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Sophia Nguyen Student Number: 638821 Module 1 Semester 2, 2013

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Freeform Curves Extruding Curves


Creating surfaces from planar curves

Rail Revolve

Rhino Tutorials

1 Rail Sweep

2 Rail Sweep



Measured Drawings elevation section plan 24.5 cm

38.5 cm 38.5 cm

The dimensions of the extension folder were determined using a measuring tape. Scans of the object were measured and these drawings were recreated using the results.

15 cm

How the folder works The folder is used mostly for organising documents compactly whilst maximising the available space.

The folder also has a hard cardboard shell, which, when laid out flat, looks Separate sheets of paper stuck between folds create segments in which documents can be neatly stored.

like this: Valley fold

Mountain fold

Front flap


Back Alternating mountain and valley folds allows the the folds in the paper to expand and contract when they are pushed together or pulled away from each other.

Separate piece of paper



How the folder works The cardboard shell helps to keep the form of the folder and gives the user control over the expansion and contraction of the folded paper.

Folded segments of paper sit neatly inside shell

The sides are glued to the inner sides of the shell so that the paper folds will expand or contract when the shell is pulled out or in.

The bottom of the paper segments is also folded in alternating mountain and valley folds to aid in the expansions and contractions of the folder.

Digital Model of Folder

3 sketch designs front


Right sail Back sail

Taking inspiration from Sommer's excerpt on spatial invasion, I decided to firstly experiment with the material system I chose (panel and fold) to create something that could scare off potential Personal Bubble Invaders. The idea of 'sails' comes from a species of dinosaur which had a collapsible sail made of skin and bone on its back. When threatened, it would raise its sail to try to warn whatever it was that was making the threat off. In this design, the sails are folded in the same way the extension folder paper was folded to allow the sails to collapse as well as expand. The sails are attached to the arms and are activated when arms are lowered .

3 sketch designs front

This is essentially a jacket or poncho made out of the waterbomb fold. The arms are slotted through the holes on either side of the jacket. The jacket is intended to expand and potentially puff out when the wearer pulls their arms together.

This sketch was done with the idea in mind to take up as much room in the personal space bubble as possible. The material the headband and collar would be made out of would be strong but light. They are both collapsible due to their folded nature. This idea is intended to mark out personal space rather than to defend it.


Model For my model, I decided to experiment with mountain and valley folds. I wanted to see if I could strengthen the structure of the paper and the folds by inserting other pieces of similarly creased paper in between the flaps, folding both pieces over many times and folding other joining corners together. The result was a structure with the capacity to expand, encircle other figures but still remain intact.

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