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Undergraduate Programs available at SNHU Online

Graduate Programs available at SNHU Online

Accounting (A.S.) Accounting (B.S.) Accounting/Finance (B.S.) Accounting/Information Systems (B.S.) Accounting Certificate Business Administration (A.S.) Business Administration (B.S.) Business Administration/Human Resource Management (B.S.) Business Administration/Organizational Leadership (B.S.) Business Administration/Small Business Management (B.S.) Business Information Systems Certificate Business Studies/Accounting (B.S.) Business Studies/Business Administration (B.S.) Business Studies/Business Finance (B.S.) Business Studies/Computer Information Technology (B.S.) Business Studies/Human Resource Management (B.S.) Business Studies/International Management (B.S.) Business Studies/Marketing (B.S.) Business Studies/Organizational Leadership (B.S.) Business Studies/Small Business Management (B.S.) Communication (B.A.) Computer Information Technology (A.S.) Computer Information Technology (B.S.) English Language & Literature (B.A.) Finance/Economics (B.S.) Human Resource Management Certificate International Business (B.S.) Liberal Arts (A.A.) Marketing (A.S.) Marketing (B.S.) Psychology (B.A.) Psychology/Child & Adolescent Development (B.A.) Social Science (B.A.) Technical Management (B.S.)

Accounting Graduate Certificate Accounting/Finance (M.S.) Business Education (M.S.) Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate International Business Graduate Certificate Justice Studies (M.S.) Marketing (M.S.) Marketing Graduate Certificate Master of Business Administration: Global M.B.A. Microfinance Management Graduate Certificate Operations Management Graduate Certificate Organizational Leadership (M.S.) Sport Management (M.S.) Sport Management Graduate Certificate Training and Development Graduate Certificate

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog