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Academic Programs-School of Liberal Arts Students may choose between a business focus and a liberal arts focus. Both programs require the same major courses and offer the same related electives. This program is the only one of its kind in New England that offers students dual tracks. Graduates will be well prepared to enter the advertising industry in the creative and management divisions of corporations and agencies.

Advertising Curriculum Bachelor of Arts B.A./B.S. Core: Liberal Arts Core:

48 credits 18 credits

gram in the region. Its graduates will be equipped with highlevel skills using professional equipment that will make them competitive in the marketplace. At the same time, its grounding in liberal education and the humanities will give students a cultural frame of reference that will enrich them both professionally and personally. Their liberal arts background will prepare them for undertaking “real-world” visual communication projects that demand an understanding of a broad range of content. Professional graphic designers turn ideas into visual statements. The graphic design major will be the program of choice for students who have artistic talent or interests and also seek meaningful creative employment upon graduation.

Major Courses Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.

Graphic Design and Media Arts Curriculum


B.A./B.S. Core: Liberal Arts Core:

263 429 340 126 230 229

Bachelor of Arts

Advertising Copy and Design Advertising Campaigns Advertising Media Planning Introduction to Communication Graphics and Layout in Print Media Principles of Intergrated Marketing Communications Total Major Credits: 18

Students are encouraged to use 3, 6 or 12 credits of free electives to complete a co-op work experience related to advertising. Select five of the following: ADV ADV

362 428

COM 232 FMK/GRA 101 MKT 230 MKT 345 MKT 360

Advertising Account Executive Seminar Promotional Research and Media Measurement Desktop Publishing Basic Design and Color Theory Retail Sales Promotion Consumer Behavior Direct Marketing

Allied Courses MKT 113 MKT 337

Introduction to Marketing Marketing Research Total Allied Credits: 6

Free electives

Credits: 15 Total Credits: 120

Graphic Design and Media Arts Coordinator: Prof. Harry Umen The mission of the SNHU graphic design major is to equip students to be professional graphic designers competent in the latest design technologies and educated in the cultural contexts of the liberal arts. The SNHU graphic design major will be the most technologically oriented B.A. graphics pro-

48 credits 18 credits

Major Courses Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated. COM COM COM FAS FAS FAS GRA GRA GRA GRA

230 232 421 110 226 320 310 320 410 420

Graphics and Layout In Print Media Desktop Publishing Communication Theory and Research Introductory Drawing Digital Photography History of Design Digital Graphic Design Introduction to Digital Imaging Advanced Digital Graphic Design Advanced Digital Imaging

Select one of the following: GRA FAS

101 310

Basic Design And Color Theory Illustration Total Major credits: 33

Free electives

Credits: 21 Total Credits: 120

Game Design and Development Coordinators: Prof. Harry Umen and Prof. Justine Wood-Massoud The B.A. in Game Design and Development is an exciting multidisciplinary liberal arts program that offers students a chance to combine a variety of creative and hands-on technical interests. Game Design and Development integrates professional skills in computer graphics, animation, audio, and interactive programming. Additional emphasis in this program is placed on creative storytelling techniques, and the psychology and marketing of games.


SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog