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Southern New Hampshire University HOS HOS HOS HOS HOS

350 401 415 422 424



Chamber of Commerce Management Convention Sales and Group Planning Hotel Administration Beverage Management and Control Managing, Merchandising and Service of Wines Advanced Food and Beverage Service


Five INT electives Total Major Credits: 24

Allied Courses ACC 312 ECO 322 OL 215 OL 342

International Managerial Accounting International Economics Principles of Management Organizational Behavior


Total Allied Credits: 12

Select two free electives.

Free electives

Experiential Learning – Requirement for Graduation Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program must complete 500 hours of experiential learning in a hospitality and tourism (or related) business with a minimum of 100 hours in guest/customer contact services. Industry experience prior to the admission into the program will not be accepted or accounted for. Total Hospitality Course Credits: 18 Total Business Core Courses: 21 Total Degree Credits: 120

International Business (Online) Department Chair: Dr. Massood Samii The world is becoming an economic marketplace without boundaries. Multinational and transnational corporations conduct business based on worldwide priorities while smaller domestic companies look for ways to tap into the growing markets of Europe, Asia and the Third World. Successful managers must be able to work with a variety of people who use different currencies and systems to achieve their own personal and economic goals. This program focuses on the management skills and concepts used in international, multicultural contexts. Students learn about the different monetary, banking, accounting, marketing and management systems that they will encounter while conducting international business activities. Attention also is given to the myriad cultural norms that make the rest of the world a diverse and challenging place to market American goods and services.

Total Credits: 120

Marketing (Online/On Location) Department Chair: Dr. Pat Spirou The marketing field encompasses activities related to: identifying needs of prospective customers, selecting a target market, designing a product, packaging, pricing, advertising, selling, distributing, servicing products and services in both domestic and international markets. It is the driving force in business. Therefore, the degree to which companies are able to do it well and respond to customer demands largely determines their success. Southern New Hampshire University’s marketing program integrates theory and application. Marketing majors also study general management, finance, organizational behavior, information technology and selected liberal arts courses, ensuring that students learn the tenets of marketing in concert with those disciplines. Domestic and international marketing internships and study abroad programs allow marketing majors additional opportunities to link marketing theory with practice. Career Outlook The marketing program at Southern New Hampshire University prepares graduates to work in various areas of the marketing field including retail management, professional sales, advertising, research, distribution, product/brand management, marketing research and customer relations. Marketing positions exist in a wide variety of corporate settings, including multinational corporations, independently owned local businesses and non profit organizations.

International business is an interdisciplinary program that combines existing management courses with the possibility of cooperative education opportunities in the international arena.

Marketing Curriculum

International Business Curriculum

Major Courses Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.

Bachelor of Science B.A./B.S. Core: Business Core:

48 credits 24 credits

Major Courses Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated. INT INT INT 58

Credits: 12

113 200 316

Introduction to International Business International Business Project The Cultural and Political Environment of International Business

Bachelor of Science B.A./B.S. Core: Business Core:

MKT 337 MKT 345 MKT 432 MKT/INT 433

48 credits 24 credits

Marketing Research Consumer Behavior Strategic Marketing Planning Multinational Marketing

Choose any seven (7) from the following: ADV ADV MKT

263 340 222

Advertising Copy and Design Advertising Media Planning Principles of Retailing

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog