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Southern New Hampshire University Prerequisite MKT 113

Minor in Sustainable Development Introduction to Marketing (a business school core requirement)

Required Courses MAT 105 Merchandising Mathematics MKT 222 Principles of Retailing MKT 230 Retail Sales Promotion MKT 442 Retail Management Select one of the following: FMK MKT

202 322

Fashion Merchandising International Retailing

Minor in Sociology Students must complete the following courses to earn a minor in sociology: Required Courses SOC SOC SOC

112 213

Introduction to Sociology Sociology of Social Problems Three SOC electives

Minor in Sport Management A student may declare a minor in sport management by successfully completing the following courses at Southern New Hampshire University: Core & Business Core Requirement:* ENG 121 College Composition II MKT 113 Introduction to Marketing Sport Management Core Requirement: SPT 111 Introduction to Sport Management SPT 201 Governance & Management of Sport Organizations SPT 208 Sport Marketing SPT 333 Sport, Society, and Ethics Select one of the following: SPT SPT SPT SPT SPT SPT SPT SPT SPT

Sport Law Sponsorship Sport Sales and Promotions Media & Public Relations in Sport Fitness Management Golf Management Practicum in Sport Management Private Club Management The Economics of Professional Sports in the United States SPT 401 Sport Facilities Management SPT 402 Sport Revenue SPT 415 Event Management & Marketing SPT 425 Sport Licensing & Strategic Alliances SPT 430 Front Office Management SPT 465 Global Sport Business * Students completing a Sport Management minor must earn a minimum of a “C” grade in all required minor courses.


307 310 319 320 321 323 340 364 375

A student may declare a minor in environment and sustainable development by completing the following courses: POL 203 ENV/SCI 219 ENV/POL 322 ENV/POL 325 ENV/POL 349

Wealth and Poverty Environmental Issues Development and the Environment Industrial Ecology and Public Policy Comparative Environmental Law and Sustainable Development Total Credits: 15

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog