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Course Descriptions sistency and effective use of colors, headlines, sub-headlines, borders and amplification of the features, as well as advantages and benefits of the product/service, are emphasized. Students will be familiar with the creative competencies and skills needed in the formulation of effective campaigns in various media. Prerequisites: MKT 229 and COM 230. ADV 340 Advertising Media Planning (3 credits) This course addresses the connection between media and markets from a quantitative perspective. Students learn to read and understand available statistical tools providing measurement data of media audiences and media usage patterns. The course covers media selection criteria, such as effective reach and frequency, cost per thousand and cost per rating point, weighting, and continuity patterns. Students also become cognizant of the impact a firm’s corporate strategies, particularly the marketing and financial strategies, have on media planning. Lastly, the course considers the strategic issues of fragmentation and selectivity as new technology and methods of reaching target markets emerge. Prerequisites: MKT 229 and MAT 220. ADV 428 Promotional Research and Media Management (3 credits) This course applies marketing research techniques to the field of promotion. Topics covered include research for promotional campaigns and a survey of the research companies and reports used in evaluating the success of the promotional effort. ADV 429 Advertising Campaigns (3 credits) This advanced course in advertising and promotion includes the application of marketing strategies and theories and the development of a complete, multimedia advertising campaign. Aspects covered include gathering primary and secondary marketing research data, establishing an integrated marketing strategy plan, developing creative exhibits in the strategy plan for print and broadcast media and constructing a media traffic plan. ADV 462 Advertising Account Executive Seminar (3 credits) The course is the capstone course for advertising majors and focuses on the business, management and sales aspects of the advertising field. Students will learn about the selling and marketing of advertising campaigns and obtain the management skills and competencies that are needed to implement effective advertising planning. Students will be familiar with the roles and responsibilities of executive producers and account executives in sales and management. Prerequisite: Senior status. ADV 480 Independent Study (3 credits) This course allows students to investigate any advertising subjects not incorporated into the curriculum. Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor, program coordinator/department chair and school dean. ADV 490 Advertising Cooperative Education (3-12 credits)

This closely supervised, on-the-job training combines classroom theory with business experience. Students spend one semester working in an environment where marketing principles and practices can be learned firsthand. Prerequisites: Open only to advertising majors with permission of the Career Development Center and the advertising program coordinator/department chair.

Anthropology ATH 111 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credits) This course is the study of preliterate and changing societies that emphasizes social organization and cultural aspects. Global Marker. ATH 200 Native History and Culture (3 credits) This course presents the history and culture of Native Americans in their own voices, from the arrival of the Europeans in the 1500’s to the present. Students will learn of Native American events, spirituality, art, folklore, governance and status as separate nations.

Business Administration BUS 206 Business Law I (3 credits) The background, foundation and ethical aspects of the United States’ legal system are examined. Torts, product liability, criminal law, contracts, sales, business organizations, and agency and cyber law also are explored. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. BUS 307 Business Law II (3 credits) The study begun in Business Law I continues as the topics of commercial paper, real and personal property, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, agency, business organizations, estate planning and government regulation of business are explored. Prerequisite: BUS 206.

Communication COM 126 Introduction to Communication (3 credits) This communications survey course covers mass media, culture, and society. The course focuses on how and why the US media operate as they do, as well as on how media performance might be improved. COM 128 Language and Practice of Media Arts (3 credits) This is an introduction to the practice of media production and the study of visual media literacy. The course examines the fundamental components and structure of moving image texts, explores how dynamic relationships between those elements convey meaning, and then exercise that knowledge through media production. Production design, language, technology, and methods will be discussed enabling all students in the class to have a common language of image analysis and creation. Readings and discussions on topics such as cinematography, narrative meaning, image and 109

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Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog