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The New Norm in St Nicks

圣苑情 2020

PrincipaL’s Message 校长的话 It is 6.45am and the start of another typical day in school. Masks of various designs and colours adorn the faces of staff and students. Only the crinkled eyes reveal the hidden smiles as we greet each other “Good morning”. There is a quick visual check at the school gates and the students are off to their classrooms. After morning assembly, the faint beeps from the personal digital thermometers echo from every classroom. In a smoothly executed motion, the temperature of every student is taken and recorded, then lessons begin. As the day progresses, orderly streams of students to the washrooms and washbasins signal the start of snack break and recess. It is a new norm in St Nicks. Frequent hand-washing and wipe-down, daily temperaturetaking and safe distancing – these have become an integral part of our daily lives. No one could have foreseen how much our lives would change. In the midst of this crisis, I am heartened to see how responsible and resilient our students are, and how they have stepped up to do their part. Facing the challenges together has also strengthened the culture of sisterly love in the school as students look out and care for each other, supporting and encouraging those who are unwell. In appreciation of the sacrifices and courage of those in the frontline battling the virus, our students also penned gratitude notes to express their thanks and support. These notes were presented to the staff at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National Centre of Infectious Diseases. For the safety of the staff and students, many mass activities had to be scaled down or cancelled. Yet, we are determined to ensure that school life continues to be enriching and vibrant for all. This is when creativity, resourcefulness and adaptability come to the fore. The signature 周会 by the Secondary 4s was turned to a video production and was screened to great acclaim. For 母语双周, the students ran a DJ segment and a quiz over the PA system. To keep us healthy and fit, the FCE teachers organised a video Power Juice Competition. This year, St Nicks launched its inaugural e-Open House. As the proverb goes, ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way.’ This crisis has also brought the professionalism and adaptability of our staff to the fore. Rallying together, they have faced the challenges and uncertainties with confidence and unity. I am also grateful to all parents for their understanding and support during this period. Your words of encouragement and notes of appreciation to our staff mean a lot to us. Experts warn that we may have to live with the virus for a long time. However, life and learning must go on. Each one of us has to play our part – to care not only for ourselves, but also for others. By taking basic and sensible precautions, we protect ourselves, our loved ones and those around us. Only then can we defeat COVID-19.

Mrs Fiona Tan Principal


崭新的一天又开始了。早晨6点45分,圣尼各拉大 家庭的教职员工和学生都戴着款式不一的口罩踏入校园。 伴随着一声声“早安”的是上扬的眼角和藏在口罩后面 的微笑。通过校门的体温监测,学生就一个个往课室走 去。晨会过后,课室里传来体温计“滴滴”的声响。老 师们记录每一个学生的体温后,就开始上课了。每天的 点心时间和休息时间,学生们都井然有序地到指定的洗 手间去洗手。频繁地洗手、擦拭桌椅、测量体温、保持 安全距离,这些都已成为我们生活中的“新常态”。谁 曾预想我们的生活会有如此大的变化呢? 这场危机让我欣慰地看到了圣尼各拉女生强烈的责任心 和她们面对挑战时的坚毅不屈。同学们也都发挥了“姐妹同心” 的精神,互相关爱,同时给予身体不适的同学支持与鼓励。我 们的学生还特地给陈笃生医院和新加坡国家传染病中心的医护 人员写下感恩字条,为他们坚守前线与病毒抗战的勇气和无私 奉献,表示感谢和慰问。 为了确保圣尼各拉大家庭的安全,许多活动都缩小规模、 改变形式或被迫取消。尽管如此,我们还是竭尽全力让校园生 活依然多姿多彩、充满活力。老师和同学们都绞尽脑汁、发挥 创意、出尽法宝、积极适应。中四大姐姐们的周会表演改以视 频方式呈现,大获好评;母语双周,学生摇身一变成为空中 DJ,透过扩音系统进行现场机智问答比赛;美育周,家政课的 老师们也举办了一场健康果汁制作比赛,鼓励同学们保持身心 健康;今年四月,圣尼各拉还史无前例地举办了一场别开生面 的“网络开放日”。这就是所谓的“有志者事竟成”。 众人一心,其利断金。这场危机也让我们看到了教职人 员的专业精神和极强的适应能力。大家带着满满的信心乘风破 浪,携手面对眼前的挑战,顺利地度过这场风暴。我也想借此 机会感谢我们的家长在这段期间给予学校的理解和支持。你们 的鼓励对我们意义非凡。 专家预计新型冠状病毒会在未来很长一段时间继续存在。 尽管如此,生活必须继续,学习也不能停滞。我们每个人都必须 尽己之力,不仅要照顾自己,还要关爱他人。采取预防措施, 不仅可以保护自己,也能保护我们的亲人和身边的人。唯有携 手一心,我们才能齐心抗炎,坚毅向前! 杨淑伶校长

SECONDARY ONE ORIENTATION By Tan Kia Hui (1 Charity), Hannah Quah (1 Grace), Ashley Ng (1 Loyalty) Marianne Neo (1 Loyalty), Tan Ting Xuan (1 Unity)

Camp Infinity was the name of our camp, inspired by the top trending movie of 2018, Avengers: Infinity War. As it drew to a close, all of us left feeling empowered to take on our roles as Secondary One students. From the highly anticipated campfire to the CCA fair, the Secondary One Orientation Camp was a huge success.

The theme for the camp was selected after much consideration from the student council. The student councillors hoped that we would embody the same strength, tenacity and teamwork the female superheroes displayed. The word ‘infinity’ means something that is immeasurable which suggests that we, the Sec Ones, will be able to explore and discover our unlimited potential and talents in our four years in St. Nicks.

for us), the PSLs put in long, g r u e l l i n g hours to ensure that we had an enjoyable time. “Though they were probably lethargic from the long night, they showed no sign of exhaustion and continued motivating us with as much enthusiasm as the day before,” noted Joey So from 1 Loyalty. “They have undeniably played a huge part in our smooth transition into Secondary One and we are extremely grateful towards our PSL 姐姐们”。

For many of us, after a long day of activities, the campfire was the highlight of the camp. All of us cheered loudly when an orange flame at the top of the school building cruised precisely into the fire pit. Janelle Ho of 1 Grace said it was “fun to do all the cheers and watch other classes perform”. What a night to remember!

Phoebe Fung from 1 Loyalty felt that the PSLs and student councillors planned the programme extremely well. She was amazed at how well they took care of us despite being only two to three years older. She also felt that they were like friends because she was comfortable sharing her worries with them.

The CCA fair, held the day after the campfire, was a hive of activities around the school. Despite the packed schedule, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly as we explored the various CCAs. We were even treated to performances and given the opportunity to try out some sports! Rebecca Kui from 1 Unity enjoyed trying out Netball because she was able to interact with her classmates, allowing her to better understand their personality.

Overall, the camp was spectacular. Most of us enjoyed ourselves so much that we wished that the camp could have lasted a little longer. Charlotte Soh from 1 Charity said, “The camp was an excellent way for us to make new friends and work together as a class. During the camp, I became more familiar with my surroundings at St. Nicks, and now I no longer feel lost. Through the various games, we learned 姐妹同心, and that together, we are one family”.

With all the fun-filled activities at camp, who would have forgotten the work of our Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) behind the scenes? From planning class bonding games to staying up until the wee hours (to write words of encouragement

We look forward to getting to know our classmates even better, staying in contact with our amazing PSLs and having a wonderful learning experience throughout 2020! CONNEXIONS · 3

release of the o-level results By Desiree Lim (4 Hope), Gabriella Sim (4 Hope), Lynn Tan (4 Justice)

Skye Phua Special Commendation Award How do you feel about winning this award? I feel very honoured. It was unexpected as my academics were not always good. Why do you think you won this award? I think it is to recognise my determination and hard work put in from Secondary 1 to 4 which helped me get a good O-level score, something that I never expected at all.

On 13 January, the Secondary Four cohort of 2019 gathered nervously at the hall for the release of their O-level results. Anticipation and tension filled the air as they waited anxiously to receive their results. Some were hugging their friends, offering support while some were silent from the nervousness bottled within them. Soon, shrieks and cries of joy filled the entire hall as students receive their individual results from their teachers. It was definitely a memorable day. It was an even more special day for students who were awarded the Lee Poh See Foundation Award, an award given to students who contributed outstandingly to the school and the community, and we had the opportunity to interview some of them. 4 · CONNEXIONS

Is there anyone whom you would like to thank? I sincerely want to thank all the teachers who have taught me since Secondary 1, for all their hard work and encouragement throughout the past 4 years. I would also like to thank my parents because they have always been by my side, as I coped with both studies and CCA.

motivation to continue and really felt like giving up. However, I thought about how I would regret it if I gave up, so I pushed myself very hard. My advice to the juniors is to remember that O-levels is not everything and to do consistent work as last minute cramming is not effective. Venyce Goh Outstanding Performance in Arts Award How do you feel about winning this award? I was shocked at first because I didn’t expect myself to win the award, then I was really happy that I was recognised as someone with outstanding performance in the Arts. Why do you think you won this award? I think it is because I’ve always had passion in music and would have the drive to improve my skills such as the grasp of the instruments. Besides, I feel grateful that the school has provided me the opportunities to participate in events such as the IJHCC performance and iLight.

What were some difficulties you faced when preparing for your O-levels? How did you overcome them?

How did you manage to juggle CCA, pursuit of the arts and school work?

O-levels was very draining for me as I had to pack close to four years’ worth of content in a short time. Nearing the O-levels, I had no

I made a list of things to finish every day and made sure to follow it closely. I also did my best to practise piano and cello every day or whenever

Why do you think you won this award? I think it is because I participated in many VIA projects, some of which were self-initiated. I would constantly research on the various projects that could benefit our community. Carrying this title of an awardee, how do you think you can continue to serve others? I think that I can embark on more projects to serve the community and come back to serve St Nicholas. How did you prepare for your O-levels? I did a lot of revision, and constantly sought help from my teachers and friends to clarify my doubts. What advice would you give to the juniors taking the O-levels? It’s only once, so you should give it your all. After the examinations and during the holidays, you will be able to have fun! So jump over any obstacles you face to reach your finishing line, which is O-levels. I had time. Whenever I felt unmotivated or too tired to finish the list of things, I would rest and listen to music to pump up my energy. Who were the people who helped you through the O-levels? My parents and teachers helped me immensely through their support and guidance during the O-levels. My friends studied with me during night study and the holidays. My piano too, allowed me to vent out my emotions on it. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? I’m not saying that as long as you do your best, you will succeed, but if you don’t try at all, there’s nothing left’. This quote inspired and pushed me to keep striving during the O-levels. Lanice Tan Kindness Award How do you feel about winning this award? I’m very grateful that I got this award and I think it is an opportunity that not everybody has. While I am grateful for this recognition, I think that there are many people who are doing the same. Thus, I feel that I am also receiving this award on their behalf.

Samantha Lai, Outstanding Performance in Leadership Award How do you feel about winning this award? I was surprised at first and questioned whether I was deserving of it, but I have grown to graciously accept the recognition the award has given me and I hope to use it as a stepping stone for me to continue to push myself! Why do you think you won this award? I think I have been blessed enough to receive this award due to the effort that I have put into my various leadership roles. This effort has translated into visible actions through which my teachers and peers observed. Is there anyone whom you would like to thank? My family who has continuously supported me in my various endeavours, my teachers who have guided me and entrusted me with various leadership positions, my friends and peers who have trusted me to lead them and being the ones whom I can turn to in school whenever I needed help because a leader cannot work on her own. Lastly, I would like to thank God

for always looking out for me and showering countless blessings on me! What advice would you give to juniors who are taking on leadership roles? Growth can really begin when you step out of your comfort zone. You have to trust yourself to take the leap and remember that you will continue to learn along the way during the journey. Finally, don’t forget to be your own kind of leader! You are your own person and there are many different types of leaders, so remember to play to your strengths and stay grounded! Marasigan Noleen Joy Bonita, Pupil of the Year Award How do you feel about winning this award? I’m incredibly humbled and blessed to be given the award. Why do you think you won this award? I’ve always strive to grow holistically, and not focus on just numbers and grades. So, I think my drive to grow myself as an all-rounder set me apart from others and allowed me to attain this recognition as I always fearlessly tried new things and stepped out of my comfort zone. How did you manage to juggle CCA, Student Council responsibilities and school work? As cliched as it may sound, self-discipline and time management is key! I had to make a lot of sacrifices and not procrastinate. Besides, seeking help from others was pivotal in making sure that I could juggle all the responsibilities. At the end of the day, I was passionate about what I did and that gave me much drive and motivation to carry through. What words of encouragement would you like to give to the 2020 Sec 4 cohort? You are not alone, realise that everyone else is fighting their own battles and that you don’t fight yours alone! Lean on one another and walk hand in hand, it will make the journey easier! Most importantly, work hard and play hard!



学习与成长,体验与收获 沈凯童、陈彦伶(中四信)

2019年的年终假期,我 们一行三十二人,踏上了广州 的土地,开始了一段与众不同 的浸濡之旅。这里的人与我们 的生活习惯不同,文化差异也 不小。但是,我们大家一到广 州就迫不及待地想体验一系列 为我们安排好的活动。 我们参观了鳌园和归来堂,了解到 陈嘉庚先生不仅是集美学村和厦门大学的 创办人,也是一名企业家、教育家和慈善 家。他几乎把自己所有的财产捐出来,作 为办教育的经费。虽然他来自一个贫苦的 家庭,但是他义无反顾地扛起照顾一家的 责任,甚至为父亲还债,后来他在新加坡 创业并经营黄梨和橡胶种植业。 很多姐妹起初对陈嘉庚先生并不了 解。经过导游的讲解,我们明白了新加 坡教育的发展进步是因为有像陈先生那 样勤奋、坚毅和无私的先驱对社会作出 了巨大的贡献。因此,姐妹们也应该向 陈嘉庚先生学习并感激先贤为推动我国 的教育与发展作出的贡献。

我们还到了汕头侨批文物馆去参观, 对早期华南移民的历史有更深一层的了 解。我们了解到早期南来的先辈生活非 常艰辛。我们真的无法想象离开家人的 日子是如何的。 此外,我们也参观了古色古香的老 妈宮,也去了广济桥。桥的中央主要是 用十八只木船来连接东西两岸,船只每 天五点半就会开走。 我们也去了华南理工学院附中,和 那里的学生进行交流。我们还上了一堂华 文课,学习如何解读《西游记》。在课堂 上,当地的学生都很踊跃地参与讨论,我 们看了很受激励,觉得应该像他们一样热 爱学习。除此之外,中国学生其实也有很 扎实的英文基础,和我们新加坡孩子的水 平不相上下,让我们特别意外,这也改变 了我们的刻板印象。可见,双语优势已经 不仅仅是新加坡人的了。姐妹们,我们应 该更加珍惜在特选学校这样的双语环境, 感谢学校为我们准备各种深广活动,努力 充实和提升自己。 接下来,我们还到华南理工学院听讲 座。教授和我们分享了中国 IT 行业发展 现状及趋势。我们学到了怎么在这数码科 技时代中善用科技。我们也了解到如何使 用应用程序来提高品牌的知名度。之后, 我们参观了 T.I.T 创意园,在那里合影, 留下美好的回忆。


在广州智能洗衣机中央工厂,我们了 解到洗衣机的历史以及公司的运作。从野 外湖边洗衣到发明各种天然洗衣材料来提 高洗衣服的质量,我们见证了中国科技的 高速发展,也明白了做任何事情都需要时 间和耐心。我们在追求创新的过程中难免 会有失败,但通过自省,就能认识与纠正 自我,不断成长。

我们也参观了鸦片战争博物馆,更加 了解关于鸦片战争时期的历史。当年中国 人民受鸦片残害严重,所以林则徐销毁了 鸦片。英国也因为这件事情而攻打中国, 使得中国签定了不平等条约,把香港割让 给英国,直到1997年才回归中国,而这段 历史对香港的影响深远。

最后,我们参观了冰玉堂,这里展 示了许多与妈姐有关的历史文物。我们 也了解何谓“自梳女”,并且更加了解她 们早期为新加坡所做出的贡献。“自梳女” 文化让我们感受到她们姐妹同心的精神, 她们互相依靠、支持,为生活打拼的毅力 真令人佩服。

八天的快乐时光不知不觉地溜走 了,但我们收获良多!这次的旅程让我 明白,身为华人,我们应该懂得和欣赏 中华文化,并且去了解我们的根。面对 未来,我们应该好好充实自己,利用自 己知识、语言、文化的优势,开创属于 自己的一片天!



看世界,悟人生 —— 秋末初冬畅游神州大地 摘自2019中三双文化课程学生浸濡反思

北京之文化活动篇: • 紫禁城:我们了解了紫禁城悠久的历史,也采访了当地游客,询问他们对新加坡的印象,还品 尝到了令人垂涎三尺的北京烤鸭。 • 天坛:没想到古代皇帝祭天的地方居然有四个紫禁城那么大,实在是太壮观了! • 首都博物馆:博物馆展出了中国各朝代的特色,如古代瓷器、佛像、古代戏剧、古代婚礼习 俗等。让我们大开眼界! • 颐和园:这里有很多有趣的故事,如在皇帝的房间里有四个门,除了正门之外其他的门都堵 上了,被改成墙,让它变成“天子之狱”。还有选贵妃时,她们得从一个门进去,太胖或太瘦 就不能成为贵妃。 • 万里长城:在路上我们听了孟姜女的故事,很佩服她的坚贞不渝。“不到长城非好汉”,今天我 们真的变成女汉子了!虽然登长城让我们精疲力尽,但是看到了美丽的风景,留下了美好的 回忆,都是值得的! • 鸟巢和水立方:据说这是北京的一块风水宝地!2008 年奥运会的许多体育项目就是 在这里举行的。 • 圆明园:来到这之前,我们对火烧圆明园的故事已经略知一二,听了导游的分享, 我们更加了解这段历史也看到了圆明园被火烧之前的模样,心中颇有感慨。 • 798艺术区:这是艺术家们展示个性的基地,有漂亮的涂鸦、艺术展览和 一些特色小店。在这里我们感受了艺术的魅力和自由的创意。 • 走进剧场:我们观赏了开心麻花爆笑舞台剧《贼想得到你》。这场喜剧 让我们捧腹大笑,放松了心情、消除了一整天的疲惫! • 胡同:这些历史悠久的胡同见证了北京的发展与历史的变迁。 我们有幸做了三轮车,体验了独特的老北京文化。


北京之学习交流篇: • 北京大学:我们到北京大学与新加坡留学生进行交流。大哥哥、大姐姐们的分享让我们了解到在中国上大学并不容易,需要 学会适应,而且一个人出国上学,也要学会独立。我们很羡慕大哥哥、大姐姐们可以利用假期去中国各地旅游,增广见闻, 体验生活。 • 北京工友之家:这是一群特殊的群体,他们来到北京打拼,十分不易。同心实验学校是给外地打工者的孩子建的,这里虽然 设施简陋,但却阻挡不了孩子们的笑容。我们也参观了打工文化艺术博物馆,了解了打工者的生活,感受到了他们离乡背井 的艰难,也能理解他们面临的挑战和思念亲人的感受。 • 海淀区教师进修学校附属实验学校:我们与北京初一、初二的同学们交流学习。看到又美丽又宽敞的校园,我们都赞叹不已! 我们也和小伙伴们一起上了两节课。虽然用华文来上数学、地理、物理课对我们来说有点难度,但是我们觉得既新鲜又有趣! 我们还发现当地的学生每节课之间都得做眼睛保健操,这是一个很好的习惯,我们新加坡的学校也可以借鉴。 • 清华科技园:在这里,我们听了北大历史教授给我们讲当代中国的发展。也学习了一些新知识,了解中国教育制度的发展变 化,例如:科举考试到现在的高考、从文言文到白话文的变化等。



• 天津的瓷房子:瓷房子前身为历经百年 的法式老洋楼,现成一座外表亮丽的瓷 楼,非常特别。 • 五大道:这里环境优美,建筑风格独 特,是以前的租界区,也是市政园林 和民居建筑的典型代表。傍晚华灯初 上,欧式风格建筑更显华丽,让我们 仿佛置身欧洲。 • 方特游乐园:在这里,我们畅游了一 把,玩了许多游乐设施,例如过山车, 鬼屋,5D的影视,大摆锤,跳楼机等。 游乐园内充满了我们的欢声笑语! • 鼓楼、古文化街:在这里我们品尝了各 种不同的天津小吃,如狗不理包子、 麻花、耳朵眼炸糕、煎饼果子等。出 了古文化街,我们到了海河,沿着河 岸用镜头捕捉了美丽的夜景。我们也 观赏了相声表演。大家都看得津津有 味,捧腹大笑!


天津之学习交流篇: • 天津外国语大学附属滨海小外初中:这是一所天津生态城的公办学校,也接纳残 疾学生。学校还为学生提供免费的午餐和校服。我们就在学校的食堂品尝了美味 可口又营养均衡的午餐。校园环境特别漂亮,还被评为中国十大最美校园之一。 • 南开中学:我们与当地的同学进行交流学习,也参观了周恩来校史博物馆。之后还 分组上了英文、书法、通用技术、生物课等,体验了不同的课堂教学。 • 天津生态城:这是新中两国第二个政府间合作项目,大家对此已略有所闻,亲自 到访后更是让大家大开眼界,有些同学甚至有了将来想要到生态城去生活或工作 的念头!这里科技先进,环境优美,倡导环保节能和可持续发展,是未来生活的 好地方。我们也去了中新友好图书馆,这里书籍琳琅满目。书桌上的QR码可让居 民快速借书,这里还有很多小机器人为大家提供服务。 CONNEXIONS · 9

广东明日领袖营: 第一天到达抱绿山庄后,我们就听了营长的分享,学会了如何去关心别人,孝顺 父母,感激自己所拥有的一切,并且为自己的未来树立志向。这七天,我们每天都参与各 种各样的新鲜活动,譬如射箭、走平衡木、游湖、划木筏等等。通过这些活动,我们领悟到了如 何放松,心平气和地去面对身边的事物。我们也能够培养自己的专注力,锻炼自己的意志,学习 怎么与其他人共同合作,齐心协力地完成任务。除此之外,我们每天也能享用新鲜可口的饭菜, 以及山庄阿姨亲自磨的豆浆,这让大家都吃得津津有味。几天下来的团队活动更是使我们意识到 了团队精神的重要性。我们每天晚上也会围在一起合唱,而大家也会笑容洋溢,积极地高唱,一 同享受这段欢乐的时光,一起领悟人生,收获成长。总而言之,在喜耀明日领袖锻炼营的这段时 间使我们硕果累累,也让我们留下许多难忘的回忆。


苏州文化交流: 我们首先参观了苏州工业园区,漫步在美丽金鸡湖,欣赏沿途的风景。这是新 中两国首个政府间合作项目,通过参观我们也更了解两地的合作以及该地的发展。 我们也去了苏州博物馆。这是美籍华人建筑大师贝聿铭为自己故乡设计的作品,也 是他最后一个作品。博物馆的建筑承袭了苏州的历史建筑风格,与周边园林名胜珠 联璧合,交相辉映,是传统与现代和谐的建筑产物。所谓“上有天堂,下有苏杭”。 来到苏州怎么可以错过园林。我们来到拙政园,领略了苏州园林之美,花园里鲜艳 的花朵儿盛开着、清澈的小河流淌着,真是风景如画,不愧为人间天堂。

苏州 上海



我们在上海参加了小小企业家学习计划,度过了充实而有 意义的四天。两位幽默风趣的老师以一堂生动历史课开启了我们 四天的学习之旅,我们需要通过几天的学习、探索完成我们的 小组任务。这几天,我们在上海博物馆寻宝解题,了解了上海这 座魅力城市的历史和发展。我们也去了鲁迅博物馆,寻找伟人 的足迹,感悟伟人的故事。我们参观了不同的企业,聆听企业 家的分享,感受企业的文化和创业的艰辛。我们去了莫干山艺 术区,享受艺术的气息和自由创作的魅力。我们也进行了城市 探索活动,用我们的双眼去发现,用我们的双脚去实现。听着 同学们精彩的呈现,看着大家几天辛苦努力的学习成果,我们 突然发现了自己的成长。感谢两位小小企业家的老师带领我们 看世界,悟人生,教会我们的不只是创业,还有做人这堂课。 CONNEXIONS · 11

2019 BSP immersion trip to usa By Seah Jing En (4 Wisdom 2019), Teoh Zi Ning (4 Purity 2019), Chor Jia Yee (4 Wisdom 2019), Ong Shih Teng, Christian (4 Wisdom 2019)

In November last year, a group of us embarked on a 14-day immersion trip to the United States of America (USA) as part of our Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP). During our trip, we visited New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Some of the highlights of the trip included the September-11 Memorial Hall, the Museum of African American History and Culture and the United Nations Headquarters. In New York, we visited many museums and learnt a lot about America’s culture and history. The September-11 Memorial left the deepest impact on many of us as it illustrated the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history. At the Memorial, we learnt about the attack through media, monumental and authentic artifact collections and personal stories of loss, recovery and hope. We saw the attacks through the eyes of the victims as well as their loved ones and this made the experience even more 12 · CONNEXIONS

heart-wrenching. It taught us the importance of unity in a country and showed how everyone plays a pivotal role in the prevention of future tragedies.The September-11 attacks resulted in many devastating impacts, some of which are still ongoing today. The incident will continue to remain as a significant part of not only America’s history, but also the world’s. We were also given the valuable opportunity to tour the United Nations Headquarters where we learnt about the main bodies of the UN and the global issues that the UN is focused on. Furthermore, we also had the chance to visit the Singapore’s Permanent Mission to the UN, where we had a discussion about Singapore’s role in the UN. This rare experience was very enriching for all of us as it helped us understand how Singapore secures its sovereignty through its constant involvement in global affairs. It also showcased the complexity of politics and how political affairs are interlinked with the dynamics of the economy and the society. Upon arriving in Washington DC, we visited many iconic landmarks such as the United

States Capitol, significant war and Presidential memorials and the Holocaust musuem. However, we found The National Museum of African American History and Culture to be the most enriching, as it highlighted many universal themes such as freedom and respect. The museum walked us through the journey of the African Americans’ fight for freedom and equal rights in the USA. From the ludicrous slave trade that led to the American Civil War to the Jim Crow Laws in the early 20th century, African Americans were relentlessly persecuted for their skin colour. Today, many have yet to be freed from the shackles of systemic racism and stereotypes despite society’s shift towards progressiveness. Through the many eye-opening exhibits, we also learnt about the value of freedom to the African Americans; to the marginalised and repressed, freedom was the means to a better life, equality and self-expression, fundamental human desires that they had been robbed of. We felt that the courage of the African Americans to fight for their rights despite multiple setbacks was truly admirable. Lastly, we also learnt about the rich African American culture, especially in sport and the arts.

Exploring a country with such a unique culture and history of its own enabled us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the American politics, economy, society and way of life. More importantly, this trip also allowed us to gain fresh insights towards the differences between the Eastern and Western cultures. It truly was an educational and enriching trip for all of us. CONNEXIONS · 13


健康、快乐、 幸福“鼠”于你 诸葛贝宁(中三信) 魏可诒(中二勤)

光阴似箭,时光总是在不 经意中从身边匆匆流逝,一个 值得回忆的2019年一眨眼就 过去了,迎接着我们的是一个 崭新的2020年。新年庆祝会 为我们这全新的旅程拉开了帷 幕。 还记得那天早上,踏入校门前便可以 听见姐妹们的欢声笑语,眼前所及皆是一 片喜庆的红色,有些姐妹们也身穿旗袍, 非常美丽。大家脸上都洋溢着笑容,散发 着青春活力的气息。整个观众席一片红彤 彤的,喜气洋洋。整个圣尼各拉大家庭都 在兴奋地等待着农历新年庆祝会的开始。 14 · CONNEXIONS

新年的司仪们早早就做好了准备。 新年庆祝会是我校每年第一项大型活动, 它不仅仅是为了庆祝新年的到来,更是圣 尼各拉大家庭团聚的好时刻,姐妹们欢聚 一堂,为彼此送上最真挚的祝福,憧憬新 一年的美好。 每年的节目流程虽然差别不大,但每 次都能给大家带来不同的感受。 庆祝会的第一个节目是新年弥撒,是 我们学校的传统节目。神父带领全校师生 向天主祈祷,让大家在新的一年里,平平 安安,健康快乐,主恩常在。然后,大家 都高声歌颂圣歌,把手里的橘子举起,虔 诚地等待着神父将圣水洒在橘子上,得到

祝愿。大家得到了美好的祝福后都感到十 分欣喜,希望在新的一年里一切安好。 接着,杨校长在致辞中祝愿全校师 生新年快乐,并向支持我校的修女、圣 婴董事会、教职员、家长以及校友姐姐 们表示诚挚的谢意,愿大家在新的一年 身体安康、幸福美满。 校长婆婆作为我们学校庆祝会的特 邀嘉宾,也像往常一样送上她对姐妹们 的希望与祝福。她时刻提醒着我们要谨记 “温文尔雅,高贵大方,谦恭有礼”,她 也希望我们茁壮成长,成为能够为社会 作出贡献的人。从校长婆婆的话语中, 我们能感受到长辈对晚辈的关怀。校长

婆婆也颁发了李宝丝基金奖,鼓励那些 在各方面表现突出的姐妹们,也希望能 为其他姐妹树立好榜样。 颁奖典礼后,就到了最激动人心的 时刻了! 精彩的舞龙舞狮表演将庆祝会的 气氛推到了高潮,在跑道和观众席上,鼓 声和观众的欢呼声不绝于耳,大家都目不 转睛地看完整场表演。热闹活泼的舞狮舞 龙表演使全校瞬间沸腾了起来,为新年增 添了不少新年气氛。

力。带着憧憬,怀揣梦想,时刻准备好 去迎接新的挑战。 新年庆祝会怎么能少了大合唱呢?今 年大家真有耳福,一口气听了四首新年歌 曲呢!首先,由司仪带领全校一起演唱了 《大地回春》和《贺新年》。接着,小学 部的老师们也带领全校师生唱了《拜年》 和《嘻嘻哈哈过新年》。三千姐妹都沉浸 在歌声与笑声中。

2020年农历新年庆祝会就在一片欢声 笑语中,画上了完美的句号,但是新的一 年才刚开始呢!希望大家在新的一年里能 够幸福快乐,努力向前迈进,成为更好的 自己!在此,我们祝福圣尼各拉大家庭所 有人新年快乐、鼠年吉祥、前程似锦、步 步高升。健康、快乐、幸福“鼠”于你!

接下来是同样精彩的表演节目。华 乐团演奏的新年组曲将喜庆的气氛演绎 得淋漓尽致。姐妹们都跟着歌曲的节奏 舞动着身体,开心极了。舞蹈团的姐妹 们也为我们准备了精彩的表演。她们踏 着轻快的旋律,舞出了少女的青春与活

在新的一年,我希望我和我家人 都身体健康、岁岁平安、天天开心。 我也希望在这一年可以更了解自己并 对自己更有信心,同时不断地提升自 己。我也想变得心胸更开阔,更加乐 于帮助和包容他人。我也希望我和朋 友们在年终考试一起考获很多A!最后,我希望这一 年大家过得顺顺利利,大吉大利,祝大家新年快乐!

这个新年,我觉得大家健康最重 要,因为健康就是财富!大家也要天 天开开心心,毕竟开心也是过一天, 不开心也是过一天。我也希望大家不 要有压力,我们要懂得放松心情、享 受生活。最后,我希望学生们的考试 分数比她们的身高更高!祝大家新年快乐,学业进步! 校工叔叔 UNCLE HENRY


我新年最大的愿望就是让自己改 善饮食,让身体更健康。我认为健康 最重要,它是不能用金钱衡量,也不 能用金钱换来的。我希望大家今年都 能快快乐乐,并且达到自己的目标。 祝大家新年快乐,大吉大利,步步高 升,学业进步!

在新的一年里,我的愿望就是吃 得更健康,确保自己养成健康饮食的 好习惯。我也想要多读点书,提高自 己的阅读量并不断地进步。我也希望 能保持身心健康。在此,祝大家新年 快乐,步步高升! 马依玲副校长


sn enrichment week By Ashley Ng (1 Loyalty) Law Xuan Ping (2 Purity), Valerie Tan (3 Faith), Elizabeth Leong (4 Purity)

By the end of January, many of us, still in our December holiday mood, were looking forward to the highly anticipated Enrichment Week, and a break from lessons. The Sec 1 to 3s had the annual Passion Pursuit Modules while the Sec 4s, being their last year at St Nicks, had different activities lined up for them. Nevertheless, we all had new experiences and tremendous fun. The Passion Pursuit modules which gave the Secondary one and two 姐妹们 a chance to explore their interests, were once again wellreceived. Even before the week began, many woke up early just to opt for their favourite activities via an online form, due to the limited slots available for each module. Out of the plethora of activities offered, one of the most popular activities was the Weiqi course. Weiqi, 围棋, the oldest board game played across many generations, originated in China more than 2,500 years ago. In our class, we were taught the basic rules and winning tactics of Weiqi 16 · CONNEXIONS

and were given time to play with other 姐妹们. Needless to say, this course was very interesting and meaningful. Firstly, Weiqi is an activity that can cultivate calmness of mind. This is learnt through overcoming the mental pressure and situation pressure in the game. Secondly, we were given a chance to play rounds of Weiqi with 姐妹们 from different classes and levels. Thirdly, seeing how long a game took, we had time to chat with each other and make new friends. Another commonly talked about activity was the ‘K-pop/Hip-hop dance’ course. Since

K-pop (Korean pop) is all the rage now, many of us chose to go for it, and it was definitely the right choice! We were taught some simple yet trendy dance moves. Furthermore, we were given a chance to work with other 姐妹们 from different classes and levels to choreograph a dance routine and perform. Through this course, students were able to demonstrate team spirit and strengthen the bonds among them. If you ever wanted to learn how to become a better version of yourself and if you were either Sec 1 or 2, you most probably went for the “7

Habits of Highly Effective People” course! Based on the best-selling book by Stephen Covey, this course was all about vital habits -- from “being proactive” to “sharpening the saw”. Even though the session was no longer than two hours, the skills and habits taught will definitely always be a part of us. To prepare for graduation from St Nicks, the Sec 4s had workshops on career guidance, social etiquette and financial literacy planned for us that would prepare us for our future. On Career Day, we had professionals from different fields, ranging from healthcare to law and engineering, to give us presentations about their jobs. Many of their jobs and stories were already very inspiring, but the fact that they were all women (many of whom were our 姐姐们) and successful in their own right was even more inspiring. Both the financial literacy and social etiquette workshops taught us skills that would serve us well in the future as well. From these workshops, we got a chance to know ourselves better, carry ourselves more confidently, being truly girls of grace. On the last day, we had the much awaited outing to Cathay cinema at Ang Mo Kio Hub for the screening of our school movie, ‘From Victoria Street to Ang Mo Kio’. Being in SN for the last year, the documentary, including many school

and IJ songs that we hold dear to our hearts, stirred up many fond memories of our time with our friends at St Nicks and an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia ended our Enrichment Week.

creativity and curiosity. The eventful week came to an end with students, wide smiles beaming on their faces, gathering and excitedly exchanging their experiences. As Kathy R. Jeffords once said, “What we learn becomes a part of who we are”.

This year’s Enrichment Week was a huge success, in the sense that it provided numerous opportunities and platforms for students to explore their interests, gain knowledge and discover hidden talents. Through this programme, students were able to unlock their fullest potential, as well as develop teamwork,


母语双周全新登场,精彩势不可挡 黄宇欣 (中三智)

今年,由于冠状病毒疫 情,母语双周的精彩活动无法 如往年一般举行,不免有点遗 憾。虽然如此,学校还是我们 安排了一系列特别也有特色的 活动,让姐妹们在疫情期间不 减学习的热情,仍然能以有趣 和有新意的方式学习华文。

华丽转身 线上直播 突破自我 挑战无限 华文文化学会倾情呈现 黄子毓(中四望) 孙宇桐(中四勤)

受到疫情的影响,今年的 华文无极限要以全新的形式登 场,对于我们主办者来说,难 免会感到有一些压力和措手不 及。而且,今年筹备活动的时 间也比去年少了很多,这也使 我们整个团队产生了紧迫感。 我们能够在限定时间内呈现出 一小时的精彩内容吗?我们能 够让姐妹们沉浸在精彩刺激的 比赛中吗?我们心里还是有些 忐忑,但也有一丝激动和期 待。 18 · CONNEXIONS

其中最值得一提的就是“春到河畔走 进圣尼各拉”。去年年底,我校十位中四 双文化班的姐姐们参加了一年一度“春到 河畔”学生导览活动的筹备工作。本来今 年农历新年期间,她们有机会在浮动舞台 为嘉宾和公众导览,但由于疫情的关系, 活动在开幕一天后临时取消,姐妹们带着 遗憾离开了浮动舞台。为了让同学们能够 展示所学,也希望我们的妹妹们能感受春 到河畔的气氛,我校把春到河畔展览带到 了校园,让这群中四姐姐们为姐妹们进行 导览,分享华人红包文化。大家可以在合 家欢观看展览,参与姐姐们设计的问答游 戏,真是一次难得的体验。 除此之外,今年还推出了“我的华文 课我做主”。这是一节由华文课代表设计 和主持的华文课。由同学们自己设计出来 的华文课形式多样,别出心裁。有新歌发

还记得老师决定让我们当主持人的 时候,从未当过司仪的我们怀疑自己到 底能否胜任这份工作,是否能在众目睽 睽之下主持好这场比赛,我们甚至还质 疑过老师的眼光。 一开始时,我们总是能拖就拖,总是 不想开始写稿,但我们意识到了正是因为 老师看好我们,信任我们,觉得我们有能 力做好司仪,才把这份重任交给我们的。 因此,为了不辜负老师的期望,我们开始 全身心投入写稿。 在写稿的过程中,我们也从学姐和老 师那里得到了很多宝贵的建议。写完稿之 后,我们又日夜不停地练习与彩排,为的 就是以最好的状态去面对,突破自我,也 为我们的华文文化学会争光,让老师为我 们感到骄傲自豪。 从礼堂走进课室,从现场走向录制, 从上台竞猜走入广播热线,从全年级最高 分入围制变为最强班级组合制,让更多 人、更多班有参与感。正是这一次次地

布会、观看电影短片,还有精彩的 Kahoot 游戏等。大家都很享受这堂课,尤其是因 为老师们准备的精美奖品。 母语双周最后一天的活动也十分刺 激。主持人通过广播进行了现场问答游 戏,让各班同学用手机拨打热线抢答问 题,赢取奖品。题目有“《小幸运》这首 歌曲出自哪部电影”、“LRT 这种公共交通 工具的华文名称是什么”等问题。姐妹们一 听到题目都急着拨打热线,十分积极地回 答问题,希望能为自己的班赢得小奖品。 今年的母语双周活动虽然因为疫情与 往年有所不同,但这却没有阻挡大家学习 华文的热情。经历了这精彩的两个星期, 我相信很多姐妹们和我一样,不仅对华文 华语和华族文化有更深的了解和欣赏,也 发现了学习华文其实不乏味!

尝试,一次次地探索,一次次地投入, 让我们对这场《华文无极限》越来越充 满期待。会员们在老师的帮助下精心设 计题目,绞尽脑汁为姐妹们挑选心仪的 奖品。 我们首次尝试以Kahoot的形式进 行初赛选拔,调动了每一个学生的积极 性。 今年我们的又一创新之处在于为各 班的入围选手颁发了校园华文文化推广 大使的勋章,愿你们成为行走的华文文 化,让身边的姐妹们爱上华文! 尽管主持的过程中我们并没有表现得 十分完美,仍有些紧张和小失误,但我们 却感到收获满满,因为我们不仅把握住了 这个宝贵的机会,丰富了自己的阅历,在 自己的人生履历添上了精彩的一笔,还历 练了自己,也变得更加成熟。 我们十分感谢指导过和帮助过我们的 老师和朋友们,没有她们就没有今天的我 们!华文无极限,挑战无极限!挑战你我 的不仅是那些题目,不仅是突如其来的变 化,而更多的是这场比赛背后坚持下来的 信念!挑战无极限,突破无极限!


红彤彤的祝福 华人的红包文化 感谢学校给予我机会参加春到河畔 导览活动,虽然我知道每年农历新 年都会举行这个活动,但从来没想 到自己会参与其中。由于新型冠状 病毒疫情的影响,在开幕式一天后 主办方就取消了这个活动,但我有 幸能在开幕式当天为公众导览。当 天,前来观看展览的人群络绎不 绝,气氛好不热闹。我感到有一 丝紧张,毕竟是第一次参加这样大 型的活动。父母和好友都来到了现 场为我加油打气,她们的陪伴与鼓 励让我放松了不少。另外,我也感 谢老师们的支持,让我更勇敢和自 信。在为公众导览时,我与我的搭 档配合默契,把最好的一面展现给 了大家,没有留下遗憾。

我以前也和家人一起去看过春到河 畔的展览,但是亲自参与导览的感 受是不一样的。虽然不能为公众导 览确实有些遗憾,但我收获颇多。 我对华人农历新年的传统文化有了 更深一层的了解。同时,也有机会 向晚晴圆的导师学习,掌握一些导 览和演说技巧,并增强讲华语的信 心。另外,能有机会代表学校接受 媒体采访,我感到特别荣幸。这是 我第一次接受采访,虽然有点紧 张,但却是难得的一次体验。

这次能到晚晴园参加春到河畔的导 览培训真是个难能可贵的经验。我 们对华人的红包文化有了更多的认 识。指导老师都很有耐心,让我们 感到特别亲切。这次培训也让我们 锻炼了演讲能力,我们能够踏出舒 适圈,勇敢地在众人面前演讲。另 外,我们有机会和公教中学一起合 作来完成导览。我们向彼此学习了 不少,也建立了友谊。与他人的合 作也让我们学到了在发生突发状况 时,要懂得变通、互助互补,与他 人沟通的重要。

葉璟儀(中四忠) 黄美蕙 中四忠 沈俐彤 中四忠

胡素恩 中四忠 洪心宇 中四智


春到河畔走进圣尼各拉 虽然由于疫情的蔓延使得我们无缘为公众做导览,但值得庆幸的是老师们特地 花心思为我们提供了另一个平台展示我们努力许久的成果——那就是把春到河 畔带进圣尼各拉校园。 我们通过角色扮演,以祖孙对话的形式为姐妹们进行导览,让大家对红包文化 有更深的了解。担任导览员对我们来说是个全新的体验,令我们非常难忘。它 让我们更自信地在大家面前演讲,也让我们对华文华语的学习有了新的认识。 感谢老师们一直以来的指导和支持,也感谢姐妹们认真聆听我们的讲解! 何雨帆(中四纯)、陈洋敏(中四纯)、陈玮祺(中四智)、陈星愉(中四智)


AESTHETICS WEEK By Clarisse Lau (2 Loyalty), Olivia Yew (2 Loyalty), Judith Yang (2 Wisdom)

Aesthetics week is a key programme of the Aesthetics department. The week includes many exciting activities in Music, Art, D&T as well as FCE. Some examples of the activities that were held during Aesthetics Week in the previous years include coaster marbling activity for Art, cabinet assembly competition for D&T, a mocktail-making competition for FCE and open mic sessions for Music.

For instance, Static Displays were put up at the family lounge for Art and D&T during the Aesthetics Week. Students spent much time indulging in appreciating the captivating displays. The Secondary 3 Music Elective Programme (MEP) students launched their new website featuring their original soundscapes. The soundscapes sure captured the interest of many students in the school who were highly impressed by the sheer amount of talent the MEP students exhibited.

We commenced the much anticipated Aesthetics Week 2020 with a bang. To start off, a grand video was launched and the Aesthetics department hung a stunning Arts-ation banner between 30 March to 3 April. Despite the COVID-19 situation and limitations, this year’s Aesthetics Week was filled with much thrill and fun activities. Each day brought about a new and different excitement.


The focus shifted from music to Art on Wednesday when Students watched powtoon interviews involving teachers from various departments and students from different levels. The aim of the video was to debunk myths associated with Art and discuss art on a deeper level. Our school definitely did not want our 姐 妹们 to miss out on the talents by students from Catholic High, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and our alumni 姐姐们 from Eunoia Junior College so the Arts unit deployed media tools to send them exquisite artworks created by the aforementioned schools.

Finally, the week ended on a high note with a Student Learning Space (SLS) Aesthetics Lesson package, which was assigned to allow students to reflect on what they had learnt and that concluded Aesthetics Week 2020.

This year’s Aesthetics Week definitely heightened students’ understanding and deepened their love for Aesthetics. Do look forward to Aesthetics week next year as we look forward to enticing you with more fun-filled activities!

The programme only got better as the Design and Technology (D&T) unit presented a video of students’ assembling a clock, which was especially interesting to watch. In addition, students represented their class and participated in a Food and Consumer Education (FCE) Immunity Booster Juice making Competition where they made tasty and healthy drinks based on their own recipes. The competition was certainly enriching for the students.


english language and literature week by Ashley Teo (2 Wisdom)

Our English Language and Literature Festival (ELLF) 2020 was a unique experience. Due to the social distancing measures, ELLF was unable to be held in school and thus had to be held online.

Although this was drastically different from previous years, I still enjoyed the many activities organised. I was part of the EL Leaders in charge of organising the ‘Pineapple Town’ Film Appreciation assembly programme. We were tasked with analysing the film and creating slides for the Film Appreciation activity. I realised the truth behind “A picture tells a thousand words”. It was amazing to discover how much meaning a single scene in a film can have. From the film setting, visuals and photography, everything that the director orchestrated in the film had a distinct purpose, whether it was meant to convey a message or to play on aesthetics to convey a deeper and more intrinsic meaning. Similarly, writers carefully selected words to craft, describe and engage the audience by expanding their imagination. This year’s ELLF was a very memorable one. I was given the opportunity to curate an event, and I also got to view my schoolmates’ creative works. Most importantly, it reminded me, and many others, of the wonder and


power of words. Words are not merely A-B-C. Writing is an art form. It is a brave new world of original thoughts, creation and wonderful imagination. It is my privilege to be a part of this ELLF and I hope that I will be able to contribute meaningfully to next year’s ELLF so that it will be just as wonderful as this one.



疫”起,网游校园 周筠清 (中二义)

自今年年初以来,新型冠 状病毒疫情逐渐在全球蔓延开 来。四月初,新加坡政府宣布 实施防疫阻断措施,规定关闭 非必要工作场所,除了必要服 务行业,基本都实行居家办 公。学校也于4月8日开始进 行居家学习。政府呼吁民众留 在家中,减少不必要的外出, 保持安全距离,为抗炎防疫尽 一份社会责任。在这特殊的时 期,各类活动纷纷从线下转战 到互联网,使新加坡的线上活 动空前繁荣。


各校的开放日活动也受到了影响。但 是,这并没阻止我们热情的脚步,很多学 校打造了别出心裁的“网络开放日”,让小 六学生和家长们足不出户就能够畅游心仪 的学校。圣尼各拉女校也成为其中一员, 利用社交媒体和互联网平台,以生动的形 式、多元的视角,展现了多姿多彩的校园 风貌和校园文化。 我校的“网络开放日”别具特色,除 了绚丽多姿的校园活动介绍,还加入了 很多圣尼各拉学生的创意元素,使网络 开放日显得温馨、亲切、生动又时尚。 值得一提的是,我校学生利用《我的世 界》(Minecraft) 这一款流行的游戏元素 来设计校园场景。以方块式的人物形象 俏皮地展现了学校多个场景,让人眼前一 亮,也最能吸引青少年。另外,开放日的 网页上也少不了我校学生的原创歌曲《蓝 色海洋》,这一曲唱出了学校丰富多彩的 课外活动,一幕幕让人感到激动与温馨。 最后,还有校长亲切温馨的致辞和虚拟校 园三维立体式的导航,仿佛营造了一个有 温度、有梦想、有依靠的家园。

实地的考察能够通过具体的感知和面 对面的交流对学校进行判断与选择,这是 传统开放日的优势。然而,网络开放日也 有其优势,如,不受时间和空间的限制、 信息集中多元。那么在不久的将来,当疫 情散去,回归正常,各所学校会作何选择 呢?我相信,随着互联网科技的发展与应 用,越来越多人将发挥网络的优势,利用 网络平台获取信息,因此“网上开放日”可 说是疫情带给我们的“礼物”,我想今后它 仍将扮演着至关重要的角色。我想,线上 线下,双管齐下,优势互补,才能实现更 好的宣传与推介,为各校量身订做,打造 独具特色的校园文化,满足应届毕业生及 公众的需求。 疫情来袭,临危不乱,让我们“疫” 起网游校园!


Student Council Elections and 14th investiture 2020 By Kathleen Tung (3 Charity) and Charlotte Lim (3 Grace)

After much meticulous planning and brainstorming of ideas, the 14th Student Council Investiture was finally wrapped up to be presented to the student body. This came after the highly anticipated Student Council Presidential Elections 2020 that was explored in an unprecedented format of a live Youtube stream with an engaging Question & Answer session with the Presidential candidates this year. This enabled the school to have the valuable opportunity of finding out about the candidates’ aspirations for the school and for the candidates to have the experience of being in the ‘hot seat’ of answering tough questions. The three Student Councillors handled this challenge with poise and confidence, by presenting clear and articulate responses. After a week-long campaign via the Council Instagram page ‘@captainphoenicks’, the school cast their votes online to choose their new Student Council President for the year 2020-2021. 26 · CONNEXIONS

Unlike previous years, this year’s Investiture was very unique in light of the Covid-19 situation. The theme for this year’s ceremony was‘Connections’. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we were barred from physical contact, hindered by the barrier of our screens. To contain the spread of the virus, schools conducted home-based learning where everyone was distant from one other. Despite this, we did not allow Covid-19 to break the

strong bonds between our 姐妹们. Although we were physically distant, we found ourselves more connected than ever. Even though we were faced with such obstacles, we were still privileged to make the 14th Student Council Investiture happen. This made it an even more special day for the school community as the ceremony marked the start of the 14th

Student Council leading the student body in 2020-2021. In view of the fact that we were unable to conduct the Investiture with an assembly of the whole school, we could not invite our Principal, Mrs Tan, or any Guest of Honour to grace the occasion. Nonetheless, we celebrated the event with a strong camaraderie. On the momentous occasion, our 13th Student Council President, Kirsten Tan, delivered her final speech as the outgoing Council President. Kirsten shared that she has learnt that there is no singular definition of a leader, and each leader she has met has displayed a different leadership style that is unique to them and that the unity of different leaders has allowed Council to support one another to progress forward and upward. She also expressed her gratitude to the teachers, her class, 4 Loyalty, and friends who have supported her through her highs and lows. She encouraged every student to take a leap of faith and trust in themselves to be a leader. Kirsten certainly has been and will continue to be an inspiration to the Student Council and the SN student body.

light-hearted and relatable. Hence, they decided to put their own twist on the recent General Elections to showcase some highlights of their Council journey. They wanted to show that teamwork and cooperation is essential, and that Council does not comprise of just one or two people but a whole team. Following that, the incoming president of the 14th Student Council, Jeslyn Yeo, delivered her speech as the Council President. Jeslyn spoke with confidence and charm as she shared her belief that the position and title that one holds does not matter as much as one’s actions to make a change and inspire people. She also ensured everyone that the Student Council would put words into action and reach out to connect with each and every student.

We, the Student Councillors of CHIJ ST Nicholas Girls’ School, pledge that: We will place our school before ourselves, Always giving our Best in Spirit and Strength. We will strive to be good role models for the student body and maintain discipline. We will take up challenges with Courage And perform our duties with Dedication and Commitment. We recognise that leadership is a Privilege, A Service, And a learning experience. Standing United as One, We will strive for the Common Good of our school.

The 13th Student Council prepared a video as a farewell sign-off. They shared that they wanted to make the farewell video memorable,

With creative video editing skills, the baton was passed from the 13th Student Council to the 14th Student Council. Although this symbolic ceremony was witnessed through the projectors in our classrooms, cheers and applause of pride and joy erupted from all the classes throughout the school. We then prayed for God’s wisdom and guidance to guide us in this leadership journey. The Council pledge, led by Jeslyn, was the proclamation of our commitment, passion and enthusiasm to officially lead as the 14th Student Council:

Finally, the 14th Student Council prepared a performance dedicated especially to the outgoing Secondary 4 Student Councillors. The 14th Student Council’s performance was their take on a breakfast show and a Spotify advertisement that combined both a skit and a dance performance for our fellow 姐妹们 Being able to use a different platform to showcase the Council performance proved to be highly successful this year as it was a new and fresh way to make the performance more captivating through wit, humour and slick dance moves! CONNEXIONS · 27

JIP WRP YR 1 SYMPOSIUM By Ashley Ng (1 Loyalty), Marianne Neo (1 Loyalty), Tan Ting Xuan (1 Unity)

A dot may sometimes be perceived as “useless”. However, did you know that dots are closely interlinked with the digital world? During the Year 1 Joint IP World Readiness Programme (WRP) Symposium on 14 August, we discovered the true significance of dots. The programme commenced with an opening address video of our principal, Mrs Tan. She gave a warm welcome to the students and staff from Catholic High School (CHS) and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS), who are part of the Joint Integrated Programme (JIP). Following her address, Mr Poon King Wang, Director of the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC) at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), gave a prerecorded speech on how dots and technology are closely related. This is demonstrated in movies where dots are attached on actors to capture their movements, later used for digital animation. When shown a side-by-side 28 · CONNEXIONS

comparison of a human actor and an animated creature, we were amazed by how flawlessly the human’s movements were transferred through technology.

Loyalty. Inspired by the case studies, she felt that digital knowledge could be used to help improve the lives of others, especially the disabled and less fortunate.

Besides that, Mr Poon shared about a unique painting style known as pointillism. This involves applying small, distinctive dots of colour in patterns to form an image. We marvelled at how the famous pointillism painting ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jette’ inspired a scene from the beloved childhood TV show ‘Sesame Street’. Perhaps dots are more important than we think!

Amanda Ong from 1 Loyalty felt that the most striking thing that she learnt was pointillism, in which dots were used for art as seen in prominent artist Yayoi Kusama‘s works. Amanda was inspired to use design and technology to improve the lives of others, for example, building prosthetic limbs for someone who had lost theirs, so that it would be easier for them to go about their daily lives, especially after our course in coding this year.

After Mr Poon’s interesting sharing, we were given a booklet which contained five case studies. They were about Singaporeans who used their digital knowledge to improve the lives of others. One case study was about a community that came together on Facebook to 3D-print earsavers for essential workers. In small groups of 5 to 6, we were assigned a specific case study to summarise, as well as give our opinions on them. Laptops were distributed to the groups and we worked together to consolidate our learning in the form of presentation slides. Once our time of 40 minutes was up, we uploaded our work onto a shared Google Drive platform, where we could take a look at what the pupils from CHS and SCGS had done. We were surprised that although we were working on the same case studies, we had differing points of view across the various groups. It was memorable scrolling through the presentation slides of our peers and voting for our favourite ones! After the symposium, we decided to interview some of our peers to find out what they learnt from the enriching session. “We learnt that we can use digital technology to communicate with others to build a more inclusive society,” reflected Esther Lai from 1

This was definitely an experience that we would not forget in a long time to come. Through the WRP symposium, we have gained a deeper understanding about how we can use technology to improve our society. Technology will be our way of life, possibly for many generations to come.

Ong Rui Ting (1 Unity): “I definitely feel that the symposium is an eyeopening experience for me and my peers. We have learnt that technology is constantly improving and plays an important role in our daily lives. During the symposium, I was really fascinated by the way dots work in coding and robotics. As someone who has a passion for technology, this symposium was very enjoyable and relatable. Other than learning new knowledge related to technology, we did a group work with our classmates. Hence, not only did we bond with them, we also gained experience in working as a team for a common purpose— completing the work assigned to us within a limited time. Most importantly, we learnt that technology is created to help and not hurt others. Therefore, we should make good use of technology and not abuse our rights to use it. In the nutshell, the symposium was a very meaningful experience for me.”

老师,祝您教师节快乐! 卓玮思 (中三信)

如果说学生是刚发芽的小 种子,那么老师必定是它的阳 光。阳光能让发芽的种子茁壮 成长,最后成为一棵能独当一 面的参天大树,或成为艳丽的 花朵芬芳他人。老师对于学生 亦是如此!授予知识,培养我 们正确的价值观、人生观和世 界观。让我们茁壮成长,让我 们将来能为社会乃至国家做贡 献。老师们为我们的社会培养 了数不尽的人才。在这些数不 尽的成功人士的背后,都曾经 有个指引方向的灯塔,而老师 就是这灯塔。 庆祝教师节的意义就在于对老师辛 苦付出的肯定,也让学生对老师表达感 恩。而我校每年在教师节这一天一定会 举办教师节庆祝会。但因为疫情的关系, 今年的教师节并不像往年那样大家一起欢 聚在礼堂观赏节目,而是用播放预录影片 的方式进行。

去猜测的。课堂上老师与同学们都玩得 非常尽兴。通过这个小游戏,同学们不 仅进一步了解了老师的“另一面”,还拉 近了老师和学生之间的距离。 这个教师节庆祝会进行得很成功, 让老师和同学们在这有点郁闷的2020年留 下了难得的美好回忆。但在欢乐之际,我

们更需要铭记老师的教诲。这些教诲犹如 火苗,虽不大,却激起了我们的潜力,让 我们成为熊熊烈火。当我们长大后回首这 一段时间,对于曾经雕刻了我们心灵的工 程师,应当带着一份感激之心,而这份感 恩,将会陪伴我们一生。 老师,祝您教师节快乐!

教师节庆祝会的影片制作是由我们圣 尼各拉学生理事会一手筹办的,从影片剪 辑到小游戏的制作,都是学生的心血。学 生理事会的同学们在有限时间内所准备的 影片让人眼前一亮。影片的第一部分是姐 妹们为了对老师表达感恩之情所准备的表 演,其中包括歌唱、绘画、舞蹈等,为我 们呈现了无与伦比的视觉和听觉盛宴。 除了表演,学生理事会也准备了小 游戏。游戏主要是围绕着老师进行的。 其中一个游戏问题是让学生们猜一猜问 题中所描述的是哪一位老师,从而获取 积分。这些问题有的是透过某个老师说 话的语气、特别的爱好或者经历等方面


The New Norm IN St Nicks By Htoc Myat Noe (3 Purity), Emma Tan (2 Unity), Ashley Siu Yuxin (3 Unity), Law Xuan Ping (2 Purity), Tan Kin Hui (1 Charity), Hannah Quah (1 Grace)

This year’s Student Election was an eye opener. I was deeply involved in the whole process mainly because I w i t n e s s e d tea c h e rs inter vie wing potential candidates via live streams. Though social media was already a tool used in previous elections to rally voters long before the pandemic, it was really impressive to see how the candidates fully utilised the platform in order to spread their campaign messages and encourage students to vote for them. ELISHA TAN (3 PURITY)

These are certainly unprecedented times and we have to adapt to the changes quickly. Although it had not been easy, with the suspension of many school activities, it certainly teaches us time-management skills and independence. Events have to be changed and adapted due to the safety restrictions that were put in place, but I am grateful for these changes regardless of the inconveniences. This situation makes me more grateful for what we had and what we have now. LEANNE KUAH RUI EN (2 PURITY)

How COVID-19 impacted my life:

Firstly, my experience with HBL was generally positive as it allowed me to plan my time better and I had more time to engage in some activities that I normally could not, for example baking. This was possible because I did not have to wake up early.

After six years of having oneday of HBL, this year I actually experienced HBL every day for about two months. Although it was challenging to accomplish some work, especially group projects, it was fun to do hbl since it was so different from what I was used to. SOPHIE LUM (1 GRACE)

However, I felt the negative effects of Covid 19 to some extent. On a personal level, an outgoing person like me now converses with my friends less because of the social distance measures in place. In school, activities which were impacted were the Secondary 2 Career Counsel, Racial Harmony Day as well as National Day. The activities were not as bustling as past celebrations and many took place online, which disappointed me. However, I constantly remind myself that these difficulties are not the worst and that I am better off than many people around the globe. CLARISSE LAU (2 LOYALTY)


Overall, HBL was a unique experience for me as it allowed for more innovative learning methods which made learning more exciting. Teachers adopted different innovative platforms such as zoom and padlet and discussions on these platforms definitely spiced up our mundane learning routine and made learning more interesting. Moreover, students were granted the freedom to manage their own time, allowing them to learn at their own pace, especially with the aid of recorded lessons. Nonetheless, HBL had drawbacks too. For some students, there was a long waiting queue for online consultations. Overall, HBL affected our learning progress to some extent. HAZEL YEO (3 LOYALTY)

We certainly encountered many obstacles and we had to adapt to the changes to our school routine and learning styles in a very short time. However, with the support of our friends and teachers, we braved all of these challenges together. I had many Zoom sessions with my classmates as well and the feeling that we are all in this together gave me even more strength to pull through. One thing that I really liked about HBL was that we could work at our own pace, thus, we had a more flexible study routine. Overall, it was a new experience that had its setbacks and benefits, but it was definitely a fruitful one for me. ELEANOR LIM (3 PURITY)

T h e e x p e r i e n ce w a s detrimental to my physical and mental well-being for the first few weeks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made a huge impact on us students in adapting to a new norm. Aside from the suspension of school and CCA, we had to quickly adapt to Home Based Learning (HBL). Little did I think that HBL would teach me to be a more self-directed learner and manage my time wisely so that there could be minimal interruptions in my learning process. Being at home also made me realise how much I missed human interaction and that I should never take the company of my friends for granted.

Firstly, I grew slightly lazy, and every day was a fixed pattern: waking up for breakfast, studying, eating lunch, back to studying, a tiny break in between, eating dinner, doing revision, and sleep. I hardly exercised; I did not swim for more than 3 months, which made me crave to go out of the house. Secondly, it took me a while to adapt to the Zoom sessions as online learning left my eyes strained. I preferred faceto-face lessons in school which was a more conducive environment for me. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had made me more aware of the different learning choices we could make and teaching methods schools could adopt, although I would still prefer face-to-face lessons overall.

This year on National Day, we could only celebrate as a class and mark our country’s growth through Zoom session. Nonetheless, I am positive everyone enjoyed themselves amongst the company of their teachers and classmates as we sang and reminisced the nostalgic National Day Songs dear to us as Singaporeans. 2020 has taught me to always cherish what we have and express our gratitude more frequently. JYZEL TOK (1 CHARITY)

It was definitely a rough patch everyone had to go through, but we will make it to the end. ISABELLE CHUA (2 UNITY)



不一样的学习,不一样的体验 陈彦孜、邱凯琳、陈泽萱、卓恩绮 (中三勤)

由于新型冠状病毒疫情的 蔓延,教育部在四月初宣布全 国学校转为居家学习。虽然, 这对我们和老师们来说都有些 措手不及,但是我们很快适应 了居家学习。老师们利用各种 科技手段和不同的创意让课堂 变得更有趣。比如,老师用 Kahoot考查我们对知识的 掌握,用Padlet让我们发表 自己的意见,学生学习平台 (SLS)也被派上用场。线上 学习给我们带来了不一样的体 验。我们发现,其实,居家学 习并没有想象中的那么困难! 没有了平时在课堂上课的感觉,少了 姐妹们的朝夕陪伴,难免会感到寂寞。但 这并没有难倒我们,我们用班级社交媒体 账号进行了各种各样的活动,还与老师们 一起运动呢!大家通过社交媒分享居家生 活的点点滴滴——“今天谁的午餐看起来 最好吃?”,“今天谁的书桌最整齐?”交 流、分享、互动成为了我们居家学习不 可缺少的部分!


居家学习期间,老师们是我们最想 念的人。隔着屏幕与老师们上课让我们 更加想念昔日的课堂,想念和老师面对 面的互动。五月假期,华文老师给我们 布置了一个新颖特别的“终极挑战任务” 。借此机会,我们为老师们改编了八三 夭的歌曲《想见你想见你想见你》,通 过这首歌表达我们在疫情期间对所有老 师的感激和想念。这首歌唱出了我们居 家学习的心声,也希望各位老师能感受 到学生们满满的爱与关心。 我们最喜欢这首歌词里“Zoom 等先进 科技无法模拟你上课玩意”和“永远不退流 行是你教学真心”这两句,因为这阻断期

的日子里,老师们都使出了浑身解数为 我们传授知识,绞尽脑汁让线上学习变 得更有趣,日夜不间断地批改作业等。 老师们,你们的无私奉献,我们都看在 眼里,记在心里!谢谢你们! 虽然居家学习已经过去了,但它成为 了我们师生今年最特别的回忆。疫情使我 们有了这次创作的机会,也让我们有机会 尝试不一样的学习方式,亲身体验科技走 进课堂。居家学习的确不容易,但是有了 姐妹们的陪伴和老师们的付出,它也可以 很精彩,很难忘!

改自《想见你想见你想见你》 陈彦孜(中三勤) 当上课遗落成遗迹 每天都被困在家里 想念几个星期 还是刻骨铭心 若能回到第一学期 那时我们还没分离 现在居家学习 我十点才睡醒

想见你 只想见你 未来过去 我们想见你 离会考 几个星期 我的成绩 会不会 A1 用尽了 逻辑心机 推理篇章 最难解的题 到最后 我也 能够希望 材料议论文 不离题

失去 你华文课 像座废墟 像失落文明 能否 一场奇迹 世界痊愈 能不能 又再一次 相遇

每天在家 做预习 一有空就 追韩剧 等待口试 一对一 怎么找不到 个兴趣 想吃学校 的炸鸡 想买我的 bubble tea 会不会 你也和我一样 在等待一句 能回去

想见你 只想见你 未来过去 我们想见你 要等到 几个星期 等李总理 让我们回去 用尽了 逻辑心机 推理疫情 几时会痊愈 会不会 妳也 和我一样 在等待一句 能回去 任时光更迭了四季 任宇宙物换或星移 永远不退流行 是你教学真心

想见你 只想见你 未来过去 我们想见你 要等到 五月假期 过了之后 才与你相遇 这时期 我会努力 刻苦学习 做口试练习 会不会 妳也 和我一样 在想着一句 我等你

Zoom 等 先进科技 无法模拟 你上课玩意 如果 另个时空 另个身体 能不能 换另一种 结局

居家学习你怎么看? 谢宝怡、侯璇霓 (中一智)

我觉得“居家学习”是一个很有效 的学习方式,但是它也有一些不便之 处。身为一个有孩子的老师,在家里 进行居家学习我有点难以应付,一边 得教孩子,一边也要帮助学生规划学 习的内容和课程。线上教课时,我需 要想尽办法,用各种方式给学生们上一堂生动有趣的 科学课,让她们不会感到那么闷。其实,这不是一件 简单的事,因为网上教学毕竟与面对面教学不同,学 生会觉得沟通不是很方便。为了教学生我们也得学习 使用各种科技,例如用ZOOM视讯教课。但是我们很 难确保学生能够清楚地理解教课的内容并在家中自觉 地学习和复习,这是居家学习的一个挑战。虽然有这 些问题,但是我觉得整个居家学习期间还是能够顺利 完成教学任务。现在的学生善于掌握科技,对网络学 习也很熟悉,所以居家学习对她们来说还是比较容易 接受和适应的。

我认为居家学习不方便,因为 要问老师问题时都得通过上网,不能 面对面交流。另外,我们也要在手机 和电脑上下载很多软件,需要学习很 多新科技。网上学习需要用电脑和手 机,这容易让我分心,所以我比较喜 欢在学校上课,因为比较有规律,能集中精神。但是 居家学习也有它的好处。比如我们有更多灵活的学习 时间。网上学习平台多种多样,我们也能学习一些新 科技。另外,居家学习这段时间,我可以多和家人相 处,增进彼此的感情。我可以多睡几个小时,使我的 精神充足。总的来说,居家学习有利也有弊,是一个 很难忘的经验。 蓝思琴(中一智)

张皓熙老师(Mr David Chang)


Some Highlights on officialchijsngs CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

@officialchijsngs officialchijsngs CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

officialchijsngs Mrs Tan Wai Lan, old girl and forme r Principal, scored straight A1s in the 1983 national GCE O-Level examinations. It was a milestone achievement that merited a fitting celebration! Overjoyed at the success of her students, Mrs Hwan g Lee Poh See 校长婆婆 gave all her students and staff an ice cream treat to celebrate the good news. Since then, our alumnae have continued to uphold this tradition of celebrating all holistic achievements, big or small, and to share the happiness of our St Nicks 姐妹们 whilst giving thanks to our teachers and staff for their hard work in nurturing our girls to be the best that they can be. Thank you alumnae 姐姐们 for this sweet treat!

谢谢校友姐姐们送来了甜甜的冰淇淋,融化了酷 热的天 气,温暖了妹妹们的心!

l Friday” at St Nicks as we officialchijsngs It was a “Colorfu Day before the one week ony Harm al Raci commemorated ful to enjoy peace and grate ed July school break. We are inde and are glad that we e apor Sing l tura i-cul mult a in harmony brating diversity cele e whil res cultu can embrace different together as one!

上了各族传统服装, 今年的种族和谐日,姐妹们又穿 缤纷、绚丽多姿、其 色彩 让圣尼各拉校园呈现出一派 和感恩能生活在一个 珍惜 妹们 望姐 乐融融的景象。希 继续尽己之力,维护 开放包容和多元文化的社会,并 新加坡的种族和谐。 officialchijsngs CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

officialchijsngs CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

part of the Be officialchijsngs St Nicks was happy to be a ges for our packa care 7,000 of g makin the in oject SG pr Kind hard work your for you Thank rs. worke frontline healthcare you! and sacrifices in this trying period, we appreciate

机会制作 谢谢 Be Kind SG, 让圣尼各拉女校的姐妹们有 人员 线医护 作的前 感恩卡,向新加坡所有参与抗疫工 致敬,表达感恩之情!

officialchijsngs Happy 55th Birthday Singapore! St Nicks had our first virtual school wide National Day celebration this year, and it was great fun! We will forge our way forward together, ensuring that no one is left behind! Together, a stronger St Nicks. Together, a stronger Singapore!

今年全校师生不能在一起高声齐唱爱国歌曲,但是能和 姐妹们一起随着音乐舞动身子、挥动手中的小旗子,何 尝不是一件温馨而幸福的事呢?祝愿新加坡国泰民安, 坚毅向前,55岁生日快乐!

Are you following St Nicks happenings on our social media platforms yet? @officialchijsngs