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Southern New Hampshire University

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students in a traditional four-year degree program.

Laptop Computer Requirement Beginning September 2005 all incoming undergraduate day freshman students majoring in business are required to own a laptop computer. The university has partnered with a manufacturer to offer our students affordable technology. Please see SNHU website for more information.

The 3Year Honors Program is a selective degree program within the School of Business. The mission of the program is to educate selected, qualified students who desire a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing in six semesters. The program is designed so that students will:

Research Paper Citation Guidelines: The School of Business recognizes the American Psychological Association (APA) citation guidelines as the standard to be used in all business courses.

• Succeed in obtaining entry-level positions upon graduation and advancing in their chosen professions and careers.

The Business Core

• Realize their individual potential and contribute to the betterment of their local communities and society at large.

The following courses comprise the basic business education that the university believes is essential to preparing students for careers in business. Students in each Bachelor of Science degree business program also must take the B.A./B.S. core courses, major courses, allied courses and free electives that match their career goals.

Business Core Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated. ACC ACC BUS FIN IT MKT OL OL

201 202 206 320 210 113 125 421

Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Business Law I Principles of Finance Business Systems Analysis and Design Introduction to Marketing Human Relations in Administration Strategic Management and Policy Total Credits: 24

3Year Honors Program Director: Ashley Liadis In 1995, the 3Year Honors Program broke the mold for higher education. The U.S. Department of Education asked the higher education community to find a way to improve the effectiveness — and reduce the cost — of undergraduate education. Southern New Hampshire University was the only private university in the country to win a federal grant to tackle this challenge. For well over 300 years, higher education has taught us to believe that classroom seat-time was the constant for learning. The 3Year Honors Program has proven that the constant for learning is the process by which you learn the material and the learning outcomes…not the seat time. This custom-designed, highly integrated academic experience is offered over the course of six-semesters, without attendance in summer, night or weekend courses. Students typically take a course load of no more than five courses at a time and graduate with 120 credits; the same number as


• Be effective leaders and proponents of change. • Become successful lifelong learners. The university recognizes its obligation to deliver a high quality program that prepares students for profoundly changing business, cultural and geopolitical environments so that they may have the best chances for personal and professional success as future business leaders. To achieve the mission, students must work to master certain academic competencies. The university adopts the appropriate academic strategies and provides resources to ensure the success of 3Year students. The new paradigm under which the program operates recognizes the importance of students, faculty members and university administrators working jointly to accomplish the academic mission. This program is based on students mastering the following competencies: Communication: Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively through written, oral, and other forms of communication. Information Technology: Students will master information technology principles and contemporary information technology applications and will be able to apply information technology to the greatest advantage in the many aspects of an organization’s operations. Problem Solving: Students will develop the skills to identify problems quickly, analyze them reasonably, and find solutions creatively. Teamwork: Students will develop a broad range of interpersonal skills in order to function effectively as a participant in team and group situations. Analytical Skills: Students will appropriately use and apply quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis, use data, applied mathematical and statistical techniques, and decision sciences whenever possible to attain organizational objectives.

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog