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Southern New Hampshire University to and may serve as a substitute for course requirements at SNHU. A maximum of six (6) graduate credits may be transferred into any degree program. Only three (3) graduate credits may be transferred into any graduate certificate program, or specialization. Note that grades do not transfer. Internships, co-operatives, capstones and student teaching credits earned at another university are not accepted as transfer credits. Each transfer course is evaluated on an individual basis, with reference to catalog course descriptions. The student should provide official transcripts and syllabi.

Ph.D. in International Business: Students must: a. Complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of required doctoral level courses, and possibly up to 15 credit hours of master’s level international business courses as prerequisites for the doctoral level courses b. Complete and satisfactorily pass all written/oral comprehensive examinations


c. Submit and receive approval of dissertation topic

Students who have met all of Southern New Hampshire University’s program specific admission requirements may be admitted to a graduate program at SNHU. Some programs require students to complete graduate exams and/or foundational coursework in addition to graduate program requirements. See your specific program for details.

d. Finalize and receive approval of dissertation research

Provisional Admissions Provisional Admission indicates that a student’s undergraduate GPA (Grade Point Average) is between 2.25 and 2.749 for Master of Business and Education students. The provisional qualification is lifted if a student achieves a grade of “B” or better in EACH of their first two courses. Not all programs accept provisional admission. See specific program requirements for details.

Graduate Registration Process Current graduate students may register for classes online using Southern New Hampshire University’s PENpal registration process. PENpal allows students to check grades, address information and schedules. Students may also register in person at each center location or via fax, or e-mail. New students will work with an admission representative for guidance through the admission process and initial course enrollment. Following first term enrollment, students will be assigned an academic advisor for further program guidance.

International students full-time study requirement and limitation of online courses International students in F-1 and J-1 student status must be enrolled full time to maintain lawful presence in the U.S. For most graduate programs at SNHU, this means a minimum of six credits per term. Online classes are limited to one class per term counting toward your minimum full-time course load. Any classes taken over the minimum full-time course load may be in-class or online format. Because some graduate programs offered at SNHU may require more or less than six credits per term for a full course load, all students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to determine the specific requirements of their program. NOTE: All reductions in a full course load for academic or medical reasons, as well as terms off, must be approved by the Center for International Exchange prior to the start of the term or class load reduction.

Degree Requirements 12

School of Business

e. Complete with a GPA of 3.0 or higher Community Economic Development (CED): M.S. in CED Students must: a. Complete 36 credit hours, including all required courses and all needs for specializations if applicable b. Complete with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Time Limitations All graduate and doctoral programs offered at Southern New Hampshire University must be completed within eight years, with the exception of the Manchester-based M.Ed. programs, which have a four-year time limit. M.Ed. students who require longer than four years to complete their degrees or combined program requirements will be required to accept the program plans in the graduate catalog in place at such time. Leaves of absence or requests for program changes do not extend the time limit. Students who require additional time to complete their degrees or combined program requirements will have their programs updated to the graduate catalog in place at the time of the extension.

Initial Enrollment An accepted student must enroll within one year of the date of acceptance. Those who fail to do so will be required to resubmit application materials and be readmitted. Readmission would require the student to satisfy program and degree requirements implemented after the original acceptance date.

Leave of Absence and Reactivation Students are not required to be enrolled in classes every term. The time limit for completing degree requirements includes the terms during which students have not enrolled in courses. For more information, contact your academic advisor if you plan to miss more than two consecutive terms.

Second Degrees A student who wishes to earn a second master’s degree through Southern New Hampshire University is required to take a minimum number of graduate courses beyond the first degree. The minimum number depends on the degrees being pursued. All other requirements in the second degree

Southern New Hampshire University Graduate Catalog 2011-2012  

The Graduate Course Catalog for Southern New Hampshire University for 2011-2012

Southern New Hampshire University Graduate Catalog 2011-2012  

The Graduate Course Catalog for Southern New Hampshire University for 2011-2012