arts Core:

48 credits 18 credits

Major Courses Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated. HIS





113 114

Western Civilization I: Prehistory to Renaissance Western Civilization II: Renaissance to Present United States History I: 1607 to 1865 United States History II: 1865 to Present

One of the four courses above will fulfill the university core requirement in history and thus is not counted as a credit in the history major. HIS HIS HIS

340 460

Historical Methods History Colloquium Six 200 to 400 level HIS electives*

* In consultation with an advisor and history department chair select six 200-400 level courses that focus on a particular theme, three of which must carry a history designation. Total history major credits: 33 Free electives

Credits: 21 Total credits: 120

Information Technology Coordinator: Dr. Lundy Lewis Many students are interested in a computer degree that crosses the boundary into the creative world or where the social aspects of computers are addressed, e.g. digital games, digital music, geographical information systems, technical writing, cognitive science/artificial intelligence, implications of human/robotic interaction, and kids and technology. The


B.A. in Computer Information Technology provides a vessel for fostering these areas and creating concentrations for our students. Many students will find a B.A. in Computer Information Technology very attractive, in particular, those students who are interested in the Liberal Arts, yet have a love for computer technology. Southern New Hampshire University’s B.A. in Computer Information Technology major is reaching a new generation of students with an innovative program that integrates technology with the Liberal Arts. This program is a signature program for SNHU; no other school in the region offers such a program. The next generation of IT professionals will be better prepared than any preceding one to balance the demands of being both a creative individual and a technologist. IT is projected as the second largest area of occupational growth in the United States. Employers today are looking for students with capabilities beyond traditional programming and IT expertise. Students who integrate Liberal Arts studies with their IT studies are valuable but hard to find, and the U.S. demand for this new breed of IT professional is growing. The B.A. in Computer Information Technology major prepares students for positions such as management, creative design/development with technology, web design and many other interesting positions. The IT faculty at SNHU has extensive experience and industry connections, has published fourteen books in the area, holds twenty-eight patents, and publishes in the professional literature. Students benefit by receiving leading edge knowledge and skills in the classroom and through internship placements.

FlexTech IT degree program: Individualized and Flexible In addition to the core requirements for the undergraduate program, the department encourages students to participate in shaping their course of study to fit their individual academic and professional interests in this constantly evolving field. A diverse set of classes has been developed, ranging from traditional programming to the newest techniques and tools for E-commerce, web design, digital games, digital music, and others. We provide a pool of electives and course arrangements for the greatest flexibility in customizing each student’s curriculum for his/her particular needs. We encourage interdisciplinary studies. Faculty advisors are available to guide and encourage students to actively participate in designing and customizing the program of study to meet their specialized individual needs by selecting a suite of classes to match their interests, and developing an individualized academic study plan. Additionally, beyond the defined programs, topical seminars are offered within the context of scheduled courses, and through ongoing seminar programs on campus that allow the introduction of emerging technology and other “new” topics.

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog