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Geography of Global Cultures Introduction to Commercial Food Production HOS 315 Rooms Division Management HOS 327 Food and Beverage Operations Management HOS 340 Special Events Management HOS 418 Hospitality Facilities Management HOS 420 Financial Analysis for the Hospitality Industry Three 300-400 level HOS Electives Total HOS credits: 30 credits Allied Courses Select one of the following: MKT MKT

320 345

Sales Management Consumer Behavior Total Allied Credits: 3

Free Electives

Credits: 15 Total Credits: 120

Hospitality Electives The hospitality business program provides the students with a choice of electives that gives them the prospect to add depth and/or breadth to the major courses and also offers them the opportunity to pursue a concentration in one or both of the two most important segments of the hospitality industry: Hotel and Convention Management and Restaurant Management. The curriculum in the respective concentrations builds on the university and business core curriculum and key hospitality major courses. Free Electives (15 credits) The free electives provide students the unique opportunity to pursue the study of subjects in any discipline of their choice and interest. Students can also use these free electives to pursue a minor in another discipline such as marketing, accounting or human resources, or pursue a second concentration in the hospitality field.

Concentrations Hotel and Convention Management The hotel and convention industry is an integral part of the hospitality business. The various dimensions and segments within this industry provide a very challenging and complex work environment for the professionals in the business. Demand for skilled management has been growing and career opportunities have been promising year after year. Along with hotel and convention management, destination and special-events management has become a very crucial part of the hospitality industry, providing many exciting career opportunities for individuals with strong organizational and creative skills. The Hotel and Convention Management concentration prepares students to pursue careers as hotel and convention managers, special event managers, and tradeshow or exhibition managers. 56

Required Courses (9 credits) HOS 401 Convention Sales and Group Planning HOS 415 Hotel Administration And one of the following: HOS



or 350

Policy and Planning for Sustainable Development Chamber of Commerce Management

Restaurant Management The restaurant industry with its crucial food and beverage operations provides intense and challenging career opportunities that can be professionally fulfilling and financially rewarding. As one of the oldest segments of the global hospitality industry, the restaurant and food service industry has been one of the most dynamic of all the segments. The restaurant management concentration provides students with the necessary background in food and beverage management. The unique and specialized course work combined with the hospitality and business core courses should help prepare the students to be successful managers and/or entrepreneurs in the restaurant and food service industry. Required Courses (9 credits) HOS 422 Beverage Management and Control HOS 424 Managing, Merchandising and Service of Wines And one of the following: HOS



or 425

Food and Beverage Concept Development Advanced Food and Beverage Service

Experiential Learning – Requirement for Graduation In order to graduate, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science degree program must complete 1,000 hours of experiential learning in a hospitality (or related) business with a minimum of 200 hours in guest/customer contact services. Students transferred from other hospitality and tourism related programs in the junior year and enrolled in the B.S. degree program must complete 500 hours of experiential learning in a hospitality and tourism (or related business) with a minimum of 100 hours in guest/customer contact services. Industry experience prior to admission into the program will not be accepted or accounted for.

Bachelor of Applied Sciences Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Administration-I (BASHA I) Students who possess a three-year diploma from an accredited institution in an area of hospitality, which is typical in some countries, would enroll in a 14-month program that provides an overview of American culture and the hospitality

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog